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Darband Tehran; From the lushness of the trees to the majesty of the mountains

Darband Tehran; From the lushness of the trees to the majesty of the mountains
Darband is a small example of Tehran. Its climate is as clean as old Tehran and its alleys are spectacular. Its bright restaurants, however, are similar to those of Tehran, which know the people of the capital well and know what to stare at.In this article Alibaba Tourism Magazine we are on the way to Tehran. We have room for a few people; So if you want to see another side of Tehran for a few hours, join us.

Where is the lock?

Tehran, Tajrish Square, Fanakhsaro Street, Darband Square.

What is the best time to visit Darband?

Darband is a summer and the best time to visit the summer is spring and summer. However, in autumn and winter, Darband has its own beauties.

What are the amenities of Darband?

Restaurant, restroom, supermarket, prayer hall, leisure facilities, health center, hotel and taxi stations.

What are the recreational facilities?

Photography, mountaineering, Tehran sledding, hiking, telescoping and tummy tuck.

Darband neighborhood from the past to the present

Tehran Prison was chosen about 200 years ago by a Taleghani couple looking for a place to start a family and live. Over time, this region became more colorful and came to the attention of the rulers and elders of Tehran.

During the Qajar period, when Tehran became the capital of Iran, Darband became a favorite summer resort for kings and princes, and finally Nasser al-Din Shah ordered the construction of a dining mansion in this neighborhood.

دربند تهران در گذشته

The prosperity of Darband, but it was not limited to the Qajar period, and in the Pahlavi period, by the order of Reza Shah, a guest house of The size of the reception for foreign guests was made.

Since 200 years ago, when the foundation stone of this pleasant neighborhood was laid, Darband is considered one of the best and most popular neighborhoods in Tehran and has always been one of the first choices for people to have fun in Places of interest in Tehran .

This summer has its own climate in each season. In cold weather, the carts that sell beans and beans are on the way, and in the heat, cobs, almond chunks and fresh walnuts are spread out. Of course, lustful plums and lavashka are the constant foot of all days and seasons and can not be easily bypassed.

What is the story of the famous statue of Darband?

Darband mountaineering statue is located in Sarband square, which is the beginning of the route. This sculpture was made by Reza Lal Riahi, one of the prominent sculptors and painters of the Pahlavi period.

مجسمه معروف دربند

It is interesting to know this sculpture from a real model Made an army sergeant and mountaineering and skiing instructor in Iran. A person named Amir Shah Ghadami, who was trapped in 1341 due to rescuing American forces at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius in Zardkuh, received a medal of merit from the then President of the United States, Kennedy.

This former sergeant and colonel continued to live in Iran after the revolution, and unfortunately in 1391, he said goodbye to the world.

Darband Attractions

It is not without reason that the prison has always been and is being considered. The attractions and sights of this area are so many and heartwarming that every once in a while you feel the urge to visit this neighborhood. Once you want to taste the food of Darband, once again you want to be alone in the heart of the mountain and above the restaurants and shops, and sometimes you may want to sit by the river and see the passage of life.

1- Twin Falls

Twin Falls is one of the most famous sights of Darband among climbers. The reason for naming is that this waterfall has two branches, which depicts a beautiful view.

آبشار زیبای طبیعت

Of course, it goes without saying that the Twin Falls is a seasonal waterfall and is formed by the melting of autumn and winter snows. So if you go to Darband to see this waterfall, be sure to choose spring and summer when the snow has a chance to melt.

If you enter this way, the crowd will decrease And the opportunity to enjoy more privacy. Of course, the telescopic route also leads to the Osun Valley, which, although more secluded, will not be without shops and restaurants. The other choice is yours.

Whether you go from the main route or the telescopic route, the routes merge in a highway called the “Glacier Dam”. The path on the left is the path that takes you to the valley and the Osun Hotel. Of course, the spring and summer of the Osun Valley are not insignificant, but the autumn of this valley brings you one of the most beautiful autumns.

I have not forgotten to say that the closest way to reach the Shirpala refuge is the Osun Valley route.

Although this shrine does not have special facilities for long-term stay, but for the people of this area and even passers-by, a quiet retreat It is high on the mountain and it is happy.

I leave the location of this shrine to you so that you can easily find it if you want to go on pilgrimage.

امامزاده معروف دربند If you go to the Osun Valley, it is not bad to put Sutak waterfall in your favor.

5- Abdominal Round

Not everyone who gets in the way is looking for nature and mountaineering. For some, incarcerated entertainment is reduced to tastes and guts. Not everyone is supposed to enjoy the same things, right?

آبشار سوتک

Summary Fresh that has something to say for every taste and temperament, is full! From kebabs and daisies to pickles and fresh fruits of the season.

