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Celebrate eating raw and looking for a healthy diet for all ages

Celebrate eating raw and looking for a healthy diet for all ages

Nutrition plays an important and effective role in human physical and mental health. Physicians have long emphasized the importance and role of nutrition in the health of the individual and society. The health of the individual guarantees the health of the society, and if the society is healthy, then we can think about its prosperity and survival. Balanced consumption of all foods is essential if not overdosed. When the balance of consumption is upset, it is the time when the disease manifests itself in various forms. Raw food is one of the most popular diets in the world. Due to the emphasis on its importance, in the national calendar of Iran, July 6 has been introduced as a raw food celebration. Join us in the article What is the day of raw food celebration to inform you about the history of raw food celebration.

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The principle of this type of nutrition is the use of substances and elements that are extracted from nature in a pure form and without any manipulation by scientists. In this type of nutrition, people turn to fruits, grains, vegetables and nuts that can meet the body’s needs for vitamins and elements. In recent years, some dieters have found that they consume raw milk and dairy products in addition to the main elements of their diet, while doctors believe that consuming raw milk and eggs is dangerous and causes symptoms. Gets poisoned. In general, a raw person is a person who consumes raw ingredients, while some believe that only 75% of the diet of raw people is raw.

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According to the raw food celebration article, what day is it? You should know that this type of diet belongs to us before the date and time when man had not yet learned to make fire. Its proponents in the 19th century believed that the human digestive system was built to digest and absorb plant materials and could not digest compounds such as meat. At the same time, a biologist named Arthur Virtanen stated that the enzymes in the human gastrointestinal tract are dedicated to digesting raw compounds and only begin to function when raw materials enter the body.

Adherents of this type of nutrition reached their peak in the 20th century, and because they thought that fruits were involved in the treatment of many diseases, they added them to their diet. At the beginning of the development of this method, everyone believed that raw eating was a sub-branch of the vegetarian diet, until it was separated from vegetarianism in 1975 and registered as a separate and independent diet. Since then, this type of food has gained popularity in New York and California, and restaurants have opened for them. Today, many doctors recommend this diet to treat obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease and recommend it to their patients.

In this type of diet, the age of the person is important, because in some cases it has been reported that children who have grown up with this style of food in the family, sometimes due to the excesses of their parents and their ignorance, malnutrition and Somehow their work took them to hospitals and medical centers. The use of this type of diet for children has not yet been approved by the international community, but doctors and researchers in their recent research have shown that if the consumption of carbohydrates and fatty acids is balanced given that 75% of this diet is raw, it is a problem. It does not occur for children. According to the Raw Eating Celebration article, you should know that people who follow this diet have certain beliefs, some of which we will mention:

  • Raw compounds contain enzymes that accelerate the process of digestion and absorption of food in the body.
  • Cooking or freezing disrupts and destroys the main ingredients of food.
  • Consumption of cooked foods in the long run poisons the body and leads to obesity.
  • Raw foods have more nutritional value than cooked ones.

In this diet, food enzymes are destroyed by heating and cooking and can no longer be absorbed and digested, which is why raw eaters do not eat cooked foods. Researchers have tried hard to promote this type of diet by presenting articles and seminars on the history of the raw food celebration, and have found it effective in treating diseases such as cancer. One of the proponents of this style of food was a man named Norman Walker who lived in perfect health with this diet until he was 118 years old and eventually perished in a car accident.

Doctors, in addition to approving this type of diet, have imposed restrictions on people, and according to it, the body should be monitored regularly for vitamin B and calcium. Deficiency of these compounds in the body will lead to disease. This diet is good for the body, but according to the article on the history of eating raw food, you should know that balance in the consumption of all foods will not only not be harmful, but also bring the body to a high level of health and vitality.

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