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Duke of Mazandaran Swamp; Beautiful sleeping in the forest of Kelardasht

Duke of Mazandaran Swamp; Beautiful sleeping in the forest of Kelardasht

My question is this: Where should someone who lives in Tehran want a little excitement and fear? Please do not say amusement park because I am the one who does not feel any special excitement in the amusement park at all. One day I asked my friend this question. We made a trip once that week and without knowing the destination, I got in his car and a little later we arrived in Kelardasht. I thought we would stay here, but he continued and kept it in a village called Pimbor, next to a swamp they said was the Duke Swamp. Now let me tell you why I prefer the Duke Swamp to the amusement park.

Here you come to walk and imagine yourself in the middle of a horror movie. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I want to tell you about my experience of going to the Duke Lagoon.

What is the best time to travel to the swamp?

Choose the best time to travel to Duke Bay Lagoon Camels depend on your circumstances. This is one of the wonders of Kelardasht and it has its own beauties in each season, I say choose four seasons.

How to access the Duke Swamp?

To go to the Duke Lagoon, which is one of the sights of Mazandaran, you have to go from Chalous Road to Kelardasht. After 5 km from the beginning of Abbasabad road, you will reach a three-way road, you will go from the right. After Pishnbor village, Lashser and Bazarsar enter the road of Pimbur village. Shortly after the village, the asphalt road ends and after 1.5 to 2 hours of walking, you will reach the Duke lagoon, one of the sights of Kelardasht.

Introducing Duke Lagoon

Duke Lagoon is like a mystery movie in which weird and scary things happen. It is full of trees that have been captured by the mosses and are being suffocated, trees that have grown in different places and because of the pristine nature of the area, no one has yet had the opportunity to change their God-given appearance.

Trunks of trees in different parts They have fallen on the ground around the lagoon, adding to the excitement of the story, why in this pristine area, where less people disturb the tranquility of the trees and the new trees are not suitable for logging, so many trees have become the role of the ground. مرداب دیوک Old trees And have created an eerie forest around the Duke Lagoon. Sometimes you think the inside of the lagoon is something valuable that the trees have circled like this.

Swamp of Duke, which is one of the Places of Kelardasht ا The set is foggy most of the time, and this is what makes your hair stand out a little when you enter the lagoon area. You’re going to see some weird sights here, so get ready for a different place. معرفی مرداب دیوک The surface of the lagoon is covered with green moss and the water surface can not be seen at all. If, like me, you have a strong imagination and have seen thousands of horror movies, in one of them you must think that a monster is going to come out from under the moss. You were laughing at me now, but when you stepped into the Duke Swamp yourself, you only realized what your imagination can not do.

The foggy and mysterious face of the Duke Lagoon This area will become popular among tourists who are looking for excitement. The forest cover of the car, the moss that has reached everywhere, the thick fog and the swamp that is so dormant and silent that you think the ground is grass, all these make the Duke swamp one of the most pristine Places of Mazandaran has changed. آب و گلبرگ های پاییزی

Plant and animal species around the lagoon

If you want to spend the night in the lagoon Stay tuned, be very careful as some tourists have seen dangerous and venomous snakes in the area and some have seen footprints that look like wolf paws. I know how strange and pleasant it is to walk barefoot, but for your own safety, never walk barefoot around the Duke Swamp. Because they are both snakes and plants called nettles. جاهای دیدنی کلاردشت The area around the lagoon is full of nettle plants. Nettle is one of the medicinal plants that has many uses, but the main problem is that if your hand touches it, you have to endure severe burning for at least 5 minutes, and your hand may even swell. Various fungi have grown around the swamp and along the roots of the trees, but never eat them as it is not clear whether they are poisonous or not.

Experience entertainment around men B

One of the most fascinating pastimes of Duke Lagoon is walking among the forest trees and photography. If, like me, you are interested in the stillness of nature, I suggest you put a chair in front of the lagoon and watch it relax. مرداب ترسناک دیوک If you go to the Duke Swamp in the winter, your best pastime can be playing snow with a friend. Be patient. Camping, cooking healthy food on the fire, staying in a tent overnight and waking up to the sound of birds in the morning is one of the most enjoyable activities you can experience in the Duke Swamp.

