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Comments and defenses about the Iranian pavilion at Expo Dubai

ISNA / This news has been written for you about the comments and defenses about the Iranian pavilion at the Dubai Expo.

The main sponsor of the Iran Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is the International Exhibitions Company affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, but the responsibility for 57 meters of the Iran Pavilion, which is 2014 meters wide, goes to the tourism sector for the first time in the history of the Expo. It has been allocated that its executor was selected through the parent company of Iran Tourism Development, which is one of the satellite companies of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts; The company with the suffix “literary” whose history shows that it has been active in the field of culture, but has been introduced as the organizer of international tourism exhibitions.

The company’s resume also mentioned three exhibitions as executive records in the tourism sector; Fitor Spain without determining the year of the event, which of course has been carried out by the Automobile and Tourism Center, ITB Berlin 2020, which was not held due to Corona, and Expo 2020 Dubai, which is being held.

The CEO of the parent company of Iran Tourism Development said that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, through the parent company, has entrusted the responsibility of holding 23 exhibitions and Expo 2020 Dubai to the company through a contract.

However, the delay in the payment of tour operators who could not go to Germany in 2020 due to the corona and the closure of the Berlin Tourism Fair, as well as the lack of a controversial achievement from the last month of Expo 202 Dubai, Has put tourism activists in a critical position compared to this performer with a bolder literary and cultural background.

In the second part of the press conference, which was attended by experts and tourism activists at the Club House to examine the Iran Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Khashayar Nikzadfar, CEO of the parent company specializing in Iran Tourism Development, in response to a critique of how to choose The presenter, considering his background and also the unexpected performance of the tourist room in the Iranian pavilion at Expo Dubai, explained: “Expo Dubai was supposed to be held last year, but unfortunately the Corona virus delayed it by a year.” In 1998, we were supposed to do the executive work of the expo, so before ITB Berlin, we called and chose a presenter, and Sarv Bonyan Adabi announced its readiness for foreign exhibitions and won international tourism exhibitions, including ITB Berlin. And hold the Dubai Expo, the contract was closed.

“As a state-owned company, we prefer to do this with the participation of the private sector,” he continued, commenting and defending the Iranian pavilion at the Dubai Expo. We called for the selection of a host for international tourism fairs. The call was published in a widely circulated newspaper and we informed all associations and private organizations. Unfortunately, no one came forward and the company announced its readiness and won the call and we signed a contract. It was stipulated in the contract that if an exhibition is not held in the coming year, the company will implement it next year, which also included the Dubai Expo. Referring to the delay in paying off the debt of the German exhibition, which is one of the reasons for protesting against the continuation of the selected organizer for international tourism exhibitions, he said: The company designed and built a booth for the German exhibition and He transferred his money to Germany, it was being installed, but unfortunately the exhibition was canceled. He had paid for the land through an exchange office in the UAE, but was dealt with because of harsh sanctions. We had to act from South Korea. Tour operators believe that this money has reached the organizer of the exhibition, but we have evidence that the money was transferred to the account of the Korean company, but unfortunately we did not receive the Swift and the Koreans refuse to pay this money. Nikzadfar regarding the opinion and defense about the Iranian pavilion at the Dubai Expo added: more than 50% of the demands of the tour operators have been paid from the Iranian booth at the German exhibition and the non-payment is due to disputes over cargo transportation. However, the host announced his readiness to repay the money in cash and installments three times in April, June and August of 1999, and unfortunately the tour operators did not agree. This story should not have gotten here. In my opinion, it is a difference of taste that has reached here and we will resolve it, God willing. More than half of the claims are paid and the rest is paid by the executor and there is no problem.

The CEO of the parent company specializing in Iran Tourism Development also said about the implementation of the tourism room in the Iran pavilion at the Dubai Expo: The expo is held every five years, 2015 was in Shanghai, China, before that it was in Milan that the organization Cultural heritage and tourism in those years did not have much organizational presence in the expo and usually participated in the shadow of the Ministry of Culture and Guidance. In the headquarters of Expo 2020, we had a lot of challenges in the sub-committees with the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, the Ministry of Sports, etc., as the claimants of previous years, but with a lot of effort and despite the problems, we were able to establish a clear and independent position for tourism and the Ministry. Define cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts at the expo.

