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Disney Ski Resort: An International Attraction

Disney Ski Resort: An International Attraction

You may not believe that such snow-covered nature and the fresh air of the Disney ski slope are exactly in this sights It is around Tehran which is a crowded, hot and polluted capital these days! But at the height of the Alborz slope, there is the largest ski slope in Iran and the best ski slope in Tehran. Incidentally, many tourists and athletes from different parts of Iran and the world who are fascinated by skiing and fresh snow on the slopes of Alborz and experiencing cold in any season.

Disney International Ski Resort is still one of the most famous ski resorts in Iran, but it is not the only ski resort in Iran. The geological heights of Alborz are in fact the continuation of the folds of the Alps in Europe; So any kind of ski resorts at these altitudes can evoke a kind of alpine skiing experience for you. This issue has caused the best ski slopes in Iran such as “Dizin”, “Tochal”, “Shemshak”, “Darbandsar” and “Abali” to be located in the Alborz heights; Of course, in this series of articles Alibaba Tourism Magazine , we will introduce Dizin Track in Tehran.

Where is Disney Ski Resort?

Disney ski slope is located in Alborz heights, which is accessible from Alborz province and Chalous road, as well as from Tehran province and Shemiranat city.

When is the best time to go to Tehran Disney Runway?

The best time to ski and enjoy the snow on the Alborz slope is from late autumn (December) to early May.

What are the features of Disney Ski Resort?

Tehran Design Piste has various amenities such as hotels, restaurants, cable cars, cable cars and ski lifts and 23 different types of ski slopes.

A look at Disney Ski Resort

Regarding Disney Ski Resort, it is better to start with the fact that if you are looking for the most equipped ski resort in Iran, your preferred option is definitely Tehran Disney Resort, which is located in the city of Lavasan and Shemiranat, Tehran; But the most direct address of Tehran Disney Runway is from Chalous Road Karaj . After passing Gachsar Hotel and leaving the village of Velayatrood, 80 km of Chalous Road, you can easily reach Disney Ski Resort.

پیست اسکی دیزین

You may be wondering how the Disney International Ski Resort became such an equipped ski resort that can compete globally with ski resorts around the world? In fact, in the years 1341-42, a foreign group led by Kazem Gilanpour, who was also a ski instructor and champion and sought to explore the mine on the slopes of Alborz, identified the area and found it suitable for skiing. In 1943, only one mobile ski lift was installed on the Disney ski slope, which was the training ground for the national team at the time.

At least until 1348, the installation of all kinds of traps, as well as the 2400-meter cable car of Tehran Dizin piste and the construction of facilities such as restaurants took time to reach the operation stage until Dizin ski slope was completed in 1351 and ready for skiers to use.

پیست دیزین

Today, Disney Ski Resort, which includes 4 ski lifts, 2 ski lifts, 9 plate ski lifts and 1 hammer ski lift are the first ski slopes in Iran that have been approved by the World Ski Federation for official and international ski competitions.

In fact, in the history of Disney Ski Resort, the first ones can be easily marked; For example, the first lifting devices were installed in the Disney track in Tehran in 2005. In Disney, of course, various amenities suitable for Disney ski slopes and tourists who come to this area, from a variety of hotels and rental cottages and restaurants are provided, and the combination of these facilities with a wonderful climate has made Disney Tehran a four-season tourist village in Become Iran and the Middle East.

dizin ski resort

The best time to ski on the Disney track in Tehran is from late autumn to early May. But during the summer, grass skiing, which is 650 meters long, is also possible on the Disney ski slope and has become the hangout of the world grass skiing competitions. Even in the Disney ski resort of Tehran, you can experience recreations and activities such as mountain biking, archery, kayaking, etc., along with visiting the Disney flower garden and its mountainous nature.

Types of Disney tracks

What does track mean? If you search the dictionary, you will find that the definition of a track is in our vocabulary, which means the field or area provided for sports or dance. Now, apart from this general definition of the piste, the Disney ski slope also has different types of slopes, the same variety of which has given athletes and skiers more choice.

Dizin Village has a total of 23 slopes, and among the ski slopes of Tehran, we can mention the beginner piste and the vipist piste (for professional athletes), the snow park piste, the grass piste and the U piste.

انواع پیست های دیزین

beginner track

Disney Beginner Ski Resort is located in the northeastern part of Disney Ski Resort and above Chaman Restaurant, the environment of which is safe and suitable for beginner athletes in terms of slope and facilities in Harsani.

