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Everything about Aras Free Zone

Everything about Aras Free Zone
Ap Free Zone is one of the free zones of Iran and the Middle East, which has always attracted the attention of traders and travelers of Asia-Europe and a kind of Silk Road from the distant past. The importance of the Aras Free Zone has led to the prosperity of the silkworm breeding industry during the Safavid period, as well as the construction of caravanserais and residential, tourist and commercial complexes in the last century in the Aras Jolfa Free Zone.

Where is the Aras Free Zone?

Aras Free Zone is located in East Azarbaijan province and is divided into five parts of Jolfa, Kalibar and Khodaafarin cities. In fact, the main part of this free zone is along with Iran, Armenia, Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan has been stretched, the Aras Free Zone is Julfa.

What are the conditions for buying a car from Aras Free Zone?

First of all, you must be over 18 years old and receive a traffic card, GPS and insurance card while observing the notes related to car tolls. The most important part is that the car you bought must have a license plate.

What is the distance from Tabriz to Aras Free Zone?

The distance from Tabriz to the Aras Free Zone is approximately 137 km, which takes one hour and forty-five minutes by car.

Background of Aras Free Zone

In fact, historians date the Aras Julfa Free Zone to the 5th century BC. At that time, the name of this region was July, meaning “weaver”. After the settlement of Armenians in this place, Aras region was renamed to Jogha, and then during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid and the migration of Armenians by the order of the Shah, it took the Latin name of Julfa.

منطقه سرسبز و زیبا

Aras Free Zone has been very important since BC due to its geographical location and geopolitics and has been considered by many people culturally and socially. Now, you may be wondering what the features and facilities of Aras Free Zone are for trade and tourism. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we will tell you the story of Aras.

Where is the Aras Free Zone?

Aras Free Zone is located in northwestern Iran, on the banks of the Aras River, as well as the zero point of the border with Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

In fact, it is located in a part of East Azarbaijan province, near cities such as Norduz and Marand. Aras Jolfa Free Zone is located in 5 separate parts, namely Norduz, Khomarloo, Aslandooz, Pars Abad and is divided between these borders.

منطقه آزاد ارس

What is the distance from Tabriz to Aras Free Zone?

Aras Jolfa Free Zone is located 137 km away from Tabriz, which takes approximately one hour and forty-five minutes by private car to reach Aras Free Zone from Tabriz. Of course, this route, which passes through the cities of Sufis and Marand, is the shortest route in the Aras Jolfa Free Zone. But the other route, which is somewhat more touristic, passes through the cities of Kalibar and Julfa, and its duration is almost doubled, and its scenery is often mountainous and forested.

If you plan to travel by bus to the Aras Free Zone, you need to take the Hadishahr buses from Tabriz and from there take a ten-minute drive to Julfa by taxi and by car. Of course, if most of the bus passengers are in Julfa, the bus driver sometimes takes passengers to Julfa.

نقشه منطقه ارس

Another way to access the Aras Free Zone by train is from Tabriz. It is necessary to know that Tabriz trains leave for Jolfa twice a day at 8:15 and 8:45 and also return to Tabriz from Jolfa station at 19 and 19:45. This route takes about two hours and forty-five minutes, but it is free during Nowruz, that is, from mid-March to mid-April.

But the easiest way to access the Aras Jolfa Free Zone is to use a plane and get a ticket from Tabriz Airport, which will take you to Jolfa in less than an hour.

Where are the sights of Aras Free Zone?

Aras Free Zone is located in a beautiful geographical and natural position. This region has tourist attractions and pristine, beautiful and stunning nature, whose greenery and freshness fascinates every tourist.

In addition, the Aras Free Zone is a commercial area. This makes it a great place to explore the markets. The existence of religious minorities in this region, especially Armenians, has created a special and pleasant cultural context in the Aras Jolfa region, which has become a beautiful mirror of the different religions and cultures of Iran.

Ruined mill waterfall

One of the most beautiful sights of East Azerbaijan and the Aras Jolfa Free Zone is the ruined mill waterfall. Because in the past there were several mills that worked with the power of this waterfall, it is called the ruined mill waterfall or in Turkish “Kharaba Deirman”. Unfortunately, at present it is only a ruin.

جاذبه های گردشگری ارس

The height of the ruined mill waterfall reaches 15 meters and its water is supplied from a spring that originates from Kiamaki Mountain. Of course, to navigate around the ruined mill mill of Jolfa, you should be aware of the danger of the mountain falling and act with caution; Because in 1392, due to freezing and heavy ice, part of the rock of the ruined mill waterfall collapsed.

The ruined mill waterfall is located 30 km from Jolfa city and 27 km from Hadishahr. After reaching the mill waterfall of Aras free zone, you need to park your car in the parking lot and walk some way to the waterfall and enjoy the pristine scenery. Enjoy the surroundings.

