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Familiarity with 18 of the most attractive historical houses in Yazd

Familiarity with 18 of the most attractive historical houses in Yazd

Walking through the back alleys of the windy city, antiquity, originality, purity and serenity are all the senses that are injected into the soul and body. By entering the historical houses of Yazd and seeing the artistic masterpieces of Iranian architects, all these feelings are stamped with approval. Brick houses with stucco and artistic decorations dazzle every viewer.

In the following, we will talk about 18 old houses in Yazd in Alibaba Tourism Magazine . We listen to their beautiful appearance, their hearts and their stories. We get acquainted with their architecture and along with them, we hear the ups and downs that they have endured throughout history.

Where is Aghazadeh’s home address?

Aghazadeh’s house is located in Yazd province, Abarkooh city, Imam Hossein square, Shahid Bahonar street and Shahid Bahonar nineteenth alley.

What time is the Yazd Water Museum open?

It is open from 8 to 13:30 and 15:30 to 19 and welcomes tourists.

Where is the home address of the trucks?

It is located in Yazd city, Imam Khomeini street, Fahadan neighborhood, next to the pergola mansion, the house of the lorries.

1- Special privilege of Aghazadeh historical house in two-storey windbreaks

Abarkooh city hosts Aghazadeh historical house, one of the most beautiful and special historical houses in Yazd, the image of which can be seen on 2000 Toman banknotes.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

If you enter Abargo Square to see the unique windbreaks of this house, you will encounter a collection of five old houses. Aghazadeh House is the only one that can be visited and the rest have residential uses.

This house is one of the most important old houses in Yazd and even Iran; Because its two-story and distinctive windbreaks are unparalleled in all of Iran. If you want to see this wonder, it is good to know that you can mark with a double arrow and besides visiting Aghazadeh’s house, you can also see the 4,500-year-old cypress of Abarkooh, which is located near this house.

خانه آقازاده The entrance door of this building is located in the northwest part. After passing through a corridor, you enter the courtyard, where two-story houses made of clay and brick show off their beauty and originality. In the middle of the courtyard, in front of the royal room, there is a stone pool that the trees around it, increase its freshness and purity a hundredfold. All around the courtyard are covered with old wooden doors and windows that direct light into the rooms.

Aghazadeh historical house in Qajar period, made of clay and mud, and provided the necessary conditions for residents to change their place of residence according to the season and the angle of the sun. .

There is a small mansion called Pergola, on the roof of the main hall, next to the windbreak, which, as the royal roof, directs the most light into the interior space.

معماری زیبای خانه های یزد

Go to the windbreaks of this building, which distinguishes it from other historical houses. The windbreak of Aghazadeh’s house is built on the top of the main hall and has two floors, with a height of 18 meters and an area of ​​18 square meters, it has 19 air flow control valves. This special wind deflector is made in such a way that it ventilates the air even when the wind does not blow. The beauty, use and two-story windbreak of this house, distinguishes it from others.

بام خانه های تاریخی یزد

Aghazadeh House Address

Yazd province, Abarkooh city, Imam Hossein square, Shahid Bahonar street, 19th Shahid Bahonar alley, Aghazadeh historical house

2- Introduction to the House of Hatter and the Yazd Water Museum

Yazd Water Museum, which started in 2000, is located in one of the historical houses of Yazd called Kolahdozan House. This house was built in 1266 at the request of Seyyed Ali Akbar Kolahdooz on five floors and is now used as the Yazd Water Museum.

The first floor, which is the lowest level of the house, is a branch of the Zaraj and Rahimaabad aqueducts, where the 2000-year-old Zaraj aqueduct is still alive. Is.

سرداب و حوضچه ها

The second floor is Payab, which is located on the first floor and was used for packing and storing food. .

The third floor is one level above the downstream and one level below the ground floor. This floor is the basement that has different rooms and corridors and is similar to a summer residence.

The fourth floor is the same as the ground floor, which includes the hall, the sash, the window, the kitchen, and so on.

