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Excursion to the sights of Tehran in Corona

Excursion to the sights of Tehran in Corona

At first we all thought Corona was a nightmare that we were going to wake up at once and forget about everything bad that happened. But it did not happen. The fact is that entertainment in Tehran has not disappeared with Corona restrictions, but has changed from one state to another. If you look at the headline of the article, you say, “How can they have fun with this corona situation!” I must say that I, like you, have not had many days of despair in the past two years, but at the end of the day, every morning when I opened my eyes, I saw that life is still going on and I am still a marathon runner and I must endure!

You’re right, in the current situation we may not be able to do a great job, go on a very big trip or anything… But having fun, smiling for a few hours and socializing are things we should not miss under any circumstances. Like a scientist, we must find new forms of entertainment and discover the sights of Tehran in Corona. I wrote this article for this reason, for the happiness of our hearts. I will not take your time with more pain, in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , it is supposed to be about Let’s see the sights of Tehran in the days of Corona.

1- Escape Room

In the escape room, you will take a few hours off from life! I feel so bad about this game, for a few hours I completely forget everything that happened outside the room, in real life, and I try my best to find a way out of the room. Escape Room or Skip Room is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona, which has gained a lot of fans these days.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

In Skip Room games, you enter a room or space with a special decor and adventure with your teammates, and according to the game scenario, you have to go through a certain time, with the help of the signs you find in the room and solve various puzzles. Find a way out of the room.

اسکیپ روم

The escape room has special standards in terms of age, game design, safety and location to create an exciting and safe environment for your fun, thinking and concentration. . Escape room scenarios come in a variety of genres, including horror, mystery, horror, detective, and more. Escape Room operates in the form of various collections in Tehran, which is followed by a number of famous collections and Tehran Escape Room I will introduce to you

Skiproom is a group game with a number of players ranging from 2 to 8 people, but since you choose your teammates from friends and acquaintances, there is no need for social distance. In the days of Corona, health protocols are fully observed in Skype Room, and this has made Skype Room a suitable pastime for the Corona era.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Skip Room Collection

Skip Room, also known as “Skip.ir”, is a series that launched and introduced the Escape Room game in Iran for the first time in 2016. This collection is currently in four cities Tehran , Isfahan , کرج و Ahwaz is active.

Among the escape rooms of this collection, we can mention the escape room of summoning, plague, theft, market ghost, etc., each of which will surprise you with its special decors and scenarios.

مجموعه اسکیپ روم

Enigma Collection

Enigma collection with its scary and exciting scenarios is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona that can make you feel good. This complex has two branches, one in Karaj and the other in Milad Tower of Tehran . Popular games in the Enigma series include Psychic Game, Dream, Conquest, Mysterious Murder, and more.

Location of Enigma Collection (Milad Tower Branch) on Google Map

Repeton Collection

Rapiton escape room complex is one of the sights of Tehran in the days of Corona, which with two games of saw and elevator, will create a unique experience of escape room for you. As with the name of the saw and the movie with the same name, this scenario is scary, and the elevator game is about planned robberies and mystery.

Support Phone: 02144214996

Last Supper Escape Room

Suppose you return to Tehran in the middle of the night from a long trip with some of your friends. Tired and hungry, you throw yourself into the first restaurant you see. The owner of the restaurant is a strange man who takes your order. Preparing the order takes so long that he decides to eat carefree and go home. You’re going to the door, it ‘s locked!

جاهای دیدنی تهران در ایام کرونا

The Last Supper is one of the scary and fascinating games in the Skype Room series, which engages your account with 85% difficulty. The decoration of the room is old and old fast food that is well made. The number of players in the game is between 4 and 6 and the duration of the game is 70 minutes. So do not waste time, get to work before the restaurant owner comes to you!

Address of the last dinner escape room: Tehran, Africa Boulevard, northeast side of the intersection with Zafar Street, Building No. 93, 5th floor Support Phone: 02126113389

Last dinner escape room location on Google Map

Here, a murder has taken place and the half-finished files of Forough Rastgoo are hidden in different parts of the house so that you can find them with the help of your team and save yourself. Otherwise, the police will arrive in another hour and identify you as the killer.

Tehran 1346 game is a kind of enigmatic and mysterious game with 90% difficulty. The duration of the game is 75 minutes and the number of people in the game is 4 to 7 people.

