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Astara Steel Wetland; One of the prominent tourist attractions of Iran

When crossing the Rasht road, with a flood of birds migrating from the northern Caspian Sea, the Arctic and Central Europe to Astara Steel Wetland have come, you will encounter. Steel Wetland is one of the prominent tourist areas Astara and its indigenous people It means pond. Of course, due to its proximity to the village of Abbasabad, it is also called Abbasabad Steel Wetland. It is safe to say that Steel Wetland is one of the most exceptional swamps in Iran and one of the fresh and permanent water wetlands in the country. Join us in reading this article to know where Astara Steel Wetland is and find out the route of Steel Wetland.

Astara Steel Wetland with an area of ​​138 hectares, due to the location of tree roots in the water and the movement of roots in the width of the wetland, is also called a moving lake and many travelers choose to live in this place due to its lush and unique space. This wetland is located 13 meters below the level of the high seas and its ecological value is 10 times that of forests and 200 times that of arable land. It is noteworthy that the steel wetland has a water storage of 1.5 cubic meters and supplies water to 400 hectares of paddy fields. The gutter is supplied through springs inside the lagoon and 4 streams that originate from the mountains, as well as rainfall.

Steel Wetland in 2005, one of the five sample areas And was known as beautiful for tourism in Gilan province. This pride caused economic prosperity in this region, but unfortunately, with the intervention of humans and the encroachment on this beautiful nature, the flood of bird migration was reduced and by dumping garbage and garbage in the path of Steel Wetland, increasing construction and crossing the tower The high pressure of this wetland is disappearing. It is worth mentioning that due to heavy rains, in 2014, the General Department of Environmental Protection of Gilan noted that the area of ​​this wetland increased significantly.

Astara Steel Wetland has many tourist attractions due to its proximity to the road and the diversity of mountain scenery, forests and surrounding fields. By traveling to the area, you will be able to fish in a calm and pleasant environment. Of course, do not forget to see carp and duck fish. Other animals live in the area, such as a wetland rat called a nutria, a tortoise, a variety of snakes and otters. Hunting is prohibited in the area, but the villagers do not neglect fishing and their small boats can be seen around.

Spring and summer are the best times and lush landscapes and calm nature with pleasant weather will be waiting for you. According to the article, where is Astara Steel Wetland, you should know that you can start the journey by going to Astara. Then, drive south to the Astara-Rasht road. This amazing lagoon is located 5 km from Astara-Rasht road and the ring road with dense trees is one of the unique landscapes of this region.

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