زیبایی های موزه آب

And the fifth floor, which is behind the roof The well is famous. In this section, people used well wheels to draw water from aqueducts and pour it into a spring that the residents of the house can use through tap water.

آشنایی با خانه کلاهدوزها و موزه آب یزد

Address of the hat makers’ house or Yazd Water Museum

Yazd province, Yazd city, Imam North street, Amirchakhmaq square, beginning of Ghiam street

خانه های تاریخی یزد

The house of the apostles consists of two outer and inner parts Has been. The interior consists of rooms with windows, windows, windbreaks, pergolas, halls, sash and a large courtyard with a large pool, which is actually the private part of the house. The exterior also includes a basin, a hall, a basement, a sash room and a private courtyard.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

This house, unlike many old houses that did not have a bathroom, had a traditional bathroom that was located between the courtyard It is located outside and inside.

Rasoulian House, in addition to antiquity and being among the national monuments of Iran, has a high spiritual value for architects and students in this field; Because the tomb of Master Mohammad Karim Pirnia, the father of traditional Iranian architecture, is in his heart.

خانه حاج کاظم رسولیان (دانشکده معماری و شهرسازی یزد)

Address of Rasoulian House or Yazd School of Architecture

Yazd province, Yazd city, Imam Khomeini street, Sahl bin Ali neighborhood, Shahid Sadoughi alley, Rasoulian house

6- Mortaz House (Yazd Faculty of Art and Architecture)

Beautiful houses, remnants of the Qajar period, which currently hosts students of art and architecture in Yazd. This house was donated to the Faculty of Art and Architecture by the Mortaz family in 1995 and was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran in 1998.

معماری زیبای خانه

This old 2-storey house is made of two inner and outer parts, each of which has its own yard. And yet are in touch.

After crossing the entrance, a porch and aisle, you will reach the main courtyard of the house, which is the most important and at the same time the most used part of the house and is almost 3 times bigger than the outer courtyard. What stands out most in the large courtyard are the porch and windbreak, the decorations, the windows and the wooden sills, and the water fountain.

Address of Mortaz House or Yazd Faculty of Arts and Beauty

Yazd province, Yazd city, Iranshahr street (Rajaei), Golchinan alley, towards Mortazion alley, Mortaz house

Mortaz House or Yazd School of Art and Beauty on Google Map

7- Shafi’pour House, Yazd

Let’s go to another Qajar house in Yazd, which is 150 years old, along with its unique architecture and beauty, has turned it into one of the historical houses of Yazd.

خانه شفیع‌پور یزد

The house consists of two parts, the entrance of which is located next to the smaller part of the house and reaches the main courtyard of the house through a corridor along the small courtyard; Which is a large and rectangular yard. The northern, southern and western parts have rooms facing the courtyard and the eastern front has two-layer rooms, the first layer facing the courtyard and the second layer behind this layer and deprived of the view of the courtyard.

The presence of a large sash in the southern part of the courtyard and small sash on the upper floor has created a special charm and beauty that the introduction of wood and various colors has created a softer and friendlier atmosphere.

خانه شفیع‌پور یزد

In the northern part of the main courtyard, there is a small two-storey house consisting of three five-door rooms and a sash room.

The interesting thing about Shafipour House is that the rooms are almost the same in terms of rule and internal height and have the same shape of the ceiling. The rooms are decorated with colorful plant patterns that give a special atmosphere to the house.

Shafiepour House Address, Yazd

Yazd province, Yazd city, Ghiam street, Tabrizian neighborhood, Golchinan alley, near Movadat house in Yazd

8- The role of symmetry and geometry in string house

Let’s go to one of the historical houses of Yazd, the place of which is mixed with shapes of geometry and symmetry. This beautiful brick house, which is about a century old, was built and rebuilt by a mujtahid named Agha Seyyed Abdul Hai and later by Haj Ali Akbar Rismanian.

The string house has two old entrance doors in the southwest and southeast, the first of which is connected to the main courtyard by a corridor and the second to the small courtyard of the house. Of course, these two courtyards are also connected by a short corridor.

