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Brief introduction of some of the most popular Argentine dishes

Beef is the basis of the most popular foods Argentina . Join us in the article of the most famous dishes of Argentina to get acquainted with some of the famous dishes of Argentina. Definitely, it will be interesting and useful for you to get acquainted with the most popular Argentine dishes.

This is one of the most popular dishes in Argentina, sometimes cooked and sometimes fried, and can be vegetable or meat. Common filling ingredients are some of the most popular Argentine dishes, including chicken, cheese, pork ham, sweet corn, and capricious or blue cheese. Beef that has been chopped or sliced ​​by hand is a popular option, and seasonings such as cumin, spring onions, eggs or boiled potatoes are added.

Another popular Argentine dish is corypen, which is commonly used as a main ingredient in grilled kebabs called asado. This sausage sandwich is a concise and ideal meal for traveling travelers. You can dip this one of Argentina’s most popular dishes in chimichurri, a flavored sauce made from thyme, parsley, garlic, sliced ​​red pepper and vinegar.

While the Argentine pie shares similarities with its cousin Napoleon, these similarities eventually come to an end. The thick dough of the pizza wants to stay on top of the light tomato sauce, but is topped with a large amount of Argentine mozzarella cheese that weighs it down and pulls it down. Its condiments include green olives, thyme and dried red pepper slices. Some traditional pizza shops in Buenos Aires sell pizzas in pieces And they are designed to eat your food standing on the counter.

Another of Argentina’s most popular dishes is Milanese. This food is known as escalope in the world and is usually prepared from beef or chicken breast. A thin layer of meat is pounded before being soaked in breadcrumbs and then either fried or cooked, and the seasonings increase the excitement of the food. Another type of dish is Milansa caballo, which means a piece of meat on which a fried egg is placed, and one model is la napolitana, which is served with cheese and tomato sauce.

Eating provolone soft cheese as long as it is spread on the grill is a great experience. Made from cow’s milk, Prolita transforms into a soft, elastic snack and is a classic Argentine appetizer for Asado or kebab. This is one of the most famous Argentine dishes in a special size frying pan or a simple dish with grilled foil. It is usually mixed with thyme and should be slightly crispy on the outside, while the inside is completely melted. You can try goat’s milk provolita cheese for a creamy yet acidic taste.

Beef is so tempting in Argentina that vegetarians sometimes give in to it. A good example of this is Asado, which is made with both kebab cooking methods, grilled kebabs, and traditional ways. This is one of the most popular dishes in Argentina, one of the most important social events and brings together family and friends every weekend.

Eating llama steak is common in northwestern Argentina. This famous Argentine dish can be used in empanadas, dice or as a standalone steak. Some luxury restaurants use it in carpaccio and tartare.

Thanks to the presence of corn, Homita is formed into a delicious snack or a tasty whole meal. When the corn flakes are opened, the corn paste appears inside. This package is completely steamed or boiled. Ingredients are fresh corn and milk, condiments and sometimes goat cheese, which are added to puff.

Lucero is a hearty stew traditionally served on May 25th. This dish is made from white corn, beef or pork, by-products and red curry, as well as other vegetables such as white beans, squash and pumpkin, and condiments such as cumin and bay leaves, and a bowl of this delicious hot meal. Brings the ideal in the winter. This dish can be improved with some Quicoirimichi sauce, which is a spicy salsa sauce made from paprika, spring onions and chili.

Some Argentines say that eating a two-volt spoon is a meal in itself. A better invention is the dulce de leche-flavor helado ice cream, and any ice cream shop that does not have this ice cream will leave the business very soon. The advantage of this Argentine ice cream is that it is thick and creamy and costs less than the Italian (Italian gelato) sample. For the last sugar surprise, you can mix DDL funnel bread with a small or large amount of DDL sauces.

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