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Chabahar sights are more amazing than Wonderland

Chabahar sights are more amazing than Wonderland

Chabahar brings its natural beauties and temperate climate to your ears first with its name. As soon as you set foot in this dream city, your heart and soul will be guests of unique nature, special experiences and sights of Chabahar. Chabahar’s tourist attractions are so special that it is no exaggeration to say that Chabahar is a land of wonders; A land whose pink lagoon and forests are in water and flowers flow from its springs.

You will definitely be amazed by the sights of Chabahar by reading this article, but if you are interested in nature and pristine and amazing natural places, the article The amazing nature of Iran is your food and after reading this article, be sure to read it.

But let’s see what these tourist attractions and sights of Chabahar are and why it is so attractive and amazing.

Special and exceptional geographical location of Chabahar

Chabahar is located in the southwest of Sistan and Baluchestan province, on the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Makran Sea, and is Iran’s only ocean port . The beauties of Chabahar are doubled when you interact with the locals and their hospitality and warmth delights you. Chabahar hotels also complete the trip to this evergreen land by providing quality services to tourists along with different tourist attractions. Even if you do not plan to travel, I hope that by reading and seeing the sights of Chabahar, you will feel the desire to visit Chabahar.

The most spectacular places of Chabahar

The sights that I will introduce below are the main sights of Chabahar. But there must be a whole other pristine and fascinating atmosphere that is not covered in this article, if there are other places that you have experienced or heard about in Chabahar, share them with me in the comments, so that I can review this article later. Make me more complete.

1- Miniature mountains or Martian mountains of Chabahar

Seeing these mountains, you think you are more in the location of space movies like the Red Planet than on Earth and the city of Chabahar. The miniature mountains that brought Mars to Earth are also known as the Martian Mountains . Martian mountains can be seen 40 to 50 km from Chabahar to Goater village.

Erosion has made these sedimentary mountains so special and different that when you are in the middle of a ring of Martian mountains, dinosaurs can also enter your imagination from behind these mountains.

دیدنی های چابهار - کوه های مریخی

2- Lipar Lagoon, a world of color

Lipar Wetland will change your definition of a wetland and its color. Lipar is the only pink wetland in Iran and one of the 4 pink wetlands in the world. The lagoon borrows this particular color from the bacteria and plankton that live in its heart.

The beauty of this wetland is not limited to its specific color, but the presence of birds such as flamingos, Kashim, Changar, Tihu, Jirofti, Dashti eagle, Khotka, Dalijah and Tavusk have doubled the beauty of the wetland.

دیدنیهای چابهار - تالاب لیپار

3- The largest flower-growing mountain in the world

Basically, we expect water to flow from springs, but mud springs from Chabahar flow instead of mud water. The existence of volcanoes on the planet is not limited to Iran, but the largest volcanic mountain in the world, which reaches a height of 500 meters, is located in Chabahar.

This phenomenon is called volcanic mountain because after the cold flowers flow from the heart of the springs, these flowers accumulate and become conical and take the shape of a mountain. At various intervals, cold mud comes out of the springs with a sound like a bubble bursting. In different seasons, some florets may be off and others may be active.

The cold flowers of these springs have healing properties and the locals take a bath with these flowers. To see the main flowers of Chabahar, go to Tang port in Konarak.

جاهای دیدنی چابهار

4- Valuable museums of gandos

If you have ever seen crocodiles only in wildlife documentaries lurking in the water waiting to feed on donkeys, deer and deer approaching the water, this time in this protected area see the native Iranian crocodile. . Of course, this does not pose a threat to visitors.

Originally the name of this protected area was Bahuklat, which was later changed to the most important creature in which it lives, the Gando crocodile. The Gandos live on two rivers in the area, the Kaju and the Sarbaz.

If you like wildlife and photography, do not miss this area. Gandos are not the only animals you see in this protected area, Baluchi squirrels, jackals, foxes, lynx, monkeys, birds such as the gray-footed hen, kaka, king eagle, houbara and… also live in this area.

منطقه حفاظت شده گاندو

5- Wishes in the Shadow of the Trick Woman

The wicked girl is the name given to the fig tree by the locals on the temple tree. The temple fig is a tree whose roots are preferred over the ground, and its many branches sit like a crown on the trunk of a tree. Every branch of this tree that reaches the ground becomes a root.

The locals believe that if someone sits under the fig tree of the temples and wishes, his wishes will be fulfilled, which is why at Kish This tree is also called the tree of wishes and people have many fabrics to achieve their dreams to the branches and The roots of this tree are closing.

This tree is native to India and Southeast Asia and is said to have entered Iran from India. Go to Ramin village on Chabahar-Goater coastal road to see Chabahar female cunning tree.