Disney beginner piste also has access to Disney beginner ski lift. Beginner ski slope of Dizin piste in Tehran, with a length of 250 meters and a height of 10 meters, was completed in 1975 and is ready for use.

پیست مبتدی

Track and track

Designed for professional athletes and skiers due to its steeper slopes, the Disney Runway is approximately 9 km long and has access to high-altitude cable cars.

Snow Park Track

Disney Snowpark is also one of the professional environments of Disney Ski Resort, which is located in the north direction and above the grass restaurant and can be reached by telescoping the valley.

In fact, Disney’s Snow Park is a place for professional skiers and athletes to engage in spectacular moves and competitions, and you may not be able to ski like them, but you will surely enjoy watching them at the high altitude and exciting slopes of Disney. Range.

پیست اسنو پارک

Grass track

The only ski slope that is open in the summer and welcomes skiers is the Disney Ski Slope, which in summer provides a grass slope section for international cross-country skiing, mountain biking, archery, kite riding, etc.

Chaman Piste is located in the northwest side of Tehran Disney Piste Management Office to the south of Chaman Restaurant. You can also access various traps from the Disney lawn.

پیست چمن

U Track

The U Track is located next to Disney’s Snowpark above the Chaman Restaurant and is perfect for professional athletes, skiers, snowboarders and riders.

Disney Ski Resort Amenities

Is it possible to travel to a complex of this size and not enjoy the various amenities of this track? Incidentally, Disney Ski Resort has one of the best amenities for athletes, skiers and tourists among the ski slopes of Tehran. In this section, we have explained the types of these facilities and attractions.


The difference between a cable car and a variety of traps on the Disney Ski Resort is that instead of simple benches floating in the sky, you sit on your seats at a height of several meters in cabins that from one station to another have different characteristics in terms of height and They have access to you.

Among the ski lifts of Disney ski slope can be “Shaleh cable car” with a length of 1750 meters and a height of 480 meters, “Peak cable car” with a length of 1950 meters and a height of 430 meters, “Valley cable car” which is the longest Disney cable car It is mentioned with a length of 2480 meters and a height of 510 meters, and at the end, it mentioned “grass cable car” with a length of 1480 meters and a height of 385 meters.

تله کابین


Traps, which are actually safety seats operated from round-trip stations, differ from cable cars only in the number and absence of cabins. Types of ski slopes of Disney ski slope are “Peak Trap” with a length of 1820 meters and a height of 380 meters and “Grass Trap” with a length of 1430 meters and a height of 335 meters.

تله سیژ

Plate Skiing

A plate ski trap is designed to make it easier for skiers to get around, so it does not have much height, the bars with plates attached to the bottom of them move back and forth that skiers can grab with one hand and place the plate like a lever between their legs. And reach the desired location by plate ski trap.

Just two things to keep in mind when using a plate ski trap: Do not drop the bar until you reach your destination and do not try to sit on the plates, as they are just a push lever to push you on. It’s snowing.

تله اسکی بشقابی

Rotary ski lift

Rotating ski lifts at Disney Ski Resort are also a type of ski lift that rotates around the origin and destination and rides and disembarks skiers. Of course, it should be noted that these types of ski lifts do not stop at the station, and skilled and professional skiers must know how to get on and off the ski lift while moving.


Another attractive feature of the Disney Ski Resort is the snowmobiles, which are rented to enthusiasts to get around in the snow.


Disney Ski Resort Restaurants

Shaleh Restaurant

In the middle of Dizin track in Tehran, at an altitude of 2980 meters, Shaleh restaurant is located, which shows one of the most pristine views of Dizin heights in front of your eyes while eating. This restaurant is actually part of the 4-star Shale Disney Hotel, which offers a variety of services for tourists.

Grass Restaurant

One of the most luxurious restaurants on the Disney Ski Resort is the Grass Restaurant, which is used to measure the route of many pistes due to its location. Chaman restaurant is located at an altitude of 2650 meters and north of the grass track.

In addition to its menu, this restaurant also has a coffee shop menu and is suitable for a variety of drinks. The decoration of this restaurant is such that the whole view of Alborz seems to be under your feet, the circular building and all over the glass of Chaman restaurant make the dining experience doubly enjoyable after a long walk or the thrill of skiing.

رستوران چمن در پیست اسکی دیزین

Lotus Restaurant

Lotus Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants on the Disney Ski Resort, is located next to the Gajre Disney Hotel. This restaurant includes a coffee shop, a French and Persian restaurant, as well as one of the best fast foods in Tehran . The good quality of Lotus restaurant food along with its attractive and dazzling decoration in the slopes of Alborz will give you the experience of having a pleasant meal.

