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Criticism of the procedure followed in the final approval of tour guides

ISNA / This news was written for you about criticizing the procedure followed in the final approval of tourist guides.

Every year, more than 3,000 people take the Comprehensive Tour Guide Exam after completing training courses lasting about 10 months. In 1999, the population participating in this test in three branches of cultural guidance, nature tourism and tourism land was close to four thousand people; A test that, incidentally, was always criticized for its questions and even for the way it was conducted. However, for some time now, guides who have successfully completed those courses and comprehensive exams have been required to participate in an interview that, if approved, can go through the final process of obtaining a tourist guide card and enter the job market; An interview that many participants and even tourism instructors have called non-standard and criticized.

Nima Azari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Tourism Education Institutions and Centers of the country, referring to the widespread protests of students and tour guides against the procedure that led to the entry into the labor market, explained: Interviews that have been for some time It is carried out in the form of a committee in the cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts departments of the provinces. In paragraph “ch” of Article 2 of this regulation, tour guides must succeed in “public and private interviews” to obtain a license. The regulations were drafted by the former Deputy Minister of Tourism when he was in charge of the Office of Tourism Monitoring and Evaluation. It was later interpreted from this short paragraph that the tour guide must conduct an interview in order to obtain a license or the same card, the responsibility of which was entrusted to the tour guide associations.

Regarding the criticism of the procedure followed in the final approval of the tourist guides, he added: “This regulation has been approved by the Cabinet and it is difficult to change or even amend it.” The most important thing is that it has no interpretation. In the period of the former Deputy Minister of Tourism, who was involved in the approval of this regulation and the addition of that paragraph, we followed a lot, because certain interpretations of the same paragraph were shortened, so that it calls into question the tourism education system. Although the former Deputy Minister of Tourism himself opposed those interpretations, in reality no action was taken to change and amend that legal clause and the interpretations that had been made. In any case, it was not expected that the person who added that clause and was pursuing the passage of the same regulations would change again. Azeri stated: There is a military in the country called tourism education, if there are weaknesses and problems, they should be eliminated and optimized. Incidentally, the Association of Tourism Education Institutions wants to optimize, upgrade and eliminate educational problems. “The current situation is like having studied at a university, passing all the units successfully, and passing the exam with the same Be successful and finally, be interviewed and pass with a question. The question is, from which channel and reference was the board selected to conduct this interview approved? Why do teachers, veterans and tourism education institutions not have a representative in the committees that were formed? According to what standard and rule are the tourist guides prevented from continuing their work with a few limited questions? Is it possible to ignore an educational system and end up ruining one’s career future and labor market with dubious, non-standard and strange questions? He added: “In the committee formed for interviewing tourist guides, there are representatives from professional guides’ associations, the Office of Review and Cooperation and a representative from the Deputy of Tourism of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of the province.” With a few simple questions, they reject the guide and then decide that he or she should either take a tour as an assistant for a few courses or retake some lessons. “According to the head of the Planning and Education Office at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, the purpose of such an interview is to assess personality,” Azari said. But the questions asked do not serve such a purpose. This issue itself is under criticism, how to measure a person’s personality with one or more questions. Of course, it would be nice if they could do it right, but that is not the way to go about characterization.

He added: “Another goal that has been raised is to determine the amount of guidance information about laws and regulations.” If so, why have the questions gone the other way and become more scientific? For example, they have asked questions about one of the historical wars. The tour guide has already gone through these steps and taken a comprehensive test to assess scientific information. The objection and criticism of this section is that the sources of the questions related to the rules and regulations are not known, the guide is confused and does not know what the source of the question is.

Referring to the widespread protests over the content of the questions, the tourism instructor referred to some of them based on reports he had received from learners and guides, and said: “Learners have been asked if a terrorist is a terrorist.” What do you do as a guide when you get into a tourist car, or what do you do as a guide when a bear attacks tourists? Wasn’t the question better for characterization or the extent to which comprehensive information about rules and regulations is recognized? What do we do with learning that he has endured all the stress of the comprehensive exam and has passed about 30 credits in 10 months !?

Azari stated: The source and motive of asking these questions are not clear. Questions should be evaluated and standardized and their source should be clear. Why should they remove the comprehensive guide with one or more taste questions? The question should be spectral and the learner should have the right not to answer several questions, a set of questions should be asked. From the questions asked, it seems that the most tasteful approach is combined with personal and analytical perception and in some cases depends on the mindset of the questioner.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Association of Tourism Education Institutions and Centers also referred to the rulings given to the students after the interview, which required some to retake some courses or attend one or more tours as an assistant. : Can the zero guide participate in the tour as an assistant, even when he does not have a card !? How can Zero Guide gain experience and work experience when no agency is willing to tour this person? It will definitely hurt when things get tricky.

Azari continued: If the existing interpretation of that half-line paragraph of the Tourist Guides Regulations and the current procedure for conducting interviews is correct, why not turn it into a circular? Why is there no standard for it? Why didn’t they ask the opinion of the education authorities? We have repeatedly complained to the Office of Planning and Education of the Ministry of Tourism about the existing procedure, based on the protests and complaints of the guides and the shortcomings that have occurred, who seem to agree with us and consider the existing procedure illegal, but why stop it? Do not take? Is it possible that when the president of the university has signed the student certificate, another board, which is in charge of evaluating and combining it, dismisses that student with one or two years and one signature? The question is, where and on what basis did he confirm the scientific competence of this board, which has now become an evaluator?

He stressed: “If they can not change this resolution, at least set up a methodology with a correct and logical interpretation in accordance with the goals that have been drawn.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Association of Tourism Education Institutions and Centers of the country also stated: If the problem is the weakness of the tourism education system, we should identify and fix it. In a situation where we believe that holding a comprehensive tourism test is wrong, instead of fixing this mistake and finding a better and more efficient solution, we have added another test and interview, and we have expanded the government tent there as well. The shadow of this tent has been spread over the topics, curriculum and tourism tests for decades, why they are constantly expanding its scope, and then when they see that the problem still exists, they question the tourism education system. The new practice is a kind of delusion and insult to an educational system.

He requested that the correct procedure and interpretation be specified and publicly for that legal clause, based on which the sources of the questions be identified and the questions be standard, spectral, systematic and solvable, and more importantly, outside the tutelage of a class. Be. The class can intervene when the guide gets a card and enters the job market. A video of the tests should be made so that in case of objection, it can be reviewed by another panel. A supervisory board should be formed so that questioners are forced to ask standard questions and not act on taste. Form a committee to standardize questions.

Azari said: “If this procedure is chosen to address the shortcomings and weaknesses of education, educational institutions and teachers will certainly not have a problem with making assessments more difficult within the education system, but individuals’ scientific certificates should not be ignored and used as an excuse.” Personality assessment and recognition of the amount of information people have about rules and regulations in a non-standard way again tested the comprehensive scientific level.

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