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Familiarity with some of the most spectacular underground tunnels in the world

Everywhere on this planet, there are works that have many secrets due to their antiquity or connection with specific events. But, in the heart of the underground tunnels of every city, there are secrets that are fascinating for everyone to discover and know; Secrets that may still be hidden. That is why a significant number of tourists go to the heart of the most famous underground tunnels in the world to be able to put their name on the list of explorers and discover the truths that have been silenced before. Join us in the article of the most spectacular underground tunnels in the world to introduce you to some of the most famous underground tunnels in the world.

The Japanese are amazing in every field and always do things that make the world a mouthful. One of the measures they have taken is in the field of underground tunnels. This special function has led us to refer to the Tokyo Underground Tunnel as the first tunnel in the series of underground tunnels in the world. A tunnel has been built in this city, which has both an epic and historical aspect and the culmination of the art of its architects. The reason for building such a tunnel with this grandeur and architecture was the only natural disasters in the region. Events such as floods and hurricanes made the Japanese think that they would be safe from these crises and natural disasters by using huge pits.

You may be wondering how this important thing happens. In this case, one of the most spectacular underground tunnels in the world, a matrix-shaped chamber called the Parthenon directs the flood waters to the Edo River. This method causes that in addition to preventing the destruction of the city due to floods, the required water of the river is also provided and it can be used in domestic and industrial uses. This shows the peak of creativity and intelligence of almond eyes.

Maybe everyone who travels to Russia will visit the metro station and take a souvenir photo of the stunning architecture of this place or the patterns that can be seen on its doors and walls. However, most of them are unaware of the existence of underground passages in this city. Of course, some adventurous tourists who travel to this land eagerly explore Moscow through these classified passages. The tunnels, which are said to have at least six levels, are patrolled by security police every day. At each level of these tunnels you have the opportunity to look from military bases to old houses.

Although every part of this world-famous underground tunnel is mysterious and astonishing in its place, the most exciting part of this tunnel is the Moscow Line 2 subway. The subway, which seems to be a remnant of the Stalin era, is now abandoned and explored by researchers. They have found evidence that confirms the date. However, this is not the whole story, because the Russian authorities have not confirmed this claim and have questioned its principle. In any case, you should place this collection of the most famous underground tunnels in the world next to all the beauties of Moscow and set a time for adventure in its heart.

This structure, which was actually built on the ground floor of the city since 1600 AD, is now one of the most winding underground tunnels in the world. Although the lack of a metro in this city is quite obvious and sometimes makes it difficult for tourists to travel, but the existence of this eye-catching water drainage system completely covers this shortcoming. The Cape Town Underground Tunnel provides water needed by Dutch towns and ships by managing storm water and transporting it to a specific location, and uses it locally to prevent water wastage. If you want to explore the heart of one of the most famous underground tunnels in the heart of this city with adventure tours, consider summer for this purpose, because it has more security in hot times of the year.

Illegal exploration groups, such as the secret community of Les Ox, have sent secret forces called Cataphiles to explore the heart of the world-famous underground tunnels and obtain comprehensive information. And make it available to the international community. According to the information obtained from these people, everyone knew that there was a full-fledged city in the bed of this world famous underground tunnels; A city where cinemas and clubs were also built and unique works of art were hung on its walls. They point to an area called la plage where they have discovered original paintings; Paintings, some of which are of considerable antiquity.

They cite Japanese murals as examples; Paintings that had a special effect compared to other works of art. After talking about this special feature, they talk about an underground tomb. They say they excavated several different holes in the walls of the tomb, but what amazed them most were the walls formed by the bones of 6 million people; The bones left were from the foot or skull. These narratives and excavations in this case of the most spectacular underground tunnels in the world caused France to take the excavations seriously and manage the excavations.

In the cold winters of Canada, when the cold covers all parts of the country, just one warming offer can delight everyone. This offer could be a hot coffee or a special underground path called path. At this moment, we want to introduce this underground tunnel to you; A tunnel that is less astonishing and older than other introduced tunnels, but can be as exciting for visitors as they are. These paths, called paths, are home to the world’s largest underground shopping complex, which sees more than a thousand visitors every day. The underground tunnel, which is about 16 miles (27.7 km) long, is adorned with numerous shops, boutiques and cafes that nail every citizen or tourist in place.

Vietnamese fighters, known as Viet cong, used a secret weapon to fight during the 20-year war. This mysterious and clever weapon that eventually helped these soldiers defeat the Americans and give Vietnam a chance to survive as an independent communist state is the enclosed underground tunnels called Chu Chi. . The tunnels, built over a 25-year period, include a significant number of support route shelters and parts such as booby traps, giving guerrillas and fighters the opportunity to defend themselves during enemy attacks. Land area.

Of course, sometimes these traps did not work at the right time and caught the locals. However, it can be boldly said that the undeniable role of this case in one of the most spectacular underground tunnels in the world in the Vietnam War was very colorful and we can not compare these unfortunate events with the conquests and equate the obtained sweets with the bitterness of mistakes. . Now, a few years later, the tunnel has changed its use to a public place. Every year, groups of students and even war soldiers go to Ho Chi Minh City to visit and pass through this amazing and helpful handicraft of North Vietnamese soldiers.

In Mexico, in the city of Tiwana, at a depth of 10 meters above the ground, underground tunnels were built by cartels in the region who wanted to smuggle drugs. The men, who allegedly belonged to the El Chapo group and aimed to smuggle drugs into the United States, did not think that one day their secret passage would be discovered by agents. El Capo, the region’s largest smuggler, who for years sent opium to the rest of the world, regrouped and pursued his goals with the help of the tunnel. However, the efforts of local officials made this tunnel and transportation system visible to everyone.

The revelation came from Sean Penn. Talking about his personal life, he revealed the secret of El Capo and caused the group to be re-arrested and their tunnel to fall into the hands of agents. When officers entered one of the world’s most famous underground tunnels, they discovered that inside the tunnel were built rails from the city of San Diego. They estimated that thousands of tons of drugs were smuggled into the United States over the years.

In Sydney, there is a railway network. Although this network is now abandoned and no longer functional, it has features that can not be easily bypassed. These networks are in fact underground tunnels that go around the whole city and in the past facilitated the movement of passengers. Since the commute on this railway declined and the dust of oblivion settled on it, the old platforms of this railway were no longer repaired and no new posters were installed on its walls. The rails were no longer lubricated and the broken station lights were not repaired. This oblivion and decline, however, does not cause the special appearance of this railway to be overlooked by the enthusiasts.

These groups are exploring the railway with great interest. They head to the heart of a steel shelter or stop at Lake St.James Underground. They watch the pool of water coming from Macquarie Street, or observe the large eels that live nearby, and listen carefully to the legends told about the lake and the tunnel. One of the legends is that the Australian Army sent its troops to the world-famous underground tunnels to train and prepare in the dark to prepare for difficult conditions.

In the city of Berlin you can see buildings in every area and region that are from the communist era and belong to the authoritarian period of this city. These buildings, which over time have become public cafes and restaurants, are also interesting to the public. But these structures are not limited to the ground, and underground you can see things that are amazing. If you are one of those who move towards the unknown, you can go to the Berlin Underground Tunnel Guide. Berliner Unterwelten The Berliner Unterwelten is the guide that takes you from a dark, tortuous crypt into a Nazi refuge and explains what the underground city has to offer.

He will tell you how the Nazis saved their lives during the airstrikes through these underground tunnels and explain the routes to you; The routes that connected the former airline of the Third Reich to the sanctuaries of that time will be even more interesting with an underground highway called Germania designed for the purpose of investing in the world.

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