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Brief introduction of some of the most beautiful parks in Mashhad

Mashhad as the largest pilgrimage city in the country for travelers and pilgrims from a special place Enjoys, because in this city The holy shrine of the eighth Imam is located and this is the most important reason to travel to Mashhad. Every year, many travelers travel to Mashhad and make pilgrimages and tours. At present, Mashhad has provided many recreational attractions for travelers who are at a high level in terms of tourism. Join us in the article of famous parks of Mashhad to introduce you to some of the most spectacular parks in Mashhad. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the most beautiful parks of Mashhad.

Vakilabad Forest Park

Vakil Abad Forest Park is located at the end of Vakil Abad Boulevard. This park is located in a valley with a clear and pleasant climate with a lot of pine, sycamore and Tabrizi trees, and there are several streams that flow from the Vakilabad aqueducts. Upstream of Vakilabad Park, there is a zoo where a variety of mammals, birds, grazers and reptiles are kept. This is one of the most beautiful parks in Mashhad, which welcomes visitors every day from 8:30 to 17:00. Vakilabad Forest Park is located in the southwest of Mashhad and is connected to Azadi Square by the wide and beautiful Vakilabad Boulevard. Vakilabad Forest Park in the past was known as Mirtaraz or Vakilabad Garden and is considered as one of the summer centers of Mashhad with its natural heights and pine and sycamore trees.

Park Koohsangi

Kuhsangi Park is one of the oldest and most memorable promenades in Mashhad, which due to the existence of two rocky mountains overlooking the city. It is called by this name and is located next to the southern mountains of Mashhad. This beautiful triangular park has long been welcomed by pilgrims and neighbors of Mashhad.

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