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Bam Citadel: God of creation who became his only rival

Bam Citadel: God of creation who became his only rival
How can a building be made of mud, straw and clay in the middle of the desert a thousand years ago, survive one of the strongest earthquakes in the country, not undergo special repairs, but still survive? The citadel of Bam was still built and polished like a diamond in the color of soil from nothing, and with the efforts of the people of this region, even a terrible earthquake could not destroy it.If you would like to know more about this building in advance, understand its history and enjoy the existence of such structures behind me at Alibaba Tourism Magazine

Where is Bam Citadel?

Bam citadel is located in Kerman province, Bam city, Bahman street.

Is it possible to visit Bam Citadel?

Visiting the citadel is possible in summer-spring from 7:30 to 19 and in autumn-winter from 7:30 to 18.

What happened to Bam Citadel after the earthquake?

Almost 80% of the citadel was destroyed after the earthquake, but with global efforts, large parts of it were rebuilt and the citadel was removed from the list of centers being destroyed.

Step in the history of Bam citadel

Two, three, four years, before Islam, after Islam, the Sassanids, the Achaemenids or the Parthians, no one can say with certainty who, when and where in history is the largest brick structure in the world. This large building, which is thousands of years old, is still standing.

The fact that almost everyone who steps on the citadel reaches it is nothing but the immortality of this structure. It is as if, like the desert, the beginning and end of which are never known, this structure also has no first or last. After all, this building is also made of desert.

Years ago, when no one knew when, kings built this great building with the aim of securing and protecting the region and the people. I think we need to know foresight from the history of this land. From the Samanid kings to the Qajar, everyone took refuge in this citadel in periods of history, and this shows that the citadel has fulfilled its mission well.

Citadel literally means fortress or protective fence, but Bam Citadel means nothing but greatness. The layer of this structure protects a group, the first layers of animals and then people, food, kings and soldiers.

The castle housed thousands of people around 1850 AD. Fortress, city, citadel whatever you want to say. This structure has done its job. Many people lived in this two-part castle. The first part is called the lower part where the normal life of the people took place. It seems strange to me that we walk in the alleys of the citadel and think that one day people would go to the stables with a pile of straw or in new clothes to the mosque.

ارگ بم

From the high, low walls that go to the upper part of the fort, the world changes. The shape of buildings, large defensive towers, and’s as if discrimination had long existed in governments. In a word, Bam Citadel was a place to live.

Indeed, if you travel to this region, do not miss other Kerman sights .

Watching Bam Islamic Citadel

If we want to look at the post-Islamic citadel realistically and in terms of the bitterness of sweetness, the bitterness turns into sweetness by difference. I do not know why, but after Islam, the citadel almost took care of the rebels, fugitives and defeated kings instead of protecting the governments.

This issue has made Bam Citadel a place for bloodshed. There are many stories of conquest, escape, sit-ins, all of which show the weakness of kings in the face of the revolt of various currents. It does not matter if Sultan Hussein Safavid was afraid of Mahmud Afghan or Lotfali Khan was afraid of Mohammad Qajar.

دروازه اصلی

is a story about the escape of King Zandie to this fort which is called :

Lotfali Jan takes refuge in the fort after the defeat. Although it was very difficult to enter, but Mohammad Qajar enters the citadel after the siege and divides 600 prisoners between himself and the ruler of Bam!

What do you think they did to them? Yes, they are all beheaded with cruelty; As history indicates the construction of a tower of severed heads.

If you are a fan of books and historical sources, it is better to know that the traces of the citadel can be seen in them as well. Historians such as Ibn Khordadbeh, Qadameh, and Firuz Mirza refer to this place in their books and record stories of it for eternity in history.

War and destruction in the Islamic era is completed by leaving people from the citadel to the groves of Bam, and almost from that day until the building was registered as a tourist attraction, it did not have a very important use.

Bam citadel after wood without the voice of God

In the history of the Islamic Republic, two very large earthquakes have been recorded, which are always referred to as very bitter events. The Rudbar and Bam earthquakes were two events that bled the hearts of all of Iran for many years, killing thousands, and the Bam earthquake was able to destroy the safest point of the Iranian desert.

Although Bam Citadel has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for many years, the earthquake was able to remove it from the list and add it to the list of destroyed monuments. Perhaps this earthquake was a turning point from God to think about your history, because after that not only the Iranians, but also the world were used to revive the safest part of the desert.

Have you heard of heroes not dying? Pahlevan Kavir Iran did not die, although it shook at midnight on January 26, 1982 with a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that was close to the ground and 80% of it was destroyed! If you look at the photos before and after the earthquake, you will quickly remember the photos before and after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Eighty percent of the 180,000-meter citadel, part of which was made of soil, collapsed.

ارگ بم بعد از زلزله

UNESCO Representations Same Days At first, they realized that Pahlavan Kavir could no longer stand, but do you remember I said that Iranians are men who can do impossible things? From the same year, 82 citadel restoration committees were formed. The world was determined to rebuild this citadel.

