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Discovery of prehistoric artifacts in Lorestan archaeological excavations

Discovery of prehistoric artifacts in Lorestan archaeological excavations

The head of the archeological delegation of “Amrayi Aleshtar” hill in Lorestan announced the discovery of new traces from prehistoric times to the Islamic era in this area.

Mehdi Heydari, the head of the archeological board of” Amrayi Aleshtar “hill in Lorestan, referring to the determination of the area and the proposal of the area, informed about the study of prehistoric and historical cultures by the archeological board and said:


In this chapter, 16 boreholes were created around the hill. Of these boreholes, in 9 cases we encountered architectural remains and cultural artifacts, and in seven of the boreholes, no surviving cultural artifacts were observed.

Heidari, referring to the discovery of cultural remains from the Copper Age And stone, bronze, historical and Islamic in this region, these excavations led to the recognition of the dimensions and extent of Amrayi hill and on the other hand, our better understanding of the archaeological situation of Amrayi hill and Aleshtar plain in different periods and added:

After the end of this project, the condition of Amrayi hill was defined in terms of extent and a technical map was presented that defines the area and area of ​​the hill. Studies on discovered cultural finds are the beginning of further studies on the archeology and cultural status of this ancient site in Aleshtar.

تپه باستانی امرایی الشتر

Photo by IRNA

It is worth mentioning that Amrayi Hill, which is located on the 10th of October 2001 with the number 4067 in the list of national monuments of Iran Has been recorded, covering works from prehistoric Iran to post-Islamic times. This hill is located in Valiabad village of Aleshtar city in Lorestan province.

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