The menu price of Lotus Disney Restaurant is reasonable due to the high quality of the food. And the different parts of this restaurant are different in terms of decoration, but perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Lotus Restaurant, which is located 3 km from the Disney track in Tehran, is its proximity and access to Gajreh Hotel. This hotel is one of the most famous Disney hotels.

رستوران لوتوس

F-Piste Restaurant

In the middle of Disney Ski Resort, there is an F-Piste restaurant, which in addition to the menu of Persian and fast food dishes, also has an F-Piste coffee shop.

Disney Runway Cottages

The wooden huts, also known as the Shelley, are one of Disney’s ski resorts with fireplaces, terraces, barbecues, toilets, and toilets next to Building 2 of the Disney Hotel.

The construction type of these slopes or cottages of Disney track is such that there is a car access to it completely. Of course, these cottages are not booked for less than 2 days due to the large number of travelers to Disney on weekends. The rent of these cottages starts from 2 million Tomans per night.

The beautiful architecture of these huts is basically tied to the originality of the mountains and the ski slopes, and these huts with their gabled roofs are easily recognizable in Disney. The wooden huts of Dizin Piste in Tehran are the best accommodation for groups of 4 to 5 people, and for this reason, professional skiers who come to Dizin in groups usually prefer to rent these slopes.

کلبه های پیست اسکی دیزین

Other Disney track entertainment

You might think that Disney Ski Resort has no other fun than skiing, snowboarding and various traps, but in fact, ski slopes are one of the tourist hubs of countries that are not deprived of this blessing of snowy peaks. Here we share with you some of the most exciting non-snow activities at Disney Ski Resort.


Those who are interested in archery or are archers can do snow skiing training in winter and grass rolling in the summer at Disney Ski Resort.


If you are a professional paraglider or you have come to the heights of Disney ski slope with a professional, you can choose the place that was suitable for flying after climbing the heights of Alborz slope and fly over Disney Disney track light and full of excitement.


Kite riding

In the Disneyland grass slope, especially in summer, you can enjoy kite riding in the Alborz highlands and take home the unforgettable memories of the Disney ski slope.

Making a snowman

Is it possible to go to a place full of snow and cold and not play in the snow or make a snowman? Almost an inseparable and memorable part of going to the Disney ski slope is rolling in the snow, making snowmen and snowmobiles next to skiing. The most exciting part of the Disney Snow Festival is that it is held annually and the best snowmen are awarded prizes.

ساخت آدم برفی در پیست اسکی دیزین

Tube ride

One of the most common pastimes at Disney’s track in Tehran is horseback riding, which usually drowns families, children and young people in the joy and laughter of gliding and rolling in the snow.

Mountain biking

Another pastime at the Disney Ski Resort, which also happens to be held on the grass in the summer, is mountain biking, which is accompanied by spectacular and attractive movements by professional cyclists.

دوچرخه سواری در کوهستان

Best time to go to Disney Ski Resort

It is better to say about the best time to go to the Disney ski slope that if you want to ski in the snow and experience snow fun in the cold of the Alborz highlands, the Disney ski slope in Tehran is open and accessible from late autumn (December) to early May. But in summer it also attracts a lot of tourists because of the cool weather and lush heights and various competitions such as kite riding, mountain biking and shooting and also because it is the only ski slope available in summer.

Address and access route to Disney Ski Resort

There are two ways to reach Disney Ski Resort, one is Chalous Road and the other is Shemshak-Disney Road.

Of course, each of these routes is attractive and beautiful, but if you want to go to Dizin from Tehran, the Shemshak axis is usually closer to Dizin, but the road has a lot of twists and turns, which requires you to be a professional driver.

But Chalous route from Karaj road always has its unique beauties and nature for you! Just turn from the exit of Velayat-e-Rud village to the axis of Dizin road and maybe enjoy the sights of Chalous road.

دسترسی به پیست اسکی دیزین

If you think that you are not a big fan of skiing or snow, and as a result you have not thought about going to Disneyland, I must say that maybe it is better to take a closer look at this area full of fun; A place where you can have other summer activities besides snow playing and skiing.

Where you can even enroll in Disney Ski School and learn to ski from zero to one hundred. You can visit the attractive hotels of Disney, enjoy your meal in its restaurants, and walk and enjoy the mountainous and beautiful nature of Alborz, which is the jewel of the northern region of Iran, and also take care of its pristine environment!

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