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Dervish Hotel in Mashhad; Stay or have fun?

Dervish Hotel in Mashhad; Stay or have fun?

You are planning to travel to the spiritual capital of Iran, but you do not know which one to choose from among the hotels in Mashhad? Do you want to stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in Mashhad, which is located near the shrine of Imam Reza? By the way, if you are fascinated by royal rooms with large luxury beds, if a traditional bath or massage therapy enjoys your body and soul, if you do not hesitate for a moment during the stay, then what are they waiting for? Dervish Hotel in Mashhad is undoubtedly a piece of earthly paradise that has a dream stay for its guests.

Dorishi Hotel in Mashhad is literally worth 5 stars and there are so many unique and amazing amenities and entertainment services that one is left to choose which one and which one to answer! Let me tell you now, get ready for the extraordinary water complex of the Dervish Hotel. Join Alibaba Tourism Magazine to see the splendor of one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran.

All facilities and services of this hotel are worthy of a 5-star hotel. Among the most luxurious facilities of the hotel we can mention the water spa complex, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, beauty salon, massage salon, the existence of the best restaurants and coffee shops, wake-up service and..

Mashhad, Imam Reza Street, between Imam Reza 24 and 26

The distance between Dervish Hotel in Mashhad and Imam Reza Shrine is 1.4 km, distance from Ferdowsi Tomb is 33.4 km and distance from Dervish Hotel to Shandiz is approximately 38 km.

Accommodation fee is free for children under 2 years old and accommodation fee for children 2 to 12 years old (if not using the service) is calculated in half. The cost of accommodation for adults depending on the type of room or penthouse is between 900 to 5 million tomans.

The story of the birth of the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

In 2011, the news of the opening of the first Atrium Hotel in the east of the country sounded like a bomb. Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has been built so beautiful and luxurious that it may deserve more than 5 stars. Dervish Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Mashhad and Iran. Undoubtedly, if you are a traveler, you have heard the reputation of this magnificent hotel. This hotel is built on 20 floors and is considered one of the skyscrapers of Mashhad that shines like a diamond on Imam Reza (AS) Street.

تاریخچه هتل درویشی مشهد

This year, Dervish Hotel celebrates its 10th birthday Celebrates; If you want to explore the world inside, we have to say that this hotel has the best and most luxurious accommodation units, restaurants, coffee shops, halls, shopping malls and leisure and entertainment services.

Introduction to Dervish Hotel accommodation units

Naturally, a 20-storey tower houses many residential units. There are 223 accommodation units in Mashhad Dervish Hotel with different services and prices that dear travelers can stay in one of the rooms of this hotel according to their needs. The hotel accommodation units are categorized into a variety of models such as Royal, Seasonal, Penthouse, Nations Room and VIP Rooms.

آشنایی با واحدهای اقامتی هتل درویشی

One of the reasons that made Dervish Hotel famous is the design and layout of each unit in accordance with their names, which has doubled the charm of the suites. Now, to get acquainted with the accommodation units of this hotel, we are reviewing the accommodation suites of the Dervish Hotel.

1. Single economy accommodation unit

If you want to stay in this hotel, but you have a budget under one million, you can experience a comfortable stay in the cheapest accommodation units of Dervish Hotel. Of course, in the low season of traveling to Mashhad, the reservation price of the units is sometimes accompanied by a 20% discount.

2. Standard single accommodation unit

These models of accommodation units are slightly larger than single economy and you can have anything you want from a comfortable accommodation in this environment. The point that is the same in all accommodation units of Dervish Hotel, breakfast is free and the cost of one night stay in this accommodation unit will be 990,000 Tomans. (For July 1400)

3. Twin Economy accommodation unit

Hotel accommodation is possible for up to 4 people in this suite, but as the number of people increases, the cost of accommodation increases. All rooms are equipped with the best sleeping services to get rid of your tiredness at the end of the day with a pleasant sleep. The cost of one night stay in a twin economy room is 1,290,000 Tomans. (For July 1400)

4. Double standard accommodation unit

Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has double standard accommodation units for two to three travelers, which have a good price along with excellent welfare services. But if you want to experience a more ideal stay, there are definitely more amazing options at this hotel.

