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Birds of all sizes and colors in the bird garden

Walking among the trees, hearing the sounds of birds and seeing their beautiful colors is an unforgettable experience that you can experience in Kish Bird Garden. This garden is one of the special tourist attractions of Kish, which especially attracts nature lovers. Different parts of the garden are full of birds that have been brought to this place from different parts of the world. If you would like to know more about this park, please visit Alibaba Tourism Magazine.

What is the entrance to Kish Bird Garden?

The entrance fee to the Bird Garden is 182,000 Tomans for each person over four years old. If you have a child between two and four years old, the entrance fee is half price for them and no fee will be charged for children under two years old.

What time is it in Kish Bird Garden?

Visiting hours of Kish Bird Garden in the second half of the year, ie autumn and winter seasons, are from 16:00 to 18:00, and in the first half of the year, ie spring and summer, from 18:00 to 20:00. Try to visit the garden at the appointed time so that you can see all the sections and the birds.

Where is the exact address of Kish Bird Garden?

Kish Bird Garden is located in the Kish Dolphinarium complex. The Dolphinarium is a large park in the southeast of Kish, which can be reached via Marjan Boulevard.

What breeds does Kish Bird Garden have?

In Kish Island Bird Garden, different species of birds from Asia, Australia and Africa have been collected. Gray and white foot pelicans, swan species, flamingos, crowned terns, marabou and sedelbild terns, beautiful peacocks, green parrots, macaws, casco, Chinese pheasants, cockatoos, hens, blackbirds And many others live in the bird garden. You can even see some reptiles such as Gando crocodiles and animals such as monkeys and deer in this garden.

Kish Bird Garden or Dolphinarium Park!

This title may confuse you a bit. But in fact, Kish Bird Park is part of the Kish Dolphin Collection. This park, which was built in 2001, was the first dolphin park in Iran and was built by Hossein Sabet, the owner of Dariush Kish Hotel. Kish Aquarium and Dolphinarium Park Kish was and is unique in its kind. In 2014, the ownership of the park was transferred to Seyed Abdolreza Mousavi, owner of Zagros Airlines. Dolphinarium Park is an area of ​​about 100 hectares, which is located in the southeastern part of Kish Island. This park is divided into several separate parts and Kish Bird Garden is one of them.

باغ پرندگان کیش Kish Bird Garden is a dream come true

Bird Garden from Sights of Kish has about three hectares of dolphinarium park. More than 57 species of birds live in this garden. The garden is divided into two main parts. Birds in cages and birds free.

Seagull Birds Section

Caged Birds section includes wild birds and birds that cannot be kept free for any reason. In this part, a green and beautiful space has been designed where you can walk by train or on foot buses and see the birds inside the cage. A sign is installed on each cage with the characteristics of the birds inside the cage. These characteristics include the species of birds, their scientific name, habitat, type of nutrition and living conditions and their characteristics.

پرندگان محبوس باغ پرندگان کیش Free Birds Section

After passing through the cages, you will reach a free space where free birds and domesticated people can live comfortably and freely. It is stretched only at a very high altitude from the enclosure to prevent the birds from escaping. The living environment of birds is designed to be similar to their original habitat and to provide suitable conditions for their offspring.

What you will see in the Bird Garden

More than 57 species of birds are kept in this garden, both in cages and outdoors. Peacocks, green parrots, peacocks, swans, bananas (paradise birds), crowned deer, ostriches, chickens, Casco, Chinese pheasants and Umbrella cockatoos (white parrots). Most of these birds are native to Africa, but birds from other continents have also been brought to the garden.

Birds park kish If you have seen the cartoon” Serenti Pitti “, you must remember Pila Pila. Pila Pila is actually a kind of toucan. Toku toucan or toucan is a black bird whose throat becomes colored or white. This beautiful bird has a very large, colorful and beautiful beak. These beautiful colors make this bird special and attractive. You can see the toucans in the Kish Bird Garden. This intelligent and playful bird has a friendly and calm demeanor and attracts everyone’s attention. پرندگان در کیش The African penguin is an endangered bird that lives off Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. But you can also see this penguin in Kish Bird Garden. These creatures are very cute and small and their height is up to your knees.


In general, if you enjoy being in nature, here too, like Kish Recreational Wharf and Greek ship Kish is very attractive and spectacular and can entertain you for hours.

How to go to Kish Bird Garden?

The entrance of Kish Bird Garden is located in the southeast of the beautiful island of Kish, Marjan Boulevard, Kish Dolphin Park. The contact number of Kish Bird Garden is 07644445237.

Most hotels in Kish are tours for sightseeing areas such as Jenny Kish Castle and Kish amusement park . There is also a visit to the bird garden among them. You can visit Kish Bird Garden and Dolphinarium with these tours. The entrance of Kish Bird Garden is 182 thousand Tomans for each person four years and older.

The cost of visiting this garden, like many types of Kish Hotel for children between two and four years half price and Free for under two years. The working hours of the collection are usually between 18 and 20 every day in the first half of the year and between 16 and 18 every day in the second half of the year. Walking in this garden only takes about two to three hours.

Be aware that this garden is located in the Dolphinarium complex, it may entertain other attractions of the park area such as dolphin show, coffee shop and restaurant and make you forget the time to visit the bird garden. For this reason, it is better to plan so that you can see all this beautiful space during the working hours of the garden. Also keep in mind that when booking Kish Tour and visiting the Bird Garden, you are not allowed to take a professional camera. So if you want to take a souvenir photo, refer to the professional photographers in this collection.

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