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Farahzad; Life-giving and fun nature of the capital

I’m sure you have heard the proverb “You have not said ‘f’ yet, I went to Farahzad and I’m back”. So far, the question has not arisen for you: where is this Farahzad, Farahzad who they say? If you are looking for the answer to this question, I must say that you have chosen a good article, because I want to continue to introduce Farahzad’s sights and entertainment.

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Where is Farahzad?

Farahzad is from Shemiranat and is located almost at the end of Yadegar Imam Boulevard and near the Alborz mountain range.

What are Farahzad’s pastimes?

Hiking, photography, hiking, Jurassic Park and… are some of the entertainments in this collection.

What time is the working hours of Farahzad restaurants?

Restaurants in this area are ready to receive tourists from 10 to 24.

What are Farahzad’s sights?

Jurassic Park, Nahj al-Balagheh Park, Farahzad River, Imamzadeh Davood and Imamzadeh Saleh are some of Farahzad sights.

History of Farahzad

Farahzad was one of the villages around Tehran in ancient times , but gradually with urban development, this The village became one of the neighborhoods of the capital. This village was very busy in the past, but with the construction of Imamzadeh Davood Road, no one could cross it anymore, because Farahzad was one of the main ways to enter this Imamzadeh.

Yadegar Imam Highway was built in such a way that it turned this pleasant village into two parts, north and south. All of this went hand in hand to turn this village north of the capital into a forgotten island! Historical books state that the people of Dolab and Tehran were Sunni and the people of Vanak and Farahzad had converted to the Shiite religion.

فرحزاد تهران

Since this village is located on a fault, the mayor and passive defense officials of Tehran have had several meetings with each other. After several meetings, officials concluded that construction should no longer be done beyond the ecological potential of the region.

They said that all reconstructions should be done in accordance with this law. Today, due to its short distance from the river, this area is one of the clean neighborhoods for recreation, and for this reason, several restaurants and recreation centers have been built in it.

What does Farhzad mean?

You may be wondering why this village is called Farahzad! There are various theories about the name of this area, for example, one historian says about this neighborhood: This village is located in the northwestern part of Tehran between Tajrish and Kan. The name of this part of the city is mentioned in the form of Farzad in the book of Muqtada al-Talabiyya, which of course is written in the old versions of Farhzad. After several years, Farah became associated with the word Farah in Arabic, and Farahzad and Farzad changed to Farahzad.

مناطق خوش آب و هوای تهران

Farahzad weather in different seasons

In the past, Tehranians used to go to this area to get away from the heat, in fact, they tried to mark with a double arrow! Many people passed through this village to go to Imamzadeh Davood and stayed in its plains.

Even today, many people go to Farahzad to spend their free time. It depends on you what your nature is, someone may enjoy autumn and the yellow and orange colors of the trees, so you should definitely choose autumn to travel to this area.

آب و هوای فرحزاد

If I want to express Farahzad in all weather conditions, I must say that The average temperature in this area is slightly lower than the central areas of the capital and you can see cool summers in it. Due to the fact that many gardens have been built in Farahzad and the river passes by it, it should not be chosen for winter. Of course, I must also say that this region has its own beauty in winter.

There is a lot of rain in winter and this is what makes Farahzad an ideal area for rain for lovers. I have not forgotten to say that the climate of this neighborhood is very rare in spring and you can breathe a sip of clean air there. Well, now is the time to choose the time you want to go to Farahzad.

What are the sights of Farahzad?

Farahzad’s beauties are not limited to towering trees and the weather is not good, and there are many sights that have doubled the charm of this area. The river, several different parks, shrines and… are some of the places you can see in this neighborhood.

Farahzad River

In addition to its beauty, this valley has a lot of natural and cultural value and for this reason it is of great importance. The Farahzad River will cross the Hemmat Shargh Highway and eventually join the Kan River.

رودخانه پر آب

Unfortunately, today this river is not in a good condition like other rivers in the country, and this has caused most of Farahzad’s gardens. They are drying up, but the Farahzad River still has its beauty, and I suggest you visit it.

Park Nahj al-Balaghah

In Farahzad valley and around the river, there was a pleasant area to which many people went, and for this reason, this area was called Nahj al-Balagheh Park, and in 1988 it became one of the became the best parks in Tehran . Nahj al-Balagheh Park has many recreational facilities and that is why many people choose it for their leisure time.