Address of Tehran Escape Room 1346: Tehran, Nofel Loshato St. (Churchill), dead end of Massoud Saad, Science and Technology Campus

Support Phone: 02126113389

Tehran 1346 escape room location on Google Map

summon escape room

The story of this room is the summoning of the soul. The mansion that everyone has ever entered has disappeared or not come out alive. If you think you have the courage to solve the riddle in the heart of fear, you can try your luck to enter this mansion. Summoning game is one of the scary and terrifying games that with its different atmosphere, has a good position as one of the sights of Tehran during the Corona era.

اتاق فرار طهران 1346

Escape Room Summoning is a kind of game with 80% difficulty. The duration of the game is 60 minutes and the number of people in the game is 4 to 6 people.

Summoning escape room address: Tehran, Haqqani Highway, not far from Jahan Koodak intersection, after visiting the north, No. 31, intellectual games club and escape and riddle escape room

Support number: 02126113389

Summon escape room location on Google Map

2- Tehran open cafes

Given the long time we have had to deal with Corona, experience has shown that it is possible to meet outdoors in accordance with health protocols. Given this, what better atmosphere than a Tehran open-air café, a friendly chat and a cup of coffee?

کافه های روباز تهران Due to this, we were able to get out of the house and spend some time in the cafe with our friends. Tehran is full of lovely open-air cafes, each of which can be considered one of the sights of Tehran in Corona. In this article, we will introduce a number of open-air cafes in Tehran. If you wanted to do something to change your mood, head to this Tehran Cafes .

Diamond Cafe

Diamond Cafe, or in the words of its owners, Diamond, is an open-air cafe that is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona. Diamond Cafe is a two-story brick building with a traditional and classic feel. The backyard of the cafe is its open environment, which has provided a pleasant and green atmosphere for customers.

کافه دیاموند در جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Everyone is satisfied with the quality of the menu food, the design of the cafe and the professional attitude of the staff, but perhaps the only problem with this cafe is that it is crowded and noisy. Be sure to book a table before leaving, otherwise you will be delayed for an hour. But the fact is that the quality of the cafe is so good that its problems can be ignored.

کافه دیاموند

Address Diamond Cafe: , Tehran, down Nejatollahi St. (Villa), Fallahpour St., No. 33

Phone: 02188890196

Diamond Cafe location on Google Map

کافه خانه 1307

Yard 1307 is a pleasant space, with cooling and heating facilities, with flower pots flowing through its doors and walls. The yard pond is always full of water and sometimes watermelons do something in it. The menu of the cafe includes various delicious dishes, breakfast, drinks and cakes. The attitude of the staff is also very polite. Remember that on holidays, before going to 1307, be sure to call and reserve a table.

House Address 1307: Tehran, Somayeh St., not far from Hafez St., Pourmousi St., Sweet Dead End, No. 21

Phone: 02188807434

Home location 1307 on Google Map

Cafe Vish

If you see a book city, your eyes sparkle and you make your way to it, I have good news for you. Cafe Vish is located in the courtyard of the Book City of the University of Tehran, which means that you are going to buy the book you like and in the pleasant courtyard of Cafe Vish, relax on one of the chairs under the canopy, drink coffee and read a book. Of course, this cafe also has a good atmosphere for Durhami and do not worry about the high crowd.

کافه ویش

Café Vish offers a varied menu of food and beverages, the quality of the food is acceptable and the attitude of the staff is polite.

Address of Vish Cafe: Tehran, Enghelab St., Ghods St., corner of Bozorgmehr, inside the courtyard of Book City

Phone: 09201365715

Yard Cafe No. 65

Yard No. 65 is a small warm and intimate courtyard with a colorful decoration that is hidden from the eyes of people who are in the midst of the noise of Revolution Street.

کافه حیاط شماره 65 در جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Hayat 65 is one of the open-air cafes in Tehran where life flows , A number of simple colored tables, old trees and tranquility that is not expected to be crowded from the street.

Yard Cafe No. 65 : Tehran, Enghelab St. (East to West), not far from Ferdowsi Square, Mousavi St., in front of Mohammad Agha Alley, No. 32

Phone: 02188302842

Yard Cafe 65 location on Google Map

کافه گودو یاس

This means that if you miss the cinema and have given up going to the cinema because of Corona, you can go to the small cinema of Godo Yas Cafe.

The courtyard of the cafe is very clean and the blue color of the pool in the middle of the courtyard, with its different design, distinguishes this cafe from other open-air cafes. The quality of food and attitude of the cafe staff is good, but in terms of price, it can be said that the prices of food and drinks are higher than other cafes and are more expensive.

