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Delicious tour in the best restaurants of Isfahan

How do we know Isfahan? To Gaz, to beautiful handicrafts, to beautiful and immortal historical monuments? Yes, of course, all these things make Isfahan desirable and attractive. But in addition to all this, there is delicious food and the best of all in Isfahan, which brings thousands of travelers and tourists to the restaurants of this city every year. It is because of this high number of Iranian and foreign tourists that this city has the best food and the best restaurants in the country. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , you will get acquainted with the best restaurants in Isfahan with different types of food and different decor styles. So stay tuned.

What are the best restaurants in Julfa, Isfahan?

Julfa is one of the oldest neighborhoods in one of the oldest cities in Iran. Everywhere in this neighborhood you will find small and large historical monuments, each of which is worth seeing. But in the midst of all this surfing, you need food and drink and a place to rest. The best restaurants in Isfahan, which are located in Jolfa neighborhood, are Ark A, Hermes, and Khwangster restaurants, each of which is ready to serve customers with excellent menus and spectacular atmosphere.

What are the best Mardavich restaurants in Isfahan?

If you pass by Mardavij Street in Isfahan, be sure to visit the Italian restaurant. But if you are just looking for socializing with friends and exciting and delicious drinks, you should try one of the cafes on Mardavij Street. There are many cafes on this street, the most special of which is Blanche Cafe. This cafe with its completely white and modern atmosphere was actually an old plane that has now been turned into a cafe. The other cafes on this street are Cafe Lemon, Amir Chocolate, and Cafe Moon.

What are the best restaurants in Isfahan?

Marq is one of the summer roads of Isfahan that you can go to enjoy the beautiful nature and open air. One of the best restaurants in this neighborhood is the garden of Khan Nashin restaurant, which in addition to a very beautiful atmosphere, also serves delicious food and drinks. In addition, the traditional night’s tea house on this road is also a destination for many travelers from all over the city and the country.

Isfahan Iranian Restaurants

Shahrzad Restaurant, a restaurant with a nostalgic atmosphere

Shahrzad is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan, which has been providing customer service since the 1940s.

رستوران شهرزاد از بهترین رستوران های اصفهان This restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Isfahan for two reasons, one is the high quality of food and service, and the other is old and beautiful decor. In this restaurant, you can order one of the most original and delicious Isfahani desserts, namely yogurt stew. In addition, a special burger, which is the main lunch of Isfahanis on holidays, is served with the best quality in this restaurant.

Shahrzad restaurant decor is a beautiful combination of colored mirrors and old and original murals. Shahrzad is 50 years old and those who went to this restaurant 50 years ago remember the same paintings and the same mirrors. That is why walking in Shahrzad Hall is like walking in the tunnel of time, a tunnel that takes you to the era of colorful houses and saffron perfume. Finally, if you go to Isfahan for travel and entertainment, one of the best souvenirs you can take home with you is Shahrzad’s delicious, roasted, and stewed memory.

  • Instagram of Shahrzad Restaurant: shahrzadisfahan
  • Address of Shahrzad Restaurant: ، Isfahan, Chaharbagh Abbasi St., Abbas Abad St.
  • Shahrzad Restaurant Phone Number: 031 12204490

Shahrzad restaurant address on the map

Brian Azam Restaurant, 400 years of dining experience in a 100 year old restaurant

Yes, it is true, Biryani has been cooked in Isfahan for 400 years. This food is one of the most famous dishes of this city and Azam Biryani restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan where you can eat biryani. This restaurant was opened in 1295 and has been a hangout for Briani fans ever since. The main feature of this restaurant is that you can order grilled and grilled broth with local doogh.

رستوران بریانی اعظم در رستوران های ایرانی اصفهان Of course, grilled broth is different from what you have in mind as a broth, so you should try to see if you like it or not. Grilled broth is served with grilled meat and slices of bread. You should know that both of these foods are so fatty and high in calories that after eating them, you can walk all over Isfahan without feeling tired and hungry.

Another thing about Biryani Azam is that this restaurant has four branches, all of which are located in the busy and touristy streets of the city. You should be aware that all branches of the Big Brian are very crowded on holidays and you may not get food. So you can either deliver your food outside, or leave a few hours earlier to avoid overcrowding. In any case, it is not without reason that Biryani Azam is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan.