نقش تقارن و هندسه در خانه ریسمانیان

Like most of the old houses in Yazd, the Rismanian house has a large rectangular courtyard in the main part of the house, surrounded by rooms that are symmetrically placed in pairs. This symmetry exists on the northern and southern fronts, and in the eastern and western parts, it seems that this coordination has existed and changes have been made in the reconstruction of the building.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

The important point is that the service spaces of the house, unlike the main spaces, do not have this coordination and symmetry.

It is interesting to know that one of the distinguishing features of this house from other old houses in Yazd is the presence of a crypt in its southern part. Having a crypt was not very common in the old houses and only existed in the houses of the nobility, which is a proof of the originality and value of the string house.

Address of Rizmanian House in Yazd

Yazd Province, Yazd City, Lip Khandagh, Ghayam St., Darolshafa Neighborhood, Rismanian House

Yazd String House on Google Map

9- Search for the beauty and glory of Solat House in the bedding of the columns

Solat House is one of the historical houses of Yazd that the beauty of the plastered columns with beautiful Islamic patterns of flowers and plants, dazzles the eyes of every viewer.

زیبایی و شکوه خانه صولت را در گچ‌بری ستون‌ها جستجو کنید

This house belonged to one of the Abarkooh houses in the Qajar period named Mr. Solat, which was registered as one of the national monuments in 1996 and eventually became the Abarkooh Anthropology Museum.

زیبایی و شکوه خانه صولت

Solat House has an entrance that leads to the courtyard after passing through a long porch and corridor. On all four sides of the courtyard, there are beautiful stucco columns that give a special effect to the courtyard.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

In the northern part of the courtyard, a sunny window with small doors has been built for the winter, and just opposite it, in the southern part, another window has been built, facing the sun, for the summer. The lower part of the southern part is also designed to access the aqueduct through a stone footing.

Address of Solat Yazd House

Yazd province, Abarkooh city, Bahonar street, Darvazeh Maidan neighborhood, Solat house

Solat Yazd House on Google Map

10- House of Lorries (Museum of Historical Documents)

Like all the old houses of Yazd, this house has its own stories that originate from the ups and downs of the past. About 150 years ago, Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Lari, one of the immigrants who came to Yazd from Lar Fars, built this house, which later became one of the most beautiful houses in the city.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

For a long time, this house was the residence of this family, until it became abandoned due to the problems that arose in the monopoly of its heirs, which attracted less attention. For a long time, the monastery of Darwish became a profession called Nematollahi.

However, this process did not continue and in 1363 the cultural heritage took possession of it and in 1385, its name was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran. Currently, in addition to being a tourist attraction, it is used as a museum of historical documents in Yazd.

خانه لاری ها (موزه اسناد تاریخی)

Address of Lari House or Yazd Museum of Historical Documents

Yazd province, Yazd city, Imam Khomeini street, Fahadan neighborhood, next to the pergola mansion

Lari House or Yazd Museum of Historical Documents on Google Map

11- Original Iranian architecture in a glorious house

About 110 years ago, at the end of the Qajar period, by the order of the late Vaziri, the founder of the Vaziri Library, a house with original Iranian architecture was built in Yazd. Long after, a famous person named Seyyed Mohammad Shokouhi bought it and this house remained in his name. It is currently one of the national monuments of Iran, owned by the Yazd Cultural Heritage Office.

معماری اصیل ایرانی در خانه شکوهی

This magnificent old house has four courtyards, the inner courtyard being the largest. This courtyard includes a hall, a windbreak, five-door and three-room rooms, a rectangular pool, a fountain and gardens along the pool.

In the southwestern part of the inner courtyard, there is a courtyard called Narenjestan. In addition to its rooms, this square courtyard has an octagonal pool, a fountain and four small gardens.

In the southeast, there is an outer courtyard, which is larger than the orange grove and smaller than the inner courtyard; But the fourth courtyard, which can be said to be a quasi-courtyard, is located between the eastern front of the outer courtyard and the northwestern part of the inner courtyard, and one of the entrances to the house is located there.

