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Fatehabad Garden of Kerman or Biglerbegi; Survivor of the Qajar period

Fatehabad Garden of Kerman or Biglerbegi; Survivor of the Qajar period

It was written in bold, large, and in Nasta’liq script on its blue entrance (Fatehabad Garden), but its Biglerby was forgotten. To see it, you must first pass by the rectangular pond of the garden. As soon as you walk on the cobblestones of the yard, your gaze straightens to the large white building, which I do not know why it no longer has the feel of other historical monuments of Kerman province; I’m talking about white architecture and plastering.


It seems that the aqueducts of Kerman have nothing to do but give life. It is from the garden of Prince Mahan, who owes his life to the foothills of Tigran, and this is from the garden of Fatehabad, which sees itself as part of the Rostamabad aqueduct. The aqueduct, whose water was directed to the garden from the side street, in addition to wetting its plants, refreshed the visitors. Have you seen the garden after renovation? Hence it has turned to that. See and read all these surprises and beauties from Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

Where is Qatabad Garden?

25 km from the city center

What time is it to visit Qathabad Garden?

8:00 to 22:00 with entrance of 3000 Tomans

What are the different parts of Qathabad Garden?

Main building (pavilion), rulers’ museum, four-season mansion, herbal medicine fields

What are the amenities of Qathabad Garden?

Benches, chairs, pantry, teahouse, wooden pavilion, restaurant, bathroom, greenhouse garden, pistachio garden,

Gheshe bagh fath abad

His name was taken from Fazl Ali Khan Qarabaghi, nicknamed Biglerbigi, another ruler of Kerman. He started paving the garden of Fatehabad in Kerman between 1216 and 1218. But he was the son of Hussein Ali Khan who continued his path during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. It took five years to lay the brick on the brick and finish it. Fazl Ali Khan himself used to go to Fatahabad garden only three times during the week.

باغ فتح آباد کرمان He was so eager to watch the garden that the next rulers of Kerman did not mind owning Biglerbegi Garden. Be between ourselves; They even modeled the garden of Prince Mahan on this garden – now the truth and falsehood of those who said it – but I do not think it is wrong. From what I see, it seems that all the luxurious gardens could be built only by the rulers of Kerman to come and have a noble pastime.

باغ فتح آباد کرمان Bagh Fatah Abad Kerman was so defined and attractive that it kept the eyes of all rulers staring. This story goes so far that one of the rulers of Kerman, Abdul Hussein Mirza, goes to the sea and offers to buy the garden to his owner, but he does not listen. I understand if he goes and builds a garden and sells his pride.

باغ فتح آباد Although no one liked Bagh Fatah Abad for years To sell to someone, but when it reaches Rustam Khan Amiri, his family divides paradise into hell for him. This made him do what the previous rulers did not do for money.

When Rostam Khan sees his family, they look at every part of the garden, and it is these differences that make him bitter. He tied the knot in the garden and dedicated it in 1973. By doing so, he both returns to his former days and relieves himself of the task of maintaining the garden.

از عرش به فرش From Throne to Carpet

Let me know how the garden of Fatehabad with five arches becomes a model for the garden of Prince Mahan, which is one of the top 9 gardens in Iran, but it is hardly included in the list of national monuments and is left out of globalization. This is how the Biglerby Garden loses its old beauty. But it is still one of the most important water suppliers for the people of Kerman. The officials you see in this garden are in love with the people, and before it is completely destroyed, they start working and rebuilding it.

دیدنی های عمارت The garden flourished

If you went to Prince Mahan Garden before the renovation of Fatahabad Garden, you will no longer enjoy watching Biglerbegi Garden. Because for several decades, the current state of the building and its garden had not been measured and he had seen no love and affection. There was not even anyone to give the garden pots two or three drops of water.

مرمت و بازسازی باغ را شکوفا کرد But when the garden of the conquest of Kerman on February 3, 2002 in the list of national monuments Iran is registered, it blooms for the first time. Restoration of Biglerbegi Garden began in 2014 and within a year of the efforts of Iranian masters, it came to life. Now the infinite galaxy is the only word I can say to describe it.

Fatah Abad Architecture; Another local crown

All Persian gardens in all periods of the monarchy had a characteristic and structure. However, the building and garden of Fatehabad are different from the classical structure of other Iranian gardens. This garden is one of the few Iranian gardens with 4 slender minarets in front of its main building, which seems unlikely from the historical monuments of Kerman. Although the facade of the walls of his building in ancient times was made of clay and mud, but today it has taken on the color of plaster.

معماری فتح آباد؛ تاج محلی دیگر One of the wonders of the garden is the absence of the entrance to the garden. That means you do not know where the border is inside and outside the garden. Only with iron cylinders can you guess where you entered the yard and where you left it. Speaking of garden lighting, along with the beauty of white under the blue sky and daylight, the night is mesmerizing with its colorful lighting. Of course, it is obvious that lighting was not available during the Qajar period, but today it has won the hearts of many. Where else can I put the size of the 13-14 hectare garden and its 1500-meter infrastructure.

معماری فتح آباد؛ تاج محلی دیگر Different parts of Biglerby Garden

The Biglerby Garden consists of three main sections, the main street, the inner garden and the second garden street. You will see a main street with a large rectangular pond between it and pine and cypress trees on either side. At the end of this street, you will see the second part of the garden on the left. The inner garden, the backyard, was also the mansion of the four-season garden owner, who greeted him with two rows of trees.

باغ فتح آباد کرمان In the third section, which was later added to the garden during renovation, see Pistachio Street or Garden Street می‌کنید. The Rostamabad aqueduct was so blessed that the old ones started working and pistachio trees were planted in it. But the main building that connects all these parts is the main building of Fatahabad Garden.

