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Ameri House in Kashan; A complete entertainment and tourism complex

If you are also a fan of historic houses, no doubt the name You have heard of the Ameri House in Kashan and you may even have visited or stayed there. This historic house has become a beautiful hotel today and you can visit it. Join us in reading this article to know the details of the plan of the Ameri House in Kashan as well as the history of the Ameri House in Kashan.

It can be said that one of the reasons for the fame of this house is the size and number of houses and yards, because this complex has an area of ​​seven thousand square meters and also has 3 houses and 5 yards, the oldest of which are It is called the outer and inner courtyard, it has about 85 rooms. Therefore, it can be said that this house is the largest historical house in Kashan. This building was actually built during the time of Zandieh and a person named Saham Al-Saltanah Ameri rebuilt it during the Qajar period. After his death, Saham al-Saltanah left the outer courtyards for his son, Ibrahim Khalil Khan Ameri. But as mentioned, this complex had several buildings that belonged to other members of the Ameri family.

It should be noted that the four outer, inner, guest, courtyard, crew and military cavalry yards were used, and the relatives of the Sultanate shares lived in the other three courtyards. Among the distinguishing features and beauties of this house, we can mention all kinds of decorations on the outer body of the yards and inside the building, and more importantly, the existence of a windbreak, which is also the tallest windbreak in the city.

But we come to the traditional hotel of Kashan Ameri House, which after renovations by the Kashan Cultural Heritage Office, became a 5-star hotel to accommodate travelers and, of course, foreign tourists. In this hotel, in addition to the number of rooms and their comfort, a restaurant is also located in one of the most beautiful halls called the Mirror House Hall, and guests are served as well as possible in a completely traditional atmosphere.

Other facilities of this complex include booths, shops, prayer halls, teahouses, cafeterias, hairdressers and various confectioneries around the outer courtyard of Ibrahim Khalil Khan. Of course, in addition to the mentioned facilities, facilities have also been provided for banking and foreign exchange affairs, as well as the supply of handicrafts and nuts, jewelry and carpets. There is also a hall for holding various ceremonies with a capacity of 90 people. Therefore, it can be said that nothing should be worried about in this house.

To access this historic house, we have to reach Sultan Mirahmad neighborhood and then, on Alavi Street, next to Bath of Sultan Mirahmad Looking for the house of the people of Kashan.

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