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Fasham Tehran; Any kind of entertainment you want can be found here

For Tehran residents, Fasham is not just an ordinary village; Fasham Tehran is a way for the residents of the capital to escape from the pollution and crowds of the city to the green and soothing lap of nature. All you have to do is pack a small bag on one of the holidays and head to this village. Even before you leave, the beauty of the route proves what I mean.

If you want to go to this village near Tehran soon, but you have no previous acquaintance with this city, along with Alibaba Tourism Magazine Be on the way to Fasham Road and explore this city from a comprehensive perspective.

Where is Fasham?

Tehran – Bagheri Highway- Lashgark Road – Imam Khomeini Boulevard – Fasham

What is the best time to visit Fasham?

Fasham entertainments exist in all 4 Fasham seasons and all of them are the best in their own season. The best time to visit Fasham is in spring and summer due to the favorable weather in Fasham.

What is the distance from Tehran to Fasham?

It is approximately 50 km long and the arrival time is approximately one hour regardless of traffic and weather conditions.

What are my sights?

Natural attractions of Fasham Lalon Falls, Lar Mahalleh Waterfall, Abnik Ice Waterfall, Ahangark Valley, Johnston Plain, Fasham Mountains, Imamzadeh Ibrahim Tomb, Darbandsar Ski Resort, Fasham Orchards, Cave Asbool are the villages of Fasham (Garmabdar-Jiroud-Doroud-Abnik-Rute-Zaygan and Eagle), Sarqala Park, Fasham Square and Fasham River.

How is my space?

Due to the existence of Imamzadeh Ibrahim Fasham, Fasham can be understood from old cities Tehran It is considered to be very old. Thanks to the two main elements of fertile soil and water, Fasham has left extraordinary natural attractions. Fasham is one of the summer cities of Tehran province and owes most of its beauty to the Alborz mountains.

Apart from being a tourist destination, Fasham has become one of the most famous tourist cities in Iran in recent years due to its proximity to Tehran. Fasham, Oshan, Meghun and Shemshak are among the cities of Rudbar Qasran district in Shemiranat city.

Life in Fasham

In previous decades, the size and population of Fasham was not like today, even the sound of fewer cars could be heard. Over time, the city of Fasham was divided into rural and urban parts; In the rural part, the old locals of Fasham live. Of course, in recent years, this section has also hosted some immigrants, and the locals have welcomed the new residents.

وضعیت زندگی در فشم The urban part is mostly related to wealthy aristocrats and families living in luxury houses and villas. This part of Tehran Fasham really has its own beauty and charm; Although living among the natives and staying in the mud houses seen in some of the alleys of this city, I think it is much sweeter and clearer.

In short, there are many mud houses in the rural part, but unfortunately, their number is decreasing day by day and they are turning into brick houses. In the modern part and the urban fabric of Fasham, the number of modern villas is increasing.

The main occupation of the people of the beautiful city of Fasham

People in every country are engaged in business for a living. The main occupation of the indigenous people is livestock and agriculture. We urbanites find it really enjoyable to watch the green fields of agriculture, especially if we go to the orchards; It is then that the eye becomes intoxicated to the face of the fruit trees.

With the construction of restaurants, shops and entertainment centers, more jobs have been created for the people of this city. Considering that Fasham is one of the Tehran sights , there is room for more There are many different types of businesses.

Nature Fsham

Wherever there is water, there is prosperity. Thanks to the river that flows through the rural and urban parts of Fasham, pristine and scenic landscapes have been created for tourists. The lush trees and the climate of Fasham are so good that it takes every tourist back to the city road. In this city, you will see houses surrounded by trees, as if you have stepped into a beautiful forest.

طبیعت فشم Other places of interest in Fasham Tehran are the buildings that are built close to the river and have a dreamy view of the river. As sweet as these beauties are, I must also say the negative side of these buildings that are built on the riverbed. Unfortunately, there is work from illegal builders in the past and there are restaurants in between. Note that going to these restaurants may be fun and enjoyable, but there is always the risk of river flooding lurking.

