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Chalous Road; A driving experience that is “impossible to remember”

Chalous Road; A driving experience that is “impossible to remember”

Be from Iran or outside of Iran, be it from the north or the south, wherever you are, I am sure you have the name and dream of driving in Chalous. Chalous Road is nostalgia for the generation of Iran in the 50s and 70s. Those who enjoy driving on the two-way Chalous Road are always wondering if they can travel again. If you have the same feeling, but the travel opportunity is not for you, join us on Chalous Road Iranviva Tourism Magazine .

When was Chalous Road built?

Chalous road was completed and put into operation in 1312.

How many kilometers is Chalous Road?

Chalous Road is 160 km long.

What is another name for Chalous Road?

This path is officially known as 59.

What are the sights of Chalous Road?

From the Karaj Dam and River to the villages of Arangeh and Kondar are a small part of the sights of Chalous Road.

Chalous Road, the story of the impossible builder

I want to tell you the story of the growth of a path. The old roads that started with dirt and donkey poison. Road 59 dreamed of growing up from the very first days, so it started encouraging the leaders to go north. Little by little, the people of the capital became acquainted with it.

The road to our story was not just about encouragement. He, who for many years had grown the beautiful scenery of pristine nature, high plains and mountains and beautiful rivers without spectators, now wanted to see the result of his efforts. There was almost no one to enter this road and want to return, regret his journey or curse its builder and perpetrator.

Chalous Road was like a grower. It was hard work to navigate, rewarded after the end of the boundless sea and roaring rivers.

جاده چالوس

In my opinion, after years of coming to power, Reza Pahlavi responded to the efforts for the kingdom of Road 59. Reza Khan, who loved the hard work of the times, rolled up his sleeves to rebuild the country’s two famous mountainous and refining routes. One of them was the route Karaj – Chalous. The road that actually crossed the diameter of the Alborz Mountains to reach Chalous.

After the road was worn out, it was time for someone else, good or bad, to get under his belt. If you were told how many years it would take to dig a tunnel diameter with a pickaxe to clear the way, what would you say?

I witness the construction of Chalous road and say 3 years, because from 1312 when the dirt road of Chalous was asphalted to 1314 there was no Kandovan tunnel, but from 14 to 1317 workers with pickaxes and Reza Shah with a lot of money were able to do the impossible Do it slowly.

With this tunnel, 13 km of Chalous road was reduced and now our old and dirt road had become one of the best and highest mountain routes in the world, which in itself is one of the Northern places are also .

جاده چالوس

Why this The route is called Road 59?

All major streets in Iran have official names and are registered in the road map and organization. The original and official name of Chalous Road is Road 59 and it is marked with the same number on the map. Of course, due to the main destination and the end city of the 59th road to Chalous, this route is also called Chalous Road.

Where and where is Chalous Road?

Northeast Tehran and southwest of Karaj, starting point of Road 59 Is. The dreamy and lovely place where this road begins is near Karaj, New Clock and near Tehran. If you want to see the whole route without driving, join us and get to know the point.

The route starts from the southeast of Karaj. If you look at Google Maps, you will understand its position very well. The first village is called Pir Bagh route. The route continues through many recreational and welfare centers between the roads.

It is true that this road does not have good security conditions, but due to the high traffic, the amenities have been built on it. About 23 km after Bagh-e Pir, if you drive, the road will reach one of its turning points, which is nothing but Karaj Dam Or it is not Amirkabir Dam.

جاده چالوس کی و کجاست؟

From Dam to Gachsar, which is one of the famous cities in the north of the country, it should be about 40 km Drive. After Amirkabir Dam, the route reaches the peak of its beauties, so be sure to enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. Gachsar is the last city in the mountainous environment of the road, and after that, especially when you reach Siahpisheh and Clark, the lush forest environment begins. A fascinating and spectacular environment that makes your adrenaline pump a hundred times.

The old people, who had no children, lived in a healthy environment with clean air and a world without garbage, watching the scenery and standing on the high points of Chalous Road, which paid more than anything else for their efforts in digging tunnels and paving the road.

جاده چالوس کی و کجاست؟ The forest environment of Chalous Road, which crosses the northern green belt, is about 1 hour drive without traffic and ends at the city of Chalous. Of course, the beauties do not end because you can continue this experience with Chalous sights .

