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Chabahar Martian Mountains; Full mirror of Mars on Earth

Chabahar Martian Mountains; Full mirror of Mars on Earth

Chabahar Martian Mountains? Why choose a name with this meaning for four mountains? Those unfamiliar with the nature of Chabahar grumble that the names of these areas have been chosen with a bit of exaggeration and it is not very interesting to visit them, but I say that this name is a pure fact of what God has brought to the people of our country in the southeasternmost part of Iran. If you have any doubts about this, join us to get acquainted with the reality in the heart of Chabahar deserts.

Where are the Martian mountains?

Chabahar Martian mountains in Sistan and Baluchestan province are on the left side of Chabahar and Goater route.

How were Martian mountains created?

Martian mountains are created by the accumulation of sand and gravel on top of each other and their erosion by wind and water.

What are the tourism facilities of Chabahar Martian mountains?

In this area, a very large caper has been built in the old style for relaxing and partial shopping and using the bathroom.

Chabahar Martian Mountains, why Martian?

Among all the tourist attractions of the country, there are a number of them that introduce your eyes to another view of nature. That picture of nature with flowers, trees, birds and grazing, I mean more strange things. For example, you can see the environment that you have seen from the images sent by the probes that landed on Mars in the Martian mountains of Chabahar. Chabahar Miniature Mountains is the scientific name for this geological phenomenon in Iran. An attractive and lovely environment that I think you will not get tired of watching and being next to.

کوه های مریخی The story of the Martian mountains goes back to the time when water covered the whole earth and then parts of it. The environment that we refer to in this text is created by the non-occurrence of a mixture of sand, rock and aquatic remains. This type of roughness has always been known as one of the phenomena in geology, which takes a thousand years to form and is not a one-day or two-day job.

Have you ever been to this area from Chabahar? Mars of Iran or the Chabahar Miniature Mountains region are really ecotourism attractions. There is no doubt that this phenomenon has become so famous because of its differences and similarities to the surface of Mars. It is always interesting for people on Earth to send pictures of Mars sent by probes or satellites. NASA’s page is followed on Instagram and their published photos are spread among the people, but if they open their eyes a little, they can see a Martian Mars. Large and spectacular mountains in a different city whose people are accustomed to kindness.

کوه های مریخی 

Go to the Miniature Mountains?

Warm weather in most months of the year and Sistan winds are two major challenges for visitors to the miniature mountains. Sistan and Baluchestan has a hot and dry climate. This may be normal for those who plan to travel to the south of the country and tell themselves that the whole south is hot. But this region, especially in summer with hot winds and a lot of dust, makes you forget about the sultry city of Bandar Abbas and the heat of Khuzestan.

f the weather is a little hot, you will be annoyed to visit the Martian mountains of Chabahar; Because of the lack of vegetation, there is no cool air, breeze or at least shade around it and it will be very annoying. It is best to visit this natural phenomenon in late winter or early spring. Cool season when the monsoon winds bother less and the dust of the province has fallen asleep from the rains of the previous months.

You may have heard that the Martian Mountains region is Badland. This name has been chosen for it due to the lack of vegetation and the impossibility of growing any plant in it. I suggest that you avoid traveling to such a situation in the middle of the afternoon or even in the evening, according to experience; Because you are not welcomed with anything but the sun. Instead of noon or evening, you can choose dawn or just before sunset when the sun is down and the ground is more open for swimming.

کوه های مریخی Features that should be in the Martian mountains

Perhaps if such a situation had arisen anywhere near Tehran, near Isfahan or on the way to Shiraz, it would now be registered as one of the pristine natural areas in international organizations, but now it is not possible to influence the distance of this area from the center of the country and Proximity to deprived areas was overlooked. This has made the tourist attractions of the Martian mountains very isolated.

However, the best solution to such a problem is for people to pay attention to the Chabahar Martian mountains and visit them regularly, so that the country’s officials may think about it. Martian mountains are about 40 km away from Chabahar. This distance is a considerable distance for those who intend to visit at night, astrophotography, astronomy or geological experiments. Therefore, these groups must travel to this area with sufficient equipment.

By the way, we have to create the best results to improve the situation by trying and using the minimum facilities. Along the way from Chabahar to the mountains, in a place where all the people stand to visit and photograph them, a large caper has been built in the traditional way with palm wood and foliage, which welcomes a small number of people. It is true that these facilities are nothing compared to the greatness of the mountains, but after all, old shoes are a booty in the desert.

جاهای دیدنی چابهار Although the mountains are not far from residential areas, But the middle of the mountain is not a good place for a night camp. I suggest if you insist on being in this area at night; After a few hours until very late at night, get to the beach of Bryce or the port of Chabahar.

How to get to Chabahar Mars?

The narrow, scenic Chabahar-Goatar route is where you have to go to reach Mars, not the Milky Way. This road, which starts after leaving Chabahar towards Goater, is narrow and of course asphalt. After a little driving in those waters, Oman blue can be seen on the right and Martian mountains on your left. Who said Mars has no water? When you turn your back on Chabahar Mars, you will see endless water that begins in the Strait of Hormuz and ends at the end of the world.

From the port to these Chabahar Martian mountains, you will experience about 40 minutes of lovely driving. The atmosphere is really romantic and spectacular so that many brides and grooms choose the first trips of their lives in this region of Iran. You can compare your location with the location of the Martian mountains in Google Maps and easily find your way.

جاهای دیدنی چابهار Chabahar Martian Mountains on Google Map

One person experience Next person travel route to Martian mountains

Chabahar Martian mountains are an integral part of Iran’s ecotourism. I think you have not visited this area, you say to yourself, it is useless to watch it, but I am sure that after watching the miniature mountains and the painting of God’s creation, your heart will want to see it every day. My suggestion and Alibaba Tourism Magazine is nothing but a trip to Chabahar at the first opportunity and visiting all the tourist attractions, especially these beautiful mountains.

If you are on this trip and you enjoy watching these sights, share your experience with us and other users in the form of a photo, or a small text with a word, a sentence or even a story. I am sure that by studying these experiences, the fear of traveling to Mars in Iran will no longer remain and the spaceships will be lit.

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