This park has 4 phases, the first phase of which was opened in 1988 and the second phase in 1992. If the other two phases of this complex are opened, its area will reach 12,000 square meters. Nahj al-Balagheh Park has a stepped design due to its location by the river, which has made this complex a unique park.

بوستان نهج البلاغه

Farahzad River has caused this park to be divided into two parts, which are connected by a bridge. . The height of the highest part of the park from the river floor is about 55 meters and its slope varies between 10 and 35 degrees.

Among the recreational facilities of this complex, you can walk, house and bike path, 3 sets of children’s games, amusement park, park furniture, mountain garden, waterfall, restaurant, 6-dimensional cinema, art garden, amphitheater, bungee jumping center, launcher , Swing, water jump boat, air rappel and… mentioned.

بوستان نهج البلاغه

Jurassic Park, one of the sights of Farahzad Basafa

This park is an amusement complex for educating children, which was opened in late 2013. In Jurassic Park, there are moving sculptures of dinosaurs with natural dimensions. The designers built these dinosaurs with great care, modeled on the designs drawn by archaeologists. .‌اند. The creators have tried to bring the dinosaurs to life by applying natural movements to them.

Jurassic Park is one of the most important sights of Farahzad that when going to You can mark it with a double arrow. You can take the children by the hand and go to this pleasant climate for fun and education. Of course, I have not forgotten to say that sculptures of animals such as elephants, crocodiles and polar bears can also be seen in this collection. In the Jurassic Park area, spaces such as a four-dimensional cinema, a photography studio, a gift shop, a toy, and a pottery workshop have been built to complete your entertainment.

Visit Jura Shop after your fun in this collection is complete; This coffee shop is a place where you can go for a variety of snacks and complete the joy for yourself and your family. If you like any of the dinosaurs, go to Jurassic Studios and take a photo with them, your photos will be printed in no time and you can put it in your album.

پارک ژوراسیک تهران

Imamzadeh Saleh

You must know that Saleh is one of the most famous shrines in Tehran, which many people turn to to meet their needs. According to the genealogy, it should be said that Imamzadeh Saleh is one of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem (AS) and the brother of Imam Reza (AS). In 1351, the Imamzadeh building, number 909, was registered in the list of national monuments. Imamzadeh Saleh Tomb is a rectangular building made of thick walls.

امامزاده صالح

Imamzadeh Davood

It may be interesting to you that this Imamzadeh reaches Imam Hassan Mojtaba with eleven backs. As it can be concluded in history, this person and his other relatives traveled to Iran with Ali ibn Musa al-Reza and were martyred after various events in Tehran. The court of Imamzadeh Davood was built during the Safavid period and was developed by the order of Fath Ali Shah. Farahzad used to be the main access route to this shrine and many people still visit this area after going on pilgrimage.

امامزاده داوود

Memorable nights in Farahzad

I hope I have provided you with good information about Farahzad tourist area by now. As I said, this area is very pleasant and with a few kilometers you can breathe clean air in Tehran. In order for Farahzad’s list of entertainment to be complete, there are various amenities in this complex where you can create memorable nights.

شب‌های خاطره‌انگیز در فرحزاد

Nights In Farahzad, there are several people who sell you all kinds of food such as cobs, lips, food, etc. . Tehranians go to this region to make a memorable summer night. When you walk the streets of Farahzad, there are young people who invite you to eat or snack, and the smell of food causes water to come out of your mouth.

You see a lot of traffic in Farahzad streets at night, and it is better to park the car and enjoy the cool and fresh air while walking.

Farahzad’s best restaurants

As Farahzad’s number of tourists gradually increased, many people built restaurants in the area to sell a variety of foods. I would like to introduce you to some of the restaurants and cafeterias built in Farahzad.

1- Shokoofeh Farahzad Restaurant

Shokoofeh is one of the best restaurants for stomach tourism in Farahzad. Existence of full menu and unique decoration make this restaurant an expensive restaurant and of course it has quality food.

Special features of Shokoofeh Restaurant include live music, hookah, free internet, and more. A variety of traditional Iranian dishes, international, mixed sandwiches, heart and liver and. Are served. The restaurant’s fast food menu is not very complete, but I’m sure you can find delicious food there.