معماری اصیل ایرانی در خانه شکوهی

Address of the glorious house of Yazd

Yazd province, Yazd city, Imam Khomeini street, Fahadan neighborhood, near Yazd Grand Mosque

The glorious house of Yazd on Google Map

12- Look for Salar Meybod in the alleys of the gardens

This house, like other old houses in Yazd, has a courtyard whose center is decorated with an oval pond and small gardens around it. In the southern part of the courtyard there is a high porch and the rest of the courtyard fronts are covered by several rooms.

خانه سالار میبد

One of the prominent features of this house is the symmetry of its eastern and western spaces, as well as the water stream that flows in its garden.

Khaneh Salar Meybod, which is located in Baghshahi neighborhood, among the pomegranate orchards and orchards of the aristocracy of the city, was registered in 2000 as one of the national monuments of Iran. In the past, it belonged to Haji Salar, the grandson of Hakim, one of the famous doctors of his time, but now it is in the possession of the Meybod Cultural Heritage Office.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

Address of Salar Khaneh Meybod

Yazd province, Meybod city, Ghazi Mir Hossein boulevard, Ayatollah Dastghib street

Housewife Meybod on Google Map

13- Tehrani House or Fahadan Museum Hotel

This house was built about 200 years ago by a person named Agha Sheikh Mehdi Arab. Years later, his family changed their family name to Tehrani, and this made this house also known as the house of Tehrani.

The Tehrani house, which is one of the oldest houses in Yazd and belongs to the Qajar period, is now used as a museum hotel called Fahadan.

خانه تهرانی ها یا هتل موزه فهادان

This house consists of two main parts and services, each of which has its own separate entrance. The entrance, the corridor, the courtyard, the porch, the windbreak, the royal room, the porch, the hall, the porch, the aqueduct and the cellar are the different parts of the main part of the house.

One of the special and unique features of the Tehrani house is its cellars, which are located on the eastern and southern fronts of this building.

Address of Tehrani house or Fahadan Museum Hotel

Yazd province, Yazd city, Fahadan neighborhood, in front of Iskandar prison

Tehrani House or Fahadan Museum Hotel on Google Map

14- The ups and downs of Golshan House (Laleh Hotel, Yazd)

Well, let’s go to another historical house in Yazd, which, like every house, has its own story. Golshan House was built during the Qajar period by a person named Haj Ali Akbar Tali known as the Promoter. After handing over the house to his daughter and son-in-law, Haj Hossein Golshan became known as Golshan House.

روزگار پر فراز و نشیب خانه گلشن

Initially, this house had an inner part, which during the reign of Reza Shah, the orange and outer parts were added to it and turned into a house with 42 rooms, each of which has its own unique design.

Golshan clay and mud house was used as a residence until 1978. After being abandoned for several years, in 1996, a tomb containing a copper cauldron full of gold coins was discovered, which belonged to the heir of the building, the late Golshan’s wife. And was later handed over to the Cultural Heritage Organization.

The stories of Golshan’s house did not end here. With the reconstruction of the house and turning it into Laleh Hotel in Yazd, in 2003, a new chapter was formed for it; Because until now, he had the ups and downs of the path of the Golshan family in his heart and these days he tells the stories of tourists.

روزگار پر فراز و نشیب خانه گلشن

Laleh Hotel Yazd is equivalent to a 4-star hotel and offers facilities such as parking, laundry, free internet, breakfast and 24-hour service. The hotel has a VIP suite with a small fountain with a fountain that doubles the tranquility and intimacy of the space.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

Address of Golshan House or Laleh Hotel in Yazd

Yazd province, Yazd city, 10th of Farvardin street, Tal neighborhood, butchers’ gate, next to Golshan reservoir, Laleh hotel, Yazd

Golshan House or Laleh Hotel in Yazd on Google Map

15- Bafghi Wild House, Iranian poet

The house of Shamsuddin Mohammad Vahshi Bafghi, the sweet poet of Iran in the tenth century, is one of the old houses of Yazd, which has become a place for tourists to visit due to its architecture and utensils.

