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Employee Day; A day to honor the hardworking people of the community

In ancient times, kings and rulers hired those who were able for a long time in the form of wages. According to the article “What is the day of the employee?” According to the article on the reason for naming the employee day, you should know that after the industrial revolution, most manufacturing companies needed people who were constantly serving them. Therefore, if someone had the necessary conditions and sufficient skills, he could be employed as a private employee in manufacturing companies.

As time passed and the criteria for accepting and strengthening this need in the society became more difficult, educational institutions gradually started to provide the knowledge needed to enter jobs. In fact, the purpose of people visiting these institutions was to study and obtain the necessary qualifications and skills so that people would have the necessary conditions to be employed in an administrative system and be prepared to become employees. The important point is that over time, the industrial society expanded much wider than before, and this caused the number of employees to increase compared to the workers, and the employees reached a very high economic, political and social importance. Join us in the article What is the day of the employee day to find out the reason for naming the employee day.

If we want to have a definition of an employee, we must say that an employee is someone who works in an office for a long time and receives a salary for intellectual work. Based on the Employee’s Day article, you should know that employees fall into two categories: private employees and government employees, each of which has characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

A social scientist believes that the lack of a proper culture among managers, employees and clients is one of the problems of the country’s administrative system, and this problem itself affects the overall state of society. If the right culture does not prevail, irrational and irrational behaviors may occur at the administrative level. For example, you may have come to an office to sign a case and the secretary to the secretary has told you that the boss has no attendance, is a mission, and thousands of other reasons. In any case, the client’s work is not done and these reasons do not make any difference to him.

Of course, it is also possible to follow up on this issue, because if the person doing the work is not present during office and client visits, it is considered a violation. A balanced administrative system is one in which the people in charge of office work are present at their place of work during office hours and do the work of the client.

In the Hijri calendar, September 25 is called Employee Day. On the fourth day of September, the employees introduce the sample according to the existing criteria and praise and encourage them.

The employee has a good position in the Islamic system, and social status is in fact a divine gift and trust that God has given him. The sentence of Imam Ali (as) addressed to one of his agents is as follows: “The work that is entrusted to you is not a prey, but it is considered a divine trust that has been placed on your neck.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said: “When God wants good for a servant, He puts the needs of the people in His hands.”

Having divine motivation, trustworthiness and service to the people are among the positive features that an employee in the Islamic system should enjoy, and if someone is in this position and can knot from To solve people’s problems, we should be thankful to God for this great gift.

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