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Dolatabad Garden, Yazd; Green jewel in the heart of the desert

Dolatabad Garden, Yazd; Green jewel in the heart of the desert

Yazd is a world desert city; Of course, except for the starry and beautiful desert, it has many historical, cultural and scenic places that attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , we intend to use one of these Let’s visit the sights of Yazd , called Dolatabad Garden, which is located in Chahar Minar neighborhood and Shahid Rajaei Street.In the past, Dolatabad Garden was the residence of one of the rulers of Yazd and his family. In addition, it has been the place of government affairs, which is why it is one of the most beautiful government and historical buildings in Yazd. Dolatabad’s beautiful and unique garden today hosts Iranian and foreign tourists from all over the world and opens its doors to these tourists.

Yazd Government Garden زد Yazd, which is one of the 9 Iranian gardens in the UNESCO World Heritage, was registered as a national monument of Iran on the 23rd of Esfand 1346 with the number 774. Also, this historical monument was able to be included in the list of world monuments in 1390.

Where is Dolatabad Garden?

Dolatabad Garden is located in Yazd city, Rajaei Street, Hosseinieh Alley.

What time is it in the garden?

Dolatabad Garden and its beauties, every day of the week from 7:00 AM to 22:30 PM, welcomes its guests.

What are the attractions and sights in the garden?

Aqueduct, garden fountain, windbreak, religious paradise, porch building, rope hall are some of the beautiful places of this garden.

Dolatabad Garden from the past to the present

Yazd Abad Government Garden is currently one of the oldest gardens in Iran, where you can see signs of paradise in every corner. This garden with its world-famous reputation will delight the visitors.

This garden, which is also called the Garden of the Four Minarets, is one of the old gardens City Yazd whose building and magnificent complex was built in 1160 by Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafghi, known as the Great Khan. This garden is about 260 years old and in the past was the residence of the ruler of the time and contemporary with Shahrokh Mirza and Karim Khan Zand.

This building and garden should have been in the possession of the descendants of Mohammad Taghi Khan, the elder of the Rahimi family, but its cultural heritage was taken over. And is currently run by Mohammad Ali Moazeddini, the son-in-law of the representative of the Supreme Leader.

عمارت تاریخی میان باغ Dolatabad Garden Complex is reminiscent of the Afshari and Zandieh periods, with sections such as the entrance building, porch building And the windbreak includes Behesht-e-Ain mansion and Aineh hall, Tehrani mansion, two-mouth water reservoir and Nasser garden.

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