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Ardabil historical places; Travel to the heart of the Safavid period

Ardabil historical places; Travel to the heart of the Safavid period

In 1998, the Ardabil Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization announced that the number of tourists entering the region had increased by 400 percent. This means that the nature and historical sites of Ardabil have been discovered in recent years and travelers have just found this lost paradise!

Ardabil is one of the cities of a thousand colors in Iran. No matter how long you travel in this city, there are still new things to experience. A city that contains both antiquities of different historical periods and pristine nature and a pleasant climate. Travel to this city with a double arrow. Of course, there are two signs for the time when other features of Ardabil, such as tasty traditional food, Ardabil parks and its entertainment in Let’s not comment!

At Alibaba Tourism Magazine , you will have a comprehensive list of Ardabil historical sites. A complete list that even locals can not give you. Because at the moment of presence, they do not have the mind to be able to introduce 17 historical places of Ardabil to you. Alibaba has introduced all the tourist attractions of Ardabil to have a comprehensive guide for sightseeing in the city.

Haft Cheshmeh Bridge, Ebrahimabad Bridge, Yaghoubia Bridge, Seyed Abad Bridge, Samian Bridge, Kalkhoran Bridge, Naderi Bridge, قرمزRed Bridge.

Pirzargar Historical Bath

Sheikh Safi St., Aali Qapo Square

Imam Khomeini St. Ardabil

What you need to know before visiting Ardabil historical sites

Ardabil was one of the capitals of the Safavid dynasty. The historical sites of the cities that were the capital have more unique features. Ardabil historical monuments can be divided into two categories. The first category is ancient and historical architectures, which we will introduce in full in this article. The second category is the works that archaeologists have discovered from the historical places of Ardabil. These works are kept in museums of Ardabil province . For this reason, in addition to visiting the historical sites of Ardabil, it is better to include visiting museums in your plan.

1- Tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili, Tomb of Art of Ardabil

Iranian architecture is linked to Islam. For this reason, mosques, places of worship and historical religious centers in Iran have the most beautiful architecture. People such as Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili, Shah Ismail Safavid and Shah Tahmaseb’s mother are buried in this tomb. Due to the existence of the tombs of these people, Ardabil during the Safavid period was of special importance to the kings.

آرامگاه شیخ صفی‌الدین اردبیلی، آرامگاه هنر اردبیل

Architects of this building all art They have used themselves and have used different styles of tiling, mosaic, masonry and plastering. There are other works of art such as silversmithing, inlay, painting, calligraphy, gilding and gilding, which are all works of masters such as Mirdamad and Mirqavamuddin, in this tomb.

The architects of this tomb also paid special attention to mysticism and Sufism. The path to the tomb has seven parts, which symbolize the seven stages of mysticism.

Working hours of the tomb:

From April to September, visiting this tomb is open to the public from 8 am to 8:30 pm. From October to March, the visiting hours of this historical monument are 8 am to 5:30 pm.

2- Experience Ardabil traditional food in Sadeghi historical house

This house was built during the Qajar period. Sadeghi House is currently a traditional restaurant hotel that Ardabil traditional food is also served. Sadeghi House was built in 1243 and has three different sections. Pets usually have separate sections for business, religious and family outings.

تجربه غذاهای سنتی اردبیل در خانه تاریخی صادقی

The most dreamy thing you can do about The historical places of Ardabil imagined that once upon a time, people lived in such unique houses! Five doors decorated with stained glass, extraordinary moccasins and bedspreads, the unique pond and garden of this house will delight every party; Let alone people who have lived in this house for a long time.

3- Mirfatahi Historical House (Museum of Religious Honors), manifestation of Islamic art

Mirfatahi House is one of the houses in Ghanbalan or Tazeh Maidan neighborhood. In the past, Maidan Maidan was one of the first neighborhoods of Ardabil and aristocracy. Several historical sites in Ardabil, including Mirfatahi House, are located there. Haj Mirfatah and his sons were among the famous clerics in Ardabil.

خانه تاریخی میرفتاحی (موزه مفاخر دینی)

Mirftahi historical house two sections It had an inner part (for family life) and an outer part (for religious ceremonies); But today, only the exterior of the house remains and has become a museum of religious figures in Ardabil.

