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Announcement of the package of support for tourism businesses in 1400

Announcement of the package of support for tourism businesses in 1400

The Deputy Minister of Tourism announced the extension of the package to support the most severely damaged businesses in 1400 by the head of the office and head of the presidential institution.

Vali Teymouri, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, referring to the agreement of the working group to deal with the economic consequences of Corona and the final approval of the National Corona Management Headquarters, announced the extension of the package to support severely damaged businesses 1400 was announced by the head of the office and the head of the presidential institution to the provincial provincial departments of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts for implementation. He acknowledged: “

Following the effort to persuade the National Corona Management Headquarters to provide more support and continue support, a new integrated support package consisting of two joint employment-oriented and enterprise-oriented sections for Tourism businesses were set up in the Corona Economic Impact Assessment Working Group and covered areas such as banking, tax and insurance support for tourism businesses, the first of which was in the form of an extension package to support businesses and businesses severely affected by the corona. The year 1400 was approved and announced. The second part is also on the agenda of the National Headquarters.

Teymouri stated that so far more than 1,100 billion tomans of facilities in the form of two employment-oriented and enterprise-oriented support packages have been paid to the affected tourism businesses. The completion of the file announced more than 900 billion Tomans of other facilities in the banks and added:

In the banking sector, with the approval of the relevant instructions, cases such as procrastination of facilities of tourism activists have been implemented by the end of September. We have tried not to impose any fines or benefits on the delay. On the other hand, in the banking sector, eliminating the misuse of returned checks and continuing to pay the 12% facility was on the agenda so that both new applicants and those whose case was with the bank and the process was stopped, could benefit from this possibility. Accordingly, banks and credit institutions are required to pay the corona facility, whether new facility or facility in the previous stages, by the end of November 1400.

Referring to the extension of the registration period for severely damaged businesses from Corona In order to receive the facilities approved by the National Corona Headquarters in the fields of tourism, sports and youth, culture and art, and rail and air transportation by the end of 1400 with the same instructions as before, announced new approvals to the country’s banking network within the next 48 hours. He also pointed out:

In the new support package insurance sector, the postponement of the employer’s share premium is also on the agenda, hence the granting of insurance subsidies for enterprises with more than 10 people. Employment and wage subsidies are provided for firms with less than 10 employees. In addition to the three banking, insurance and tax debates, measures such as extending licenses and pardoning rental properties owned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts have also been taken.

Wali Teymouri, referring to the two-month postponement of the employer’s share of insurance for severely damaged businesses and businesses from Corona, said:

Current approvals for severely damaged businesses and businesses from Corona, including Clause (e) of Note 5 of the Budget Law for the year 1400 of the whole country shall not be subject to the observance of the condition of maintaining or increasing the level of employment of manpower.

Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Tax protection for businesses and businesses severely damaged by the corona in 1400, the announcement of the deferral of finalized tax liabilities and value added tax, the due date of which was until the end of 1399 until 31/06/1400 without the calculation of late payment penalties. In this regard, he added:

The Tax Affairs Organization is allowed to cover all or part of the offenses stipulated in the Direct Taxes and Value Added Tax Laws for taxpayers in accordance with the instructions approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs. And the property arrives, to be pardoned in the year 1400. Forgiveness of unpaid fines Debt of taxes and duties The law called the collection of duties for taxpayers will be extended provided that the principal of taxes and duties is paid until 6/31/1400.

Referring to the efforts to Putting the tourism industry next to the four categories affected by the Corona virus crisis, including jobs related to transportation, sports, arts and cinema, which needed continued support, announced the possibility and necessity of obtaining more support through this and said:

A new section of advocacy topics that was not included in the first and second packages and needed to be discussed and discussed in detail in the courtyard of the Corona National Headquarters was announced shortly after approval by the Corona National Headquarters. will be. These approvals are mandatory for all devices and if not implemented, it will be considered as a violation and will be dealt with legally.

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