خانه وحشی بافقی، شاعر ایرانی

This brick house with an area of about 120 meters, has seven rooms and a large porch. Underneath the whole building, there is an all-round basement, which in the past had a blue atmosphere passing through its eastern side, which reduced the temperature and freshness, especially in the warm seasons of the year.

Bafghi Wild House was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran in 2005 and is now used as a museum.

Bafghi Wild House Address

Yazd province, Bafgh city, next to Bafgh Kabir Grand Mosque, Bafgh Wild House

Bafghi Wild House on Google Map

16- House of Farrokhi Yazdi, a freedom fighter

In 1229, a person named Mirza Mohammad alias Farrokhi was born in Yazd, who at a young age and during the constitutional period, was considered one of the city’s most serious democrats and libertarians. Since he had an artistic taste, he expressed his revolutionary thoughts in the form of poetry, which caused the ruler of Yazd to order that his mouth be sewn with thread and needle. Some time later, he was killed by an air ampoule in a police prison on the orders of Reza Shah.

The house of this freedom fighter has been donated to the cultural heritage by his survivors in recent years, in order to preserve his name in this way. After reconstruction, this house was registered in 2012 as one of the national monuments of Iran.

خانه فرخی یزدی، آزادی‌خواه لب‌دوخته

Although this house has been included in the list of national monuments for the last 10 years, after many years, it was reopened as Farrokhi Yazdi Museum in 1398, but soon its doors were closed to visitors again.

Farrokhi Yazdi House Address

Yazd Province, Yazd City, Imam Khomeini St., Alley in front of Prince Fazel, in front of the office of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Farrokhi Yazdi’s house on Google Map

17- Adib Al-Mamalik House and Hotel

The 200-year-old house of Adib al-Mamalik is one of the houses of the Qajar period. It has royal, three-door, two-door and a magnificent hall with several rooms on the second floor. The traditional crypt and bathroom of this house along with the dressing room and its pools are some of the attractive and unique masterpieces of this house.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

This house, like some of the historical houses of Yazd, with an amazing change of use, has been turned into Adib Al-Mamalak Hotel, which welcomes travelers and tourists who travel to this city with 13 different rooms.

Address of Adib Al-Mamalik Hotel in Yazd

No. 83, Nasiriani Carpet Alley, Khandagh Alley, Ghayam St., Yazd City, Yazd Province

Adib Al-Mamalak Hotel in Yazd on Google Map

18- Traditional restaurant in my father’s house

The mansion of the father’s house, in the late Safavid period, in the neighborhood of Lord Kayhan in Yazd, with an area of 1500 square meters, was built by one of the Yazdi merchants. The special feature of this house is the unique plaster and mirror work that dazzles the eyes of every viewer upon entering the building.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

The father’s house has aqueducts, corridors, corridors, windows and rooms, each of which has its own unique bedding and artistic paintings. This mansion was registered in 2003 as one of the most beautiful historical houses in Yazd in the list of national monuments of Iran.

In recent years, the mansion of the father’s house has changed its use and has been transformed into a restaurant with a capacity of 400 people. In this restaurant, it is possible to book in groups, live music and English menu.

خانه های تاریخی یزد

It is good to know that this restaurant is the largest traditionally furnished restaurant in Iran.

Address of the mansion and restaurant of Yazd’s father’s house

Yazd city, Yazd city, Seyed Golsorkh street, Hosseinieh alley, corner of fire department, mansion and restaurant of Yazd father’s house

Yazd father’s mansion and restaurant on Google Map

In this article, we got acquainted with some of the historical houses of Yazd. We talked about the different parts of each house, the architecture, the special features, the stories they tell and their current state.

We talked about the unique Aghazadeh and Badgir historical house, the house of the haters that has been turned into a water museum, the most artistic house that is the roof of Yazd, and the house of strings and the art of geometry in its architecture. We talked about Golshan House, which has become a hotel and experiences new days and people, and from the one-room rooms of Shafipour House to Nawab House, whose antiquity and nationality are nothing but addicts’ hangouts.

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