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Are the stories of the Yazd Chek Chek shrine true?

Are the stories of the Yazd Chek Chek shrine true?

Gather your luggage. Today we want to take the trip to Yazd and among the Yazd sights , in the heart of the desert, climb the steps of Chek Chek Mountain eager to see the Chek Chek shrine two by one and take ourselves

Do not hesitate because it is rare for all this charm to come together. From stair houses that remind you of Masuleh, to Zoroastrian religious rites and strange myths associated with this place to moving upside down and dripping groundwater from the top of the mountain.

Join us at Alibaba Tourism Magazine to learn more about Chek Chek Shrine, which is one of Yazd’s tourist attractions. .

How far is the check from Yazd?

Chek Chek Shrine is about 96 km away from Yazd.

What is the best time to visit a check?

The best time to visit is when the weather is balanced and the date for holding special Zoroastrian programs is June 24-27, the thirteenth day of Behdar and the celebration of Mehregan.

Where is the check?

Chek Chek Shrine is one of the sights of Yazd, which is located in the heart of a mountain called Chek Chek. This shrine is located 96 km from Yazd and 43 km from Ardakan.

How far is the Chek Chek shrine from Ardakan?

Yazd Chek Chek Shrine is located 43 km from Ardakan.

Check, the most famous shrines of Yazd

Chek Chek or Chekcheko Shrine is one of the most important Zoroastrian shrines, which is mentioned as a symbol of the unity of Zoroastrian society. This shrine, which is located in Chek Chek Mountain, is one of the sights of Yazd, which is still unknown and full of mysteries with all the legends about it.

Chek Chek Shrine, also known as Pir Sabz Shrine, is popular with tourists due to its geographical location and position among Zoroastrians. The mystery of this shrine, its architecture and being located in the heart of a mountain in the middle of the desert, multiplies its charm. One of the strange features of this shrine is the dripping water from its roof, which has caused an old sycamore and plants such as moss, persimmon and mountain fig to grow on its rocks.

زیارتگاه چک چک

Chek Chek Shrine in Yazd, in addition to being very important for Zoroastrians in terms of religion , Due to the presence of water and trees, it is different from other Zoroastrian shrines, which of course should not ignore the role of Zoroastrians inside and outside the country who make every effort to build, maintain and maintain it.

Introduction to the Yazd Chek Chek Shrine

Since the Pir Sabz shrine is one of the religious poles, there are times during the year when the followers of Zarathustra, from inside and outside Iran, gather in this place and hold their religious ceremonies in groups.

One of the Zoroastrian rituals is related to the 24th to the 27th of Khordad. Fire and incense, singing happy songs and… are busy. The glory of this ceremony is so great that it is called Zoroastrian Hajj.

قلب کوه و زیارتگاه چک چک

Mehregan celebration is another day that Zoroastrians Checks are collected at the shrine and with Wearing purple clothes, they celebrate and dance for 6 days. Thirteen is also a special day that only the followers of Zoroaster are allowed to enter the shrine.

It is interesting to know that like the followers of other religions who consider their shrines as holy and blessed, the brides and grooms of the followers of Zoroaster start their new life and are blessed by attending this shrine.

Ambiguous history of Czech Czech shrine

The interesting and at the same time strange thing about the Chek Chek shrine is that historical and religious experts have not yet agreed on it. However, if you go there, you will see an inscription at the entrance, which is the result of the efforts of Mr. Rostam Biliwani, the former head of the Sharifabad Zoroastrian Association in Yazd, who has tried to gather information about this place.

According to this information, the formation of the Chek Chek shrine dates back to the death of Yazdgerd III, the last Sassanid king, about 1370 years ago. It is said that at this time, due to the disappearance of the girl from Yazdgerd, there are stories that a shepherd, accompanied by Zoroastrian elders, builds this building.

جاهای دیدنی یزد

Currently, Chek Chek Mountain is one of the holy shrines and places for Zoroastrians, due to the Iranian religion during the Sassanid period. Returns. At that time, the official religion of the country was Zoroastrianism and due to the support of Zoroastrians in the construction of this place, it still has a special place for them.