Address of Godo Yas Cafe: Tehran, Nejatollahi St., Mohammadi St., Gol Yas dead end

Tel: 02188942573

Location of Godo Yas Cafe on Google Map

Baccarat Cafe for fun in the sights of Tehran in Corona

Baccarat Cafe is one of the suitable options for Tehran’s sights in Corona, as soon as you arrive, you will meet the open courtyard of the cafe. Everywhere full of flower pots, a large oval pond in the middle of the yard, a bicycle collection and full tables.

کافه باکارا

This cafe is an old house with a traditional historical style that has been turned into a cafe with great taste. A café to promote culture and art, which occasionally screens films, holds poetry nights, photo exhibitions, plays family music, and more.

The quality of food and the attitude of the staff at Baccarat Cafe is very good. This cafe will be a good choice for a quiet day in Corona.

Address of Baccarat Cafe: No. 19, Forouzanfar Alley (Rahnama), North Kargar St., Enghelab Sq., Tehran

Phone: 09373564072

Location of Baccarat Cafe on Google Map

Shamron Cafe Bamland

Shemron Bamland Cafe is both an opportunity for a proper meal and, considering its location, it is a good opportunity for fun and entertainment. If we want to introduce the sights of Tehran in Corona, this cafe must be on our list.

یک روز آرام در ایام کرونا

Shemron Cafe with a balcony overlooking Chitgarh Lake is one of the popular open-air cafes. After a meal or a drink, you can head to the mall, walk or bike around the lake.

Address of Shamron Cafe Bamland: Tehran, end of Hemmat Gharb, beginning of Kharazi Highway, lake exit, Moj Square, Moj Street, Sadaf Boulevard, Bamoland Commercial Complex, Block B, second floor

Phone: 02140447341

Location of Shamron Bam Land Cafe on Google Map

Cafe Mana

Mana Cafe, also known as the Mana House of Culture and Art, is one of Tehran’s landmarks in Corona because of its marquee museum on display in its courtyard. In a secluded alley, there is a small door that you do not expect to see a large yard when you enter the cafe. The open space of the cafe is designed with colorful square tables.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

The menu of Cafe Mana is varied and has quality food and drinks. The attitude of the staff is also professional and respectful.

Address of Mana Cafe: No. 6, Shahed Alley (Mohammad Ali Eslami Nodooshan), Keshavarz Blvd., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran

Phone: 02188996273

Mana Cafe location on Google Map

There are many open-air cafes in Tehran, among other cafes we can mention Rouhi Cafe, Father House Mansion Cafe, Yarma Cafe, Manza Cafe, Karfeh Cafe, Roshna Mansion, Shamsa Mansion and..

3- Parks of Tehran

If we want to think about Tehran’s sights in Corona, probably the first place that comes to mind is Tehran’s parks. These parks are a good choice for corona recreation due to their open space, entertainment and nature. In the past, if we had a friendly chat, we would call and invite our friends home, but the current situation has changed the promises a little. Now it is better to hold our courses in the park.

(عکس 19)

Mellat Park

Mellat Park is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona. This park is one of the oldest and largest parks in the capital, with an area of nearly 34 hectares, in all seasons with its color and glaze. The green space of the park, the artificial lake, the sculptures of Iranian celebrities that can be seen in the park, the campus of Mellat Gallery, the small zoo of the park and…. All are compelling reasons to spend a sweet day in the park.

پارک یا بوستان ملت، یکی از جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Address: Mellat Park: Valiasr St., Niayesh Intersection, Tehran

Mellat Park location on Google Map

Saei Park

Saei Park or Saei Park is one of the oldest and greenest parks in Tehran, which as a forest park, is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona. The park has various sections such as a zoo, children’s playground, sports facilities, skating rink and even a book city. Saei Park with towering trees will bring to life an experience similar to walking in a quiet forest.

پارک ساعی

Saei Park Address: Abshar Bus Station, Valiasr St., Tehran

Saei Park location on Google Map

Laleh park

Laleh Park was built in 1345 by the order of Farah Pahlavi in Tehran. This park is one of the most memorable parks in Tehran. Laleh Park with an area of about 35 hectares, various sections including fountains, statues and special sculptures, Laleh self-employment market, Museum of Contemporary Art, Laleh Gallery Exhibition, Puppet Theater Center of Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Center, sports facilities, children’s play area, pavilion and … Has made it one of the sights of Tehran in Corona for friendly or family sightseeing.

