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Amazing trip in Kharbs cave of Qeshm

It is said that you do not understand how you feel until you hear from someone; Today I want to hear from the heart of a mountain to see what has happened to him and what days he has seen. This mountain is located in the south of the country and is one of the sights of Qeshm ; We all know it as Kharbas Cave.

In this article, I will try to tell you everything there is to know about Khurbas Cave and introduce you to it as much and as well as possible. From the pair of loving eagles that live on top of the peak to the bat bats, we meet at the bottom of the darkest parts of the cave. Of course, we do not neglect the essence of the subject and that is the attractiveness of walking in different parts of Kharbs cave.

If you intend to travel to Qeshm and get acquainted with its spectacular attractions, if you are interested in Are you a natural monument or none of this applies to you and you just enjoy getting acquainted with mysterious and ambiguous places, with Alibaba Tourism Magazine Stay tuned.

Where is Kharb Cave?

Khurbas Cave is located 11 km south of Qeshm in the heart of Kharbs village.

What is the best time to visit the cave?

The best time to visit this cave is the autumn and winter seasons, which it is better to put it in the morning program before the weather gets hot and sultry.

How is Kharbas Cave located?

This cave is one of the sights of Qeshm, which is located on the cliffs overlooking the south coast of Qeshm. In front of it is a vast plain where the necessary facilities are provided for visitors. There are various hypotheses about how it was formed and how old it is, which cannot be said with certainty. In general and in one sentence, it can be considered a cave full of ambiguity.

Familiarity with Khorbas Cave is one of the attractions of Qeshm

Most people know this coastal city by Qeshm water recreation or its shopping malls. Despite the sultry and turbulent climate of Qeshm, few people are willing to go to such places and pass the many steps of Khurbas Cave, but if you know more about this cave, you may double the stairs and reach the entrance.

When you step out of this coastal city and head to the mysterious villages of Khurbas and Ramchah, on the right side of the road, you will see a sign that leads you to the cave of Kharbas.

غار خربس

This beautiful stone cave, which is one of the geological phenomena, is formed 11 km south of Qeshm and on a rock 20 to 30 meters high (equivalent to a 7 to 10 storey building). When you reach Kharbas Cave, you will see a large painting that briefly introduces you to this beautiful natural work.

The name of Khorbas Cave (Kharbas) can be seen at the top of the sign. You will find that this area and its attractions are under the control of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism. Also, seeing the date 10/27/1377, you will find that the cultural heritage officials did not go hand in hand and on this date (ie about 23 years ago) and with the number 2197, they registered the Khurbas Cave as a national monument.

جاذبه های گردشگری قشم

How old is Kharbas Cave?

Khurbas Cave is located on the mountain forehead overlooking the south coast of Qeshm Island, in the heart of Khurbas village. This beautiful cave with its strange and mysterious architecture is a continuation of the folds of the Zagros Mountains. Although lower than them; But it can definitely be considered as part of the Zagros Mountains.

Regarding the antiquity of this cave, if you go up and down a few historical websites, you will see that Kharbas Cave dates back to the time of the Medes, around 600 BC; When inscriptions and inscriptions were used for writing.

قدمت غار از دیدنی های قشم

But the Department of Heritage and Culture says otherwise This cave belongs to the Sassanid-Parthian period, ie about 800 years after the rule of the Medes. Therefore, it can be said that Kharbas cave is at least 1500 years old.

Although different dates have been proposed for the age of this natural cave, but it has no effect on the issue and this cave is the oldest attraction in Qeshm region.

Kharbas Cave, a party from the underwater world

Over time, as the sea water receded into the heart of the mountain, nesting cavities formed that became deeper and larger with the art of the people and the carvings made over time. Of course, there is another hypothesis that these cavities are caused by the proximity of the mountain to the sea, the effect of vortices or the effect of waves in the heart of the rocks and the discharge of sand.

Of course, the presence of oysters on the cave walls indicates that these areas were previously under water, and this reinforces the first hypothesis about how the cave formed, that is, the seawater subsiding and the mountain entering land.

غار خربس

With all this, it can be said that the hut is on a mountain overlooking the sea, which is gradually from the sea. It is worn out and the holes and holes in it have become larger over time and cave-like nets have formed.

Of course, what you see today as the structure of the Khurbas Cave is not the art of the sea waves, and the art of the stone-carving artists also plays an important role in it; Because the holes created by the waves have become deeper and bigger by these people.

It seems that due to the soft material of the walls, in addition to the fact that erosion has a great impact on them, it makes it easy to dig and engrave on their walls.

گردشگری غار خربس

If you want to see human interference in the architecture and structure of this cave, it is enough Pay attention to the walls. To the right of the entrance, in addition to the new vestibules and corridors, signs of stone-cutting axes can still be seen on the walls. Axes from which designs similar to ancient designs have emerged so as not to damage the originality of this geological phenomenon.

Cave of Khrbas, a two-story cave

We said that Kharbas Cave is a landmark work with rock architecture, which is located on the mountain forehead overlooking the southern coast of Qeshm Island, in front of which is a large plain where the Islamic Cemetery is located.

When you get in front of it, you will see a two-story cave. Go up the stairs. You can see that the first floor is the natural part of the cave and consists of an entrance hall with three holes, but to see the hall and the part that has all the narrations, you have to get to the second floor.