Regarding one of the comments and defenses about the Iran Pavilion at the Dubai Expo, he added: “One of the challenges that caused trouble for us and the presenter and we continue to face it is that the Exhibition Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the custodian and representative Iran in the Iran Expo Pavilion From the stage of land delivery to the construction of the booth and delivery to the people it managed, it was supposed to receive $ 9 million credit for the Iran Pavilion, which according to the meetings, 16% of that credit was allocated “To make up 84% of the exhibition by generating revenue, so they leased most of the exhibition venues to another company, including the restaurant we corresponded with two years ago because of its importance and role in tourism.” /

The commercial part of the pavilion that we wanted to supply Iranian handicrafts was sold to another company. They also sold the exhibition sponsorship to another company. Practically everything that generated income in this exhibition and through which we could introduce tourism and handicrafts, was closed to us and we had no tools and what was presented today in Hall No. 2 of Iran Pavilion, which is dedicated to tourism. It can be images and content that the host company has prepared in a few months.

Nikpadfar said: “Of course, Dr. Shalbafian, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, held good negotiations and agreed to transfer some very special sections from the Iranian Exhibitions Joint Stock Company. We are concluding a contract that is a space reserved for agencies.” Hotels and tourist facilities that want to introduce themselves.

He added: The content of the Iran Pavilion tourist room is being completed. Of course, the General Directorate of Public Relations of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts is working on this issue and is preparing very good content to show what is in the dignity of our country in the coming days.

He also referred to the stage of the Iranian pavilion, half of which is dedicated to introducing Iranian rituals, music and tourism capacities, and can also be used by tourism facilities and activists.

The CEO of the parent company of Iran Tourism also explained about the absence of some provinces, such as Isfahan, which did not have a plan for the expo: Government departments must obtain a permit to travel to foreign countries, and we are caught up in administrative matters. Therefore, we have to review the table of presence of the provinces so that provinces like Isfahan, which is a rich province in tourism, will be present. We were supposed to select 15 ritual groups, each of which will be present at the expo for 12 days, and we will try to use the capacity of all provinces.

Following this discussion, Mahmoud Bankdarnia, a member of the Iranian Tour Operators Association, asked what was the history of the company selected to conduct foreign tourism fairs and why when the former Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts ordered the deposit The guarantee of this company, the compensation of the participants of the German exhibition should be paid, this action was not done? This company has told us that it is the representative of the parent company specializing in Iran Tourism and I have no responsibility to you. Which tourism exhibition has this company held? Show the records to find out why this number of exhibitions has been safely entrusted to such a company.

In response to these questions, Nikzadfar, CEO of the parent company specializing in Iran Tourism Development, said: “Sarv Bonyan Adabi Company has a cultural background and this is a gap that we feel in foreign exhibitions.” Our presence in the exhibitions has become more commercial, we have to show the culture and attractions of Iran in the exhibitions so that the visitors are interested in attending in Iran in order to find an economic aspect.

He added: “The company works as cultural ambassadors in different countries, as if a similar program was designed at the German exhibition.” The company had obtained the necessary points according to the call, the documents of which are also available. When we called, none of the companies and those whose job it was to be an exhibition came, and we had to choose a presenter for the exhibition, and this performer had the conditions we were looking for.

He also answered the question on the basis of which indicators and principles, the contract of 23 foreign tourism fairs was concluded together with a company that had no previous presence in the presence of tourism fairs and based on resume and background. Its performance, approach and activity is mostly in the field of literature and culture, and in its records, there are exhibitions that have not been held because of Corona, such as the exhibition of Germany and the victory of Spain, what score has the company gained that Qualified by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts as an executor? “It’s not our problem that others did not notice the call,” he said

We called in the newspaper and corresponded with all the associations. We can legally select the executor after several calls. The Expo is a cultural Olympics. We attend the expo to introduce our country. In this area, more content work needs to be done and the company is very active and capable in this area. It is as if he has produced a scenario for the exhibition with his credits and content, and perhaps, the tourist booth is the only place in the 2,000-meter pavilion of Iran that has bought the country’s reputation.

He also stated: What ability should the moderator of the exhibition have, especially in the subject of expo !? It should be able to introduce the country and display it so that the visitor is interested in seeing Iran and is directed to the tourist facilities. There is no problem in introducing the country of this company. Why do you think this company is not capable, given that there was a competitor that we chose from several companies and eliminated competitors for no reason. As for Fitor Spain, by the way, the Automobile and Tourism Association won.

