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Familiarity with Qeshm roof and its various sights

Qeshm is an island created to amaze human children! When I hear that my friends only talk about buying from Qeshm at a cheaper price than other cities in the country and only Because love traveling to Qeshm , I want to open Alibaba’s website for them and everything so far about Show them Qeshm written! Honestly, it is not in my imagination for anyone to go to Qeshm but not to see the roof of Qeshm, the valley of sculptures, the salt cave, the beaches, the mangrove forests, the roof of Qeshm and a thousand other attractions of Qeshm. Of course, the charm of Qeshm shopping centers and the people of this city should not be ignored, and you should definitely spend one or two days of travel in shopping centers!


Qeshm Island roof is one of those Qeshm sights where the earth, sky and sea are spectacular In the words of Rumi, “whichever side you look at is his property and his abode.” In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we present the tallest places of interest in Qeshm.

Where is the roof of Qeshm?

The roof of Qeshm is located in the west of the island and 13 km from the center of Qeshm Island.

What are the amenities of Bam Qeshm?

This area is a natural attraction and there are not many amenities in it.

What is the best time to visit a rooftop?

Spring and summer and when the sun rises or sets.

When you go to the roof of Qeshm

Let me first give you an overview of this area to know where you are going, what you see and why you should visit Rooftop at all. In any case, there must be a good reason to convince man to give up the glamorous passages and go to the heart of the desert!

Qeshm Roof is one of the parts of Qeshm Geopark that is supported by UNESCO. In order to promote tourism in Qeshm region and education, this region finds coexistence with nature and includes some of Qeshm’s sights. Geoparks are a protected area that is open to the public.

وقتی به بام قشم می‌روید...

Geoparks are divided into different sections, each section is called a geosite. For example, the roof of the island is a geosite or Sculpture Valley another geosite in this park Is. Qeshm Island has 25 geosites, so you can see 25 of Qeshm’s sights in one day.

The roof of Qeshm overlooks the northern shores of the Persian Gulf, the Valley of Sculptures and the mangrove forest . Also, the sky is starry at night and clear and blue during the day (unless the weather is cloudy). In short, by going to Qeshm Geopark, there is a sight to your heart’s content and your eyes will be enlightened!

What do you know about the history of Qeshm roof?

The roof of Qeshm Island is older than we think. Archaeological data show that the rocks and mountains of this region date back to more than two million years ago and were created over time by the retreat of the sea. They estimate that humans have been present in the area since the Iron Age. Even the Qeshm Geopark area was once home to Neanderthals (early humans). Neanderthals are the generation before the intelligent humans and became extinct some time after the creation of the intelligent human race.

بهترین زمان بازدید Photo by: cosmopolitan

Evidence based on intelligent human life There are in this area and d At different time periods, traces of groups that lived on the roof of Qeshm and the surrounding area can be seen, for example, archaeologists have discovered pottery that dates back to pre-Islamic times.

In the Bam and Geopark area, there is also a reservoir built to store rainwater, its exact date is unknown and it is now dry in most seasons.

A look at the natural features of a roof

The roof texture of Qeshm Island reminds me of documentaries I have seen from Mars. Some mountains are rocky and some are made of sand. The range of elevations is made of silt (clay-like soil) and marl (soil that forms the body of the mountains).

The closer you get to the heights of Qeshm roof, the more calcareous and softer the soil becomes, and if you touch it, you will feel the touch of flour. In part of this area there are dense desert trees and plants that grow in hot and dry areas cover the soil surface. In some other areas, there is no vegetation and soil, sand and rocks are all around you.

منظره زیبای بام قشم

The climate in the south of the country is so famous that everyone knows that if they go to this area in summer, they just have to They sit in front of the hotel and in front of the air conditioner, and they can not walk a step away from their residence until the sun sets. The roof of Qeshm and other places of interest in Qeshm are no exception to this rule. It shows itself on the coins of the southern climate, in the cold seasons of the year (from mid-October to late April). Cool and airy air that awakens the feeling of hiking, shopping, hiking and any feeling you need when traveling!

Qeshm’s wildlife is also very diverse, aquatic and biospheric species live on its shores, and there are different species of reptiles and mammals in the island. The Persian gazelle is a unique species of animal that you will see if you are lucky.

Why are Qeshm rooftop attractions attractive to tourists?

One of the things that discourages me from visiting a place of interest is that I do not know exactly what to expect. After all, we have to have a reason for doing everything, even if it is fun and seeing a tourist attraction.

تاریخچه بام قشم

The roof attractions of Qeshm Island are among the soothing attractions and there is less smell of excitement and adrenaline in this space; Of course, if seeing the reptiles excites you, you can add a little excitement to this relaxation. In the following, we will examine the attractions of the roof in a little more detail so that you have a good reason to visit this geosite.

Qeshm roof water reservoir, house for rain

Wells and reservoirs are among the sights of Qeshm and are located in different parts of the island. Reservoirs have attractive architecture and I always think of the creativity of their builders. Reservoirs that have water are more attractive, because we can take a hand in the water and wash our face and take away the freshness and freshness of the reservoir. Of course, this can not be done in all reservoirs, first you have to check the cleanliness of the water and then you have to make sure that no animal lives in it!

Bam water reservoir is also known as Baby water reservoir and the reason for this naming is that a good lady named Soghieh ordered the construction of this reservoir in 1202. Soghayeh was the wife of Sheikh Abdullah, the ruler of the region at that time. This reservoir has an interesting architecture and was built to collect rainwater and is still used by some people in the area. It is interesting to know that there is a reservoir inside the reservoir that keeps the water clean.