Closed restaurants

The pleasant climate of Tehran and its various and colorful attractions open the feet of many tourists and residents of this capital. The popularity of this area has led to the prosperity of many businesses, including restaurants. Restaurants that are closed entertainments and are always in competition to attract more customers.

Here are a few well-known restaurants that will make it easier for you to choose if you fall for them.

1- Persian Garden Restaurant

Persian Garden Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants that you do not need to travel long distances to reach it and you can reach it with a short walk.

This restaurant has a clean and attractive atmosphere, as well as Its customers are very satisfied with the taste and presentation of the food. The only thing is the relatively high price of food, which is not too far from the expected, considering the quality offered.

Among the dishes of this restaurant, kebabs and among kebabs, Bakhtiari has more fans.

2- Garden Paradise Restaurant

The architecture of Bagh-e Behesht restaurant, at first glance, reminded me of the stepped villages of Iran. The design of this restaurant gives you a pleasant feeling, and despite its multi-storey nature, it is as if there is an aristocracy to all customers and they are all sitting around a trip!

رستوران باغ ایرانی

The garden paradise restaurant also has a relatively expensive menu that may Considering the high quality of the food, it is acceptable to you. Tray of Kebab and Mirza Ghasemi are the most popular dishes of this restaurant.

3- Waterfall Canteen

The waterfall dining area, which is located in the middle of the mountaineering route, is more intimate than the previous two restaurants. Outdoor beds and the sound of the river can be heard creating a simple and good atmosphere.

رستوران باغ بهشت

In the waterfall canteen, everything is normal. From space to quality and price of food. Of course, being ordinary is not a bad description; We all want normal but calm moments sometimes.

Even if you are a hookah smoker, you will not be left without smoke and fumes in this cafeteria.

4- Astan Restaurant

The first thing that distinguishes Astan Restaurant from other restaurants around is its traditional atmosphere. The second thing is the warm and friendly behavior of the staff of Astan restaurant, to be honest, it is less seen in other restaurants in this neighborhood.

سفره خانه آبشار

Now if you put the good quality of the food next to these two, you will understand well why Astan restaurant is crowded most of the time.

One of the most popular meals of Astan Darband restaurant, seasonal breakfasts It ‘s winter.

Although the menu of this restaurant has a good variety, but you do not fall into the trap of different foods and if you are a broth, order Daisy without this and that.

Another good news is that the prices are really commensurate with the quality of the food and will satisfy you.

6- Kuhpayeh Restaurant

Kuhpayeh restaurant is really beautiful. The open and closed space of this restaurant leaves you free to choose and with its attractive design, it will definitely be memorable for you.

رستوران رست

The sound of a waterfall near the mountain restaurant plays the best live music for you and puts your heart in its place.

The prices of this restaurant are not low, but it can be said that they are in line with the service and quality offered. If you are one of those people who look at food more than prices, I suggest you the foothills.

7- Mountain foot restaurant

The name of the restaurant “Foot of the Mountain” would be much more appropriate if it was called “Mian Rud”. The Mountain Foot Restaurant is a completely mid-level restaurant that is differentiated by its beds in the middle of the river.

If you are not very sensitive to food and its acceptable quality is enough for you, do not miss the atmosphere of the restaurant at the foot of the mountain. You will definitely not find watching the river and sitting on the boards in the middle of the water in every restaurant.

8- Youth restaurant

The youth restaurant has 3 branches in Darband, Tehran, and the atmosphere of all three is similar to each other. If you ask me, the youth restaurant is the most similar to my mental image of a restaurant in captivity!

A restaurant with a paving stone at the entrance that is always swept and decorated with colorful trees and lights.

The youth restaurant is a good choice for times when your heart wants to change periodically and the weather. The prices are not so high that it can be compared to other luxury restaurants, nor are they so low that we doubt the quality of the food.

9- Street food

Speaking of street food, we may hear different opinions from those who like it or not. For example, I want to take a spoon in my hand, turn the lid up and down, and peck at any food sold on the street.

جاهای تفریحی تهران

Although there are many restaurants in Darband, eating heart and liver along the street has another benefit. Recently, mobile cafes are closing in and adding new colors and glazes to this neighborhood.

In short, standing on one foot and eating street food is also universal. Do not miss!

غذاهای خیابانی

Entertainment Darband

Wherever there is a mountain, both nature and the sign of man, there is a great variety of entertainment. Darband is no exception to this rule and offers us good options.

1- Mountaineering in Darband mountain

There are two ways to get to Darband for mountaineering. The first is the usual mountaineering route and the second is telescoping. Usually, climbers who intend to climb for a long time and heavy, start the journey by telescoping and store their energy for higher altitudes.

