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Barghan village of Karaj; Backyard near Tehran

Barghan village of Karaj; Backyard near Tehran

We Tehranians always go here and there to find a good destination around Tehran that is both close and clear. Two features that describe the village of Barghan in Karaj and describe it.

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It doesn’t matter if you live in Tehran or travel there, take the bus today Alibaba Tourism Magazine and think carefully Be your dream and work in Tehran. Do not worry! The destination is nearby and we will be back soon.

Well, dear passengers, are you ready?

Where is Barghan village?

Barghan village of Karaj is located 13 km from Karaj.

What are the sights of Barghan village?

Ilkhani castle, pristine and unique nature, Barghan mosque, river and waterfall meter, equestrian club and

What is the souvenir of Barghan village?

Plums, herd ice cream, dairy products, berries and other organic fruits.

What season should we visit Barghan village?

Although Barghan village has its own beauties in each season, spring and summer are better times.

Berghan village of Karaj; Green jewel on the foot of two rivers

Wherever there is water, there is life. This is exactly why between the two rivers Sanj and Shahroud, witnessed the emergence of a pleasant village called the village of Barghan کرج هست. The place is also known as Barghan Savojbolagh village and is located 13 km from Karaj.

روستای برغان کرج You may be interested to know that the local language of Barghan village in Karaj is Tati. An ancient and complete language that, if you are not familiar with it, will be as strange as hearing Russian. For example, if you hear one of the natives of this village say: “Merchin Raz Ama…” is actually introducing you to their garden cat and says: This is also our garden cat.

Yes, just as different from the common Persian language.

Of course, I would like to add that with the many changes that have affected tourism and the change in the population of the village of Barghan in Karaj, the Tati language has diminished and largely given way to Persian. .

Attractions of Barghan village of Karaj

‌ Speaking of the attractions of Barghan village in Karaj, you might not expect much from a small village on the outskirts of Tehran. However, there are many attractions that will surprise you.

1- Atashgah village of Karaj

The first stop of our Barghan tour bus is Karaj Fire Station, which is a village near Barghan. Atashgah is also known as Atash Kooh or Atashkadeh and is one of the oldest villages around Tehran which has a long lifespan Sassanids (about 1500 years ago). The engravings and fire stones found in this village have greatly increased the importance of this village from an archaeological and historical point of view.

روستای آتشگاه کرج Fire and all fire temples are always reminiscent of the religion of Zoroastrians and Zoroastrians in this This is also true and in fact in the past this village was the place where Zoroastrians lived.

Imamzadeh Pir Piran is also one of those places in the village that can host you with its pleasant atmosphere.

Address: Alborz province, Karaj, after Gohardasht

2- Burghan Bridge

Barghan Bridge, as its name suggests, is located in the village of Barghan. This bridge dates back to the Safavid era and fortunately, after years of laying hands on it, it was finally registered as one of the national monuments of Iran in February 2003.

پل برغان Address: Alborz Province, Karaj, beginning of Barghan village

3- Barghan Square

Barghan Square is actually the place of important gatherings of this village. From gathering for a religious ceremony to deciding on village affairs. The importance of this square becomes more when we know that the important Hosseineh of the city, which is the center of the great taziyehs of the village, is located in this square.

To reach this square, just get to the center of the village.

4- Ilkhani Castle

We said that the village of Barghan has a thousand-year-old memory in its heart and even brought us some relics from those days. Ilkhanid castle from the Ilkhanid period (approximately 700 years ago) which is built in the style of western castles.

This historic and different castle has opened the door for many tourists to take photos and videos in this area and has made this area more famous.

قلعه ایلخانی در روستای برغان I really did not forget to say that you did not look for this castle inside the village of Barghan in Karaj; Because this spectacular historical place is located in Aghsht village. Of course, this is closer to Barghan than you think.

Address: Alborz province, Karaj, Aghasht village (12 km after Barghan village of Karaj)

5- Hosseinieh Barghan

Hosseinieh of Barghan Savojbolagh village is one of the oldest parts of this village which is nearly 600 years old and has been rebuilt many times. Fortunately, the historical Hosseiniyah of Barghan was nationally registered in February 2003, and this issue relieves our minds that it will probably be considered more than before.

Hosseinieh is located in the northern part of Barghan Square and welcomes the organizers of religious ceremonies on 2 floors and especially the spectators of Muharram and Safar taziyehs.

حسینیه برغان Every year on Muharram and Safar, many tourists to watch these artistic and impressive mourning Hosseinieh Barghan Karaj.

If you were looking for the address of Hosseinieh, it is not bad to ask the locals under the name of “Tekiyeh Barmaleh”. Tekiyeh Barmaleh is another name of Hosseinieh and means “Tekiyeh Balamahleh”.

