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Daraksh village of North Khorasan; Manifestation of natural beauties and historical monuments

One of the most unique villages of our country Iran, Daraksh village of North Khorasan which is full of many natural and historical sights. Join us in the article Where is Darkash village to acquaint you with the sights of Darkesh village and how to live in Darkesh village.

When you set foot in the heart of Darkash village in North Khorasan, you should know that you are in a village located in a valley that is 1040 meters above sea level; You are in a village where the diversity of vegetation, some of which have medicinal properties, on the one hand, and watching the river that has chosen the heart of the village for its passage, on the other hand, will surely engage your mind. What will fascinate you in a nature tour, its understanding and seeing the ancient hills and springs that have fresh water, will not tire you for a moment of walking and sightseeing. The south of this village has led to Kondab valley and of course mountains to 2455 meters high.

Dear nature walker in the village of Darkash, in addition to the mountains, the valleys also have something to say in front of your eyes, and their greatness and glory is evident. Kondrizo Valley and Ring Valley, which is itself a bed for numerous springs and waterfalls, are among the pristine beauty of Darkash village in North Khorasan. If we do not mention the summer forest springs, crypts and of course the green forests, we have not spoken about the comprehensive village of Darkash in North Khorasan. Remember not to go to summer areas in this village. The south of Daraksh village plays an important role in enjoying the time you spend staying in Daraksh village by showing the lush and dreamy lands that provide a bed for the Zumar River and seem to accompany the water with its green freshness.

If you are good at recognizing medicinal plants, take part in a nature tour of Darkash village in North Khorasan. Scientists in the field of botany have not neglected this divine gift in the village of Darkash, and in their discoveries, they have identified 380 species of plants that have been used to cure the pain of many diseases in traditional medicine. Of course, 79 of these plants have high therapeutic value and are very noteworthy.

According to the article, where is the village of Darkash, you should know that the natives of the village are inseparable from the beauties of the village. 200 families live in Perkesh and most of them are engaged in agriculture. Of course, the village atmosphere has created other jobs for the residents, such as gardening and animal husbandry. The products of the village, which are the result of the work and activities of the Kurdish people of Kermanji, include wheat, barley, alfalfa, corn and sugar beet. In Darkash village, grape, walnut, peach and apple trees are also among the most significant trees in orchards.

The people of Daraksh village have Jafari Shiite religion. According to the article, where is the village of Darkash, you should know that a recreational complex has been built in the village, which is in the context of the village itself; A resort with the view of high mountains, which sometimes hosts the clouds cut off from the sky, and the passage of a river through the lower part of this recreational complex, has made it more beautiful. If you want, you can call and even book your place and food to stay in Darkash village.

In addition to natural attractions that show unique beauty to tourists, this village has a long history in terms of antiquity, and Sabzali Ali Khan Qarachorlu tower, ancient hills around the village and, of course, Ghezelr Qala Mehr confirms They are old.

Due to the mountainous conditions and of course the existence of green forests, this area is a refuge for many animals and of course birds such as eagles, hawks, vultures and partridges. The forests on the outskirts of the village are actually home to animals such as rams, ewes, wolves and leopards, and bears and pigs have also been seen in the area. According to this article, it is necessary to know that the main animals of this region are marals.

30km Ashkhaneh City and more precisely 70km Bojnurd , your destination in this area is nature tourism. From Bojnourd, you have to choose the kitchen path. Along the way, you will surely come across the sign of the village of Kalateh in Sufi times. When you see this sign, cross it and before you reach Jozak, there is a side road that will allow you to reach the village of Darkash.

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