St. Stephen’s Church or Ruined Church

St. Stephen’s Church is located 26 km from the Aras Free Zone, in a place called “Ghezel Wang”, meaning the Red Monastery, in the Poldasht section of Mako County. The church of St. Stephen is located in a stronghold. The collection of buildings in this fort is called Wang Stepanos or Wang Makarat. Wang was a gathering place for Armenian calligraphers, calligraphers, historians, philosophers, and scientists.

جاهای تاریخی ارس This has made St. Stephen’s Church known as one of the centers of Armenian calligraphy. Today, the valuable books of this church are kept in the libraries of Armenia and Italy.

Researchers guess that one of the most beautiful and important churches in Iran, St. Stephen’s Church, was founded between the seventh and ninth centuries AD. The church is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The opening hours of St. Stephen’s Church are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily and from 5 p.m. in winter.

Aras River and Aras Dam

The Aras River is the most important and water-rich river in the north of the country and East Azerbaijan, which originates from the Hazarakeh Mountain (Hot Bingol) near Ararat, Turkey, and flows eastwards, flowing into the Caspian Sea at the end of its route. The Aras River in the Aras Jolfa Free Zone passes through the cities of Mako, Ahar, Marand and Garmi in the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan and Ardabil. Therefore, Aras River is also considered the most important northern river of Iran, because it is a permanent river and border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

طبیعت زیبای منطقه ارس

The widest point of the Aras River is near the city of Julfa, which is more than 200 meters wide and more than 4 meters deep, and due to the steep bed of the river and high water speed, only use Motor boats are possible in it.

Also, to protect the environment of the Aras River, fishing licenses are issued in Aras only on certain days of the year. Among these, the cities of Julfa in the Aras Free Zone, Poldasht and Sihroud have the best fishing beaches along the Aras River.

Aras Dam Lake, which was built on the Aras River, is located between the border of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was built during the Soviet era with the joint use of the two countries.

Today, this dam is the largest lake behind the dam in Iran, which has created a spectacular view in the Aras Free Zone. Aras Lake is one of the most important habitats for white-fronted geese in the world.

Khajeh Nazar Caravanserai

Khajeh Nazar Abbasi Caravanserai in Aras Jolfa Free Zone is one of the 999 caravanserais built during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid. This caravanserai is located next to the view of Aras river and Zia-ol-Molk bridge and is one of the most popular tourist places in Julfa.

جاذبه های تاریخی منطقه

Caravanserai Khajeh Nazar, one It has a large central courtyard and three porches located on three sides of the courtyard. Due to its historical and architectural value, this caravanserai is considered one of the national monuments of Iran and today it is prepared as a living museum of Aras pottery and ceramics for the production, supply and display of pottery and ceramics of Aras artists.

Kiamki Volcano

Kiamki Mountain or in Turkish “Kamchi Daghi” meaning “Little Damavand” is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes of Aras Free Zone, which is located 10 km south of Julfa at an altitude of 3347 meters. Kiamki Mountain is actually a dormant volcano, also known as Kiamki Volcano, and is home to many wildlife such as cheetahs, deer and wild goats.

Every year, many mountaineers and tourists come to Julfa to climb Kiamki to enjoy the pristine scenery of the Aras Free Zone. Of course, it should be noted that in terms of the ascent route, Kiamki Mountain is one of the most impassable mountains in East Azerbaijan, which has a very steep slope, and climbing this peak requires professionalism and group movement.

The best time to climb Kiamki volcano is May and June and the ascent route is full of vegetation and greenery of Jolfa region.

Aras Free Zone Shopping Centers

Let us first say what does free zone mean? In fact, the story begins after World War II and the post-war devastation. When countries suffered from recession and economic backwardness as a result of the effects of world wars, a number of border areas, generally coastal, were considered for the growth and development of trade and commerce.

These areas had their own rules to attract many merchants and traders from all over the world; Hence the idea of ​​a free trade area.

بازارهای ارس

Non-payment of duties and customs was one of the few positive points of the free zone. Aras Free Zone is one of the 7 free trade zones in Iran and after Kish, it is the second most important free zone in Iran, which houses many of the most expensive and cheapest shopping and shopping centers.

Russian border bazaar

One of the oldest cost-effective markets in the Aras Free Zone, located on the border between Iran and Nakhchivan, is the Russian Bazaar. In fact, it may be interesting to know that it was the first time in the Julfa region that shops resembling modern stalls or stalls were opened as the Russian border bazaar.

The structure and design of the Russian border market has become the busiest in Julfa, both because it is covered and open. Of course, in terms of the variety of goods and shops, Russian markets have all kinds of tools, bags and shoes, clothes and clothing, food and cosmetics, and toys and all kinds of accessories for their business home.