This house is located in front of Imam Hossein Bazaar in Tazeh Maidan neighborhood. The location of Mirfatahi House has not been recorded on the map yet. If you have the location of this place, comment on the link at the end of the article so that this member is not far from the list of Ardabil historical places from the point of view of history-loving tourists.

4- Rezazadeh House, Ardabil Martyrs Museum

Some of the historical houses of Ardabil are associated with the period after them. خورده‌اند. For example, Rezazadeh historical house is one of the historical places of Ardabil, which was accompanied by eight years of imposed war. The house has two floors, both of which are dedicated to memorials, photographs, wills and memorabilia of the heroes of the imposed war.

جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

It is interesting to know that the interior of Rezazadeh historical house, while preserving the traditional texture and Islamic architecture, has been renovated in a modern style. Is. Only the color of the walls, ledges and other details inside the building has changed; But its original texture was completely preserved. The exterior of the house has not undergone the same simple changes and every tourist realizes from the arrival that he has traveled to a house from the Qajar period.

Rezazadeh’s house is located in Ochgadan neighborhood of Ardabil.

5- Manafazadeh historical house, a symbol of Pahlavi architecture

One of the characteristics of Ardabil historical places is that they were built in different historical periods. These monuments are similar to siblings, but they also have differences in appearance. The style of Iranian architecture has retained its originality during all the kingdoms; But the architects of each period have added something to it.

خانه تاریخی مناف‌زاده

In Manafzadeh historical house, there is no more news about Urusi and colored glass. But it is a magnificent mansion that stands in front of Baghi Abad and the big pool. It is interesting to know that the eight-magnitude earthquake did not cause much damage to this house and it is still welcoming guests. The familiar story of the stability of the Turkish people can also be seen in the historical places of Ardabil!

Manafzadeh House was handed over to Ardabil Art Center. But it is not yet clear what use the art field has for it. If you have been to this house and you have new information about it, be sure to share it with us.

This house is located in Sarcheshmeh Square, Rahmani Alley.

6- House of Vakil Al-Roaya, Mirror of Ardabil

Vakil Al-Roaya House is also one of the historical places of Ardabil, which was built during the Qajar period. This house is associated with the constitutional era and was the venue for meetings of constitutional leaders in Adbil. In addition to other Qajar architectural features such as Mogharnas and Urusi, this house also has mirrored walls. What we see most today in the shrines of religious leaders.

خانه وکیل الرعایا

Vakil Al-Roaya House is one of the historical places of Ardabil, which has seen a lot of damage due to carelessness and lack of attention. After the death of the last heir of this house, he was left alone. In later years, the municipality demolished part of the house to expand the neighborhood.

Fortunately, today the Ardabil Cultural Heritage Organization, with minor repairs, has turned it into a space for public viewing. This house is now known as the Ardabil Iranian Studies Foundation.

This house is located in the neighborhood of Tui or Tavar.

7- Friday mosque, eight hundred years of life

Friday Mosque is one of the historical places of Ardabil that was built before Safavid. The mosque was built on Friday dates back to the Seljuk period and is one of the oldest historical sites in Ardabil. This mosque was located next to the Zoroastrian fire temple; But when the Mongols invaded Iran, they razed the fire temple.

Friday The mosque was not safe from the Mongol attacks and today only a part of it remains. Of course, the earthquake of 1967 in Ardabil was also one of the reasons for the destruction of this mosque and the fire temple next to it.

جمعه مسجد، هشتصد سال زندگی جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

Currently, tourists can visit the porch and minaret of the mosque. It is interesting to know that archaeologists have found artifacts in the Friday site of the mosque, which date back to the fourth and fifth centuries AH. So if you are interested in the works made by the ancient ancestors of Iran, do not forget to visit the mosque on Friday.

This mosque is located in Ardabil Civil Boulevard. It is free to visit and has no time limit.

8- Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Iranian architecture in a Christian building

One of the attractions of Iran is the unity of different religions. We see this even in the historical places of Ardabil and all other cities. A unique feature of the architecture of churches is the paintings on their walls. These paintings depict the religious concepts of Christianity.

کلیسای مریم مقدس، معماری ایرانی در بنایی مسیحی

There is a lot of talk about the antiquity of this church . On the door, the date 1876 AD is written. But some experts say this is the date the door was installed on the church and the church building is older. In any case, the destruction of various parts such as the church school shows the great antiquity of this historical place.

