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Brief acquaintance with the tomb of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani in Shahroud

The tomb of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani in Shahroud is located on a hill north of Qala-e-Kharqan village. This historical monument was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on April 13, 1967 with the registration number 645 as a memorial from the fifth century AH for the future and the history of that period for the future. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where the tomb of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani is and to learn about the architecture of the tomb of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani.

The building of the tomb of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani in Shahroud does not have much privilege and glory. The facade of this building is made of bricks and it seems that it was built in the last few years. On the tomb of the sheikh, there is a piece of marble on which poems are engraved. Next to this tomb, there is a mosque which, according to the authors, has a conical dome decorated with beautiful tiles. This altar, unlike other mosques in this area, faces west. The altar has beautiful and elaborate beds. Shortly before the Islamic Revolution, with the opinion of the General Directorate of Archeology, a mosque was mentioned around the altar and a mosque was built on it, which is now a place of pilgrimage for pilgrims.

Sheikh Abolhassan had written on his head in his monastery: Whoever enters this house, give him bread and do not ask about his faith, what if he deserves to go to the door of the Almighty, of course he deserves bread to Juan Boalhassan. This beautiful speech has now been selected as a humanitarian speech and as the national slogan of our country’s tourism.

There is a statue of Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani on the entrance steps of his shrine, which has two lions on both sides and a snake-shaped stick in his hand. According to a narration, Sheikh Abolhassan Kharghani had domesticated two lions and a snake, and these animals carried rain to his house in the desert.

Semnan province, Shahroud city, Kharqan village, Meraj street

Visiting this valuable tomb is possible every day and at all hours and at no cost. This, in turn, represents a corner of the history and culture of great Iran. So, history friends can go to this valuable and ancient place to visit the customary and Sufi history and travel to the fifth century by seeing it. As the Supreme Leader said during his visit to Shahroud on November 11, 2006, this is a world-famous region; Area of ​​teachers of religion and ethics. In the past, the names of Bayazid Bastami and Abolhassan Kharghani have been heard by all Muslims and those related to the teachings of Islam, even non-Muslims. Of course, the likes of Bayazid and Abul Hassan Kharghani should not be confused with these claimants of Sufism. They have another story.

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