بازارچه روس ها

Although Russian goods can still be found in Russian markets , But the multiplicity and variety of Turkish and Chinese goods are often the goods of this market. The Russian border bazaar has easy access to the restaurants of the Aras Jolfa free zone, and you can access the customs square and Ashura square through the two entrance doors of the bazaar.

Azerbaijan Famous Commercial Complex

One of the modern complexes of the Aras Jolfa Free Zone, next to the Amico factory and 5 km from the Jolfa-Marand road, is the famous commercial complex of Azerbaijan. A food court of Azerbaijani celebrities is also available in the mezzanine courtyard of the complex.

One of the attractions of the Azerbaijani Cultural and Commercial Complex is the installation of 200 historical paintings of Azerbaijan and 50 statues of Azerbaijani celebrities, in addition to shopping malls and restaurants, the library of Azerbaijani celebrities. Other advantages of this complex are private parking and shops that have a variety of famous brands.

Sattar Khan Aras Commercial Complex

If you visit St. Stephen’s Church in Julfa, Aras Free Zone, you can visit Sattar Khan Commercial Complex on the same route. Sattar Khan Aras Commercial Complex is usually one of those good shopping hangouts in Aras Jolfa Free Zone, which makes it one of the busiest markets in Jolfa.

منطقه آزاد ارس

In this complex you can find all kinds of famous brands . A variety of household items and food and clothing to large hypermarkets where there is almost everything at a reasonable price for tourists. Of course, to go to Sattar Khan Aras Complex, you need to think about where to park your car, because there is no private parking.

Sahand Shopping Center

Sahand Shopping Center is one of the most popular markets in the Aras Free Zone near Jolfa, which offers a variety of food, clothing, shoes, home appliances, etc.

Special facilities of Sahand Aras Shopping Center include children’s play park, private parking and restaurants and food court.

Buy a car from Aras Free Zone

One of the advantages of free zones is the import of foreign cars without paying customs duties and reasonable purchase price of cars in Aras free zone. Of course, if a real person applies for a car, he / she must have at least three years of residence in the same Aras Free Zone.

Also, if a legal entity wants to take action, it must have at least one year of business license in the Aras Free Zone.

Another interesting point about buying a car from Aras Free Zone with Aras license plate is that if a person works in Aras Free Zone Organization, he can import a car, provided he has at least two years of official and organizational work experience in the region.

خرید خودرو از ارس

If you are importing a car for your personal use and not investment, you should remember that after You have five years to apply for a new car to enter the Aras Free Zone again.

But one thing to keep in mind in this investment is that you can never import used, accidental, non-production cars of the same year, unless the cars are zero used but have been in production for the past two years.

Terms of buying Aras license plate

But in terms of the conditions for buying a car with Aras license plate, a series of tolls are imposed on a foreign car, which if the imported car is not represented in the country, 5% of the tolls will be assigned to it; But for the cars that are represented, 10% of the tolls are discounted.

Be sure to consider the seller of the car after its clearance, Aras car license plate, GPS and traffic card and insurance.

خرید خودرو از ارس

Also needed to buy a car in the Aras Free Zone You must be at least 18 years old and you can only buy from 16 car importing companies in the Aras Free Zone. When buying a car, make sure that the imported car has a global car standard, international warranty and after-sales service.

Aras license plate traffic area

If you are going to buy a car from Aras Free Zone or import a car, you should know in advance that imported and purchased cars are allowed to drive only with Aras license plate, which is only in Aras Free Zone and up to 120 km from Aras, ie the entrance. City of Tabriz.

If you leave the car with Aras license plate, you will be fined for the first time, the car will be confiscated for a second time for a month, but the third time the car license will be revoked and the person will not enter any car to enter the Aras free zone. Is always deprived.

Of course, you might think that you can never leave the Aras Jolfa Free Zone with Aras license plates, but cars with an engine capacity of less than 2,500 cc and a price of less than $ 40,000 can take a month off. Receive from the range per year. The exception to this note is that US-made vehicles are not granted leave in the Aras Free Zone.

Access to Aras Free Zone

Tourists and investors can easily obtain the necessary information through the official website of Aras Free Zone and access the facilities of the region or obtain the necessary information through the contact number of the official organization of Aras Jolfa Free Zone.

Aras Free Zone Administrative Site Address

East Azerbaijan, Julfa, Aras Free Zone Administrative Site



Aras Free Zone on Google Map

last word

After the prosperity and construction of free trade zones in Iran, Aras Free Zone due to its natural features and tourism and special geographical and cultural location, as well as attracting domestic and foreign investors was able to grow rapidly and become one of the busiest free zones in Iran Be converted from Kish. These attractions, the amazingly beautiful green landscapes of Azerbaijan and the border location with the neighboring and Azeri-speaking neighbors have made, in addition to all the trade and commerce in this region, Julfa a paradise for tourists looking for excitement.

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