But in general, there is no accurate and documented information about the Chek Chek shrine, and what it is is the myths that we will talk about later.

The Incredible Myths of the Czech Czech Shrine

One of the attractions of the Chek Chek shrine is its mysterious and unknown history. Although there are various stories and legends about it, it is not clear which one is closer to reality, and there is still disagreement among religious and historical experts on this issue. Let’s get acquainted with these interesting legends.

Check in the form of old green

One of the letters used for this place is Pir Sabz Shrine, but the main reason for such a name has its own reasons and narration.

It is said that Pir Sabz is a name derived from both material and spiritual elements in this place. The word “old” refers to the mystical dimension that comes from the religion of love. This word was used for the last step of mysticism in the worship of the goddess Mitra, and the word “green” also refers to the existence of an old sycamore tree that has been associated with the Chek Chek shrine for many years.

زیارتگاه چک چک

Temple of the Goddess Anahita

According to history, the Chek Chek Shrine in Yazd is very similar to the temples of Anahita. The question is, what are the temples of Anahita like that the Old Green Shrine is like?

The temples of Anahita were usually built on a high hill and had water flowing in them, which also has the characteristics of the Chek Chek shrine, but another point that strengthens this hypothesis is the construction of this building to the east, which enabled the worshipers to Pray at sunrise.

The role of Yazdgerd girls in the formation of Chek Chek shrine

It is said in the legend that during the reign of the last Sassanid king, Yazdgerd III, the situation in Iran was very chaotic due to the Arab invasion and the Shah took control of the affairs. Yazdgerd goes to a safe area to save his family and orders the construction of ditches, towers and fences in this area. You know this safe area today as Yazd. Of course, maybe the reason for naming Yazd is also taken from the name of Yazdgerd.

امکانات زیارتگاه چک چک

Well, back to the main story. When the news of the fall of the Sassanid dynasty and the death of Yazdgerd spread to the Arabs, his children, who had two sons and five daughters, fled around Yazd and each suffered a different fate. One of his daughter’s children, named Nikobano, goes to Ardakan and a mountain called Chek Chek, where she hides and then disappears, and no one finds out about her anymore.

It’s good to know that there is an interesting story about how Nikobano disappeared. According to some narrations, some people say that the princess, seeing the enemy who came after her, climbs the mountain with fear and tears to maintain her chastity, but since the enemy is not far from her, she asks the mountain with a loud sigh that she And embrace like a mother. At this moment, the mountain is split and Nikobano is hidden from view.

In the continuation of this legend, it is said that after some time after this incident, water drops dripped from the Chek Chek mountain, which was a dry and waterless mountain, which was used by passers-by, and the amount of water output, depending on the number The number of passers-by has increased and decreased.

چکیدن آب زیارتگاه

A shepherd is found in the head who loses his flock of sheep in search of His herd, tired and thirsty, reaches the mountain of Chek Chek and falls asleep after being watered by drops of water coming out of the mountain. In the dream, he sees a lady who, while taking care of her herd, asks her to build a room in this place and light lamps and candles in it.

Some say that the story here is not about the disappearance of a flock of sheep and only Nikobanoo falls asleep to a shepherd and makes such a request of him, and some believe that the part of the disappearance of the flock of sheep is correct and when the shepherd wakes up, his flock is right. And sees healthy.

But what happens in the end, and everyone agrees on it, is that the shepherd goes to the Zoroastrian elders and, with their help, builds the Chek Chek shrine here.

The story does not end here because a legend has been formed for the large millennial sycamore tree that exists in the shrine of Pir Sabz. Some consider it a good lady’s cane and believe that after hitting her with a cane in a mountain slit, fresh sweet water came out of it.

