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The best time to visit Kish; A dream trip

Sometimes you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and its polluted air and go on a trip, but you do not know where it can be a dream destination to explore and relax your soul and body? This article about the Persian Gulf island of Delbar and the best time to visit Kish at Alibaba Tourism Magazine will probably help you decide on your favorite destination. .

First of all, pay attention to the fact that far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, in the heart of the beautiful Persian Gulf, Kish Island is like a brilliant and pristine ruby ​​full of natural and historical attractions, which makes it more polluted than other parts of Iran. Have much less air. As a result, in trip to Kish , first of all, your climate really changes!

The second important thing to know is about the best time to travel to Kish. Because to get the most out of your trip, you need to know, for example, when it is the diving season, when it is the season of various festivals and events, and when you can save even the expenses of your dream trip with the cheapest time to travel to Kish!

When is the best time to visit Kish in terms of weather?

Winter and spring are considered to be the best seasons to visit Kish due to the mild and less sultry climate of the island.

In what season should we go to Kish to shop?

In fact, the best season to shop on Kish Island is the summer season due to various shopping festivals and lotteries, and the fall season is due to various auction festivals and cheaper costs.

In what season are Kish celebrations held?

Various and attractive celebrations and concerts in Kish are all held in the summer season, from July 6 to September 6.

When is a cheap trip to Kish possible?

Autumn season, due to rainy weather, uncertain weather, the start of schools and educational centers, is one of the secluded seasons of Kish and to attract tourists, all kinds of 50% Kish auction festivals and the big auction of the day. Kish (November 11) will be held; Also, the prices of hotels and tickets are cheaper, so autumn is the cheapest season to travel to Kish.

When is the best time to visit Kish?

Everyone has a goal in mind to pack their bags and suitcases to start the journey. Some people like to travel only for shopping and shopping, some like to enjoy the natural scenery and explore the heart of nature, and some travel there for the artistic and cultural events of the particular city they have chosen.

But when is the best time to visit Kish for shopping, nature tourism or cultural visit? When can you fill the excitement of your whole being when you set foot on the island that this has been the best choice of your trip?

بهترین زمان سفر به کیش چه زمانی است؟

Definitely you have a special motivation to travel to Kish, or to scuba diving in the water The warmth of the Persian Gulf attracted you to this beautiful island and you wanted to see underwater life for once and feel swimming like a fish in the endless sea.

بهترین زمان سفر به کیش چه زمانی است؟

Maybe you also want to see attractive shopping malls full of foreign goods and local handicrafts of the south and Return to your hometown with a pleasant memory of the south, or your heart wants to fill your soul with the sound of southern music as you walk through the alleys of Kish and take it with you to the palm trees and sands of the beach.

In any case, knowing the best season to visit Kish can change your experience from here to there.

The best time to visit Kish in terms of weather

The temperature difference of Kish Island during the year sometimes reaches 9 degrees Celsius and due to its island, it has a very humid climate. Usually the air on this tropical island does not get cold. So it is better not to expect cold weather from this island at all times of the year.

سفر به کیش از نظر آب و هوا

But One of the most attractive features of Kish is its rainy weather, and if you love rainy weather, you will definitely enjoy your trip to Kish during the rainy season.

Of course, we hope that the time of your departure to Kish Island will be clear and sunny, because the storm and rain will cause the conditions of the berths to be closed; So the most important point of the best time to travel to Kish is to check the weather before leaving.

سفر به کیش از نظر آب و هوا

But The climate of Kish is not the same every four seasons of the year. Each season has its own climate and in this regard, it is better to be aware of the best season to travel to Kish to return satisfied with your trip. Therefore, we will talk in detail about the characteristics of each season on Kish Island and the different motivations of your trip, in which season it may be appropriate.

Travel to Kish in spring and Nowruz low humidity

Definitely for many people who do not have the opportunity to travel and explore during the year, spring and Nowruz holidays are the best time to travel to Kish or other cities. The excitement of the beginning of the new season adds another dimension to the trip; Also, the cleanliness of Kish Island in spring is different!

سفر به کیش در بهار و نوروز کم رطوبت

Cool and mild climate, low humidity, especially in May, has made spring one of the best seasons to visit Kish. Of course, due to the holidays and the wave of travelers in April, it is better to take into account the travel agencies, accommodation and crowds of the island in advance.

Travel to Kish in hot and sunny summer

If you are looking for the best time to travel to Kish for swimming in the waters of the Persian Gulf, your desired season is definitely the hot and sultry summer of Kish Island. The sultry and humid air may bother you at first, but a whole lot of good and exciting things are waiting for you in the summer and on the beaches of Kish! If the heat is unbearable for you, then maybe you should choose another season to travel to Kish.

سفر به کیش در تابستان گرم و آفتابی

Other attractions of traveling to Kish in the summer are holding various festivals, lotteries and various exciting beach activities, all of which go hand in hand to make summer the best time to visit Kish for those of you who are interested in experiencing new things.

Travel to Kish in a cool and pleasant autumn

It is not very predictable what the weather will be like on Kish Island in the fall, but it is better to consider that the humidity may reach up to 60 degrees Celsius. Autumn may not be the best time to visit Kish for many who are fleeing from unpredictable and rainy weather, but some are fascinated by the charm of autumn on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

سفر به کیش در پاییز خنک و دل انگیز

In addition to all this, the main attraction of traveling to Kish in the fall is still left! It also holds a variety of autumn discount festivals, a 50% discount on Kish Day (November 11) and cheaper hotel prices. Yes, you found the cheapest season to visit Kish and at the same time you did not miss any of the natural attractions of Kish!