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been known as one of the historical places of Ardabil since 1323. After this year, no more religious ceremonies were held. But until today, it has received tourists.

This church is located in an alley called Gazran Armenia.

9- The tomb of Kalkhoran, all that a history lover likes

Ardabil historical sites are located in different neighborhoods of the city. The tomb of Kalkhoran is located in the place of the same name and is the tomb of Sheikh Amin al-Din Jibril. Of course, Kalkhoran was originally a village around Ardabil. But with the development of the city, it became one of its neighborhoods.

بقعه کلخوران، تمام آنچه یک علاقمند به تاریخ دوست دارد

This tomb was of special importance to the Safavids. Because their great grandfather, the father of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ishaq Ardabili, was buried in this place. The tombs, the tomb garden, the portico, the porch and its interior are among the historical attractions of the tomb that attract the attention of tourists.

In this tomb, there are unique works such as the inscription of Nahj al-Balaghah to the art of Alireza Abbasi. Mogharnas, gilding, painting and plastering are also common arts among the historical places of Ardabil, and the tomb of Kalkhoran is not without these arts.

10- Ardabil Grand Bazaar, a combination of history and trade

Ardabil, like many other cities in Iran, has a historical market. Ardabil Grand Bazaar is also known as the Old Bazaar. Some historical places of Ardabil, such as the traditional bazaar, are still dynamic and that is why visiting them is doubly fun.

جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

The main prosperity of Ardabil Grand Bazaar during the Safavid rule Turns. When Ardabil was the capital of the country and the main center of Iran’s trade. But the date of the market building is not known. In its construction, works from the Seljuk and Zandi eras can also be seen.

Different parts of Ardabil old bazaar

These markets, like other traditional markets, are made up of several segments:

  • Timchehsra
  • Mosque
  • Market Orders
  • Various houses such as Qaisaria, Kharatah market, Grocery market, Canvas market and بازار
  • Bazaar Bathroom

11- The historical bath of Ochdekan, another work of the Sadeghi family in the history of Ardabil

One of the historical places of Ardabil was Sadeghi historical house. This bath is another historical monument that was built by this family in 1295 AD. One of the unique features of the Ochdekan bath is the paintings on the wall. These paintings include traditional designs, flowers and plants and /.

حمام تاریخی اوچدکان جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

Uchdekan historical bath different parts such as bath, treasury, royal residence and cold water pool called Chal It has a pool. Also, in a part of this bath, a space called Khuluti has been built, which has been used for bathing the nobles.

Ochdekan bath is also one of those historical places in Ardabil that is not taken care of. For example, the fire of previous years destroyed many of the paintings on its walls. But this bath has been registered nationally and is one of the historical places of Ardabil for tourists to visit.

The location of this historic bath has not yet been recorded on Google Maps. If you know exactly where this bath is located in Ochdekan area, you can send us its location. Registering Ardabil historical sites on the map and increasing public visits attracts the attention of the Cultural Heritage Organization for the reconstruction of this building.

12- Pirzargar historical bath, Ardabil oppressed bath

Pirzargar historical bath has been built near the mosque of the same name. This bath also has different parts and in its architecture, Iranian-Islamic designs can be seen. This historical bath dates back to the Qajar period.

حمام تاریخی پیرزرگر جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

News about the transfer of Pirzargar bathroom to the ward Published privately. The good news is that the bath will be renovated in the near future and will be ready for public viewing as a monument.

13- Sheikh’s historical bath, the bath that became the museum of handicrafts

Sheikh historical bath is one of the historical places of Ardabil, which was built during the Safavid period. Of course, now it is no longer used as a bathhouse and has become the center of Ardabil handicrafts. Now tourists can visit both the historical atmosphere of the bath and the unique handicrafts of Ardabil. Local handicrafts and sweets are among the Ardabil souvenirs .

حمام تاریخی شیخ

In the historical bath of Sheikh, in addition to displaying handicrafts, Workshops are also held. Visitors can get a closer look at the craft making process and learn more about it. This program doubles the tourists’ desire to visit the Sheikh’s bath.

The architecture of the historical Sheikh bath, like other baths of the Qajar period, is full of engravings. Combining the art of modern masters with the architecture and traditional patterns of the Sheikh Bath, it attracts the attention of every viewer.