روستای کلات

Kalat Qeshm massacre is a village in this area, but now there is nothing left but ruined buildings. Among these rooms are chambers, a large cave-like cavity and several wells. There are various narratives about this village that I recommend that you ask the locals to tell you its story.

The story is that the people of Tabal village built a village on the roof of Qeshm for more security to be safe from enemy attacks. In the remaining ruins you can see the remains of residential houses and guard rooms.

Even locals say that the cave in the village was an escape route that people used to leave the village in case of emergency. The bitterness of the story began when the village and its inhabitants were destroyed for an unknown reason. As archeology has not yet been researched in this area, no specific reason has been given for the destruction of this village.

دیدنی های قشم

Beautiful Roof View

Writing about all the feelings you experience on the roof of Qeshm is not an easy task. The roof of Qeshm is one of those places where when you stand on its heights, your heart wants to go to the edge of the precipice, close your eyes and shout from the bottom of your heart. Open your arms and embrace the world, take a deep breath and leave all the tiredness and discomfort to the gentle breeze that caresses your face.

You can sit in a corner and stare at the sea and the beach. After that, move a little and sit where the view is in front of the valley of sculptures and imagine new shapes for the rocks of the valley. After that you can move again and sit facing the desert or watch the old houses of the village.

Mangrove landscape is another option you can choose to watch. It looks like you are in front of a real TV, and with a few steps you can choose which network to watch.

بام قشم کجاست؟

In short, there is a lot to see on the roof of Qeshm Island and it is made for you to sit, hug your knees and think of anything you can think of. Of course, there is another view that you have to raise your head a little to see it, it would be nice if we do not consider the beautiful sky of the roof as one of its views.

There is no shadow in the roofs of Qeshm; That’s why you can not go to this area in the middle of the day and expect to have fun! But if the sun is rising or setting, a new view will be added to the spectacular scenery.

The best time to visit the roof of Qeshm

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to visit Qeshm and its roof. Because the intensity of sunlight is less in these seasons and the air is cooler. During the holidays, the number of travelers who travel to this beautiful island increases, and for this reason, it is possible that other groups will be with you when visiting the rooftops.

جاذبه های قشم

If you are touring the geopark, the tour leader knows the right time to visit, but if you want to see the roof yourself, it is best to choose a time when the sunlight is not too intense. Early morning and evening are the best time to visit this area. Of course, do not forget that there are no amenities and accommodation facilities in this area, so you should return to your accommodation in the villages or the city of Qeshm before it gets dark.

Where is the roof of Qeshm?

The roof of Qeshm Island is located between the villages of Tabal, Salkh and the mangrove forest. This area is 24 km away from Qeshm Airport, 75 km away from Zakeri Wharf and 37 km away from Laft Port. Access to this area is possible by car, but it is recommended to visit different geo-parks with a Qeshm tour to be safe and see all the sights of Qeshm.

The best way to access the roof

The roof of Qeshm is located in the western part of the island and fortunately there are signposts along the way. You can also visit the area with the tour, you can rent a car or you can use a private car. Taking this route with Landy Craft also adds excitement to the trip.

To reach the roof of Qeshm from the center of the island, you have to walk 13 minutes. Since the roads on the route do not have a specific name, it is best to cross the route using router software or signposts. On the way between Qeshm and the roof of the island, you have to pass the villages of Dehkhoda, Soheili and Haft Rango.

بام قشم

After reaching the village of Tabal, continue your way to the village of Salkh to reach the roof of Qeshm. After that, you have to walk about 15 minutes to reach the area we have talked about so far.

Tools and equipment in the trip to the roof of Qeshm

There are no amenities in Qeshm Geopark, so you have to get everything you need from the center of the island and take it with you. On warmer nights, some desert and professional groups spend the night in the rooftop area to enjoy the starry sky. It is recommended not to do this if you do not have experience in nightlife, because there are no camps and camping facilities on the roof of Qeshm Island.

The following is a list of essential tools for visiting Qeshm geosites to use as a reminder:

  • Cool clothes
  • Sunglasses and sunglasses
  • Dry food and canned foods
  • Mineral water and juice
  • Sunscreen
  • Shoes suitable for walking on sand
  • An extra handful of clothes

بام زیبای قشم

Sights around the roof of Qeshm

While talking about the roof, we mentioned some of the sights around it. Since the roof of Qeshm Island is one of the geopark geosites, we should expect 24 tourist attractions around it. In this part of the article, we refer to the most fascinating sights around the roof.

  • Qeshm salt cave and Kharbs cave
  • Guaran Dam
  • Mangrove forest
  • Persian Gulf and its shores
  • Valley of Sculptures
  • Valley of the Stars
  • Salkh bowl
  • Chakavir Strait
  • Bukho Plain and Mountains

Some of these attractions are part of Qeshm geosites and others are located outside the geopark area.

بام قشم

Qeshm alone is a world with multiple wonders!

Qeshm has a lot of sights, some of which remain unknown even to the locals. When you visit this island for the first time, you will probably think that a full visit to a small island does not take much time and you can return home after two or three days while seeing all the attractions! If you ask me, Qeshm is as attractive as a week to visit, of course, if you have chosen a good time to travel and you can leave the residence during the day.

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