I think there is no need to emphasize that you have lost a new perspective by passing every moment, so do not forget to pay attention. Slowly and quietly turn up the volume a little, play the song Ebi, Moin or Hayedeh and enjoy the whole route.

Where do we get to Chalous?

So far we all know that to access Chalous Road you have to reach Tehran, so we will continue to reach it from Tehran onwards. There are several routes available for driving on Chalous Road. These several routes pass from Hemmat Highway to Tehran-North Highway and Tehran-Karaj Highway, which are marked with a little care to the street signs of Tehran and the interrogator like the palm of your hand.

Hemmat Highway

One of the east-west highways of Tehran is Hemmat Highway, which starts from District 4 and continues to District 5. The end of this highway, which ends at the intersections of Kharazi Highway and the exit of Tehran-North Freeway, is the first of your first route towards Chalous Road.

اتوبان همت

This freeway is one of the best routes built after It is considered a revolution. A very good route that has reduced the distance from Tehran to the north of the country and greatly increased road safety.

Roads leading to Karaj

As I mentioned, Road 59 starts near Karaj. From ancient times, those who wanted to go to Karaj, their meeting place was Azadi Square. A very busy route full of trucks, motorcycles and trucks. The next route to Karaj is the new Tehran-Karaj freeway. This freeway is a completely professional and ready route that reaches Karaj. The end of both routes ends at the beginning of Chalous Road.

Caution on Chalous Road Why and how?

The period when Chalous Road was built was the period of pickaxe and donkey. The construction of this route and its infrastructure was done with carts and vans, so it is not surprising that the technicians were not able to observe the engineering of the route well. This has made the security of the route not very good. Chalous is normally so twisted that it should not move fast. Be sure to watch the road. This route is not one-way at all and this also reduces the security of the route.

احتیاط در جاده چالوس چرا و چگونه؟

One of the constant challenges of Chalous Road is mountain fall, landslide, landslide and.. Roadside rescuers are always on the road, but again the accident is never reported and requires your constant care.

Why is Chalous Road so popular?

Why is Chalous Road so popular? Most people who think about driving on this road do not ask the reason for the popularity of this road, but look for the symbols of its popularity. This route is full of natural tourist attractions, sights and welfare centers.

The colorful chickens of Chalous Road, the pickles, the clean air of the whole area and the route, the pristine and beautiful scenery, and the pure symbols that I suggest you look for.

1- Emerald green nature

Among the nouns found in northern nature, there is whatever you name in Chalous. Water, diverse trees, various animals, fish, and more are all in the Chalous area. By moving on this road, it is better to be like a stream of water along the flowing path. Sometimes stop and fish, sit for a moment and drink fiery tea on the green plains or walk along the waterfalls along the way.

طبیعتی به رنگ زمرد سبز

It is you who choose which position to have in Chalous area. You can see the fascinating environment every season you walk on this road. Chalous environment will create a different emotion for you in any season.

Perhaps the best season to visit Chalous is spring. Chalous spring is beautiful and lovely. The trees are in bloom, the river’s ice is open and water is flowing. With the flow of water, all beings begin life anew.

طبیعتی به رنگ زمرد سبز

Autumn in Chalous is accompanied by yellowed leaves of trees, incessant rain and of course slippery road. Traveling to Chalous in the fall is not difficult, but you should be careful and follow the news to avoid sudden floods.

If you have a heart attack and you are looking for trouble, go to Chalous Road in winter. Frozen roads, fallen mountains and, of course, frozen lakes are the shoes that can be found in this booty season.

2- Lavashka, cookies, driving with plums

With the fame and charm of Chalous Roads, welfare centers and rest areas were gradually established. The occupation of most of the villagers of Chalous area, which was close to the street, has been selling their special products since ancient times. Products such as sour lavashka or famous cookies Lahijan are distributed all over the north.

You can relax, enjoy the atmosphere, have a drink and smoke while attending restaurants or cafes along the way. One of the usual suggestions for Chalous is to relax in traditional teahouses where the table and tea are served outdoors.

لواشک، کلوچه، رانندگی با آلوچه

3- Karaj Dam, one arrow and several signs on Chalous Road

The rising point of Karaj River is where Amirkabir Dam was built. One of the oldest tourist attractions on Chalous Road is Amirkabir Dam or Chalous Dam. This dam, which was built in 1340, is one of the sources of water supply and hydropower plant in Tehran, otherwise there would have been many problems. Although the construction of the dam flooded several villages and natural sites, it is still considered one of the best possible locations.

