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Artists can remove the burden of travel from busy provinces

ISNA / According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, artists can remove the burden of travel from high-traffic provinces.

Ali Asghar Shalbafian, in a meeting with Kianoosh Gerami, Vice President of the Iranian Cinema Actors Association, and other members of the board of directors of this organization, appreciated the enthusiasm and motivation of the veterans in this field to cooperate with tourism and added: In the form of films, serials and documentaries in order to introduce the country’s tourism potential, it paves the way for entering the field of film tourism, and many countries around the world benefit from this tool for advertising and information.

He stated that the Iranian Cinema Actors Association is a significant capacity for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, adding that the introduction of known or unknown places by artists in this field will be more effective in attracting audiences. Compared to other methods of information and advertising.

Shalbafian pointed out that the distribution of travel is always one of the concerns in the field of tourism, reminded: film and television artists with the introduction of new destinations have an effective role in guiding people in the form of tourists to lesser-known destinations and cause To remove the burden of travel from high-traffic provinces.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, stating that tourism can create vitality and economic prosperity in different cities and villages of the country, said: When introducing the tourist attractions of villages and cities of the country along with the reflection of local customs, traditions and culture The language of prominent artists and actors is performed, wide influences are created in the minds of the audience and in different dimensions, of which the movement of the economic wheel and the realization of reverse migration in some villages are examples.

Shalbafian considered the provision of tourism content as another field of cooperation with the field of art and emphasized: introducing the location of films as tourist attractions, reflecting the sequence of films in advertising items with the aim of introducing attractions and also taking advantage of shooting capacity. Cultural productions in order to content the advertising and tourism marketing sector is another part of the cooperation in this field.

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