Although most specialists worked mostly on research projects until 1988, they concluded from 1988 to 1992 that UNESCO was not a hero. In 1992, UNESCO approved the reconstruction, restoration and reconstruction of this global structure and removed it from the list of endangered works.

Apart from the natives of Bam and Kerman, who completed about 90% of the reconstruction of the citadel, three countries, namely France, Japan and Italy, and UNESCO itself, made significant contributions to the reconstruction of the building. One provided thousands of euros in money and a three-dimensional map of the citadel, the other paid for much of the research and reopening, and in the end it was the people who put their hands in the mud like their ancestors to build a strong, earthquake-proof and safe citadel. /

Score 20 Contemporary History in Reconstruction Exam

Thanks to the efforts of the Cultural Heritage Organization of today’s citadel, except for the parts that have not been reconstructed yet, it is no different from before the earthquake. The reconstruction of this building was done with great expertise and precision, and this issue turned today’s citadel into a building, just like before. Large parts of this building have been reconstructed, the most important of which is the main gate of the citadel.


There is a very interesting point about the main gate of the tower, which I think belongs to the Safavid period, and it is the palm trunks that prevented the excessive destruction of the main gate of the citadel during the earthquake. If you go out of Bam now and turn green in front of its main gate, I do not think it will occur to you that one day it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Especially since the main alleys of the citadel are well paved. Perhaps the only thing that blinds your taste is the impression we have of old buildings, which we usually see crushed and worn bricks, because the walls of the building are very beautiful with the reconstructions done.

Bam Citadel from the point of view of architecture and history

I am not a man of exaggeration and flattery, but may God have mercy on the parents of the people who built such a building. If we look at the history of this building from the architectural point of view, we see an ascending and straight line that may have stopped during its growth period, but continued to grow from the same point and on the same line by starting again.

This volume of solidarity has really been unprecedented in the history of Iran. The first walls of this building start from the ground floor, which is surrounded by high hills. Starting from the same floor and culminating in the main citadel of the same Bam Fortress. This architecture shows that everything has been spent to build a strong organ.

You can see the peak of Iranian genius and art in the architecture of this small old town. When architects for security and protection, not only people in the city, but also around it design structures that no one has ever seen before.

The title “Castle of God” really deserves this structure. The fortifications at the point of the fort, large castles on a high hill, the provision of an area for the addition of new structures such as the mosque and Hosseiniyah built during the Safavid period, checkered plans and… are among the salient features of Bam Citadel architecture.

قلعه خدا آفریده

In my opinion, the most important feature of this fort, which makes praise for this structure, is the use of clay, pebbles, straw, water and clay in its construction. All researchers, without exception, believe:

What makes Bam Citadel Bam Citadel is the use of these materials in its construction, because nothing but natural disasters could destroy it.

Another feature of this structure in terms of architecture and design is the combination of residential neighborhoods and security centers with each other. The streets and alleys of this fort are arranged so that towers and fortifications dominate all of them. It is good to know that so far, several escape routes and underground corridors have been found that lead out from under the fort.

As you know, Lut Iran has been one of the hottest places in the world since the past. The fact that engineers can design cooling systems with wind and water intake technology and cool the air of the citadel from west to east and from north to south so that the peak is in the government part is a matter of 10 minutes of standing ovation.

نقشه معماری ارگ بم

Forty pieces like Bam Citadel

As expected from a complete city, Bam Citadel has several sections that are all one and the same. These sections were accessible to everyone except for government restrictions, and the entire small town of Bam could use them.

Trenches and Fences

Two defenses used in the distant past to protect cities were ditches and high walls. It is almost impossible to give an innovative history for these two defense systems, because they were the Great Wall of China and the ditches of Islam.

The feature that distinguishes Bam citadel ditches from other ditches is its digging in the river waterway. Another defense system used in the citadel is even 18-meter fences, which I really do not know, given the equipment of the time, why they bothered themselves so much.

خندق‌ها و حصارها

Section of Gates

The only way to enter and exit the great castle of Bam were through the gates of his parents, one of which had four layers. These gates are designed so that even the rats cannot enter the castle after closing them. One of the reasons that delayed Mohammad Qajar behind this fort was the strong security system.

Gates have been identified in this castle, the main end of which reaches a 90-meter market. This was also the ingenuity of the architects, because they put the first part needed by an outsider so that there was no reason to enter other parts of the citadel.

Upper section

According to what was mentioned before, the whole citadel is divided into upper and lower parts, which can be clearly distinguished. The upper part was the residence of government officials and the king. The northern part of the citadel is known as Aliai and the government and consists of military bases, four-season mansion, Burjobaroo, stables, barracks, water mill and..

Lower Section

After the upper part, the lower part, that is, where the body of society is, has been built. This part of Bam citadel is full of symbols of the society at that time that show their culture and living conditions.