This bath is located near the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din.

14- Yeri city and historical cemetery, cemetery thousands of years BC

When it comes to the city of Jiri and its historic cemetery, archaeologists vary between two, three and even seven thousand years BC! This ancient cemetery is one of the strangest historical places in Ardabil. There are several lithographs in this cemetery on which the role of man, antelope, cross and other incomprehensible inscriptions are recorded; But this is not the only attraction of Jiri.

شهر یری و گورستان تاریخی جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

There are graves with strange tombstones in this area, more in number than lithographs. Is. Tombstones come in a variety of sizes and have a human-like design; Of course without a mouth!

There is a castle near the cemetery, which shows that the city of Jiri was once a residential area. Archaeologists estimate that humans have lived in Ardabil since at least 6,000 BC. The artifacts from this area are kept in the Khalkhal Museum.

The city of Yeri is one of the most important ancient regions of Iran and the largest historical region of Ardabil. The city of Yeri is located near the village of Pirazmian, 31 km from Meshginshahr.

15- The ancient site of Khosrow Castle, Iron Age monument in Ardabil

The historical site of Khosrow Castle is one of the oldest historical sites in Ardabil, which dates back to the Iron Age. The Iron Age was around 500 to 800 BC. Khosrow Castle was a residential area in the past and was probably inhabited by local farmers. Qarasu river has been the reason for the prevalence of agriculture in this region.

محوطه باستانی قلعه خسرو In the ancient site of Khosrow Castle, there are two castles and a cemetery. The graves of the cemetery have been destroyed over time and now only a few graves can be seen at great distances. This fort is located on the top of Shousha Daghi mountain. If you are interested in the historical sites of Ardabil and ancient Iran, be sure to make visiting it a priority in your plans.

This area has local access. Its area is marked on the map to some extent and for this reason you could not reach the exact location of the castle with the location. To go to Khosravi Castle in Ardabil, you must first go to Gandeshmin village. This route is an asphalt road. Not far from Qonagh Qiran village, there are dirt roads for local farmers’ access to agricultural lands.

After driving two kilometers on this dirt road, you will reach a crossroads where you have to go to the left. After another kilometer, you will reach Khosrow Castle.

The location of this area on the map is approximate.

16- Oltan Castle, Destroyed Heritage

Oltan Castle is one of the historical places of Ardabil, which is located near Parsabad city. But most of it has been destroyed. Archaeological finds from the castle and its remnants show that Oltan was a military fortress in the past. Evidence shows that a large part of Oltan Castle was buried. But no action has yet been taken to explore it. This castle was first built during the Sassanid era. But until the twelfth century AH, it was also the military fortress of Parsabad.

قلعه اولتان جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

Today, there is nothing but the history board of Oltan Castle, the blocked road and the destroyed structures. Of course, these limited structures are located in the middle of the Moghan Plain, and the greenery and development of this area encourages tourists to visit Oltan Castle.

This fort is located 12 km from Pars Abad, near the banks of the Aras or Araz River.

17- Shater Tower, Geometry of Iranian Architecture

Shater Tower is also known as Shater Dome and is one of the most geometric historical places in Ardabil! The inside of the tower is cylindrical, but the exterior is hexagonal. Shater Tower is not the only historical attraction of this region. The historical hills, which date back to pre-Islamic times, are other monuments around the tower. It is possible that the originality of these historical places of Ardabil dates back to the Parthian era.

جاهای تاریخی اردبیل

The 5 meter plinth design of Shater Tower has doubled the geometric beauty of this facade. This plinth consists of 4 masonry towers. The entrance to the tower is located at the stone base of the east side. There is no inscription about the date and history of Shater Castle. But archaeologists estimate its resemblance to other domes and tombs in the eighth century AH.

This tower is located in the village of Soomeh.

The last word; Historical places of Ardabil narrator of memories from ancient to modern

Each of the historical places of Ardabil is different for the historical period. With a trip to Ardabil, you can get acquainted with different ancient periods and even contemporary history. Ardabil is a perfect travel destination! Pristine nature, favorable weather even in summer, historical monuments, recreational spaces and tourism facilities of Ardabil province are ready to make memorable experiences for travelers.

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