اقامت در هتل درویشی مشهد

5. Duplex accommodation unit India TOP VIP

Dream accommodation can be experienced in Indian duplex accommodation units. Small and large equipment are all available in these units to host passengers in the best way. The price of one night stay in these 4-person units is 4,500,000 Tomans. (For July 1400)

6. Arab duplex accommodation unit TOP VIP

If you are looking for a luxurious stay, definitely choose the Arab duplex unit. The luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has so many accommodation units that everyone wants to stay in them, especially the Arab duplex. The cost of one night stay in these 4-person suites is 4,500.00 Tomans. (For July 1400)

7. China TOP VIP Duplex Accommodation Unit

You only need to enter this suite once for the Chinese duplex to show you its beauties. These suites are prepared in the most attractive way possible with Chinese layout and decoration. This unit, like other TOP VIP duplex accommodations, is a unique choice for a vacation. The cost of accommodation in these 4-person units is set at 4,500,000. (For July 1400)

8. Egyptian duplex accommodation unit TOP VIP

You can easily understand just by hearing the name of this suite, one of the best accommodation units of Dervish Hotel Mashhad Duplex Egypt TOP VIP. Inspired by Egyptian culture, this suite has a very special and unique atmosphere for its guests so that they do not bend their eyebrows during their stay. The cost of one night stay in this unit is 5,500,000 Tomans. (For July 1400)

9. Iran Islam Duplex TOP VIP

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive accommodation units of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad is Iran-Islam Suite. This unit is designed in an Islamic way with an indescribable design and architecture suitable for Islamic Iran. The cost of one night stay in a 4-person suite of Iran-Islam is 5,500,000. (For July 1400)

دوبلکس ایران اسلام TOP VIP

10. Ancient Iran duplex accommodation unit TOP VIP

We come to the most beautiful and unique accommodation unit of the luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad, which has created a historical environment from ancient Iran. Undoubtedly, staying in these units will be very memorable and memorable. Everywhere you look in this suite, you can smell the smell of ancient Iran. The cost of one night in these units will be 5,500.00 Tomans. (For July 1400)

واحد اقامتی دوبلکس ایران باستان TOP VIP

Other accommodation units of Dervish Hotel The Dervish Hotel always has an ideal option for every taste, which has made this hotel even more popular. Other accommodation units of this hotel are standard double double suite (price 1,190,000 Tomans), three-person economy room unit (price 1,390,000 Tomans) and one-bedroom double suite (price 1,890,000 Tomans). (For July 1400) Other accommodation units include Imperial Double Suite (price 2,990,000 Tomans), Future Double Room (price 3,500,000 Tomans), Double Duplex Presidential Duplex TOP VIP (Price 4,000,000 Tomans), Penthouse Spa Unit TOP VIP (price 4,000,000 Tomans), is a residential unit of TOP VIP penthouse (price 4,000,000 Tomans). (For July 1400)

All kinds of luxurious restaurants and cafes of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

It is impossible to step into the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad, but forget your stomach! Dervish Hotel is a place where in addition to the experience of a wonderful stay, you can count on each of its luxurious and tasteful restaurants and cafes. Dervish Hotel has a special respect for all guests who come here and serves quality and varied food for all tastes.

It should be noted that the restaurants and cafes of this hotel have a high price range, which is not reflected in the excellent hospitality and taste of the food. Now let’s take a look at some of the hotel’s delightful stations.

1. Atrium Restaurant

The flagship of Dervish Hotel restaurants is Atrium Restaurant. This hotel attracts everyone with its neoclassical design and delicious food menu. Of course, Atrium Restaurant also has a fan of foreign cuisine and has a great menu for serving Western dishes.

رستوران آتریوم

If you go to this restaurant, surely one of the famous dishes of Atrium restaurant, bean pilaf with meat, shish kebab, kebab Drink soltani, fried shrimp and mutton.

2. Roof Garden Restaurant of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

Soaring trees, wicker chairs and simple and attractive restaurant decor, along with the most delicious international dishes, have made Roof Garden Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Mashhad.

رستوران روف گاردن هتل درویشی مشهد

Imagine, with the desire for a pure meal, your ears to the mournful sound of water and birds It’s hot, do we have better than this? Lamb Chops, Steak, Shrimp Grill and Penne Alfredo are some of Roof Garden’s most popular dishes.

3. Turquoise Food Restaurant

You can take friendly family gatherings and banquets to Turquoise Fast Food Restaurant. This fast food has created a poetic atmosphere by combining wooden decor and red chairs.

