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Corner to corner of Iran; “Kushmoghan” neighborhood of Semnan

Corner to corner of Iran; “Kushmoghan” neighborhood of Semnan

Kushmoghan neighborhood in the western part of Semnan city, along with Zavoghan and Kadivar neighborhoods, form three very old and old neighborhoods of the city, which according to the natives are “three neighborhoods”. Or are called neighborhood areas. According to the existing works, the mentioned neighborhoods are considered to be very old neighborhoods of Semnan. “Kushmoghan” is one of the old neighborhoods in the southwest of Semnan, whose original name was “Kushk Moghan”. In the past, Zoroastrian elders lived in this area. There are ancient castles of the same name in this neighborhood, which Sani al-Dawlah has mentioned in his book about the existence of a fire temple below it. Probably, their fire temple was inside the castle, which is why this area was called Kushk Moghan, which was later changed to Kushmoghan, and unfortunately, the construction on Kushmoghan castle has destroyed it in the last half century. Kushmoghan Castle used to have a moat and people used to enter the castle using bridge boards. Currently the moat around the castle remains somewhat intact. The castle has been largely destroyed in recent years due to sabotage, floods and rain. Historical castle, moat pit, water reservoir, reliance, old bath, numerous historical houses, etc., which is related to hundreds of years ago and from different historical periods, is located in Kushmoghan neighborhood. Marginalization, poverty, addiction, etc. are among the most important social harms in the “Kushmoghan” neighborhood of Semnan, which has increased in recent years. Also, with urban development, part of the old texture and architecture in the Kooshmaghan neighborhood of Semnan has changed from old houses to apartments.

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