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Emad Doleh Mosque of Kermanshah; Amazing sight from the Qajar era

Emad Doleh Mosque of Kermanshah; Amazing sight from the Qajar era

Historical mosques have always represented the religiosity, mysticism and religious beliefs of the people of that region. Just as the historical buildings and structures of each region of this planet express the identity, originality, history and culture of that region, in Iran one can also find historical monuments in the construction of each of them, architecture in a specific style and behavior. One of the most spectacular mosques in Iran, is Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah . Join us in reading this article to know where is Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah and get more acquainted with the architectural beauties of Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah.

مسجد عمادالدوله کرمانشاه

Emad al-Dawla Historical Mosque is currently in Kermanshah Bazaar is located and was built at the end of the 13th century AH by the efforts of Imam Qoli Mirza Emad Al-Dowleh, one of the governors and border guards of the region. The architecture of Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah is a combination of the beauty of hand-made art and the spiritual and religious spirit that at first glance, attracts the attention of tourists and viewers and opens the language to admiration and praise. The mosque has four porches with one minaret and consists of different parts such as the entrance, courtyard, porch, columned nave and several rooms. Currently, it is used as the seminary of Imam Sadegh (AS).

The porch of the southern part of Emad Al-Dawlah Mosque in Kermanshah is in fact the main entrance and has a higher height. The masters in this part have made more beautiful decorations than other porches, which are very interesting and spectacular. The floor of the porch and plinth is covered with marble and this change has taken place in the last century. Also, beautiful tiles can be seen in the upper parts of the plinth. On the back side of the porch, you can see a door through which tourists enter the rectangular nave; A nave whose arch and dome rest on 14 brick pillars in the middle and side walls.

The builders of this part of Emad al-Dawla Mosque have considered and executed simple brickwork for the walls and covering surfaces of the building and built them without special decorations. Meanwhile, the dome on the side of the altar in this part of the mosque benefits from decorations and beautification. I can see an altar in the middle of the south side of the nave, which attracts visitors with its beautiful and artistic tile decorations. The columns are also made with square sections with dimensions of 80 by 80 cm, which the builders cut the corners and thus, show themselves in the stem as a beautiful and spectacular octagon.

One of the interesting and special points about the nave is its lighting, which is provided by the design of the holes that are installed at the top. In the northern part of the courtyard of the mosque, you can see a short porch with a clock tower built above it. Also, on the west and east sides of this short porch, its two porches are made symmetrically from each other. Numerous rooms can be seen around and around these porches, which have beautiful and admirable tile decorations. In the middle part of the courtyard of the mosque, there is a pool that was built in recent times and is one of the new parts of this historical building.

In the lower part of the pool, a basement or crypt has been built, which today students use this place to do sports. According to the inscription on the south porch of the Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah, all the construction costs of the mosque were provided and paid by Emad al-Dawla, the ruler of Kermanshah at the time. According to the article, where is Emad Al-Dowleh Mosque in Kermanshah, you should know that the builders have designed and built two entrances for this historical mosque. One of these entrances is in the order of goldsmiths, which is in fact the main entrance of the mosque, and the other entrance is in the order of Bazazan.

معماری مسجد عمادالدوله کرمانشاه

One of the most important points about Emad Al-Dawlah Mosque in Kermanshah is the existence of a gate from Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ali (AS) , which has gained special respect and value due to its location in this mosque. Qapi Shah Najaf or the survival of Shah Najaf is the name that this gate belonged to during the Safavid rule. Despite the presence of other mosques in its vicinity, the glorious congregational prayers are still held with a significant crowd, and it seems that after installing this valuable door, the founder will donate a silver door to the holy threshold of Alavi. Of course, it goes without saying that, unfortunately, this wooden door has been painted in a completely unconventional and unprincipled way in recent times.

نکته مهم درباره بنا

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