دیدنی های یزد

There is also a story about the place where Nikobanu entered the heart The mountain and the gap that exists are formed. From this gap, flowing springs (meaning water droplets) that caused a large tree to grow from its heart. According to this narration, the Chek Chek mountain sheds tears in memory of Nikobanu every year.

In addition to all the stories that have been told, knowing two points is not without grace. The first is that most Zoroastrian shrines were built years before the Sassanids came to power, and the second is that throughout history, nothing has been said about the escape of the children of Yazdgerd III, and it seems unlikely that Ctesiphon traveled this distance. These two cases may mean that other hypotheses about the Chek Chek shrine should be given more value than the hypothesis of the children of Yazdgerd.

Why is the name of this Zoroastrian shrine called Chek Chek?

This shrine is called Chek Chek because of the water droplets that come out of the heart of the rock and its reverberation can be heard in the shrine as a check.

Besides this, it is good to know that this water is very important because the main source of water supply for the Chek Chek shrine in Yazd is this water.

Masouleh stepped architecture in check

After walking and reaching Chek Chek Mountain at the first moment, you will see irregular 5-storey buildings that are built in a stepped manner, so that the roof of one yard is another yard. To reach these rooms, you have to go up the stairs.

معماری زیارتگاه چک چک

You can see that this building is a collection of different rooms and naves that are used for the rest and accommodation of Zoroastrian pilgrims and they are called “Khila”. It is said that its oldest room dates back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah and is about 150 years old.

Inside one of these rooms there is a well that is sacred to the followers of Zoroastrianism, so that in order to fulfill their desires, they go to it and tie a thread around its rope.

Dr. Bastani Parizi says about it: “This well is 70 meters deep and on the inscriptions the theme of this phrase is… Shahrbanoo, the granddaughter of Yazdgerd, threw herself into this well and was martyred in order to escape from captivity and escape from the enemy. “The enemy who came to the well saw the well full of water and saw no trace of him.”

Next to these naves, a kitchen and an oven were built for the welfare of the pilgrims, where they could sacrifice their sacrificial sheep and bake bread and meat.

If you are a Zoroastrian, you can use these rooms for overnight, if not, go back to the stairs to go to the top and bottom of the buildings where the fire temple is located. As you climb the stairs, you will see inscriptions from the Zoroastrian Bible, the Avesta, on the rocks. Somewhere it is written “There is one way in the world and that is the way of salvation”.

جاذبه های گردشگری یزد

When you reach the top of the stairs, you will see a beautiful metal door with a picture of an Achaemenid soldier with a spear in his hand. This door is the entrance to a stone building that looks like the mouth of a cave. After taking off your shoes and passing through the door, you step on the marble stones of the fire temple floor. Since this fire temple is in the heart of the mountain and water is dripping from some places, its floor is wet and cold.

When you enter the fire temple, you will see a wall next to two rocky cliffs where the candle is lit. In front of it is the light of Zoroaster, around which there are teardrop-shaped containers to light candles and incense, which create an image of a lotus flower. Zoroastrians light candles and incense in these vessels and worship next to them.

When you look at the walls and the corners of the fire temple, you see dark and opaque walls that have become this color because of the constant light of the fire. The old sycamore tree that comes out of the heart of the cliffs also attracts your attention. This tree is known as one of the natural heritage of Iran.

If you look up, you will see the stone roof of the Chek Chek shrine, from which a chandelier hangs for lighting. Water also drips from part of the roof, which is collected in containers and used for food and blessings.

مراسم های زیارتگاه چک چک

How many steps does a check have?

Since the Pir Sabz shrine is located in the heart of the mountain, naturally there must be an upward path to reach it. To avoid the possible dangers of climbing the mountain, stairs are built along the way that lead you to the shrine.

360 is the number of steps you have to climb in a winding path to reach your destination. Therefore, visiting this place is not recommended for people with heart, respiratory and other problems, people with mobility disabilities and anyone who for any reason is not able to climb this number of stairs.

What is the scientific reason for water dripping from the check wall?