“I wonder why this is happening, we have not chosen a company among several people,” Nikzadfar said. Only one company announced its readiness to recall. I do not know why others did not participate then and now everyone is claiming. In the next calls, we will evaluate whoever participates and the best one will be selected.

Bankdarnia, a member of the Tour Operators Association, also questioned the records of the parent company specializing in Iran Tourism Development in the implementation of tourism fairs and said: “Do you think that through a newspaper call you could have promoted international fairs?” Which association and organization have you corresponded with? How do you call for the smallest issues, but only correspond for the important topic of the exhibitions? In response, Nikzadfar stated: There is correspondence that we have not received a response. It was also a newspaper call and was published on the Aria Heritage website. What could be done when others did not come? We could not procrastinate. We had to choose a performer in a period of time.

A member of the Tour Operators Association also followed up on the payment of tour operators’ requests from the German exhibition from this company as the organizer of international exhibitions, to which Nikzadfar replied: The company pays for the offices and there is no problem. It seems that in April 1999, after the cancellation of the German exhibition, he announced his readiness to pay the check in two stages, which Mr. Pourfaraj, the president of the Tour Operators Association, said was only cash! In June 1999, the director of the company announced his readiness to pay half of this money in cash and the rest in a two-month check that a number of agencies came to get their money, but again Mr. Pourfaraj called for no one to come, only cash! In August 1999, the host again announced his readiness to pay half of the money in cash and the other half a one-month check, which they repeated again, only cash! The company paid around 300,000 euros for the Berlin show and I have the documents. In total, he received 90,000 euros from the agencies and 80,000 euros was the land money that he has not received yet.

Bankdar, a member of the Tour Operators Association, noted that according to information received from the director of the Berlin Exhibition, the Iranian land money was paid two months after the ITB was canceled. Nikzad said: “This money is in the account of a Korean company that We want Swift, Germany does not want Swift.

The CEO of the parent company of Iran Tourism Development also said: You can complain about the executive guarantee. The contract states that for any reason, if the circumstances of force majeure arise, the company will pay. I suggested to the tour operators’ community to file a lawsuit and bring a court order, and we will deduct this payment from the company’s guarantee. While the manager of this company has no problem to pay this money, as if he has spent nearly three or four billion tomans in the expo so far, without us paying any money.

He also stated in response to the expectations for a strong presence of the presenter in the expo and dissatisfaction with the performance of Iran in this important event: I do not know what is the definition of a strong presence !? I wish we had at least one image of a strong presence. We still welcome any executive proposal. Our content in the Iranian pavilion is getting richer day by day. This is a national event and the reputation of the country is at stake, and we welcome the proposals with open arms.

Nikzadfar added: $ 9 million was to be allocated to the Iranian pavilion, 16% of which was taken by a joint stock company. Many things could be done, but there are many limitations. At the same time, we are a country under sanctions and we have our own problems. There are countries like Spain that have spent several thousand million euros for the expo. Definitely the more credits you have the more work can be done. However, we do our best to get better. “After the Shanghai Expo in China, we had time for this event, how can it be said that we did not have time, we did not plan,” said Nafiseh Mashouf, one of the organizers of tourism fairs. As an exhibition company, I know where and when the exhibitions will be held in the next two years, and I plan for that. Therefore, the method of selecting a performer with a call is not acceptable. How can you inform the Iranian Exhibitions Company and someone has not come to this job because all of them are looking for exhibition affairs and a literary and cultural company has announced its readiness and has been selected !?

Harmatollah Rafiei, the chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Association of Travel Services Offices, questioned the philosophy of the specialized parent company and said: To which organization did you write a letter that we did not see !? You did not invite or write to any private sector organizations before changing the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

He added: “You have held the biggest economic and cultural event in the world like this, we should have planned it in advance, several meetings should have been held, B2B meetings for companies should have been planned week by week.” . You did not play with the private sector at all, but with toys. You could not do that and the money spent was a pity and now you have to be held accountable and the private sector has to be demanding for the money that has not been achieved in the UAE. We could not have a strong presence in the expo with the potential we have.

Rafiei also criticized the response of the parent company of Iran Tourism Development to the issue of paying the debts of tour operators from the Germany 2020 exhibition and continued: The company’s philosophy is to hold the exhibition, to provide free facilities to the private sector. . The expo is a very important event and we know that the work is over and the private sector itself must enter in order to achieve something in these few months.

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