2- Farahzad One Thousand and One Nights Dining Room

This dining room has a calm and pleasant atmosphere in which you can make memorable nights. The sofa and beds of the dining room are placed in the open air for one thousand and one nights so that you can also enjoy the pleasant weather of this region. The menu of this restaurant has a variety of drinks and traditional food and you can serve them.

3- Saba Canteen

Saba is a beautiful dining room with a nostalgic design located in Farahzad. This dining room has a special and old environment that takes you back in time and conveys a good feeling to you. Traditional cuisine accounts for most of the restaurant’s menu. You can also order hookah in Saba’s dining room and smoke hookah after eating.

4- Campus of Nations Dining Room

This dining room has two floors and a number of its beds have been placed outdoors so that you can enjoy Farahzad’s good weather while eating. The Pardis Melal dining room is modeled on the original Iranian architecture and serves a variety of authentic Iranian dishes with very high quality. In this collection, a variety of dishes from other countries are served, such as Arabic dishes.

سفره‌خانه پردیس ملل

Home of Nar

This dining room has a modern atmosphere. There are a variety of fast foods and local dishes on the Nar’s dining menu that you can order according to your taste. Of course, in this cafe, hookah is also available for people over 18 years old and they can smoke before or after a meal!

Farahzad’s Fun Time

Farahzad’s pastimes are very diverse and when you go to it, you understand this very well. I want to explain some of the things you can do in this area, so stay tuned for more information.

Walk in Farahzad

I know I have said a lot that this area is very pleasant and if I say it again, you may get bored, but what can I do? Farahzad has a really good climate. You can walk the streets and take a sip of fresh air into your lungs. Undoubtedly, Farahzad is one of the most enjoyable and healthy pastimes that you can do for free.

پیاده روی در فرحزاد

Photography in Farahzad

The favorable weather has led to the construction of many orchards in this area. Also, the existence of rivers, bridges, numerous parks and Farahzad تبدیل have become ideal areas for photography. You can also take beautiful and special photos while you are exploring this area that will be remembered forever.

Usually no one goes to Farahzad in a bad mood and this issue causes you to forget about those sorrows by walking in them and just think of having a good time. So it’s not bad to take a few pictures of yourself well.

عکاسی از طبیعت

Abdomen in Farahzad area

Abdominal tourism is one of the best pastimes of Farahzad that you can experience. Many Tehranians go to this neighborhood to eat different foods in pleasant climates. Various restaurants have been built in Farahzad, some of which we introduced above. In each of the streets of this area, there are several restaurants and cafeterias that will intoxicate you with the smell of food. Of course, there are a number of vendors who prepare seasonal snacks for you.

شکم‌گردی در منطقه

Picnic and Durhami in Farahzad

As I said in the previous sections, many people go to this area with their families, so I can put this on Farahzad’s list of entertainment. You can pick up the things you need and put a mat in one of the areas of this neighborhood.

Farahzad has a lot of picnic fans in the summer and many families go there to stay away from the heat and traffic. You can sit by the river and let your children explore nature.

When is the best time to go to Farahzad?

In my opinion, the best time you can choose to go to Farahzad is summer, because in this season Farahzad’s climate is cool and by going there you can get away from the heat of the capital; Of course, I do not mean to think that the rest of the time is not suitable for going to this area; No, we’re just saying summer has a different mood in this area.

چه زمانی برای رفتن به فرحزاد بهتر است؟

No matter what the season, Farahzad’s nights are beautiful at all times. As it was said, Farahzad’s entertainment is very much and for this reason you can have fun during those hours. There are many trees in this area. In autumn, the leaves of these trees turn yellow and orange, which gives you a wonderful view.

Winters have another beauty in Farahzad. At this time, the rainfall increases and you can stand on the river bank and under the trees and watch the rain. You can also walk in the rain and enjoy the rain of divine blessings.

Where is Farhzad?

Farahzad Tehran is located in Shemiranat area of ​​Tehran. To go to this neighborhood, you must go to Shahid Farahzadi Boulevard or the end of Yadegar Imam Highway.

Farahzad’s position on Google Map

Everything you need to know about Farahzad

I think I was able to provide complete information about this area of ​​Tehran. I tried to look at things like Farahzad’s entertainment, restaurants, access route, Farahzad’s sights, and so on. If you feel something is missing, be sure to share it with me in the comments section.

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