سد کرج یک تیر و چند نشان جاده چالوس

If we take the Amirkabir Dam in terms of resources, its entertainment section is a good option to choose Is. You can reach Amirkabir Dam after about 2 hours of driving on Chalous Road. It is a good opportunity to step aside, relax and enjoy the lake environment behind the dam. Among the popular pastimes are boating, fishing, and so on, which make you feel good.

4- Accompanying Chalous Road

In my opinion, what made Chalous become Chalous, what made Shemiranat and what made the whole Chalous road before Mazandaran region colorful, is nothing but the Karaj River. This river is friendly and along Road 59. From the first road in Karaj to Chalous itself, it continues and follows the path.

The existence of this river has brought several things. The first issue is the entertainment of the passengers who drive on this route. Fishing, river cruising, boating, swimming and… are some of the high-risk activities that take place on this river. Of course, happiness and fun are the right of all of us, especially swimming in the river, which also feels good, but taking care of the body and making it dangerous is also a natural and important thing.

همراه بی‌ادعای جاده چالوس

The second problem is the gardens and trees that have grown and fertilized along the river. There are many gardens in Karaj that are fed by this river. You can sit and enjoy the old trees that grow from this river.

Karaj River in Google Map

5- Velesht Lake, extinction next to fish

The attractive environment and lakes of this road do not end at Amirkabir Dam. If you want to see an attractive and friendly environment, go along the river and fish with a fishing rod, it is better to pay attention to the signs of Lake Velesht after Marzanabad and go to it. This lake is one of the best natural monuments in Iran. Large and spectacular lake with a depth of 22 meters, which is a night camp and a few hours of rest.

دریاچه ولشت، اتراق کنار ماهی

If you like the best time to be in this area, I suggest you either sleep there at night to see the lake in the morning or walk in the morning to be in the river at dawn. For camping by this lake, you urgently need some equipment such as waterproof tents, warm clothes, ropes and heating equipment.

Lake Velesht in Google Map

6- Fun on the track with world class

The fun in the Chalous area is endless. Every road you take to the end ends up somewhere. One of the best is the Disney Ski Resort. This track, which has a long history, has been used for national team camps and national competitions for many years.

تفریح در پیستی با کلاس جهانی

The distinctive feature of this track is the existence of ancillary facilities next to its high quality environment. Amenities such as cable cars, international piste in various ski sports classes, accommodation centers such as hotels and rural cottages and restaurants.

Although Disney International Ski Resort is a good place for fun and travel and has facilities and services for every moment, it is still not possible to get our stomachs right and go to the piste every day. For example, I suggest that you do not go to the track during stormy weather by reviewing the weather news.

Disney Ski Resort on Google Map

7- Murad Qandil Ice Cave and Ice Rock at the same time

Chalous Road and its tourist attractions are not complete. Murad Ice Cave is another option that if you are going to tour Chalous, it is better not to miss it. We usually see ice caves in the movie with long and sharp chandeliers, but Murad Ice Cave is one of the options that can be seen in reality except in the movie.

غار یخ مراد قندیل و صخره یخی در یک‌جا جاده چالوس

Due to the infiltration of mountain water into the stone holes, this cave has very beautiful icy chandeliers and rocky cliffs. Many people in the Gachsar region believe that the pond and pond at the end of this water cave are healing, and if you drink from it, physical illnesses will disappear.

I do not think it matters whether these waters are healing or not, if you want to reach the pond you must have warm clothes, because the temperature inside the cave is much lower than the outside space.

Murad Ice Cave in Google Map

8- Shahrestanak Palace, extravagance in the true sense of the word

One of the survivors of Nasreddin Shah’s period in Chalous Road area is Shahrestanak Palace. According to the available evidence, Nasser al-Din Shah also had a great desire to listen to music on Chalous Road, so he ordered the construction of a palace on this road so that whenever he was tired of life and court women, he would be depressed and move to Shahrestanak Palace.

کاخ شهرستانک، اسراف به معنی واقعی کلمه جاده چالوس

Of course, this palace was not accepted as much as it should have been, neither by Naserjan nor by the people. Every time the kings did not go to him, the people looted part of its buildings every day. This was the case until 1948, when the Mountaineering Federation proposed the building for a night camp for professional mountaineers coming to the area. Near the junction of Tehran-North highway and Chalous road, you should look for the exit of Shahrestanak city. The distance from this castle to the road is about 40 minutes drive.