Address of the first branch of Azam Briyani restaurant on the map

  • Address of the second branch of Azam Biryani Restaurant: Isfahan – Masjed Seyed St. – next to the Post Office
  • Telephone number of the second branch of Biryani Azam Restaurant: 031-33383070

Address of the second branch of Azam Briyani restaurant on the map

  • Address of the third branch of Azam Biryani Restaurant: Isfahan – Kamal Ismail St. – next to the gas station
  • Phone number of the third branch of Azam Briyani restaurant: 031-32125730

Address of the third branch of Azam Briyani restaurant on the map

  • Address of the fourth branch of Azam Biryani restaurant: Isfahan – Chaharbagh Bala St. – Nazar Crossroads – next to the gas station
  • Phone number of the fourth branch of Azam Briyani restaurant: 031-36280939

Address of the fourth branch of Azam Briyani restaurant on the map

Naghsh Jahan traditional restaurant, the pleasure of eating near the most beautiful square of Isfahan

In the city of Isfahan, ask everyone where the first place you should see is, says Naghsh Jahan Square. This square is so beautiful and clear that you can walk, sit, or even lie down for hours. Naghsh Jahan traditional restaurant around this square is one of the most beautiful and largest dining halls in Isfahan. If you want to eat a great meal for a special occasion, or to entertain your foreign guests with the most complete sample of Iranian atmosphere and food, Naghsh Jahan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan that you can choose.

رستوران سنتی نقش جهان If you go to Isfahan during the warmer months of the year, you can sit on the restaurant terrace. This way you can imagine that you are inside the square, because you completely dominate the role of the world square and you can go and watch the movement of people in it. But in the colder months of the year, go inside the restaurant.

The first thing that catches your eye as soon as you enter the restaurant is the decor of this restaurant. The hall of this restaurant is covered with traditional paintings and colored mirrors. You can sit on one of the restaurant tables and order your food. The restaurant does not have the role of a table and chairs, but instead the tables of this restaurant are so big and spacious that even with a large number, you can easily sit together.

But you might be wondering what to order at Naghsh Jahan restaurant? Of course, the traditional dishes of Isfahan, namely biryani and yogurt stew, are good choices. But what regular customers of the world like is the variety of kebabs in this restaurant. For this reason, be sure to include kebab and shish kebabs among your orders.

  • Instagram Naghsh Jahan Restaurant: restaurant_sonati_naghshejahan
  • Address of Naghsh Jahan Restaurant: Imam Square, corner of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Phone number of Naghsh Jahan restaurant: 031-32200729 and 031-32203345

Address of Naghsh Jahan restaurant on the map

Jarchi Bashi Restaurant, experience of eating in the bathroom

Yes, do not be surprised! When you go to Jarchi Bashi restaurant, you are actually eating in the bathroom. The building of this restaurant is actually a public bath, which was built during the Safavid period and around 1019 AD.

رستوران جارچی باشی Haj Seyed Ahmad Eftekhari was engaged in the renovation of this historical building between 2003 and 2011 and turned it into a restaurant and a reception hall. Today, between 250 and 300 people can eat at the same time in this restaurant and enjoy its amazing interior.

It is not really strange that Jarchi Bashi restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan. When you step into this restaurant, you will encounter such a view that it takes several minutes to digest all the beautiful corners of this restaurant. After you turn your attention away from the decor, tiles and delicacies of the restaurant and turn to the menu, you will see that you can order traditional Iranian dishes such as Shirin, Ploo and Marsa Ploo. Of course, Karchideh Jabchi Bashi is also very popular among the regular customers of this restaurant.

  • Instagram of Jarchibashi Restaurant: jarchibashi
  • Address of Jarchi Bashi Restaurant:. Isfahan. Sepah St. – Hakim St. – 7th Alley or Bagh Qalandarha Alley – King Jarchi Bashi Historical and Residential Complex
  • Phone number of Jarchi Bashi restaurant: ‌ 32207453

Address of Jarchi Bashi restaurant on the map

Toranj Restaurant, a historic house that has been turned into a restaurant

Toranj Restaurant or Huans Restaurant Complex is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan, which is located in Jolfa neighborhood. This restaurant was originally a historic house located next to the historic church of Hwans. This old house has a special architecture that is built in two parts. The western part of the house is older and the eastern part was added later.