To say the best time for mountaineering is to say it is easy and difficult. Naturally, in spring and summer, due to the summery nature of this region, the weather and conditions are more favorable for mountaineers, and in cold weather, the work becomes more difficult and requires more professional mountaineers.

Shirpala Shelter is a welfare complex and resort for climbers who climb above the Twin Falls. Shirpala provides the necessary facilities such as dormitory, bathroom, buffet and prayer hall and is a good place for rejuvenation.

2- Walking in Darband

Simple and sweet spring and summer fun in Darband is walking. Of course, let’s not forget that the autumn of Darband is not insignificant and the cold can be bought for life.

پیاده روی در دربند تهران

In hot weather, you will not need special equipment except comfortable clothes and shoes.

3- Darband trap

Telescoping is not just for climbers, and many people look at it as one of the captive pastimes, and I agree with them.

پیاده روی و کوه نوردی در تهران

You may be wondering how safe the telescope is. Well, in general, the level of safety of Iranian televisions is the same as you can see in the picture. If you are afraid of heights or get anxious quickly, it will not be a good choice for you.

I would also like to say that the year of making this telescope dates back to 50 years ago. Estimate its security with yourself.

The cost of a one-way ticket: 33 thousand tomans

The cost of the return ticket: 49 thousand tomans

Working days of Darband TeleSage: all days of the week (7 am – 11 pm)

کوهنوردی دربند تهران

4- Tehran sledge

Tehran sled is located in Golabdereh Park, Darband. This sledge was inaugurated in 1392, which is probably good news for you, because at least you know that the sledge structures are not worn out and have more safety.

Sledding is not an experience to tell yourself because once I have tried it, it is no longer attractive and will be enjoyable for you every time. The maximum speed of this sled is 40 km / h, which is not too high to be afraid of, nor is it too low to get bored.

If you want to watch the scene more carefully while moving, use the levers next to your seat to slow down. Of course, if the person behind your head is not paying attention or his mischief blooms, you will collide.

In addition to this attractive sledge, there are other entertainments in Golabdereh Park, such as electric car, horror safari and four-dimensional cinema, which can entertain you a lot.

Ticket price: 40 thousand tomans

Working days of Tehran sleigh: Saturday – Wednesday from 2 noon to 7 pm. / Thursday and Friday and other holidays 10 am to 7 pm.

5- Photography

Darband is one of those old neighborhoods of Tehran that still, although few, have natives. Associating with the residents of this area and photographing their lifestyle has always been of interest to photography enthusiasts.

سورتمه تهران

Photography of the nature of the four seasons of captivity, which has nothing more to say and is obvious. Lively trees and sky-highs, memorable garden alleys, people biting the neighborhood, and roaring waterfalls and rivers. These are all the most direct and at the same time the most attractive images that sit well in the camera lens of photographers.

Darband Amenities

In Darband neighborhood, there are facilities for tourists that it is good to have in mind:

  1. A medical center that can help with emergency and simple help. The center is located on Darband Street, not far from the square.
  2. Chapel and public toilet which is early in the route.
  3. For sleeping and relaxing between the mountaineering trail, Shirpala Shelter and for accommodation and tourism, Osun
  4. Hotel, which is located in Osun Valley, can provide good facilities.
  5. There is plenty of parking space on the streets leading to Darband, except in busy times when you may be in a bit of trouble.
  6. There is also a supermarket and a restaurant that is eye-catching.

The best time to visit Darband

The summers always show their best hospitality in spring and summer. Darband is one of the most beautiful summers in Tehran, which is warmer in hot weather and its reception is more detailed.

Autumn and winter in Tehran are also very spectacular. However, you need to be better equipped and guided, especially if you are planning to climb. The most important recommendation, after being equipped, is group climbing.

Where is Darband?

To get to Darband, you can go by car and park nearby, and there is an option to use public transport. If the second option is your choice, take a bus or subway to Tehran to “Tajrish” station and from there take taxis that go to Darband Square itself.

I will put the address and location of Darband on Google Map for you to be comfortable in any way.

Address: Tehran, Tajrish Square, Fanakhsaro Street, Darband Square.

Darband; A shelter in Tehran itself

We, the capitalists, always complain about Tehran and its traffic and noise. Until a traveler comes to us, we think that Tehran has no place to see, and now in this polluted Tehran, where should we take it to be a good host for our guests?

But if we saw the same closure next to our ears in another city, we would have a good taste and said: Look here! What a pity we are wasting our lives in Tehran!

We ourselves, Tehran is not less beautiful and it is enough to make an effort to get to know it better. So, if you know of other places of interest in Tehran and its surroundings, leave us a comment so that we can go to it and introduce it.

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