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Bride Lake; Wedding in the waters of Gilan

Bride Lake; Wedding in the waters of Gilan

In Rudbar city of Gilan province, near the city of Totkabon, there is a village called Halimeh Jan. In the heart of this village, in addition to beautiful forest cover and paddy fields, you will fin Arous Lake. Of course, it is also known as “Halimeh Jan Lake” which is available today in Alibaba Tourism Magazine You will know it

Now let’s see why this lake is called Arous? Many times when the air is calm and the wind does not blow, a layer of green algae covers the surface of the water. When the wind begins to blow these algae slowly recede, and the lake appears like a bridal veil. This is probably the reason for naming the lake.

The area around this lake is covered with a beautiful forest called Halimeh Jan. The reflection of the forest in the lake creates a beautiful image that can be one of the best subjects of photography. This lake and the surrounding forest have one of the best views for taking souvenir photos.

In which city is the Bride Lake located?

Arous Lake is located in Halimeh Jan village in Rudbar city of Gilan province.

What is the distance from Tehran to Arous Lake?

Depending on the traffic on the Qazvin-Rasht freeway, a distance of 287 km and a safe speed limit, it takes between 3 to 4 hours to reach Arous Lake from Tehran.

Is it possible to fish in Bride Lake?

No. Fishing is not allowed in this lake.

Can I spend the night at Bride Lake?

Yes. There is an eco-lodge in the village where you can spend the night, or rent a house from the villagers, or even set up a tent.

When is the best time to visit Bride Lake?

Spring, April and May, and autumn, October is the best time to visit the lake.

What are the sights of Bridal Lake?

Pristine and beautiful nature, dense and lush forests, rural texture, lake view are the sights of this lake.

What are the features of Gilan Bride Lake?

Accommodation in rental cottages and eco-lodges, supermarkets and restaurants, toilets, are among the facilities of the lake.

What are the bridal lake activities?

Boating, photography, seeing migratory birds, seeing turtles and frogs, enjoying the fresh air and camping are some of the lake pastimes.

 The bride’s lake is a good habitat for aquatic creatures and It is amphibian. If you have a little patience, you can see the turtles. The sound of frogs can also be heard and seen most of the time. You can even see the cows and cattle of the villagers in this area, who are grazing freely. Of course, do not worry, these domestic animals will not harm you.

This lake is not very well known, so you will enjoy its nature and pristine environment. The silence of the bride’s lake invites you to relax. The fresh air of the forest and the lake refreshes your lungs.

The smell of rice paddies can be inhaled from afar. Rural houses and traditional architectural style have been preserved in this village, which is a kind of tourist and ecotourism attraction.

 After describing the scenery of the lake , Now let’s look at it in terms of geography and access path.

Where is the bride or Halima Jan Lake?

As we said, this lake is in Halimeh Jan village of Rahmatabad district and blocks of Rudbar city in Gilan province. Halimeh Jan village is located 30 km northeast of Rudbar city and 12 km away from Totkabon. Arous is one of the most beautiful lakes in Gilan province.

Gilan sights can be read in this article.

 How to get to Bride Lake?

Qazvin-Rasht freeway is the best way to reach Arous Lake. On this freeway, drive to Rudbar after crossing Manjil. After a 5 km route from Rudbar, on your right you will see the entrance sign of Halimeh Jan village. Enter this side road.

On a route of about 2 km that passes through trees and houses, you will reach Halimeh Jan village. At the end of the path the handwriting guide will show you the path, now you have to turn right. After a short distance of two minutes, beautiful lakes will appear.

Even if your destination is not this village, be sure to take an hour on the way to visit this lake and a short rest. Rest assured you will not regret this offer. Local restaurants and resorts are also built around the lake, which are good choices for relaxation.

 Address of Halimeh Jan Rudbar village on Google Map

If traveling by private vehicle, we have placed the location of this beautiful lake here so you can easily find its route.

Stay near the Bride Lake

One of the most relaxing areas in northern Iran to stay is this lake and village. Although the amenities may not be perfect, the resorts and local restaurants near the lake have recently been built, thanks to the indigenous people of the village.

Halimeh Jan village, two kilometers from the lake, has an eco-lodge for travelers and tourists that you can use. You can even rent a country house for a more comfortable stay. But if you like camping, we suggest camping near the lake and enjoying the fresh air around it.

Aroos Lake Best time Journey to the Bride Lake

Due to the sultry climate of northern Iran in summer, it is better to visit this lake in spring, April and May. Also, October, the season of a thousand colors of autumn, is a good time to see the bride’s lake and the colorful forest of Halimeh Jan.

Since the water of this lake is supplied only by rain, it is better to choose a time of year to visit when the lake is full of water. If you like to enjoy the pristine and relaxing silence of this lake, travel when there are no holidays or weekends.

? Distance from Tehran to the lake How much is the bride

To travel from Tehran to Halimeh Jan Gilan Lake, the best way is to access the Qazvin-Rasht freeway. The distance from Tehran to Arous Lake is 287 km. If the average driving speed is 100 km / h, it takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes to reach this lake. But we recommend driving a little slower to be safe for travel as well as to enjoy the road and scenery, especially when approaching Rasht.

?What is the distance from Qazvin to the lake

If you plan to visit Halimeh Jan Lake from Qazvin, this distance is 133 km. Taking into account the average speed of 100 km / h, the time of this trip will be about 1 hour and 50 minutes. When you go from Qazvin to Arous Lake, Halimeh Jan village is on the opposite side of the road. So be careful not to cross the freeway exit to Halimeh Jan village.

فاصله قزوین تا دریاچه عروس چقدر است؟ Is fishing in Halima Jan Lake free?

Like other lakes, Arus Lake is full of different aquatic animals and fish. Until you hear the name of the lake, fishing may be on your mind. But if you enjoy fishing, you will have to travel some more to reach Sefidrood, where fishing is free.

In Arous Lake, fishing is not possible to preserve the aquatic ecosystem and protect the lake. Sefidrood from Halimeh Jan village with beautiful views from the summit Darfak is not far away and you can reach it in just a few minutes and go fishing.

 Why is the water of the bride’s lake two-color?

When you visit the lake, you will definitely notice that it has two colors. At the beginning of this article, we examined the reason for choosing the bride’s letter for this lake. We said that algae cover the surface of the water and when the wind blows, these algae disappear. Just like a wedding that removes the net from its face.

The two colors of the lake are exactly why; Algae that cover the surface of the water and are blown away by the wind make the lake look two colors.

چرا آب دریاچه عروس دورنگ است؟ We reviewed the bride lake and its beauties together and information to reach this village and lake We got it. We hope this article has been a good guide for you. But the point to be made is to preserve the pristine nature of this region.

If we want to use this beauty and glory of God for many years, it is better to keep this area clean and without garbage. If we want to travel to Arous Lake or any other lake and forest, it is better to use it as NATURE ROUND Do this.

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