رستوران ترنج از بهترین رستوران های اصفهان

  • Instagram Toranj Restaurant: toranj_house
  • Address of Toranj Restaurant: Isfahan, Khaghani St., Havans Shirazi Alley, Ramin Alley, Havans House (Toranj House)
  • Phone number of Toranj restaurant: 36293788-031

Juan Gostar restaurant, modern atmosphere and unforgettable food

As a traveler to Isfahan, you will probably reach Wank Church and Jolfa neighborhood. One of the best restaurants in Isfahan, which is located in this neighborhood, is Khan Gostar restaurant on the ground floor of Jolfa Hotel. This restaurant with a modern environment and delicious food has been serving customers since the mid-sixties.

رستوران خوان گستر اصفهان When you go to Juan Gostar Restaurant, the first thing that catches your eye is the relaxing blue and azure decor of the restaurant. In addition, you will see paintings of the greatest artistic figures of our country everywhere in the hall. It will probably warm your head to see these paintings until your food is ready. Among the delicious dishes of the restaurant menu, chicken tahchin is more popular.

  • Instagram restaurant Juan Gostar: khangostar_restaurant
  • Address of Juan Gostar Restaurant: Isfahan, Vanak Church Street next to Vanak Church
  • Phone number of Juan Gostar restaurant: 031 36278989

Address of Juan Gostar restaurant on the map

Other Iranian restaurants in Isfahan

  • Nightclub Restaurant: The Garden of the Nightclub Restaurant offers you the experience of delicious food in a green and clean environment decorated with live music.
  • Ancient restaurant: In this restaurant, in addition to traditional Iranian dishes with tafdon bread and hot and fresh Sangak, you can also see pictures of the greatest myths in the history of Iran.
  • Jam Nashin Restaurant: The atmosphere of this restaurant is completely traditional and has a large and clean courtyard. In this restaurant, in addition to traditional Iranian food, you can also order a variety of seafood.
  • Aseman Hotel Revolving Restaurant: This restaurant is located on the top floor of Aseman Hotel and from above you can see a 360 degree view of Zayandehrood and the surrounding mountains.
  • Sibab Restaurant: This restaurant serves a variety of Persian, French, and fast food dishes. In addition, the dessert self-service and its order is very complete and tempting. All this aside, the beautiful green garden of this restaurant also has a very clean atmosphere.
  • Shandiz Sofeh Restaurant: This restaurant is another branch of Shandiz Mashhad, which was established in the heights of Sofeh Isfahan. In Shandiz Sefeh, in addition to delicious food, you will enjoy the mountain climate and the incredible view of nature behind the glass walls.
  • Hamdam Al-Saltanah Restaurant: Hamdam Al-Saltanah is the daughter of Amir Kabir and her house is 160 years old. The restaurant that opened in this house is one of the most characteristic restaurants in Isfahan. As soon as you sit by the candlesticks around the pool and enjoy the sound of water, a world is worth living.
  • Haj Mirza Restaurant: ‌ This old restaurant and coffee house is more like a museum. The antiques of this coffee house invite you to a trip in the heart of Isfahan’s history. In addition, the daisies of these stars are also famous and special.
  • Secretary Palace Restaurant: The best thing about this restaurant is its large colored windows. Go to this restaurant for lunch, walk from the buffet to the dining room and enjoy it by the window.
  • Zagros Restaurant: Another of the best restaurants in Isfahan with exciting views. This restaurant is built on Safa Mountain and has a very modern stone building. When you go to this restaurant, do not miss the delicious dessert buffet.
  • Arakhan Restaurant: This restaurant has three floors prepared for every taste. On the ground floor you can eat Western food, the second floor is dedicated to drinks and sandwiches, and the top floor is dedicated to authentic Iranian food.
  • Nikan Restaurant: This restaurant in one of the busiest streets of Isfahan, a few meters below ground level, has provided you with a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Baghshahr Restaurant: A space of two thousand meters in the heart of Isfahan. You can easily sit in the privacy of the restaurant pavilions and enjoy the food and atmosphere.
  • Hakim Bashi Restaurant: This restaurant also has a traditional atmosphere. Hakim Bashi is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan for Daisy and special hookah.
  • Minas Historic House Restaurant: This restaurant is actually a traditional residence built in a 400 year old building. If you travel to Isfahan, be sure to stay in this residence and enjoy the delicious food of its restaurant.

