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Bornik Firoozkooh Cave; A place under the ear of Tehran

If you live in Tehran and you think that this province has nothing but smoke and traffic, you are sorely mistaken and you can reach it in the shortest possible time, ie by driving for one or two hours. This beauty, is called Bornick Cave . Join us in the article “Where is Bornik Firoozkooh Cave” to acquaint you with the sights of Bornik Firoozkooh Cave.

Spectacular and beautiful cave

Bornik Cave is located in the village of Harandeh, which is really an incredible place; Especially with its clean garden alleys, watery river and apple trees that make you fresh. It is enough to drive 2 hours from Tehran to reach this area. This village is located 15 km southwest of Firoozkooh and has extremely easy access. At the end of Harandeh village, there is a very amazing cave called Bornik Cave; To reach the cave, you have to go through apple orchards, springs and forest roads. Of course, with a little mountaineering, it takes a total of about 1.5 to 2 hours. Bornik Cave is very beautiful and very rare and special. Bornik means shelter, and as I researched, the cave has been used as a shelter since prehistoric times. The idea of ​​walking in a cave that people used as a refuge thousands of years ago is very interesting and exciting. The atmosphere inside the cave was extremely cold; So that when we went inside in September, we still felt cold in completely winter clothes.

A river full of water accompanies you all the way. If you ever want to go into the water, be careful not to bite small insects into the water, because if this happens, it may bother the insect bite for a week; Unfortunately, like the disaster that befell me. The first forty minutes of the Bornik Cave route from the village is very comfortable and without slopes. On the way, after passing the gardens, you will reach a plain, inside which there is a shop where you can get the necessary supplies. Of course, I think it should be closed in the cold seasons.

After a very light 45 minute walk, you will reach the mountain where Bornik Cave is located. You must have a flashlight to start caving; Especially if you use a caving hat, which is much better, because the scenic route of Bornik Firoozkooh Cave was very difficult and requires the use of both hands.

Access path

According to the article, “Where is Bornik Firoozkooh Cave?” Then move towards Firoozkooh road. 12 km before Firzukuh and on the right, the sign of Harandeh village can be seen. When you enter Harande village, ask the locals and head to Bornik Cave.

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