Shahrestanak Palace in Google Map

9- Dezband castle, ruined with originality

After the old and spectacular castle of Shahrestanak, it is the turn of Dezband castle. An old and, of course, destroyed building belongs to the Sassanid period, the existence of which shows the antiquity and importance of the Chalous region. If you are planning to move towards this castle, it is better to have it next to other options, because the area of this old castle is not a good place to live at all, and as soon as you eat in it, I think it will be enough.

قلعه دزبند مخروبه‌ای با اصالت جاده چالوس

10- Salsal Castle, far away but valuable

If you like to watch movie-like landscapes, plains and castles, grass and ‌ you can go to Salsal Castle. One of the best possible options for being and watching camp and relaxing. I suggest you drink fiery tea in the area of Salsal Talesh Castle to enjoy. This castle is about 100 meters above the ground. Of course, the distance to Chalous Road is very long.

Salsal Castle on Google Map

The most spectacular villages along the Chalous road

It always brings water, prosperity and prosperity. Seasonal rivers, good climate and very strong vegetation in Chalous region have created many villages and hamlets along this route. Villages that are usually over 50 years old and each of them builds for themselves. The multiplicity of roads has made each village a welfare center for others. Join us to get to know all these villages.

1- Shahrestanak village

Shahrestanak is one of the best travel options for sports friends and climbers. If you are a mountaineer, you are interested in camping or you want to climb the high mountains of Alborz mountain like Tochal, its route passes through Shahrestanak village. This village is about 60 minutes drive from your Tehran highway and 2 hours drive with love from Chalous road.

روستای شهرستانک

2- Kondar village

Kundar village is immersed in water, plain and color. One of the most beautiful villages around Chalous Road is called Kundar. A lovely and spectacular village whose spring is beautifully the paradise of God. You can see all kinds of natural colors in the tulip plains of this village, which grow especially in May. This village is 22 km away from Chalous and Karaj roads.

3- Varian village

Perhaps the only place in the country where you do not see a trace of car tires is the village of Varian in Tehran. With the construction of the Karaj Dam in the 1940s, several villages were submerged, but one of them, the people and himself, was the most heroic.

The village of Varian continued to the front of the river before the dam was built, but with the construction of the dam in front of it, it went under water and its people migrated upwards. This migration caused them to cut off all communication with the surrounding area and to use a boat to get to and from the village.

4- Kendallus village

Among the recreational and tourist villages that are famous in Iran, the garbage-free village of Kendallus is the best option for recreational entertainment and well-being.

This village, which has been expanded for tourism, has special laws for the people and travelers so that its image and stable condition do not deteriorate. The exit of Kendlus village in Mazandaran province is located after Marzanabad city.

5- Arange village

A beautiful village is close to the road with good facilities with natural landscapes and very convenient location. If you live in a high quality tourist village that has quality villas and good accommodation, it is better to go to Arange. Khor Waterfall, Haft Valley, Cheshmehgi and Khor Ski Slope are among the natural areas in Arangeh village.

روستای ارنگه

6- Atashgah village

Atashgah village is one of the tourist areas of Karaj that has good facilities and welfare centers along with natural landscapes and conditions.

7- Vienna village on Chalous road

Between the villages on Chalous Road, Vienna is a short distance from Chalous. This village, which is more like small towns built with paved streets and simple welfare centers, is more suitable for temporary accommodation or rest between roads.

8- Nojan village and waterfall

Nojan waterfall village is on the west side of Chalous road and above Karaj. This village, as it is clear from the title, has a waterfall and an attractive natural environment.

9- Khor village and waterfall on Chalous road

Khor village is another tourist village in Chalous region, which has a high waterfall in addition to beautiful natural landscapes and pleasant climate. You can reach the high waterfall of this village by being in this village and walking for a few minutes.

روستا و آبشار خور جاده چالوس

Do not be a driver on Chalous Road

All that you have read so far is a generalization about Chalous Road. This road and all the natural routes in the country have so much detail that it is certainly not possible to see it once. I think when you can see all the tourist attractions of Chalous Road, you can ride your friends and become someone else’s driver.

If you miss something, do not take it at all. Tell the children and come back. I want to dedicate the last sentence of this text to a request. Please, take care of nature; Not for beauty, not for cleanliness, but for yourself.

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