پلان باغ از بالا Fatah Abad Garden Building

The large two-story, white building you see at the northern end of the garden is one of the masterpieces of Iranian-European architecture during the Qajar period. With its three- and five-door rooms that have made everyone remember. Iron and beams, which could not display the original Iranian architecture in Kerman, so only raw clay and mud mortar with a gypsum surface could show the infinitely beautiful pavilion or the main building with its arches, four minarets and domes. This is a building that is located in the core of the garden and everyone pays attention to it, it has amazing lighting.

باغ فتح آباد Museum of the Rulers

One of the strangest parts of Fatahabad is the museum of the rulers of Kerman, where their pictures and biographies are kept. Now, what important things have they done, of which a museum remains? The same garden of Fatehabad that you see was for the pleasure of the rulers of Kerman, not for the people. Nevertheless, there were rulers who woke up in the morning to serve the people.

موزه حکام Painting room

The white walls of Fatahabad Garden give life to you to hold a brush soaked in hot and cold colors and fall into the walls. Of course, unless he sees it in your dreams, because no one is allowed to do this, but the ancients who saw the rulers of the Qajar period were allowed to enjoy the miniature painting or the mural. That’s what they painted with gold water.

اتاق نقاشی This room was in the main mansion where the rulers rested, but could not bear its empty walls. This is why they order to paint and decorate for them. Of course, there have been thefts from these murals that I do not know how to steal a mural.

Yard Bagh Fatah Abad

Again a rectangular yard and pond. The pool that forces you to go into the garden under the pretext of washing and do not go out anymore. There are several large and small ponds in the garden yard, one of which is more eye-catching. This rectangular pond is 60 meters wide and 6 meters wide. At the beginning and end of the pond is a circular pond like a flower. There are porches with narrow cylinders on both sides of the courtyard to the end, which give the lovers a strange atmosphere with turquoise jars and brown chairs.

حیاط باغ فتح آباد Building Four Seasons

Even in the same garden, Prince Mahan was a backyard for the landlord, let alone the Biglerby Garden, which has a private mansion instead of a private yard. Not every mansion, but a small garden with a small mansion with a circular pond in the middle.

عمارت چهار فصل This mansion is extroverted because it hides itself in the trees and overlooks all sides with its doors and windows. As soon as you enter the garden of Fatehabad, look to your right to see the four-season mansion with its pond in front, whose architecture is different from the ground to the sky from the main mansion of the pavilion.

باغ فتح آباد کرمان This is unique. A one-story mansion with stucco and brick porches and plastering and white walls with wooden windows glazed and Persian carpet on the floor stared at me. Today, this luxurious room is being prepared for various ceremonies and celebrations.

Orchards for herbal medicine cultivation

It also has an orchard. 14 species of trees are planted in 16 plots of 3.7 hectares of Fatahabad Garden; From olive, barberry and pomegranate trees to peaches, pears, yellow plums, berries, apples, persimmons, nectarines, figs and grapes. Acacia tree, sparrow tongue and saffron tree are also fruitless trees in the garden.

باغ میوه زمین های کشت داروهای گیاهی

When the authorities start renovating the Fatahabad garden, they dedicate part of the garden to planting medicinal plants in order to provide for the garden in addition to cultivating the plant source. One of the largest collections of medicinal plants and plants in the country, today, due to the drying of the Rostamabad aqueduct, only its wells and fresh water live.

Amenities of Bagh Fatah Kerman

All kinds of kebabs and local foods of Kerman, from local soup and tandoori bread to jam, can be tasted in a restaurant that welcomes you inside the main building. Outdoors, pubs and teahouses can soothe your tiredness with liqueurs, teas and herbs. There are several chairs in the courtyard and a few wooden pavilions around the Fatehabad mansion where you can refresh your breath.

امکانات رفاهی باغ فتح کرمان

The best time to visit Fatahabad Garden

You can go to Fatahabad Garden all year round, but the best time, especially in Kerman, is spring, summer and summer when the plants are blooming.

Visiting hours of Prince Mahan Garden

From 8:00 AM to 22:00 PM, the door of Fatehabad Garden is open to all those interested in Iranian architecture and gardens. With an entrance of 3000 thousand Tomans, you can remember the infinite beauty of Kerman.

Where is Fatahabad Garden?

Address: Iran, Kerman province, Ekhtiarabad village, 25 km from the city center, Hava Nirooz boulevard, Fatehabad garden

Access route: As soon as you enter Kerman from 16 km northwest of Kerman. You see the belt of Imam Reza Kerman that you must enter. Take the Zangiabad side road and as soon as you enter Ekhtiarabad village, you will see the Fatehabad garden. Or you can go from Ivory Boulevard to Ekhtiari Abad Road and see Bagh Fatah Ayad up close.

Fatehabad Garden on Google Map

Where is the old garden of Biglerby, where is the garden of Fatehabad now?

The building that one of the rulers of Kerman built a few decades ago, became a garden that is no less than paradise with the blossoming of its trees. Even with its white building, the mansion of four visible gardens, the orchard, the pistachio trees and its lighting, it flourishes more than the Qajar period, not only the hearts of the rulers but also the hearts of the people in love. In fact, it is perhaps the lack of water in Kerman that makes its lush gardens such as Biglerby Garden. Just look at the paradises that the Kermanis create from the heart of the land

با قدیمی بیگلربیگی کجا، باغ فتح آباد الان کجا

It was as if I had seen this garden somewhere, it was constantly on my mind. I do not know you, but the size of its courtyard reminds me of Prince Mahan’s garden, and the main white building with its minarets brings to mind the architecture of the Taj Mahal of India, if they have nothing to do with each other.

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