The best cafes and restaurants in Isfahan

Namakdan mansion restaurant cafe, stomach tour in Qajri house

Namakdan mansion restaurant cafe was built in one of the old houses of the city from the Qajar period. This restaurant is very similar to the grandmothers’ house, and its clean architecture and pool take you back to your childhood. One of the best things that makes Namakdan Mansion one of the best restaurants in Isfahan is that even in winter you can sit outdoors by the pool.

بهترین کافه رستوران‌های اصفهان

The inside of the restaurant, however, is full of old objects that we really see in our grandmother’s house. Old food, old sewing machines, sewing machines, and other pigs’ pans in the restaurant rooms keep you warm. The food in the Namkadan restaurant section tastes exactly like home-cooked food, so be sure to include one of the menu stews in your orders. The salt cafe section also serves a variety of delicious hot and cold drinks.

  • Instagram Namkadan Restaurant Cafe: mansion
  • Address of Namakdan Restaurant Cafe: Isfahan, Astandari St., first alley behind the kitchen
  • Phone number of Namakdan restaurant cafe: 031 32247313

The address of Namakdan restaurant cafe on the map

Firooz Sharbat Restaurant Cafe

In fact, the main name of this restaurant is Firooz Pub and Khorshkhaneh, but the locals themselves know it as Cafe Mirouz. Firooz Cafe has been decorated in the style of 40s cafes. That is, old wooden tables and chairs, old songs, and colorful and glazed paintings on the walls.

کافه رستوران فیروز شربت در بهترین کافه رستوران های اصفهان

But the decor of this restaurant has not made it one of the best restaurants in Isfahan. The most important attraction of Firooz Cafe is its attractive syrups and ice creams. When you go to this restaurant-cafe, first order one of its original and homemade stews. After you have eaten, it is time for the exciting part of the cafe. Regular customers of Firooz Cafe like turmeric vinegar and turquoise cucumber syrup. In addition to the ice cream of Hasrat al-Muluk, this cafe has many fans despite its strange name.

  • Instagram Sharbat Firooz Restaurant Cafe: sharbatkhaneh_firouz
  • Address of Firooz Syrup Restaurant Cafe: Isfahan, Jolfa Historical Square, Firooz Syrup House
  • Phone number of Firooz Syrup Restaurant Cafe: 031 36295462

Address of Firooz Syrup Restaurant Cafe on the map

Copper and Carpet Restaurant Cafe, a trip in the history of Isfahan

If you are from Tehran, you have probably seen the Timchehs of Tehran Bazaar. A square space surrounded by traditional cells and usually a pool of water in the middle. The cafe complex of Mes and Qali restaurant is built in one of these Timchehs in Isfahan.

کافه رستوران مس و قالی اصفهان

So if you want to step into Isfahan a hundred years ago, be sure to visit this restaurant. All around Timcheh pond are tables and chairs that are equipped with heating and cooling facilities. Therefore, in summer and winter, you can use the beautiful atmosphere of the yard.

In addition, the menu of Mes and Qali restaurant includes a variety of fast food and traditional dishes. In addition, hot and cold drinks and ice cream are served in this collection. So whatever your taste and come to this collection at any time of the day, you will probably find something to eat. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mes and Qali restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan.

  • Instagram of Mes and Qali Restaurant: ‌ messo_qali_cafe
  • Address of Copper and Carpet Restaurant: Isfahan, Naghsh Jahan Square, Sepah St., between Maidan and Governor Street, in front of the Finance Department, Timcheh Mesghali
  • Phone number of copper and carpet restaurant: 03132222764

The address of the copper and carpet restaurant on the map

Hogar Restaurant Cafe, sitting in Dehdashti house in Isfahan

Isfahan Dehdashti House was built during the Qajar period and its architecture is another beautiful and clean example of old Isfahan houses that have been turned into cafes. Rooms at the café are decorated with sash and small windows, and the décor is decorated with traditional tables and chairs.

کافه رستوران هوگر در بهترین رستوران های اصفهان

In the menu of this restaurant, you can order a variety of Iranian and cultural dishes. In addition, you can order hot and cold drinks and delicious desserts at the Hoger Restaurant Café. One of the points that has made this cafe restaurant one of the best restaurants in Isfahan is that if you are dependent enough on the rooms of this restaurant, you can choose to live in this old house instead of the hotel.