پارک های تهران

Laleh Park Address: Tehran, North Kargar St., Keshavarz Boulevard Intersection

Laleh Park location on Google Map

Flight Park

Parvaz Park was established in 2008 in Saadatabad area. The flight park is located in an area higher than Tehran, which is why the 360-degree view of the park from Tehran has turned it into one of Tehran’s landmarks in Corona.

پارک پرواز

You can watch the sunrise and sunset from this park and breathe for a few hours. The park space is suitable for sports, recreation and family picnics.

Flight Park Address: Tehran, Saadat Abad, above Sarv Square, Behroud Square

Flight Park location on Google Map

Taleghani Park

Green Taleghani Park is one of the most popular parks in Tehran for hiking, outdoor sports and friendly and family picnics. Taleghani Park is connected to the water and fire park by a nature bridge, so you can access both parks at the same time. Taleghani Park is a kind of forest park located in the hills of Abbasabad and is one of the most spectacular jihadists in Tehran in Corona.

پارک طالقانی

Address of Taleghani Park: Tehran, Haqqani Highway, after Modares Highway Bridge

جاهای دیدنی تهران در ایام کرونا

Taleghani Park location on Google Map

Water and fire park

Water and Fire Park is the same park that connects to Taleghani Park through the Nature Bridge. This park is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona, which is known among the people for its beautiful water fountains and fire towers.

پارک آب و آتش

The water and fire park has facilities such as an amphitheater, a pedestrian and pedestrian path, a children’s playground, a skating rink, the Caspian artificial lake, a food court and a café of various restaurants. Of course, the existence of a wooden nature bridge, which is the third symbol of Tehran, is not ineffective in the popularity of this park.

پارک آب و آتش

Water and Fire Park address: Tehran, at the beginning of Haqqani Highway, after Jahan Koodak intersection

Water and Fire Park location on Google Map

Qeytariyeh Park

Qeytariyeh Park is a forest park with an area of about 122,000 square meters, which is one of the oldest parks in Tehran and belongs to the Qajar period. Of course, it has changed a lot over the years. I suggest you count on Qeytariyeh Park as one of the sights of Tehran in the days of Corona.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در ایام کرونا

This pleasant park has a suitable space for walking and sports. If one is not an athlete, one can go to the park pavilions. The park has several playgrounds for children, a skating rink, a badminton court and.. Another feature of Qeytariyeh Park is the old mansion of the Cultural Center of Nations in the park, which has provided a space for cultural and artistic works.

پارک قیطریه

Address of Qeytariyeh Park: Tehran, Qeytariyeh St., not far from Pirooz Square, next to Roshangar St.

Qeytariyeh Park location on Google Map

Jamshidieh Park

The image of Jamshidia Park reminds me of the infinite memory of the stairs that were so far away and difficult for me when I was younger. A park with hundreds of steps that takes you to the top of the mountain. This park, which belongs to the Qajar period, is located near the mountain and is a suitable space for hiking, picnic and mountaineering. If you have the right shoes, you can go up to the end of the stone stairs to see Tehran under your feet.

پارک جمشیدیه

Jamshidia has a number of restaurants with different dishes to serve everyone that completes its facilities. The park has sights such as waterfalls and lakes, fascinating stone sculptures that have been built naturally over the years. The more we talk about this park, the more it can be considered as one of the sights of Tehran in Corona.

پارک جمشیدیه

Address Jamshidieh Park: Tehran, end of Shahid Bahonar St. (Niavaran), end of Faizieh and Omidvar St.

Jamshidia Park location on Google Map

These are just a few of the parks in Tehran that you can visit for a few hours without worrying about the corona. Different areas of Tehran have many parks such as Iranshahr Park, Niavaran Park, Lavizan Forest Park, Chitgar Park, Bustan Goftgoo, etc., which have no place in this article.

تفریحات تهران

4- Rural tourism around Tehran

Sometimes a few hours of walks and picnics in the park are not enough for us. Do you, like me, sometimes feel the need to leave whatever is and is not? Now it may be from fatigue, from boredom, or from a thousand other feelings. However, going to the park is not a very satisfying option. Other desktop options may be available; Rural tourism around the city!

روستاهای اطراف تهران

The villages around Tehran are the sights of Tehran in Corona that may have received less attention during this period, but let’s think about its positive features together. Open air, small population, pristine and beautiful nature… Most importantly, you may be able to stay in the village for a day or two and go hiking.