Fasham Tehran Weather Conditions

A summer city is as bright as day with cold winters and cool summers. Of course, we who ask God, who does not love snow in winter and cool summers! Fasham climate is considered to be a pleasant Iranian climate. It does not matter if it is winter or summer, it is enough to have a few days off to go to nature.

Let’s face it, thanks to the river that flows in this city, we see the promise of life in this city. This river is one of the sights of Fasham and is considered to be the creation of Fasham trees and orchards.

Fashm Sights

Fasham is the place where I saw the proverb “Do not see how small the pepper is, break it and see how sharp it is” while touring and seeing its recreational places. Although this area is relatively small and small, but it has many unique natural attractions and recreations.

جاهای دیدنی فشم

1- Larmahleh Waterfall

Mount Kasung has left an extraordinary masterpiece of its own and is proud to be the source of Lar Mahalla Falls. This waterfall is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. Al-Haqq should thank God for the existence of pristine landscapes in Fasham. The access route to Lar Mahalla waterfall is very easy and fortunately it can be reached by car. Whenever you want to go around the waterfall, you can go to the waterfall by walking 13 km northeast of the city.

If you want to know the best time to visit Fasham and Lar Mahalla waterfall, I have to say spring and summer. In these seasons, the cold weather does not bother you and you can enjoy the lush nature of this region. This waterfall is located between the two villages of Abnik and Garmabdar. If you are interested in seeing the villages around Fashm, you can stay in one of the rural houses in this area to relive the refreshing nature of these villages for a few days.

Address of Lar Mahalla Waterfall

Tehran- Fasham- 13 km east of Fasham

2- Lalan or Lalon waterfall

If you love waterfall tourism, Fasham Tehran will be a memorable and exciting trip for you, because there are three waterfalls in this area. I have no doubt that one of the best waterfalls you see in Iran is Lalan Fasham Waterfall. The natives of this area also call this waterfall Lalon. Lalan is located 12 km northeast of Fasham in a valley of the same name. Lalun waterfall originates from the high peaks leading to the valley and the creation of this phenomenon is beautiful.

آبشار لالان یا لالون

to sit by the waterfall for a while and watch the water drops fall. Of course, watching the water is so tempting that you suddenly find yourself playing in the water! There are a number of peaks with a height of more than 4,000 meters; These high peaks have also brought the feet of climbers to this area so that the fans of this sport can take happy memories of mountaineering with them.

Lalon Falls Address

Tehran- Rudbar Qasran section- Shemiran city

Lalan waterfall on Google Map

3- Abnik Ice Waterfall

Near the village of Abnik Fasham in Tehran, there is a waterfall that is a waterfall in summer and an ice rink in winter! Unbelievable, but true. Abnik waterfall in spring and summer shows its beauty to other waterfalls and icy in winter. It’s up to you to decide when to go to the waterfall.

You may be tempted to see the icy waterfall in winter and think of ice climbing, but Note that ice cream is only suitable for people who are prepared in this field. In summer, if you are a man of action, the peaks of this region are alive for mountaineering. As I said, the number of heavenly pleasures is not small, and wherever you look, you will see nothing but beauty.

Abnik Ice Waterfall Address

Tehran – 1 km from Abnik village – 7 km from Fasham city

Abnik icy waterfall on Google Map

4- Fasham River

Since ancient times, as I write this for you, the riverside is one of the most iconic places we all love to go. Ask me, I say rivers have snake nuts! Of course, apart from the beauty and watching the water flow, a strange calm is injected into our bodies that we are not struck by crossing the river.

You will hear. Fasham River, or better to say its original name, Jajroud is 40 km long and originates from the heights of Alborz. During Jajrud’s long journey, there are several springs that have created spectacular views. At the end of this stream, water enters the Latian Dam.

In the past, the people of Rudbar Qasran used the river water for drinking water, but unfortunately, due to illegal constructions, the river water has become polluted. Jajroud River is the main source of drinking water in Tehran and is of special importance.

Address of Fasham River in Tehran

Tehran – 30 km northeast of Tehran – Jajroud River

Fasham River on Google Map

5- Orchards

Fasham, with its excellent weather, should have many orchards, what gardens! Of course, most of the orchards in Fasham are privately owned and you can not go to these orchards without permission. If you can rent one of these gardens for a short time, no doubt you are in the heart of nature.

