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Chabahar beaches are an unknown paradise in Iran

Chabahar beaches are an unknown paradise in Iran

Listen to one of my biggest mistakes in tourism before talking about Chabahar beaches! I thought that the beauty of nature depends only on pastures, forests and greenery. For this reason, I never chose desert cities or southern provinces to travel. I thought these cities were hot, with no place for recreation or natural attractions and tourism.

Fortunately, a few years later, I traveled to Chabahar at the invitation of a friend and realized this fatal mistake! Recently, I realized that Chabahar has a unique plant texture that is as beautiful as forests and pastures. Chabahar beaches are one of the legendary tourist attractions in Iran. For this reason, this trip can be the best experience Iran Tourism or at least one of the best for you that today in Alibaba Tourism Magazine Read about it.

Which is the red beach of Chabahar?

The shore of Lake Lipar Chabahar is also known as the Red or Pink Beach.

Where is Chabahar Luminous Beach?

This beach is located in Tang village.

Which sea is the port of Chabahar on the coast?

Chabahar is the only port in Iran that has access to the ocean. This port is located on the coast of the Oman Sea.

Where is Chabahar Rocky Beach?

A rocky beach is located in the city of Chabahar.

Etiquette of going to Chabahar beaches!

Going to the beaches of Chabahar has its own customs! First, you have to go to this city in the right season. For example, a trip to Chabahar in July makes you think that my misconception is too far-fetched. Has not been! But if you go to this city in March, you will experience a fascinating journey.

The second etiquette of traveling to Chabahar is that you must go to these beaches with someone who knows how to walk or tour. Because traveling in Chabahar requires special cars and is not possible with city cars. On the other hand, you may not be able to find the exact location of Chabahar wharves without guidance.

Of course, traveling to this city alone is not impossible, but tours create a better experience for you.

Makran Chabahar Beach: Mother of all the beauties of this city!

Instead of the beach, it is better to talk about the term Makran beaches . The entire coastline of the Oman Sea in Iran is called Makran. Most of these beaches are located in Sistan and Baluchestan province and one of the most attractive parts is in Chabahar.

سواحل مکران Some people imagine They say that the sea and the forest are interdependent. But the sea and the desert are not connected. If these people see the beaches of Chabahar or Makran, they will realize that their idea was completely wrong! In Makran, desert sand eventually joins coastal and sea sands. Such a connection can only be seen on the Makran beach.

Makran beaches include different parts. Some of these beaches are considered as Chabahar wharves and ships and dinghies travel in them. In some other parts, the beaches are completely rocky and can only be visited. Some parts of these beaches are also suitable for swimming and swimming.

Location of Makran beaches on Google Map

Chabahar beaches are the most important part of Makran beaches for tourism. This is why many people think that Makran is the name of a unique beach in Chabahar. Below you can see the location of these beautiful beaches.

Chabahar Firefly Beach: Dream or Reality?

Imagine the waves of the beaches and the sea water, along with their soothing sound and positive energy, ‌ luminous! There are two skies on the shining nights of Chabahar! One of them is the main sky and the other is the sea which shines as much as the main sky.

ساحل شب تاب چابهار Unless you go to Chabahar in autumn and winter nights, you can not understand the immense beauty of Chabahar firefly beach! This beach, like the phenomenon of the Arctic, is very rare and can be seen in limited areas of the world.

Phytoplankton are the main cause of blue light on the shores of Chabahar. They reach the shore with the waves and illuminate it. Of course, this light does not last long. Because phytoplankton do not survive outside water. Walking on Chabahar firefly beach will bring you the most dreamy walking experience. Because with every step you take, you can see the lovely blue lights in your footsteps.

Chabahar firefighting beach location

This beach is located in Tang village. Since this area is far from urban life, it gets completely dark in the middle of the night. The darkness of night is the scene of the light display of terrestrial phytoplankton and celestial stars. Maybe if there was a firefly beach in Tehran, no one would have noticed the existence of these attractive blue lights!

ساحل تیس چابهار: تجربه تفریح در سواحل چابهار Tis is one of the beaches of Chabahar, which is designed as a recreational place for travelers. You can bathe on this beach. There are also amenities such as a pavilion, a place for camping, a bathroom, a restaurant and.. For fun on Tis Chabahar beach, you will have a variety of choices such as camel riding, boating, jet skiing and water fun.

Many travelers use Tess Beach for a temporary stay. Because it is both a beautiful beach and has the necessary amenities. On the other hand, because it is close to a residential area, it is safe enough to rest.

It is interesting to know that the history of the village and the coast of Tis Chabahar dates back to the Achaemenid period and is 2500 years old. Archaeologists believe that Tis or Tiz was one of the most important piers in Chabahar at that time.