Kundar village

You have probably heard the name Dasht-e Lalehaha by now. The plain that attracts many tourists every year, the Laleh plain, wherever you look, is a thousand colors. This plain is located in Kondar village around Tehran, this village is part of Alborz province but is one hour away from Tehran. Kondar village is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona that you can have a day trip to.

روستای کُندُر

The beautiful nature and gardens of Kander village make you feel good. The village gardens are full of fruits such as pears, cherries and grapes that if you travel to frankincense in the season, you must try them. Among the sights of Kand village, we can mention Kundar waterfall, Chehel Bibi, Darreh Gada river, Lalehaha plain and boiling and watery springs of the region.

گردش در تهران

Fruits from the Kander area are hand-woven carpets, mat weaving, fine weaving, and Kundar village souvenirs that you can make when you return. By the way, do not forget the camera when traveling!

Address of Kondar village: Karaj, 7 km of Chalous road

Location of frankincense village on Google Map

Kurdan village

Kordan village is located in Savojbolagh, Alborz province. This village is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona due to its one hour distance from Tehran. Due to its good weather and luxury villas, Kordan hosts many tourists many days of the year who travel to it for fun, nature or mountaineering.

روستای کردان

Among the sights of Kordan, we can mention the tomb tower (Imamzadeh Imam Hussein), Kordan river, Banoo Sahra bridge, Kordan flight site, recreational village, etc. You can rent a villa to stay in Kordan or camp in nature for a day or two.

Location of Kordan village on Google Map

Wardij village

The beautiful summer village of Verdij is a pleasant climate at a distance of 40 km from the center of Tehran, which is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona and a suitable place for rural tourism. If you are a nature lover, you can have a day trip to this village. If you are also a mountaineer, you can enjoy the access of the village to the peak of Liche in the heights of Hesar.

روستای وَردیج

Among the sights of Verdij are the neck of stone ghosts and the waterfalls of Lat Mall, which is located on the way to the village and attracts many tourists. Other attractions of Verdij village include various walnut, apple, persimmon, chateau and mulberry orchards.

Address of Verdij village: Tehran, km 9 of Kharazi highway to the west, exit of Verdij and Varish villages, Jadeh Verdij-Varish, km 8, Verdij village

Verdage village location on Google Map

Ahar village

Ahar village is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona, which is located in Shemiranat area of Tehran. The village is historically very old and is now famous among tourists for its good climate and cherry orchards.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Among the sights of Ahar, we can mention the fire temple near Ahar (Dokhtar Castle), Shokrab waterfalls and Shokrab water snow spring, Chehel Pele waterfall, Qaleh Dokhtar mountain and lush settlements around the village. If you are also a mountaineer, you can climb the peaks around the village.

Address of Ahar village: Tehran, Shemiranat city, Rudbar Qasran region, Ahar village

Location of Ahar village on Google Map

Arangeh village

Arangeh is a village 15 km away from Chalous Road, which I would like to introduce to you as one of the sights of Tehran in Corona due to its proximity to Tehran. Arangeh has seven different villages, each of which somehow captures the hearts of tourists. The village is located in one of the most pleasant climate areas, which is suitable for a day or more trip.

روستای ارنگه

Among the sights of Arangeh region, we can mention Khoreh waterfall and Haft Cheshmeh, Haft Cheshmehgi valley, and its ski slope. Snow color is also very beautiful in winter. This area is known for the delicious apples that it grows.

Arangeh address: Karaj, 18 km of Chalous road

Location of Arange village on Google Map

Afjeh village

Afjeh village is a quiet village around Tehran, which in the current situation, is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona. This village is located 5 km from Lavasan and its people speak Mazani language. Afjeh village is more beautiful in spring and summer than any other season and it should not be missed.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Among the sights of Afjeh village, we can mention Moab waterfall with a height of 180 meters, Carrot plain, Cheraghan neighborhood, Nasreddin Shah palace, Qajar bath, Saka castle and Lar plain. This village is a good place for climbers to climb the Pearson peaks.

روستای افجه

Address of Afjeh village: Tehran, Shemiranat, Lavasanat section, 5 km from Lavasan, Afjeh village

Address of Afjeh village on Google Map

Borghan village

The pleasant village of Barghan is located between Karaj and Shahroud rivers in Karaj. As you know, Karaj and Tehran are not far from each other, so in the time of Corona, you can be determined to travel and prepare yourself very quickly for a unique rural tourism.