As we have said, there is a legend about the water that comes out of the mountain of the Chek Chek shrine, which says that this mountain sheds tears in memory of the Blessed Virgin every year, but this is just a myth and there are scientific reasons for this.

Several Dutch geologists investigated the cause and eventually said that Mount Chek Chek was located on an underground fault one kilometer deep. Next to it, there are underground waterways that collide with the fault and because it can not cross it, it is turned up due to high pressure. Now this water, which is directed upwards with high pressure, seeps out due to the calcareous nature of the mountain.

It is interesting to know that this water is not cut off during the year and only its amount increases and decreases. This is why, although it comes out of the heart of the mountain drop by drop, it purposefully directs it into a spring and supplies all the water used for the Chek Chek shrine.

زیارتگاه چک چک

Facilities are limited in the historic Chek Chek Shrine

There are no other amenities in the Chek Chek shrine except electricity, water, toilets and rooms for Zoroastrians. So get everything you need before leaving, from Yazd or Ardakan.

Etiquette of attending the Chek Chek shrine

Just as the doors of Muslim mosques are always open for people of other religions to visit, the Chek Chek shrine also has this feature, allowing tourists of other religions to visit this Zoroastrian shrine, which of course can lead to cultural closeness and familiarity with different religions.

Like Muslim mosques, which have special etiquette, you have to follow some tips to visit this Chek Chek shrine. Some of the rituals of attending the old green shrine are:

  • Observe your neatness and cleanliness.
  • Take off your shoes and use slippers to prevent your feet from getting wet.
  • Be clean and observe the conditions that all people, both men and women, must observe in order to attend mosques.
  • Cover your head with a scarf or hat.
  • To enter the Zoroastrian ceremonies of Khordad and Eid al-Adha, you must have an invitation card, but non-Zoroastrians are not allowed to enter the ceremonies on the 13th of Bahdar.

The best time to visit Check Checks

To determine the best time to visit the Chek Chek shrine, you should pay attention to a few points. The first point is that this place is located in desert areas. Imagine that in the hot season, under the sun, you want to climb 360 steps! The heat and thirst will probably take a lot of strength from you. So it is better to avoid traveling to this place in the warm seasons of the year and choose the months of October and November in autumn and April and May in spring.

مراسم های زیارتگاه چک چک

The next point is to observe the prohibitions related to this place, that is, when Zoroastrian-specific religious ceremonies are held in the Czech-Czech shrine, non-Zoroastrians are not allowed to enter outside the invitation. Among these ceremonies, we can mention the 24th to the 27th of Khordad and the 13th of Bahdar, which is a group pilgrimage program, another case is the 6-day Mehregan celebration. So do not choose these times to visit.

Where is the historical shrine of Yazd?

Address: Iran, Northwest of Yazd, 43 km east of Ardakan, Khoranagh section, Robatat district

Chek Chek shrine on Google Map

Check access path

By this time, you know very well that the Chek Chek shrine is located between Ardakan and Anjireh mountains and in the heart of Chek Chek mountain, which is a mountain between the people of Yazd and Kerman.

If the origin of your route is Yazd, it is better to know that the distance is about 96 km in front of you. So when you enter the Yazd-Meybod highway, take the Meybod-Ahmadabad belt. When you reach the square, enter the road on the right to reach the Chek Chek Shrine in Yazd.

If the origin of your movement is the city of Ardakan, you have to walk on a 43 km route. For this purpose, by crossing Beheshti Boulevard and entering Valiasr Boulevard, you will reach a square that you will cross and continue your way, you will enter Chekcheko Road.

Chek Chek Shrine in a short word

In this article, we talked about the Chek Chek shrine. Although many years later, there are still many questions about this place, but we tried to tell about its geography, its history, the role of the Sassanid princess in the formation of this building and its importance for Zoroastrians.

We climbed the stairs and after getting acquainted with the naves where the Zoroastrians lived, we passed the golden door on the last step and eagerly reached the fire temple. In the meantime, we talked about the Zoroastrian Hajj, various green legends, the access route and so on.

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