6- Barghan Mosque

If you are a little familiar with history, you probably know that Shiism took on a different color and became official during the Safavid period. However, Barghan Mosque is one of the places that show the presence of Shiite religion before the Safavid era, and this issue has caused the religious and historical importance of this building.

مسجد روستای برغان Two very old trees in this mosque have roots in the soil, which I will tell you in more detail about their story and atmosphere.

7- Shrine of forty girls

It is very interesting that a small village like Barghan village in Karaj has several religious places. The shrine of forty girls is another of these places.

Some believe that the reason for naming this shrine is the burial of forty daughters and grandchildren of the Imams in this place. Of course, it should not be overlooked that in the religion of Islam, the number forty has a special place and may not refer exactly to the number of people buried in this place.

8- River gauge

The Sanj River is actually one of the tributaries of the Barghan River, which has had a great impact on the pleasant climate of this region. But if I want to talk about the river gauge, I should definitely mention its beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is known as Sanj waterfall as well as Choob Bast waterfall.

رودخانه سنج If you are determined to see the Sanj River and its waterfall, you should go to Sanj village, which is very close to Barghan village in Karaj. The road is Malraux and there will be no car rides. But it is also a green and beautiful path, and a cool and spectacular destination awaits you.

Don’t forget comfortable shoes, because you will have an hour of walking ahead.

9- Nature of Barghan village

being on the way to Tehran- Kordan , is one of the most important reasons that make the village of Barghan Karaj visible شده. Of course, only the initial appearance should be taken into account and the beautiful and pristine nature of Barghan should not be ignored.

طبیعت روستای برغان The village of Barghan in Karaj is a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities around it, which gives you the opportunity to be with yourself and think for yourself. Walking in the alleys of lush gardens, hearing the sound of the river, the light air that fills and empties your lungs, and of course the sound of birds that remind you what pleasant sounds you have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are many gardens in this village, which are often private, and if you want to visit the garden and taste the fruits of its trees, be sure to ask the garden owner for permission. This way you will be a respectable guest for the hosts.

Old trees of Barghan village, Karaj; The old inhabitants of this village

One of the titles that Barghan village of Karaj is famous for is “ the cradle of millennial sycamore trees”. The reason for this is the presence of old sycamores that are very spectacular. In this section of these trees, I tell you that if you pass by them, you will appear in the role of a carbald guide for your fellow travelers and show yourself!

Millennial Chenaran of Barghan Mosque

On the north and south sides of the mosque in the village of Barghan, Karaj, there are two very beautiful and tall sycamore trees.

The plane tree on the north side is unique! A 12-meter sycamore tree with a special shape and icon whose trunk is empty. But what makes this plantain unique? They have built a room in the heart of this empty trunk and provided it with a pond and a platform. This room, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is definitely one of the most spectacular parts of the village.

چناران هزار ساله مسجد برغان But the plane tree on the south side, which is called” Pollen “, A sycamore tree with a stout trunk and thick roots that several other trees have grown from its body and created a very beautiful landscape.

Old apple tree

In the Shahroud valley of Barghan village, Karaj, there is a large and old tree that hangs and fabrics tied to it, show themselves from afar.

The villagers consider Pir Spidark a sacred tree, and the pendants they attach to it are a sign of their dreams.

درخت پیر سیبدارک

Narb Darbikh

Another tree that is popular among the residents of Barghan village in Karaj is Elm Darbikh. An old tree that is a meeting place for mourners and religious groups in the village during the months of Muharram and Safar.

Tappeh Kola

Tappeh Kash is located in the northern part of Barghan village in Karaj, which is covered with old trees that have been home to thousands of birds and countless shadows for years.

What are the amusements of Barghan village in Karaj?

When we close the trip to Barghan village in Karaj, we will definitely ask ourselves what entertainment can I have in this village? Well, I want to answer your question and say what options are open to you:

  1. on foot on ; Lush Berghan and its alleys are some of the most enjoyable places to walk.

تفریحات روستای برغان کرج

  1. Picnic ; Blue sky, clean air, green earth and the sound of the river. What else is lacking in a memorable picnic?
  2. Camping ; If you are a nature lover and stay in nature, the village of Barghan Savojbolagh will be one of those close and suitable destinations for you. A destination that will greet you with a starry sky at night and a green earth during the day.
  3. Photography ; For some, photography is not part of tourism, but the main goal! why not? Berghan has both pristine nature, castles and unique historical sites.
  4. Garden Round and Fruit Chinese ; Go to Barghan village in Karaj and pick the fruits yourself. Of course, every garden has its owner and you are not allowed to pick fruit from anywhere, but there are so many trees in this village that you will see many trees in between. Trees that do not belong to anyone.