روستای برغان

The people of Barghan village speak the local Tati language. One of the attractions of this village is Atashgah village of Karaj, which belongs to the Sassanid period. Imamzadeh Pir, Barghan Bridge, Barghan Square with gatherings of religious ceremonies, Ilkhani Castle, Hosseinieh and Barghan Mosque, Chehel Dokhtar Shrine, Chenaran Millennium and other places of interest in Berghan are a must visit.

روستاهای اطراف تهران

A special souvenir of Bergan is Bergan plum, which is different from other fruits in this region.

Address of Barghan village: Karaj, Kordan-Barghan or Baghistan-Atashgah road

Address of Barghan village on Google Map

Imam village

The summer village of Imameh in the sights around Tehran, with its good climate and historical and natural attractions, has become one of the most spectacular jihadists in Tehran in Corona. The popularity of this village dates back to the Qajar period. The people of this village speak the Mazandaran dialect.

The village of Imama is a place for mountaineers who intend to climb the peaks of Mehrchal, Pirzan Klum or Haman. Among the sights of this village, we can mention the holy spring of Pir Hamzeh and its historical inscription in the heights of Mehrchal, the lush garden of the gorge, Maziar Castle, Imamzadeh Noor and Imamzadeh Shah Hossein.

Address of Imameh village: Tehran, Shemiranat city, Rudbar Qasran section

Location of Imam village on Google Map

The villages that I have introduced to you so far are only a small part of the villages around Tehran. As other villages close to Tehran, we can mention Abnik village, Nashtrood village, Chenaghchi, Filband village, etc., whose full descriptions are described in the article of the best villages around Tehran for a breath of fresh air.

طبیعت گردی در تهران

5- Tehran sledge

Tehran Darband sledge was opened in 1392, with all safety standards of Iran and Europe in Golabdereh Park. In this entertainment complex, you can ride two-seater rail cars and hang between the ground and the sky for a while, but this power is at your disposal to control the speed of the sledge in different places with the help of speed control lever so that you can go more than one place. Enjoy the view ahead.

تهران گردی در کرونا

Tehran sledding is one of the most attractive and exciting recreations that can be chosen in the days of Corona, while maintaining social distance in the open air. You can buy tickets through the collection site. This entertainment complex includes other amusements such as a horror park safari, a car bomb, a flying cinema and..

سورتمه تهران

Tehran Sled Address: Tehran, Darband, End of Asadollahi St., Tehran Sled

Location of Tehran sleigh on Google Map

6- Mountaineering and walking in the streets of Tehran

Do not underestimate mountaineering and hiking in Corona. We are not always going to do extraordinary things to get better. Sometimes a light hike or hike with one or more legs in the open air and in nature shifts our quality of life and mood.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در کرونا

Among the sights of Tehran in Corona are the mountains and peaks around Tehran that you can plan a day climb. The mountains of Kalkchal, Tochal, China Kolagh, Palangchal and هستند are suitable options for mountaineering.

7- Milad Tower Machine Cinema

If, like me, you have not set foot in the cinema for two years because of Corona worries, and you miss watching the movie on the big screen, you can go to the Milad Tower car cinema. Cinema Machine is one of the sights of Tehran in Corona, which started its activities in 1999 with a capacity of 165 seats.

سینما ماشین برج میلاد

Each seat is for a car and the front passengers can watch the movie. Experience watching movies and movies outdoors is something you probably can’t miss. It is possible to purchase cinema tickets online from the Cinematict website. Of course, keep in mind that this cinema is not always active, and if there is a movie to be screened, tickets will be sold on the site.

Milad Tower Machine Cinema Address: Tehran, Hemmat Highway West to East, Sheikh Fazlollah South Exit, Milad Tower Private Route, Parking Number 3

Milad Tower car cinema location on Google Map

Call your loved now!

In addition to all the conditions that Corona has created for us, it has brought us a bag of nostalgia. We should try to choose small joys from the things we can do for our hearts. Entertainment that we go to while maintaining safety and adhering to health protocols to survive in these conditions.

دیدنی های تهران در کرونا

Many of the attractions and sights of Tehran in Corona that we introduced to you in this article, do not need many facilities. For example, you do not need to have high education or intelligence to solve escape room puzzles, you just need to have a search mind. You are not going to be particularly prepared for cafes and country tourism, everything is a decision. Decide to have fun and take a few hours off from everyday life.

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