رستوران فود فیروزه

Turquoise food restaurant is one of the main priorities of Mashhad residents and travelers to eat fast food. Popular turquoise pizza foods include fried plate, hamburger and cheeseburger.

4. Purple breakfast hall of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

Start your day with a nutritious and varied breakfast at the Purple Breakfast Hall. This hall with its purple lighting and decoration is one of the most attractive restaurants of Dervish Hotel.

سالن صبحانه ارغوان

Nearly 200 different foods are served daily in purple. Luxurious purple tables are known as royal tables, because with a variety of jams, sweets, fruits and… you can have a hearty breakfast.

5. Dervish Hotel Central Coffee Shop

These days, coffee shops are not just a place to have a drink or dessert, but also a quiet and cozy environment for two-person, friendly appointments and even small birthday parties. This coffee shop is not only one of the modern and famous cafes near Imam Reza shrine, but also one of the best in Mashhad.

کافی شاپ مرکزی هتل درویشی

From the impressive decoration of the central coffee shop to the service Drinks, ice cream, cakes and desserts can be found in the Central Coffee Shop menu.

6. Spa Coffee Shop

After a tour of Mashhad, be sure to go to the spa coffee shop and mourn with a miraculous spa massage by eating a drink or whatever you like. Undoubtedly, being in such environments is one of the most amazing things you can do in Mashhad tour.

کافی شاپ اسپا

7. Dervish Hotel billiards coffee shop in Mashhad

Billiards fans can experience the ultimate pleasure in a competitive atmosphere while engaging in their favorite game by sipping delicious drinks and desserts of the Billiard Coffee Shop only at the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad.

کافی شاپ بیلیارد هتل درویشی مشهد

8. pond traditional tea house

The luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has created a traditional and artistic environment for entertaining guests. This traditional teahouse has artificial ponds that, thanks to this artificial work, draw many people to this beautiful and spectacular pond. Wooden tables with round chairs create a friendly environment for a variety of drinks in a memorable evening.

چایخانه سنتی برکه

Recreation Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has special entertainment and special services for the guests of this hotel to spend happy times and relaxing moments. The water complex of the luxury Dervish Hotel in Mashhad is the first specialized water complex with spa services in Mashhad. The entertainments of the Dervish Hotel are better than each other and are mixed with a mixture of tranquility and splendor.

امکانات تفریحی هتل درویشی مشهد

1. pool

Expect nothing but a magical and extraordinary complex from the water complex of the luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad. The swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and massage parlor are among the most luxurious water sports at the Dervish Hotel. The pool is free for guests of the Dervish Hotel, but you will have to pay for other water sports at the hotel. The pleasure of tasting any of the amenities of the water complex (except the pool) will be a little heavy for you, but the adventure in the blue world of the Dervish Hotel is definitely worth it.

مجموعه آبی هتل درویشی

2. Gym

There are many fitness enthusiasts whose lives are tied to sports, your imagination is flat! Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has been thinking about sports lovers in this regard as well. In the gym of the luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad, you can spend an hour at the health station using the latest sports equipment.

سالن بدنسازی

3. Beauty salon of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

There are two beauty salons for men and women in this hotel. The professional hairdressers of Dervish Hotel are familiar with the latest cosmetic methods of the day. So feel free to leave yourself to them for any beauty and health services.

4. Traditional bath

Remember the traditional baths and relive the sweet old moments, taste the water in the traditional bath of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad. The traditional Dervish bath is one of the most popular parts of the Dervish Hotel’s water complex.This bathroom provides a calm and clean environment, the door is open for you whenever you feel like bathing. The cost of a traditional bath for 20 minutes is 120,000 tomans.

5. Fish therapy from the sweet experiences of Dervish Hotel

One of the most exciting memories you can experience while staying at the Dervish Hotel is the Fish Spa. The pleasure of experiencing fish spa or fish therapy in 15 minutes can have amazing healing properties on the body’s blood circulation, relaxation and relieving fatigue, freshness and freshness of the skin and eliminating anxiety and stress.

ماهی درمانی

6. Massage in the style of Mashhad Dervish Hotel

If you go to the massage therapy section of the hotel, the massage therapy team of Mashhad Dervish Hotel will leave a stone unturned for you. There are various massage rooms in this center, each of which uses the best natural ingredients for the dear clients.