باغ های میوه

Sweeten your cake with garden fruits and leave for a few minutes Take photos. Stunning photos you can capture of trees, fruits, and anything else that appeals to you.

6- Darbandsar ski slope

If I say Fasham is the city of a thousand faces , I am not lying. A city that smells of Eid with the arrival of spring, wears white with winter, and has a thousand-colored faces with autumn days. One of the most attractive winter activities in Fasham, which attracts 90% of tourists like a magnet, is the Darbandsar ski slope.

پیست اسکی دربندسر

This track is one of the best tracks in Iran, which is near Tehran. If you are interested in ice skiing, travel to Fasham, Tehran in the cold winter months.

Darbandsar ski resort address

Tehran – after Shemshak – Darbandsar

Darbandsar ski slope in Tehran

7- Johnston Plain

Take your weekend picnics and rides to the Johnston Great Plains. In this plain, clean air, greenery and tranquility have another color. The guests of Johnston Plain hardly miss this beautiful plain when they go home and take refuge in counting the moments to come again.

The former name of Johnston Plain was Janistan, which some locals still know by its former identity. There are two routes to Johnston Plain; The first route is between Zaygan and Abnik villages and the second route is from Lalan village. If you ask me about the best route to reach this plain, I say the first route is better than the second route, because this route is winding and longer. I would also like to say that many entertainment, welfare centers and restaurants serve the second route.

Johnston Plain Address

Tehran – Abnik village

Johnston Plain, Tehran on Google Map

8- Fasham mountains

Fasham entertainment is one of the most exciting and challenging entertainment in Iran. You might think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but Fasham is a tourist attraction. Wherever you stop in the city, you will notice that the city of Fasham is surrounded by tall mountains.

This region has approximately 70 high peaks with a length of about 4,000 meters above sea level and they belong to their large family, Central Alborz. It is enough for the name of the mountains of this city to reach the ears of mountaineering fans to close the burden of travel. I recommend that you check the weather before leaving to avoid possible problems.

9- Ahangark Valley

If you have not been to Ahangarak Valley and they show you some pictures of this valley and tell you to guess where this picture belongs to, you will most likely mention the names of several European countries. This valley is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Tehran, which attracts many lovers from Fasham every year.

The weather in Ahangark is so good that you do not want to go here after going here. Of course you are right, the mountains covered with trees and plants, the cool climate and the existence of recreational and welfare facilities encourage any tourist to stay. There are resorts and villas around the valley where you can be a guest of Ahangarak nature. If you can not stand the bitter cold of winter, the best time to go is spring and summer.

Address of Ahangark Valley

Tehran – 30 km of Lashgarak road – Meygon village – 4 km northwest of Meygon

Tehran Ahangarak Valley on Google Map

10- Aswol Cave

For cave lovers, Fasham has Asbool Cave in its bag. In fact, Asbol Cave is made up of three intertwined caves, and this phenomenon has left an extraordinary effect on itself. If you love adventure and discovering new subjects, do not miss this natural attraction.

غار اسبول

Address of Asbol Cave

Tehran – Fasham – East Oshan – Esbolek Valley

11- Fasham villages

The identity card and authenticity of a city to its villages. The villages of Fasham are one of the most beautiful, as if they are competing to be more beautiful. These villages are all suitable in terms of being equipped with welfare and recreational facilities, and you can spend a few days in one of the villages of Fashm without any worries.

The most famous villages of Fasham are Abnik, Doroud, Jiroud, Garmabdar, Ruteh and Zaygan. One of the most enjoyable pastimes of Fasham is walking in the back alleys of the villages.

12- Sarqala Park

در شهر فشم پارکی باصفا با موقعیت مکانی کم‌نظیر در بام فشم احداث شده است. در این پارک چشم‌انداز چشم‌نوازی به شهر خواهید داشت. این پارک برای همه اعضای خانواده فرح‌بخش است و برای کودکان وسایل بازی اختصاص داده شده تا اوقات خوش‌تری پیش روی آن‌ها باشد. اگر تاریکی شب حس خوبی به قلب‌تان منتقل می‌کند، شب‌هنگام به پارک بروید تا از تماشای کمالات شهر فشم به وجه بیایید.