Equipment needed and tips for traveling to What is a Duke?

To go to the Duke Swamp, you must have some equipment with you. If you are planning to camp here, you will need to bring a tent, sleeping bag and other travel equipment. It’s a bit far from Abadi, so if you want to stay near the Duke Lagoon for a while, take some food with you. Proper hiking shoes are also a must because you have to walk part of the way. تجهیزات سفر موردنیاز I suggest you travel to this area with your friends for a safer trip. Although this area is not dangerous and no wildlife has been reported so far; But caution is a condition of reason.

is part of a completely dirt path that flowers in spring, autumn and winter, so better Go to the Duke Lagoon by car. There are no amenities along the way, so buy everything you need at the first opportunity and the first mall you visit. گونه های گیاهی و جانوری

What is the best time to travel to the swamp? Is it?

Duke Lagoon is located in the heart of Kelardasht forests and as a result, it is not unexpected to have a beautiful and spectacular spring. In the spring, the earth and time of this region are covered with grass and sprouts that have sprouted with hope. مرداب دیوک Trees Fresh They have just sprouted and the tiny leaves that cling to their mother like children have grown on the branches of trees. Everything is fresh here in the spring, the air you breathe, the trees you see and the sound you hear from all sides.

If you are looking for a season where the mystery of this region reaches its peak, you should choose the autumn season. But promise not to make bad memories of the trip if you stay the night and are a little scared. Fear is part of the excitement of stepping into the Duke Swamp grounds, so buy it alive. دیدنی های شمال Duke Lagoon in Kelardasht forests of our province Prisoners are located, so you should expect a cold autumn and winter. If you want to travel to this area in solitude, then it is natural that autumn and winter are better; But do not forget warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

It is busier here in spring and summer because everyone is looking for greenery and is oblivious to the beauties of autumn. If you are looking for secluded roads and get to the Duke Lagoon soon, we must say that summer is the travel season and the routes are busy, but the weather is the best time to travel. [hihd ndnkd alhg hdvhk

Where is the Duke Swamp?

Province Mazandaran, Kelardasht city, near Pimbour village

What is the access path to the lagoon?

To reach all the beauty that we have said so far about the Duke Lagoon, you have to go from Chalous Road to Kelardasht. When you reach Marzanebad city on Chalous road, move towards Kelardasht and then towards Abbasabad. Here you have to drive about 5 km from the beginning of Abbasabad road to reach a highway. You turn right and continue on to the village of Pishnbour. مسیر دسترسی Passing the villages of Lashser and Bazarsar, you enter the road that leads to the village of Pimbour. Shortly after the village, the asphalt road ends and you have to park your car here near the gas station and walk the rest of the way. Of course, if your car is off-road, you can also take the dirt road by car.

If you park at the beginning of the dirt road, you have between 1.5 and 2 hours of walking and hiking to reach the Duke Lagoon. To help you easily find the lagoon, I suggest you get help from a guide or local people.

مسیر دسترسی به مرداب

How is your stay near the lagoon?

The nearest village to Duke Lagoon is Pimbor village. If you do not want to camp around the lagoon, you may be able to rent one of the country rooms. Your next choice for accommodation can be Kelardasht eco-lodges.

اقامت نزدیک مرداب دیوک

Duke Swamp is a place like horror and mystery series

Duke Swamp is one of the sights of Mazandaran and Kelardasht, which is surrounded by moss-covered trees. There is so much silence here that you can hear the sound of the wind playing among the trees. The swamp, as we have said, is covered with the moss of trees and has a strange and mysterious stillness. This swamp is one of the sights of Kelardasht that less tourists have visited and for this reason it has remained pristine. جاذبه های گردشگری So if you go to the Duke Swamp, do not touch its natural composition and do not leave any of your belongings and garbage so that others like you can enjoy walking among the beauties of this area and Yat nature can breathe a sigh of relief. It is foggy most of the time, and that fog makes the swamp mysterious and exciting. I hope you enjoy seeing all these differences and surprises and tell us about your experience of traveling to Duke Lagoon.

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