Various massages such as relaxed body massage, Swedish massage, sport massage, Russian massage, full foot massage, back (neck and shoulder) massage, full head and face massage, hot stone massage, herbal compress massage, Madhrood massage and Schuber massage It is done between 30 to 90 minutes and the starting prices are from 150 to 480 thousand tomans. (July 1400)

7. The stone river of the luxurious Dervish hotel in Mashhad

One of the natural remedies for relieving pain, relieving stress, strengthening the sense of vitality and creating relaxation is stone therapy. Dervish Hotel stone therapy services are a unique collection for stone therapy lovers.

8. Shahrbazi of Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

Dervish Hotel provides full entertainment and services, entertainment and exciting games for children with full coverage of the best entertainment and services. In this amusement park, you can play with your child and experience real excitement together.

شهربازی هتل درویشی مشهد

Luxury halls of Dervish Hotel

Dervish Hotel with luxury accommodation units, pleasant and dreamy leisure and entertainment services, modern and magnificent places for wedding celebrations, business meetings and ceremonies. Are we ready to take a look at the minions of the Dervish Hotel? So let’s go…

1. Mirror Hall of Dervish Luxury Hotel in Mashhad

At the height of the Dervish Tower, right on the seventeenth floor, is one of the most luxurious halls in Mashhad. If you dream of a dream wedding on the most beautiful night of your life, where better than the Dervish Hotel Mirror Hall? The capacity and dimensions of the mirror hall can be arranged in several designs for ceremonies.

تالار آینه هتل مجلل درویشی مشهد

2. Diplomat Hall

You can remember the memories of a glorious and memorable celebration in one of the splendid halls of Mashhad, namely the Diplomat Hall of the Dervish Hotel. This hall is one of the multi-purpose halls of Dervish Hotel, which is located on the first floor. The Diplomat Hall with its classic wooden decor and large chandeliers used on the ceiling, like the sun, has given a special glow and beauty to the hall.

تالار آینه

3. Meeting room in the style of Mashhad Dervish Hotel

Management meetings, workshops, meetings and workshops are always very important, especially if you want to be in a luxurious atmosphere. Finding a meeting room that is modern and well-equipped can be a daunting task. The luxurious Dervish Hotel in Mashhad has solved this problem by considering a relatively large, stylish and well-equipped meeting room.

The equipment and facilities of this room include a roll-up, a Philip chart, a whiteboard, a wireless microphone, a simultaneous translator, a dashboard stand, a presenter and a register desk.

Shopping centers of Dervish luxury hotel in Mashhad

Making souvenirs is one of the most enjoyable things you can do when traveling to Mashhad. Mahal You may be Iranian, but leave Mashhad without shopping for your loved ones. No need to go far to buy souvenirs, snacks and goods, Dervish Hotel has 31 booths for your convenience. The goods and souvenirs in these booths are from quality brands.

مراکز خرید هتل مجلل درویشی مشهد

Distance of Darvish Hotel in Mashhad to important and spectacular places in Mashhad

  • The distance from the hotel to the shrine of Imam Reza (Baba Reza entrance) is 1 km and 381 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to the Astan Quds Razavi Museum is 1 km and 629 m
  • The distance from the hotel to Reza Bazaar is 1 km and 272 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to the blood garden is 1 km and 310 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to the church is 1 km and 535 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to Sina Hospital is 1 km and 425 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to the tomb of Khajeh Rabi is 10 km and 43 meters
  • The distance from the hotel to the Bird Garden is 11 km and 891 m
  • The distance from the hotel to the flower garden is 14 km and 815 m

Important rules for booking a Dervish hotel

The most important rule for booking a hotel is cancellation. If you plan to cancel, if you cancel up to 72 hours before arrival, the booking site or the hotel itself will deduct the cost of one night’s stay and return the rest to the traveler.

قوانین مهم

How much do different people stay at this hotel?

Accommodation is free for children under 2 years old. Also, if you have a child between 2 and 12 years old, the cost of accommodation will be calculated in half if the service is not used. Accommodation for adults was mentioned earlier.

هزینه اقامت

Where is the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad?

The five-star Dervish Hotel in Mashhad is located on the most important street of Mashhad, namely Imam Reza Street, between Imam Reza 24 and 26. One of the important advantages of staying in Dervish Hotel in Mashhad is a good location, proximity to the shrine of Imam Reza and other important places in the city.

Do you intend to book a Dervish hotel in Mashhad?

Now that you are familiar with all the facilities of the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad, you can book the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad from Alibaba with one click. Be sure to share any special experience you have at this hotel with us.

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