Address of Sarqala Park

Tehran – Fasham – Dehghan Boulevard

Sarqala Park on Google Map

13- Fasham Square

The main symbol of any city is its square, or if we want to define a city and its people, the effort is usually borne by the squares. Fasham city has followed this rule and is the main square of Fasham city. In addition to the symbol, this square is the intersection of four streets named Lalan and Zaygan, Shemshak and Dizin, Deh and Hosseineh and Fasham-Tehran Boulevard.

میدان فشم

Due to its location, this square has easy access to welfare centers, shops and markets. Intercity taxis are also available in the square, which you can use to get around.

Fasham Square on Google Map

14- Tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim

Go to Fasham, but do not go to the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim? You are doing yourself a disservice. Imamzadeh Ibrahim was one of the sons of Imam Reza (AS) who rested in Fasham, Tehran. If your heart is full to meet the eighth Imam, you will reach that spiritual peace by visiting the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim. Among the amenities of Imamzadeh such as ablution room, bathroom, rest area and pavilion.

After the pilgrimage, you can have fun in nature or have a cup of tea. If you stay in the neighborhood of the tomb for a few hours, do not neglect to observe hygiene and be nature-friendly.

Address of the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim

Tehran – Fasham – Abnik village

15- Tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim

Stomach in Fasham restaurants

After correct arithmetic, the destination of each tourist is to him. Burning calories from surfing can only be recovered with Fasham restaurants and eateries. Without compliments, I must say that Fasham, with its diverse range of restaurants, has paved the way and doubled the enjoyment of Fasham for tourists. Now let’s take a look at the most famous restaurants in the city and get to know their menu.

1- Safir Restaurant

Like delicious Iranian kebabs and fish can be found only in Safir restaurant. The taste of the food has doubled along with the attractive and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant thanks to the view of the river. The dishes of Safir restaurant, although they have a high price, but the extraordinary quality and taste play the first role.

رستوران سفیر فشم

Safir Restaurant Address

Tehran – 3 km of Fasham Road

Ambassador Restaurant on Google Map

2- Zagros Restaurant

The taste of pure Iranian food really sticks in one of the most delicious restaurants in this city. The dishes of this restaurant are prepared by skilled chefs and are served in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. You can have your meal in one of the two open and closed spaces. Each of these spaces has its own pleasure, for example, drinking mobile tea is more sticky on the outer lips.

Address of Zagros Restaurant

Tehran – 6 km of Fasham Road – left

3- Paradise Garden Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Fasham, which hosts a large number of travelers in this area, I can mention the Garden of Paradise restaurant. This restaurant is one of the cozy family hangouts with its delicious and quality food menu. The design of Bagh-e-Behesht restaurant is quite spectacular at the same time; Especially the stone stairs and glass pavilions have given a lot of charm to the view of this restaurant.

رستوران باغ بهشت فشم

Garden Paradise Restaurant Address

Tehran – Fasham Road – the beginning of Zarband

Garden of Eden on Google Maps

4- Cactus Restaurant

I have said little about the extraordinary taste of the food and the interior of the Cactus restaurant. The delicious kebabs of this restaurant have made most of the guests of the next series rely on hospitality and high quality food. The decoration of the restaurant gives you the feeling that nature has placed a piece of its beauty in the heart of Cactus Restaurant.

رستوران کاکتوس

Cactus Restaurant Address

Tehran – 2 km of Fasham Road

Cactus Restaurant on Google Map

5- Gileva restaurant

Some tourists in Fasham do not look for flashy places and consider comfort and good taste as the main priority. Of course, I would also like to say that if you go to Gileva Fashm restaurant in a group, this restaurant will arrange a variety of popular Gilani dishes on your table.

رستوران گیله وا

Gileva restaurant address

Tehran – Oshan-Fasham road – has not reached the city of Fasham

Gileva Tehran restaurant on Google Map

6- Nabat Branch Restaurant

I do not know whether it is the water flowing through the middle of the restaurant or the wooden huts of the restaurant! This restaurant is a place where you will be amazed by the decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as the great taste of the food. I think, though, you might be stuck with the goodies of the candy bar restaurant.