  • Instagram Hougercafe Restaurant: hougercafe
  • Address of Hogar Restaurant Cafe: Isfahan, Dolat Gate, Bab al-Rahma St., 110 Alley
  • Phone number of Hooger Restaurant Cafe: ٠٩١٣٤٢٠٨٠٠٤

Address of Hoger Restaurant Cafe on the map

Hermes Restaurant Cafe, modern environment with black and white decor

What catches the eye about the Hermes Restaurant Café is its Italian architecture and black-and-white décor. In addition, when you enter the restaurant, you see that instead of a chandelier, kitchen utensils have been hung from the ceiling. In addition, Hermes is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan, where Italian food is served professionally.

کافه رستوران هرمس اصفهان

Garlic bread and baked potatoes are popular Italian delicacies that you can order in Hermes. After that it is pizza and pasta and lasagna which are the Italians of the collection. Of course, Hermes regular customers also praise Bifastraganov. If you go to Hermes after 9 o’clock in the morning, you can order one of the Iranian, English or French breakfasts from the breakfast menu of this cafe-restaurant.

  • Instagram Hermes Restaurant Cafe: hermescafe
  • Address of Hermes Restaurant Cafe: Isfahan – Hakim Nezami St. – Jolfa St. – Not far from Jolfa Square
  • Phone number of Hermes Restaurant Cafe: 031 35555555

Arc A Restaurant Cafe, watching Vank Church from your dining table

The ArkA restaurant is located right in front of the Wank Church, so after you leave the church you can refresh yourself at the ArkA and have a coffee. In fact, Arca Restaurant Cafe is famous for its coffee and non-espresso coffees.

کافه رستوران آرک آ در کافه رستوران های اصفهان

The courtyard of ArcA Restaurant Cafe is so clean that you do not want to go inside and see the interior of the restaurant. Choose one of these tables and sit and watch the magnificent view of one of the oldest churches in Iran. In addition to hot and cold drinks, you can experience a variety of sandwiches, Italian and Persian dishes at Arca.

  • Instagram Arca Restaurant Cafe: arccaferest
  • Address of Ark A restaurant cafe: Isfahan – Jolfa neighborhood – in front of Vank church
  • Phone number of Arc Restaurant Cafe: 031 36290920

The address of Arca Restaurant Cafe on the map

The best fast foods in Isfahan

Food Court City Center, fast food in one of the largest shopping malls in the world

City Center Shopping Center is the eighth largest shopping center in the world. The facilities of this entertainment center include a cinema hall, a playground, a shopping center, and one of the best restaurants in Isfahan. Food Court City Center has two floors above the center. In spring and summer, you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view in addition to delicious food.

بهترین فست‌فودهای اصفهان

At Foodcourt City Center, not only can you order a variety of sandwiches and pizzas, but also a variety of Iranian dishes are available to you. Lasagna and pizza are popular dishes at this restaurant. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of drinks and delicacies in the food court cafe.

  • Instagram Food Court City Center: Isfahan City Center Food Court
  • City Court Food Center Address: Isfahan, Isfahan, Shahid Dastjerdi Highway, City Center Tourism Recreation Center
  • Phone number of City Court Food Center: 031 36550504

Food Court City Center address on the map

Arabo fast food, heavenly taste of burgers and mushrooms in Julfa

Another option that is in front of you after a walk in the historical neighborhood of Jolfa is Arabo Fast Food, one of the best restaurants in Isfahan.

فست فود آرابو در بهترین فست فودهای اصفهان

This fast food has been operating for more than 40 years and its decor style has not changed since then. Everyone who goes to Arabo Fast Food believes that they have eaten the best burgers and roast beef of their lives. For this reason, do not be fooled by the simple appearance of Arabo fast food among the many chic and luxurious restaurants in Jolfa neighborhood. You can be sure that the quality and taste of the food of this old restaurant will surprise you.

  • Instagram Arabo Fast Food: sandwich
  • Arabo Fast Food Address: Hakim Nezami St., Middle View, Wank Church Alley, Arabo
  • Arabo Fast Food Phone Number: 03136276325

Arabo fast food address on the map

Ben Opti fast food, a variety of foods under one roof

Ben Opti fast food, which has recently been renamed Zaytoun, is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan, where you can find a variety of dishes. One of the most attractive things about this restaurant is its clean garden where you can enjoy your food and enjoy the open space.

