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Dubai Safa Park; Dubai’s most attractive park for tourists

Travel to Dubai In addition to shopping, you can find other attractions Enjoy its eye-catching views like parks. One of the most spectacular parks in Dubai is Safa Dubai Park. Join us in reading this article to know where Safa Park is and get to know more about the beauties of the oldest park in Dubai.

Dubai’s oldest park takes shape in 1975 on the outskirts of Dubai. Interestingly, the park was inhabited by South Asian immigrants, albeit illegally. This area changes its use from green to green space and will be rebuilt over time. The first transformation of Safa Park in Dubai after 9 years, that is, in 1984, started with the addition of health facilities, and from 1989 to 1992, it successfully went through the process of improving the situation and adding recreational and tourism facilities. It is one of the most visited places in Dubai.

If you want to see a wide view of this 64-hectare park, go to the hill that is part of this beauty. There, the path of the waterfall, which eventually leads to the largest lake, will surely attract your attention. Embrace nature and make the most of the positive frequency that fills the space. As much as you can, let go of your mental worries and worries so that your heart can experience peace in the moment. Now, get back on track and experience the joy of being together and walking on a unique path.

The three lakes you will see in Dubai Safa Park will change your mood. If you look closely, the boatmen will catch your eye. Do not miss the pleasure of being on the water and boating with your friends. Do not worry about your children either; Children’s playgrounds will definitely give them extra fun. The football, volleyball and basketball courts of Dubai’s oldest park entertain many people. If you are a tennis player, space is provided for this sport.

Seeing runners and sometimes racing them for a sweet win may be exciting for you. If you want to have space to run, then please get out of the cocoon inside you and use the available facilities for health and happiness as much as possible. If you are a cyclist, its facilities are provided for you. If you have meat or chicken ready to skewer, use the barbecues in Safa Dubai Park and take care of the cleanliness of the environment.

If you are looking for its location on the map, it is located just 10 km southwest of the old center of Dubai. Where is Safa Park? You should know that Al-Wasl, Al-Hadiqa and 55th Street are the streets leading to Safa. If you prefer a public transport, your ultimate business stop is the destination for the green area.

– Safa Park welcomes you from 8 am to 11 pm.

– This park has 4 entrance doors.

– Parking is free except on Thursdays and Fridays.

– Tuesdays are not open to the public and only women and children are allowed to enter.

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