رستوران شاخه نبات فشم

The address of the candy branch restaurant

Tehran – Zarband

Candy Branch Restaurant on Google Map

7- Waterfall restaurant

One of the funniest restaurants in Fasham, where you often do not find empty seats and beds. 90% of the design and decoration of the waterfall restaurant is done using wood and mat in traditional ways. By tasting the food of this restaurant, their good taste remains under your tongue. Waterfall Restaurant is built on the river bank; Be careful not to go to waterfront restaurants at all during the rainy season due to river flooding.

The address of Abshar restaurant

Tehran – Fasham – not reached Rudak 3 km Fasham – right

Waterfall Restaurant on Google Map

8- Qasran fast food

One of the famous restaurants around Tehran is Qasran fast food, where a variety of pizzas, snacks, sandwiches and. Can be seen in the restaurant’s menu. Qasran is one of the oldest restaurants in the region that many tourists remember with Qasran fast food. The most famous dishes of this restaurant are Royal Burger, Italian pizza, pepperoni, American and falafel.

فست فود قصران

Qasran fast food address

Tehran – Fasham – in front of Fasham Electricity Office

Qasran fast food on goal map

The best time to travel and have fun

I can not say exactly when is the best time to visit Qeshm, because this city has 4 seasons and each of them shows its unique charm to other seasons. With that in mind, you decide when to pack. With the arrival of spring, you will enjoy the cool weather and the dreamy nature of Fasham. On the summer days of Fasham, you can experience a vigorous Fasham tour without the annoying heat.

And autumn! A season we all love, and we count the moments to come; For example, walking in the gardens and hearing the rustling of the leaves of the trees is one of the most pleasant sounds for me. The winters in this city are so cold that there is a possibility that your limbs will be chained; The cold weather may be a little annoying, but using the right cover and of course drinking a cup of tea will keep you warm. Do not miss the winter of this simple city and do not leave the snow slope field empty for other skiers.

The best time to visit this city in terms of weather conditions is spring and summer. During these months, you can enjoy more sightseeing, especially going to the village of Eagle is one of the most memorable things.

Stay in Fasham

Most people who travel to Fasham like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days and catch their breath. There are no hotels in Fasham, but there are many hotels in Shemshak where you can stay comfortably. To stay in Fasham, you can only stay in villas and suites in this city or villas close to this city. Fasham accommodations are equipped with services and amenities, and be aware of the high security of these villas.

If you love to set up camping tents in this city, first of all make sure that the place where you want to camp at night is safe. Setting up a tent by the river, although it is more fun, but because the river is flooded, do not camp at all along the Fasham River. Whenever you want to go, first collect your garbage so that the nature of my fish will always be healthy and alive.

What is the distance from Tehran to Fasham?

Fasham city is a subdivision of Tehran region one. The distance from Tehran to Fasham is approximately 50 km and you can reach this city by car in about an hour. Of course, the time to get to this city also depends on the weather conditions and road traffic, which can take more than an hour if it is unfavorable. I recommend filling the car tank with fuel and then heading to Fasham.

Where is my fish?

Let me say from the beginning, the city of Hezar Chehreh is one of the parts of Rudbar Qasran. You have access to Fasham through two roads, Telo and Lashgarak; These two routes are in the northeast of Tehran and both roads have no problem to reach Fasham. Of course, the Lashkar Gah route is mostly used by drivers, because driving on the road is a bit difficult. In addition, there are no traffic signs installed on the road to Fashm, and the difficulty of the road is doubled by not having a sign.

I recommend, if you are not familiar with this road, do not choose this road at night. If you enter the Lashkar Gah route, you have three choices to reach this city. The first is the Bagheri Highway and the entrance to Lashgarak Road, the second is Estakhr Street in Tehran-Pars, taking Lashgarak Road and the third route at the end of the Army Highway and entering Lashgarak Road.

Arriving at Lashgarak Square, you will reach a crossroads between Lavasan and Fasham. Choose the right route to this city using the signposts. After leaving Zardband and Oshan behind, he reached the city of Fasham. Of course, in other opportunities, be sure to visit the sights of Lavasan.

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