جاذبه های طبیعی

  1. سوارکاری؛ دو باشگاه سوارکاری «مروارید کیش» و «گلاب» در برغان وجود دارد که می‌توانید برای اسب‌سواری تفریحی یا گذراندن دوره آموزشی به آنجا بروید.

از روستای برغان کرج دست خالی برنگردید

“حالا كه مي‌فرماييد با آلوي برغان پر شده و با كره‌ي فرنگي سرخش كرده‌اند، روا نيست بيش از اين روي ميزبان محترم را زمين انداخت و محض خاطر ايشان هم شده يك لقمه‌ي مختصر مي‌چشيم.”

این جملات بخشی از داستان کباب غاز محمدعلی جمال‌زاده است که احتمالا در دوران دبیرستان آن را خوانده باشید. حرف از برغان که شد ناخودآگاه ذهنم پیش آلوهای برغان رفت و طعم دهانم عوض شد! به شما هم پیشنهاد می‌کنم از آلوی برغان نگذرید چرا که این آلوچه‌های محلی خوشمزه‌تر از انتظارتان خواهند بود.

سوغات برغاناز گیلاس، آلبالو، توت، فندق و دیگر میوه‌های برغان دیگر نمی‌گویم که تا چشم کار می‌کند بازی رنگ و مزه است!

و اما یکی از اختصاصی‌ترین خوردنی‌هایی که در روستای برغان کرج گیرتان می‌آید، بستنی گله است. بستنی‌ دست‌سازی که ابتدا عطر شیر محلی، گلاب و هِل‌اش و بعد سس ترشی که رویش می‌آید هیچ وقت مثل و مشابه نخواهد داشت.

بستنی گلهاین را هم بگویم که بستنی گله و آلوی برغان هر دو ثبت ملی شده‌اند، حالا احتمالا خوردنش بیشتر بهتان بچسبد.

شب‌مانی در روستای برغان

اگر دلتان می‌خواهد چند روزی در روستای برغان کرج اطراق داشته باشید و انتخابتان کمپینگ نیست، خبرهای خوبی برایتان دارم. به لطف گسترش گردشگری در این منطقه، هم فرصت اجاره ویلا برایتان مهیا است، هم وقت گذراندن در اقامتگاه‌های بومگردی. این سه گزینه‌ها می‌توانند متناسب با نیاز و شرایط پاسخگویتان باشند.

بهترین زمان سفر به روستای برغان

راستش را بخواهید نمی‌توان برای طبیعت از بهترین زمان گفت. هر فصلی قطعا زیبایی‌ها و البته شرایط خاص خود را دارد، اما اگر به دنبال سفری کم دغدغه، آب‌وهوای معتدل و چشیدن میوه‌های روستای برغان کرج هستید، بهار و تابستان بهترین زمان به حساب می‌آیند.

همچنین تراکم زرد و نارنجی درختان بیشمار برغان و فرش شدن کوچه‌باغ‌ها از برگ‌های پاییزی، تصویری خیال‌انگیز است که نمی‌توان نادیده‌اش گرفت. همانطور که از برغان برفی نمی‌توان گذشت.

اگر چه پیشنهاد ما برای اولین سفرتان به این روستا، همان فصل بهار و تابستان است.

آدرس روستای برغان کرج

برای رسیدن به روستای برغان کرج، دو راه وجود دارد:

  1. جاده کردان-برغان
  2. باغستان-آتشگاه. اگر از این مسیر قصد رفتن دارید، بعد از روستای آتشگاه، وارد جاده برغان خواهید شد.

لوکیشن را هم برایتان می‌گذارم که از هر مسیری راهی شدید، به‌راحتی به برغان برسید.

برغان یا دیگر روستاهای اطراف تهران؟

اطمینان دارم حالا که با روستای برغان کرج آشنا شده‌اید، از خودتان می‌پرسید باز هم روستای خوش‌آب‌وهوایی اطراف تهران وجود دارد؟ و اگر جواب بله است، اسمشان چیست؟ کدامشان بهتر است؟

از آنجایی که ما در مجله گردشگری علی‌بابا دلمان می‌خواهد هیچ سوالی در رابطه با گردشگری بی‌جواب نماند، در رابطه با بهترین جاهای دیدنی اطراف تهران مفصل برایتان از این روستاها گفته‌ایم.

سری به این بخش هم بزنید و با بررسی آنها، مقصد باب دلتان را پیدا کنید و راهی شوید.

پس پیشاپیش،

سفرتان سلامت و دلتان خوش!

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