فست فود بن اپتی

Another thing about Bonn Opti fast food is its great variety of foods. Ben Opti’s menu includes a variety of seafood, Western dishes, Persian dishes, and fast food and sandwiches. Of course, Isfahanis like Alfredo pasta and Italian pizza more than other dishes.

  • Instagram fast food ben opti: bonappetit_restaurants
  • Address of Fast Food Ben Opti: Isfahan Hakim Nezami Three Ways, beginning of Daneshgah Street, 22 Bahman Complex, Fast Food Ben Opti (Hakim Nezami)
  • Phone number of fast food bin opti: 031 3628 6979

Fast food address of Ben Opti on the map

The best Italian restaurants in Isfahan

Zava Italian restaurant in the best restaurants in Isfahan

One of the best restaurants in Isfahan that specializes in Italian food is Zava Restaurant.

رستوران ایتالیایی زاوا

The restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes, but among them the restaurant’s lasagna and Italian pasta are more popular. In addition, the simple and minimal environment and wooden and brick decor of the restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere that doubles the pleasure of eating. Most of those who have gone to Zava believe that Zava is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan where you can enjoy Italian food in a modern environment.

  • Instagram of Zawa Italian Restaurant: ‌ zawalounge Address of Zava Italian Restaurant: No. 47, Parvaz St., South Sheikh Sadough St., Isfahan Phone number of Zava Italian restaurant: 03136701000

Address of Xava Italian restaurant on the map

Niusha Italian Restaurant, the first Italian restaurant in Isfahan

Another of the best restaurants in Isfahan where you can taste the authentic taste of Italian food is Newsha Restaurant. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that in addition to the Italian menu, the decor and architecture of the building is also made in the Italian style. That is why when you enter Newsha, the decor of the restaurant, along with the aroma of garlic and olive oil, gives you the atmosphere of Italy.

رستوران ایتالیایی نیوشا از بهترین رستوران های اصفهان

The menu of this restaurant includes 58 types of appetizers, spaghetti, pizza, and steak, which are offered to customers with the best quality and in the shortest possible time. Most of the dishes in this restaurant have their original Italian name on the menu, but do not worry that strange names may confuse you. The Newsha menu has a brief description next to the name of each food that introduces you to the ingredients of that food. In addition, the staff of this restaurant is so professional that if you have any questions about the food, you can ask them.

  • Instagram of Niusha Italian Restaurant: newsha_italian_restaurant
  • Address of Newsha Italian Restaurant: Isfahan, Tohid Miyani St., between Tohid and Mehrdad St.
  • Phone number of Newsha Italian restaurant: 03136263763

Address of Newsha Italian Restaurant on the map

Milan Italian restaurant, pepperoni-flavored Italian food

The first thing that catches your eye about the Italian restaurant in Milan is its modern and beautiful decor. You will see elements used in this decor in less restaurants in Isfahan.

رستوران ایتالیایی میلان

Then there is the Milan menu, written in both Persian and English, which makes things easier for your foreign guests. Those who have eaten in Milan often recommend Milan pepperoni pizza and believe that this is the best pizza in all of Isfahan.

Another factor that has made Milan known as one of the best restaurants in Isfahan is the high volume of food served. The Milanese salad is so plentiful that it is a delicious dinner on its own. But if you still have a little space, or have gone to Milan with a large group of friends, be sure not to miss the Milanese cheese potato. The delicious taste of potatoes and cheese along with the beautiful volume of this food will make you feel good.

  • Instagram Italian Restaurant Milan: milan_restaurant
  • Address of Milan Italian Restaurant: South side of Ferdowsi Bridge at the beginning of Ayeneh Khaneh Boulevard
  • Phone number of Milan Italian restaurant: 031-36640810

Address of Italian Italian restaurant on the map

The last word about the best restaurants in Isfahan

It is true that Isfahan has half the history of the world, every street we visit is a house that is more than a hundred years old and has a history and a story in its heart. Many of these homes are now open to the public in the form of cafes and restaurants. That’s why eating in these restaurants is both fortune-telling and watching.

It is as if you are visiting a museum where ancient objects tell their story, and after visiting it, you are greeted with delicious food or drink, and you leave happily. Therefore, if you are from Isfahan or have chosen Isfahan as your travel destination, you can consider this list of the best restaurants in Isfahan and make a smarter choice for your meals.

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