Tis Chabahar beach location

Tis village and beach are not far from Chabahar. For this reason, they are usually considered as the first destinations of travelers after reaching Chabahar.

Chabahar rocky shore, deep reverberation on one of Chabahar shores

If you go to the rocky shore of Chabahar, sit on one of the rocks. Close your eyes and relax as much as possible. Let the only sound you hear be the sound of waves crashing on rocks. A voice that is sometimes very quiet and sometimes loud and loud! After listening for a while, open your eyes so that you do not miss the magnificent scene of the big waves hitting the rocks. Even imagining this scene brings peace of mind!

ساحل صخره ای Chabahar rocky beach is not suitable for swimming. In many parts of these beaches of Chabahar, you can not even access the sea water. Tourists go to the rocky shores of Chabahar just to see and hear! The story of the waves and the rocks is a story that no one will get tired of watching.

Chabahar Rocky Beach Location

Chabahar rocky beach is also known as the Big Sea beach. These beaches of Chabahar are located in the city itself. Although there are no amenities and recreation facilities on the beach, you can get everything you want in a short distance. The following is the location of this beach.

Lipar’s shore, an unusual natural lake!

Chabahar is a master of having rare phenomena and surprising people! It is as if God has disturbed order in the nature of this city. I will also tell the reason. What color do you imagine when it comes to water and lake? You may think of colorlessness, or at least blue, in your mind.

دریاچه لیپار

From the list of Chabahar beaches, its color is pink. There are only four lakes in the world that have such a color. Fortunately, one of them is in our Iran and we do not need to travel to distant parts of the world to see this phenomenon.

The pink color of this lake is due to the presence of special plankton, minerals and corals in it. The beach Lipar Lake is actually a wetland beach and therefore has a special flora and fauna. Near the lake there is a recreation complex where a variety of welfare services are provided. Restaurant, residence, night sky monitoring equipment and… are among the recreational facilities of this complex, but if you look at swimming as a pleasure, it is better to know that swimming is not common in this lake.

Lipar Lake Location

Lipar Lake is also one of the areas near Chabahar. This lake is located 15 km east of Chabahar.

Turtle Beach: Birthplace of part of the Oman Sea population

Many Oman Sea turtles are born off the coast of Chabahar, especially turtle coast. Of course, it is better not to introduce the turtle beach as one of the tourist areas of Chabahar and to recognize it as the home of these lovely creatures.

ساحل لاک پشت ها Female turtles come to this beach several times a year and lay eggs. A few months later, the shores of Chabahar witness the birth of small turtles that slowly move towards the sea and enter the water. Some of them will return to this beach one day as mothers!

The presence of humans on this beach frightens turtles and they may not return to the area to lay eggs. This poses a serious threat to the region’s ecosystem. So we have to say that swimming and walking on turtle beach is not the right thing to do. If you go to this beach, stay a little further. If you are lucky, you can see the birth scene of small turtles or the spawning scene of large turtles.

Turtle Beach Location

This case is located on the shores of Chabahar around the city of Chabahar and has no special amenities. For this reason, tourists prefer to spend a few hours to visit this beach and return without staying in this area.

I really could not find the location of this beach. If you have, send us in the comments.

Derek beach, three beaches together on the shores of Chabahar

The geography of school has made us remember the Strait of Hormuz well. Derek Beach is located near this gorge. In fact, the shores of Chabahar end in Derek and the Oman Sea reaches the Indian Ocean. It is interesting to know that Derek has three types of beaches: rocky, sandy and coral at the same time. So when you see this item from the list of Chabahar beaches, you will mark it with a three arrow!

ساحل درک، سه ساحل کنار هم در سواحل چابهار Public viewing of the beach is free to understand, but it does not detract from the natural appearance of the beach. There are no pavilions and amenities on this beach and unlike Tis beach, there are no facilities such as pavilions and water recreation. P

You can stay in the eco-lodges of Derak village and use the facilities inside the village. Camping, swimming and walking on the beach are some of the favorite pastimes of tourists who go to this area.

Perception Beach Location

Derak village and beach are 170 km away from Chabahar. There is no air or rail access to this beach and it can only be reached by car.

If you have not been to the shores of Chabahar تاکنون

As a final word, I have two important tips for you:

  • First go to Chabahar and see how much more beautiful the beaches of Chabahar are than what I described in this article.
  • The second recommendation is to read about it well before traveling to a city so that you do not make wrong judgments about it. I came to this conclusion too late and it caused me to experience a trip to Chabahar too late.

سواحل چابهار

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