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Ebrahim Golestan House; A palace out of legend

Ebrahim Golestan House; A palace out of legend
Ebrahim Golestan is one of the most famous Iranian writers who also had a hand in filmmaking and documenting and has had many influences on later generations. This Iranian director, translator and photographer, perhaps more than his fame in the art world, was under the magnifying glass of magazines and people due to his romantic relationship with Forough Farrokhzad. In the following, we are not going to pay attention to Lily Golestan and Kaveh Golestan, the children of the artist Ebrahim Golestan, but we are going to introduce Ebrahim Golestan’s house in England pay; A house whose name is small for its size and beauty. Join us in reading this article to know where Ibrahim Golestan’s house is and get to know his secrets more and more.

Ebrahim Golestan was born on the 26th of October in the city of poets named Hafez and Saadi. Ibrahim’s father, who was one of the journalists of Shiraz in his time and owned a newspaper called Golestan, was considered an activist of his time. Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Taghavi was the name of Ibrahim’s father. Ebrahim Golestan left his home in the year 1320 AH to continue his studies in the field of law and went to Tehran. He later joined the Tudeh Party, dropped out of school, and became a photographer for the People’s Newspaper and the Supreme Leader.

In the year one thousand three hundred and twenty-six AH, he published his first collection of stories called “The Thieves”. Ten years after the publication of this book, Ebrahim Golestan established the Golestan Studio and made a number of documentaries for the oil company, the most famous of which are “A Fire” and “Waves, Corals and Thorns”. Directing the films “Clay and Mirror” and “Secrets of Jenny’s Treasure Valley” is another honor of Ebrahim Golestan. He was the producer of “This is a Black House” directed by Forough Farrokhzad.

Ibrahim Golestan left Iran for Sussex in 1357 AH and now lives in a magnificent house and palace left over from the Gothic era. Ebrahim Golestan had a great impact on Iranian literature with his collection of stories and novels. Although it has many critics, it is not possible to bring contemporary literature and art under the shadow of Ibrahim Golestan, and it should not be forgotten that the first international award in the field of directing was brought by Ibrahim Golestan in 1340 AH.

Ebrahim Golestan’s house is more like the legendary palaces and dream houses of Hollywood movies. The house, a medieval Gothic building, is located west of Saxony. This house or palace, very similar to the residence of French aristocrats and nobles, was built in 1871 for a capitalist named Henry Huth. Designed for this painting and book lover, this magnificent palace cost 000 35,000 between 1871 and 1874. Edward Middleton Barry, the designer and architect of the house of Ibrahim Golestan, designed this magnificent palace with arrays, arches and other elements of the Gothic era, but the owner of this legendary house could not enjoy living in it for more than four years and died in 1878. .

According to the article Where is Ibrahim Golestan House? You should know that Edward was the son who owned this family heritage and kept it until 1925, but in 1930 it became a hotel. This beautiful house was confiscated by Canadian soldiers during World War II and turned into a ruin between 1971 and 1975. Fifteen years later, an antique lover discovered the value of this unique home. James Doyle bought Ibrahim Golestan’s house in England and rebuilt it.

This unique building has a large entrance gate with large statues that invite you into the house with open arms. All the rooms of this luxurious house have a private bathroom and it is one of the first houses in Great Britain whose rooms were equipped with heating system. The house became a popular location for filmmakers from the 1960s to the 1970s, and in addition to commercial teasers and music videos, films such as Oh What a Lovely War and Legend of Hell House and The Black Windmill were filmed there. According to the article “Where is Ibrahim Golestan House?”

Ebrahim Golestan is so famous for his writings, films and interviews that there is no need to explain, but his private life due to the arrival of Forough Farrokhzad was always faced with fringes and ambiguities. The magnificent palace that is the home and residence of Ibrahim Golestan today, like his private life, remains like the tales and legends of One Thousand and One Nights.

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