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Cheshmeh Morteza Ali Tabas; A miracle in the heart of the desert

If you like to take a dip in the heart of the desert and enjoy its healing properties, no doubt Cheshme Morteza Ali is one of the most amazing places you can travel. In addition to having healing properties, this spring shows a miraculous phenomenon; That means you can put one foot in hot water and the other foot in cold water. Join us in reading this article to know where Morteza Ali Tabas spring is and find out the access route to Morteza Ali Tabas spring.

Morteza Ali hot spring in the direction of Rustavi village and is located 27 km from Tabas. According to the article, where is Morteza Ali Tabas spring, you should know that to reach the spring, you have to walk about 5 km after passing Tabas. Wear your waterproof shoes on this 5 km walk, as most of the way passes through the water. There are many hot and cold springs in this beautiful route, but the largest and strangest of them is a spring that flows out of a hole and is known among the locals as Morteza Ali Bath. This spring supplies water to most of the gardens of Tabas and is therefore very respected by the people.

The hot water of Tabas spring flows into the river from the right side of the wall. The higher concentration of hot water and its physical differences with the river water cause these two streams of water not to mix with each other until they are at the same temperature and to travel a distance of about 300 meters together. This temperature difference between the hot water of the spring and the water flowing at the bottom of the river sometimes reaches ten degrees and causes a rare phenomenon; So you can put one foot in hot water and the other foot in cold water and enjoy it. In addition to using this strange event, the healing properties of the spring can not be simply ignored.

According to the annual statistics, Morteza Ali Tabas hot spring welcomes 600,000 people so that in addition to a special sense of experience, they also benefit from its healing properties. A little above the hot spring of Morteza Ali, an arch has been built that dates back to the Safavid period. This arch is called Taqi Abbasi is famous, in fact there is a dam with a height of 60 meters, which is the tallest for 550 years. It was a man-made dam in the world, and it held this record alone. This dam is the oldest arched dam in the world, which is considered a masterpiece with the facilities of its time and still dazzles thousands of people. Shah Abbasi Dam still holds a world record in its name after several centuries and no dam has managed to surpass it. Abbasi Dam with a crown 1 meter wide is still the thinnest dam in the world.

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