مکان های دیدنی چابهار - درخت مکر زن چابهار

6- Mangrove forest in the heart of Goatherd Bay

In Chabahar, each natural attraction is more amazing than the other, and Goatherd Bay is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Chabahar, which fascinates tourists. The port of Goatherd borders Pakistan and the end of Chabahar, which is why sailors are always careful not to enter the Pakistani border.

In addition to the crystal clear waters of the Oman Sea during the day and its redness at sunset where you can take the most beautiful photos with you, there are also mangrove forests. Most of Chabahar’s natural attractions are deconstructive, and mangrove forests are no exception. We look for forests on land, but you have to go to the water to see the mangrove forests. The boats guided by the locals will take you to the heart of the mangrove forests. Goiter Bay is now a protected area due to its mangrove forests. One of the most beautiful places in Chabahar is the protected forests.

The beauty of this port is not limited to its mangrove forests and migratory birds. If it were not for the warmth of the people of Goatherd village, perhaps the beauties of this bay would not have been complete. The villagers weave mats and fish, but their main art is hospitality. To see all the beauties of the bay, it is better to travel here during the day, and if you want to spend the night in this area, eco-tours will give you a good experience of local life.

مکان های دیدنی چابهار -خلیج گواتر

7- The village of understanding the unique combination of desert and sea sunset

The village of Derek is located in the city of Konarak and is far from Chabahar itself, but you probably know from the descriptions you have heard from “Derek” that it is worth going for miles to see this wonder. In understanding nature, it shows its most beautiful contrast and takes the desert to the sea.

The soaring palm trees and the sands call to you on one side and the roaring waves of the sea on the other. Maybe this is the only place where you can see the sunset of the desert in a few steps. Understanding is a good place to show off the art of photography, so it is best to travel to this well-equipped area.

گردشگری چابهار - روستای درک چابهار

8- Ancient village of Tis

Tis village is one of the sights of Chabahar, a historical village in which the flow of life dates back to the Achaemenid period. During this period, the village of Tis was one of the important ports of Iran in the Makran Sea and goods from Iran and East Asia entered Iran through this port. During the Islamic period, the port of Tis had maintained its special position, but it is said that later, when the production of sugarcane and paniz in Makran declined, this port also gradually lost its importance.

Today, the Lowry River flows through the village, and people head to Tis to see the many historical attractions in the village.

9- Caves of Ban Messi

From the heart of the forests, wetlands and mountains of Mars, it is time to visit the three caves of Chabahar. Ban Messiti Caves are located in the village of Tis. One of these caves is natural and the other two caves are slow. The shape of the natural cave is semicircular and there is a tomb inside it.

There is no specific inscription on the tomb that gives a history of it. Ban Messiti is the name given to this cave by the locals, “Ban” means a righteous and God-fearing man, and “Messiti” means a temple and a temple.

غارهای بان مسیتی - دیدنیهای چابهار

10- Victory Castle for Ancient World Lovers

You are surprised by all these sights of Chabahar, aren’t you? This amazing story is still going on…

This castle, like the caves of Ban Messiti, is located in the village of Tis and is a relic of the Parthian and Sassanid eras. If you go to see this castle, do not expect to see a well-preserved historical monument with specific buildings. To see the remains of the castle, you have to take a difficult path to the top of the mountain. Only parts of the castle, such as the watch house and the guardhouse, are left.

11- Tis Mosque of Chabahar Sights

The first bricks of this mosque date back to the arrival of Islam in this village and 1250 years ago. It is said that this mosque is the second mosque in Iran after the advent of Islam. If you go to see this mosque, do not expect to see blue tiles and Iranian architecture like other mosques. The architecture and decorations of the Grand Mosque are inspired by the mosques of India and Pakistan. The Tis Mosque, like other Sunni mosques, has a minaret.

جاهای دیدنی چابهار - مسجد جامع تیس

12- Dezak Mosque

Dezak Mosque is one of the most important historical monuments in Saravan, whose name is also registered in the list of national monuments. The history of this mosque is attributed to the Safavid period due to its architectural style. The mosque is made of clay and mud and its roof is covered with the trunks of palm trees, turmeric and side.

Dezak Mosque has summer and winter naves, each with circular columns.

جاذبه های گردشگری چابهار - مسجد جامع دزک

13- Chabahar Local Museum

Chabahar Local Museum is located in the old governorate building, which is a relic of the Qajar period. The museum building has two floors, on the first floor of which are historical objects of historical periods discovered in different parts of the region. On the first floor you can also see the Anthropology Museum and historical documents and books.

دیدنیهای چابهار - موزه محلی

Sights are not few

No matter how much we write about the greatness, wonders and charms of Chabahar, you still can not understand its greatness until you go and see for yourself. Chabahar is the best choice for you if you are looking for an extraordinary domestic trip whose history and nature will make your heart beat faster. Share your stories from Chabahar trip with us in the comments.

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