ساختار و بافت غار

The second floor, which is the main part, of a central space Or the forum is formed. This is the atmosphere that can be said to have been a place of worship for sun worshipers or people. Around this hall, a corridor and small spaces are formed like a room, and it is as if they have embraced the hall and all of them have a way together.

At the end of the south corridor of the hall, there are well-like holes that are used to collect rainwater and use it in dangerous conditions, and during the rainy seasons of the year, it is usually full of water.

From the outside of the cave you are looking at, there are several vents facing the plain in the body of the rocks that act as a window for the cave and provide light inside.

Well now that you know the general structure of the cave, let’s move on to the dimensions. As I said, on the second floor of Khurbas Cave, you will see rooms that are connected by corridors. The dimensions of these rooms are 4 by 5.5 meters, which surround the central hall with an area of ​​approximately 25 square meters; This means that the hall can be carpeted with two 12-meter carpets.

غار خربس

There are possibly used as a beacon.

Animal species from the bottom to the bottom of Kharbas Cave

Can you imagine what kind of animals live in the heart of this rock cave? A pair of fishing eagles live on the cliffs of Khurbas Cave. It is not possible to see these professional eagles, who have been together for years, up close. If you are lucky, you can see them in flight. Not bad to know that these eagles are rare species that are very valuable to protect their lives.

گونه های جانوری غار خربس

But the wildlife of this cave exists The pair of eagles is not limited, and species of tadpoles live in the hollows and dark corners of the cave. Since these bats are also a rare and endangered species, it is very important to preserve the wildlife of Khurbas Cave.

Usage of Kharbs Cave over time

The appearance of majestic cliffs, openings of light, halls, vestibules and numerous corridors along with the special architecture of this amazing cave, is the narrator of stories and its tumultuous days, which are not without grace.

کاربری غار خربس

Kharbas Cave is also known as Khorbas Cave or the gathering place of sun worshipers. It is said that in the past, this cave was a holy place and it was used as a temple of Mehri or the temple of the goddess Mitra or a memorial service for the dead, but after the people of the region went to Zoroastrianism, the use of this cave was changed and It was used to preserve the bones of the dead, which in the local language is called “master”.

After the shrine and the burial place of the dead, it is time to protect the living. Perhaps the beginning of the lively and mysterious stories of Khurbas Cave lies in the heart of this section, because it is said that this cave was a refuge for defenseless people who were attacked by pirates.

غار خربس

In fact, the caves and chambers inside the cave were built to store water, food and stones for defense so that children, women and the elderly could take refuge there during the attack and the young could enter the field more safely. Perhaps stories of empathy, companionship and affection can be felt in the corners of this cave.

The current amenities of Kharbas Cave

Now I said that this is a cave and the heart of the mountain, but do not think that there is a dry emptiness in front of you; Incidentally, the amenities of Khurbas Cave are very suitable for a two or three hour visit. There is an open space in front of the cave which is used as a car park. The toilets are clean and have full facilities.

امکانات رفاهی فعلی غار

If you are also interested in shopping, several stalls have been built near Kharbas Cave, from where you can buy traditional food, souvenirs and handicrafts of Qeshm Island.

The only thing to consider when visiting this cave is that there are many stairs in it. Therefore, I suggest that people with knee problems, wheelchair users and anyone who is not able to climb many stairs, to avoid seeing the wonders of this cave to maintain their health.

جاذبه های قشم

What is the time to visit Kharbas Cave?

It is possible to visit this cave all year round; However, due to the hot weather and sultry nature of the area, it is recommended to visit Kharbas Cave often during the cold seasons. Visiting hours are daily from 6 am to 5 pm, which lasts about one to two hours.

The best time to visit Kharbas Cave

Due to the geographical location and type of climate of Qeshm, the best time to visit this region is autumn and winter. Therefore, it can be said that the best time to visit Khurbas Cave is in these seasons; Because climbing many stairs to visit the cave in hot and sultry weather is a difficult and exhausting task.

Of course, I suggest that you visit this cave in the morning program, even if you travel in the right season, when the weather is cooler, so that you can enjoy the program of visiting Kharbas Cave more.

جاذبه های گردشگری ایران

Where is Khurbas Cave?

Address: Qeshm Island, 11 km south road

Do not miss the sights around Khurbas Cave!

Mark with a few arrows. Those of you who have come to Kharbs Cave, if you have enough time, visit the sights of Qeshm which are near this place.

  • Stargan Valley, which is 9 km away from Kharbas Cave, is one of the unique natural masterpieces on Qeshm Island. In this valley, strange and different shapes can be seen that are made of soil, stone and sand, and the locals believe that a star once fell on the heart of the island and created these beautiful shapes.
  • Naz Islands, which are about 16 km away from Khurbas Cave, are one of the weekly wonders of Qeshm. These islands are different from all the beaches you have ever seen because you can have the experience of hiking at sea only here. It is enough to be in this place at low tide to see the narrow sandy path and the rocks that come out from under it and cross this path on foot.
  • Hengam Island is also located near Khurbas. If you want to see the traditional indigenous islands with playful dolphins, spectacular wildlife, spectacular groves, limestone mountains and attractive market, this island can be the best choice.

غار کجاست؟

What I said about Khurbas Cave

In this article, we talked about one of the sights of Qeshm, namely Kharbas Cave. After a brief introduction to its geographical location, we moved on to the hypotheses that exist about how it was formed and dated.

قشم زیبا

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