I think Bam Citadel was a good city, because the school, the mosque, the Zurkhaneh, the bazaar, the residential areas, the fortress watchtowers, the entrance gate to the city, etc. were envisioned, something that is not envisaged in our new cities right now, or if They can end with a thousand objections. Only the Zurkhaneh of this city, like the stadiums, consisted of a dome, four porches and a middle pit.

Residential Sector

Perhaps the most mysterious part of this citadel is the residential area. A part of the citadel that still has incredible features and experts do not understand anything about it. Among these cases, we can mention the type of houses with two floors and their non-standard size.

The residential area of ​​the citadel consists of three parts: aristocratic, middle and poor. Nobel Housing The houses of this complex reach the same four-season mansion that was the ruling site, but other than that, houses with two, three or four inner and outer rooms, windbreaks, wells and special bakeries have been seen in the construction of the citadel.

Citadel worship section

The construction of a small mosque in Bam is considered to be related to the Safavid period. It was a place for the people of the city to pray to God for forgiveness. This building was built to hold the same ceremonies, otherwise it will remain the same as the old merchants’ bazaar.

Judicial Department of the Citadel

Is it possible for a city to have a school and not a court? The existence of the prison shows that the judicial and security system of this castle used the prison to punish government convicts. The prison was one of the main buildings of Bam Fortress.

Bam Citadel Guard Towers

As mentioned in the previous sections of the watchtowers, the corners of this huge citadel were guarded and controlled by watchtowers. These towers were sometimes built in the wall and sometimes in the middle of the street.

The difference between the towers of this citadel and other towers is their location. The towers of this castle are neither with a certain distance nor a specific height, but each tower has special conditions that have been built according to that area and the required height.

برج های نگهبانی ارگ بم

Monastery section

One of the signs of the growth and cultural excellence of the citadel society is the existence of old monasteries or schools. Indeed, there are few cities in the world where the school is one of the large and mapped buildings. I think we should put this attention to schools at the forefront of our lives.

Bathroom section

The bath was one of the signs of modernity in this small town in its time. There were two types of baths in this city. The private baths, which are mostly in the residential buildings of the aristocracy, are the first and perhaps the best type of baths. This type of special water bath flowed for him. The public bath is the lower part of the second type of baths in Bam citadel, which was built for public use.

Stables section

It is difficult for me to understand why art such as bedding should be used in the stables of a city. You have no idea? The stables of the Bam citadel were built in the northern part of the citadel, next to the second gate, where the remains of the fountain and pond are still present. Certainly a citadel-sized city had more than one stable, and may have been one of the government stables here; God knows!

From the wonders of Bam Citadel

The name of Bam Citadel cannot be mentioned and no surprises were expected. It may be a little vague for those who have not seen the Loot Diamond, but as soon as you step into the citadel, the bricks will sing an amazing lullaby in your ear.

Bam Citadel in Shahnameh

The foot of Bam citadel has also been opened to Shahnameh. Ferdowsi writes about the most legendary brick structure in the world in the greatest legend of the world and opens the foot of the war of Ardeshir Babakan and someone like Haftavad to Bam citadel.


Wall graveyard

A wall was discovered in the citadel from which small bones the size of a child’s bone protruded. According to the findings of the creators, this wall belongs to the bodies of little boys who may not have been Muslims.

A memorial for the future

With the ninth anniversary of the Bam earthquake, information was published that shows that lithographs with the image of hunting animals such as leopards and goats with archery have been discovered in this place.

Air conditioning is a feature of Arg Bam Hotel

By choosing the place where the area had the most wind, a large part of the citadel was ventilated. However, the historical engineers of the citadel, by combining windbreak structures with water parts, create a humid atmosphere that is nowhere to be found in the desert. The air conditioners were the engineers of the citadel, the rest paid their respects.

Better water supply than capitals

The citadel water supply system had everything we have now. From the engine room and basement piping to the river and aqueduct. The water was moving from the highest point of the citadel to the farms and the lower parts, which I think its engineering is admirable considering the equipment of that time.

Loot diamond address on the map and text

Bam Citadel was built in the easternmost point of Bam city. Now that Bam has become a city for itself, they have almost surrounded this large citadel with new buildings, which is why its address reaches the streets of the city.

آدرس الماس لوت

The address of Bam Citadel ends in Kerman, Bam city, Bahman Street. You can easily reach the citadel by traveling to Kerman and Bam. When you look at the sky, Lut Diamond has made a star out of its own light to determine its position.

It is only better if you go from 7 pm in the first six months of the year and not later than 6 pm in the second six months of the year, because you will enter the same large and closed gates that have no entrance.

Bam Citadel in Google Map

Bam citadel is not an abandoned ruin…

Many people think of Bam Citadel as an abandoned ruin that fell into a corner after the earthquake; I showed in this article the opposite! Incidentally, Bam Citadel is a place full of surprises and compared to its time, it has features that are difficult for many to understand. If you have any questions about this, be sure to leave us a comment.

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