Autumn on Kish Island with the month of October starting, which is still largely in the summer, the rainfall will be less than the rest of the autumn season. November is something between humid and sultry summer and heavy winter rains, but December is the rainiest month of autumn on Kish Island, each of which can be the best time to visit Kish in autumn for you.

Travel to Kish in mild winters

Almost all winter days in Kish are rainy. Heavy monsoon rains that occur in a fraction of a second. So if you travel to Kish in winter, do not forget to take your umbrella with you. You certainly can not expect sunshine or beach fun this season, but you can quite expect the mild weather to fluctuate between 9 and 22 degrees Celsius.

سفر به کیش در زمستان معتدل

They are fleeing from the heat of the south, but they want to travel to the southern coast of the country at least once, the best time to visit Kish is in winter. Even in March, the climate of Kish Island is closer to spring and can make a trip with very pleasant weather for you.

The best time to visit Kish for shopping and shopping

If your main motivation for traveling to Kish Island is to shop and explore the attractive markets there, you should probably choose the cheapest season to visit Kish! As we said in the fall, Kish is full of big and memorable auction festivals, everything from Kish plane tickets to hotel reservations will be cheaper.

بهترین زمان سفر به کیش برای خرید و بازارگردی

In addition to exploring the markets, you can participate in various events and lotteries on Kish Island and give more excitement to your dream trip.

The best time to visit Kish for a cheap trip

In addition to the autumn season, which is full of 50% big festivals and auctions, and travel costs are lower than ever, summer is also the best time to visit Kish in terms of cheapness and privacy of Kish Coral Island due to the high temperature and humidity. . This season also hosts a variety of cultural events and events that can keep you entertained.

بهترین زمان سفر به کیش برای یک سفر ارزان You can have a cheaper trip to Kish in August due to the heat and the lack of travelers, or go to Kish Island in late April when the holidays are over and everyone has returned to their cities and enjoy its pristine nature.

Or start your trip to this beautiful island on the first of autumn, which coincides with the reopening of schools and the solitude of travel agencies. In any case, the choice according to the conditions and motivations of your trip is with you to have a cheap and at the same time dream trip to Kish Island!

Kish festivals and cultural events

One of the best times to visit Kish is when this small and extraordinarily beautiful island is filled with cultural, artistic and music festivals. This summer, you can go from festival to festival and from concert to concert on Kish Island, which will be held from July 6 to September 6.

زمان برگزاری جشنواره های کیش و رویدادهای فرهنگی

Festivals such as Lollipop Festival, Shopping Festival, Health Festival and Rally and Family Tour, each of which can make your trip more exciting.

If you like to watch and participate in dolphin shows, big auctions to buy and all kinds of competitions and lotteries, summer will definitely be the best season to visit Kish.

زمان برگزاری جشنواره های کیش و رویدادهای فرهنگی

The most secluded season of traveling to Kish

In almost every season, you can search and find the best time to visit Kish in terms of solitude. In the general case of travel, the middle of the week can guarantee the privacy of your trip; But in spring, due to the favorable and warm climate of the island, June is the best time to travel to Kish in terms of privacy.

In summer, August may be a better time to visit Kish than July and September in terms of privacy, but only if you can afford the heat of the island.

خلوت ترین فصل سفر به کیش Autumn and winter on Kish Island are usually the most secluded seasons to visit Kish; Due to the rainy season, the school and university seasons, the number of trips to Kish Island also decreases, and this is a great opportunity for those who are looking for solitude on the island.

Of course, pay attention to the fact that autumn and winter, in addition to solitude, are also the cheap season of Kish Island, so this season may be the best time to travel to Kish with your loved ones.

The best time to visit Kish for diving and beach recreation

In almost all four seasons of the year, it is possible to do various beach activities on Kish Island due to its hot and sultry climate. But the important point is that when the weather is sunny and the sea is clear and non-stormy, all these activities are held, so it is usually said that the best time to visit Kish for diving and water sports is spring and summer.

بهترین زمان سفر به کیش برای غواصی و تفریحات ساحلی

For a pure diving experience on the shores of Kish Island and the waters of the Persian Gulf, it is best to check the weather properly beforehand and also plan to go diving early in the morning or at noon, when the sun is high in the sky. This is because it may take some time to prepare for diving, and if you eat in the evening or at night, it will be practically impossible for you to swim and you will not be allowed to dive.

سفر به کیش

Keep the dream of traveling to Kish in your mind!

It can be boldly said that Kish Island is one of the most attractive historical and scenic places in Iran for traveling and having fun. Although the access routes to Kish Island are limited by air and sea, the same model of traveling over the waters of the Persian Gulf and its warm and pleasant waves is extremely attractive and memorable.

سفر به کیش

Contrary to popular belief, you do not even have to spend a lot of money on this trip and you can pack your bags and leave in the cheapest season of your trip to Kish, but know that a dream experience will be waiting for you anyway; Whether in spring and summer or in autumn and winter, Kish Island has something in its pocket to excite and satisfy you and make the best time to visit your Kish, so it is not surprising that it is called the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

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