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Ferdows Garden in Tehran with all its attractions and sights

Honestly, I do not know why Ferdows Garden in Tehran is so dear to me. It is as if all the good things in my life were gathered together in this garden, next to the sycamore trees, by the sound of fountains. An ideal day for me is a day to take a look at Tajrish Bazaar and then invite myself for a walk in Ferdows Garden. The area around the garden, which is full of posters of Iranian films, is new to me every time. I keep referring to the films. And this experience will never be repeated.

I will not bother you any more, let’s go to the main point. This article is from Alibaba Tourism Magazine about Ferdows Garden in Tehran. A garden that used to be very large, but over time, only a small part of it, along with the mansion that has now become a museum of Iranian cinema, remains. The shade of tall sycamore trees is a testament to the garden’s antiquity, creating a pleasant atmosphere for fun and relaxation. In this article, I will talk about the history of Ferdows Garden and introduce you to its different sections in full.

Where is Ferdows Garden?

Ferdows Garden is a garden with an old mansion from the Qajar period, which is located in the Ferdows neighborhood of Tehran, where the Museum of Iranian Cinema is currently located.

What time is it to visit Ferdows Garden?

Visiting Ferdows Garden: Every day from 9 am to 11 pm

What facilities are available in Ferdows Garden?

Tehran Ferdows Garden has three cinemas, a cinema museum, two cafes, a bookstore and handicraft stalls.

Where is the address of Ferdows Garden?

Tehran, Valiasr St., not far from Tajrish Square, Bakhshaish Alley, Ferdows Garden

Ferdows Garden from the past to the present

Do not look at Ferdows Garden as an ordinary historical monument, of course I know this is not ordinary beauty, but I mean something else. Ferdows Garden is not much older than many historical monuments, but its history is long; It spun and spun around like a fallen apple until it finally calmed down in the situation we see now.

During the Qajar period and in 1264 AH, Mohammad Shah Qajar ordered the construction of a large palace in the Mohammadiyya region. The construction of this palace with two mansions north and south in an area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters was started by the Shah’s Prime Minister, Haji Mirza Aghasi, but due to the illness of Mohammad Shah Qajar and his death, the construction of the palace remained incomplete. The northern mansion is now completely destroyed, but the southern mansion remains.

باغ فردوس تهران

During the Qajar period, Nasser al-Din Shah gave the garden of Ferdows as a wedding gift to his daughter and son-in-law, Hossein Ali Khan Khan Moayer al-Malik. Hossein Ali Khan completed the semi-finished building in the style of Qajar architecture known as Filugosh, and held his wedding in the same garden. The name of Ferdows Garden can be considered as Ferdows Aqueduct, which provided water for this place and the surrounding gardens.

In the next stage, Ferdows Garden reached Dost Ali Khan Nizam al-Dawla, son of Hussein Ali Khan. Together with the unique architects of Yazd and Isfahan, he built a building in the southern part of the garden known as (Rashk Behesht). Reshk Behesht was a mansion with a marble staircase that was made of high quality Yazd marble in different parts of it, and looking at its inner walls, which were covered with embossed gold papers, did not satisfy the eyes of any viewer with its beauty.

باغ فردوس تهران After Dost Ali Khan, Ferdows Garden passed to his son Dostum Mohammad Khan Moayer al-Malik. This period is not a good memory for the garden because Dostum Mohammad Khan did not pay any attention to the garden. The sad part of the story is when they did not even have mercy on the marbles of the mansion, dug up the beautiful marbles of the garden and transferred them to the Amiriyeh mansion (Nezam School). During this period, nothing was left but the ruins of Ferdows Garden.

جاهای دیدنی تهران

During his visit to the mansion during the reign of Dost Ali Khan, the French archaeologist Jean Diolafova wrote in his travelogue:

“There are many gardens and buildings around Tajrish, one of which is Ferdows Garden. In the middle of this large garden, which is full of thick and tall sycamores, there is an unfinished palace that is about to be destroyed. Inside the mansion there is a hall, the plinths of the hall are painted in the form of opal-like lights and the doors look like cedar wood and are finished with ivory. The floors of the rooms are filled with dirt and beaten, and not even paved with ordinary bricks. Its floors appear to have been ripped off and stolen. This building is on the verge of destruction due to negligence. “In ten years the roofs will be destroyed and in twenty years the palace will be turned into an earthen mound.”

تاریخچه موزه سینما

Finally, a person named Haji Mirza Hossein bought the garden from Dostum Mohammad Khan. During this period, the ownership of the garden changed from one hand to another until in 1318 AH, during the reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar, Mohammad Wali Khan, the Tonekaboni lieutenant general, bought the garden of Ferdows in Tehran. The era of happiness and prosperity for the garden began. After repairing and renovating the garden, Sepahsalar built a fountain and a pool in it. Qanat revived the garden and finally built a magnificent entrance, which is now the current square of Ferdows Garden. Unfortunately, Sepahsalar was forced to hand over the garden to the Tumanians due to his debt to the business. Tumanian was again forced to hand over the garden to Reza Khan’s government because of his debts.

The Pahlavi period was a period for the garden of Ferdows to flourish again. In 1316 A.H., the garden was purchased by the order of Ali Asghar Hekmat, Minister of Education, as the property of the former Ministry of Education (Education), and after restoration, it started its activities as Shapur Tajrish High School. But in the second Pahlavi era, the mansion became the office for planning national celebrations.

تاریخچه موزه سینما Do not think that the story ended here… No… After this, Ferdows Garden changed its use as a cultural, artistic and exhibition center for a while and then From the revolution, it was given to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. It is interesting to know that part of this garden has been assigned as a place for establishing the Dokhoda Dictionary and the Archaeological Institute of the University of Tehran since 1973, which still remains the same.

Finally, after many ups and downs in 2002, Ferdows Garden was purchased by the Farabi Cinema Foundation, the Cultural Heritage Organization and the Municipality of Tehran to be used as a cinema museum. Currently, Ferdows Garden in Tehran is also known as the Museum of Iranian Cinema and Ferdows Museum Garden. May the warm embrace of the cinema be a place to relax Ferdows Garden after these difficult years.

تاریخچه موزه سینما

Ferdows Garden Architecture

As I said before, Ferdows Garden was very large in the past and had two mansions, south and north, of which only the south mansion remains today. As you pass the garden entrance, the old sycamore trees of the garden show you the way and the south mansion appears at the end of the garden. The architectural style and decorations of the Ferdows Garden mansion in Tehran are what have immortalized it.

Ferdows Garden Mansion is a three-and-a-half-story building with an area of ​​1000 square meters, whose porch faces the garden pond in the middle of the garden. Do not pass through the middle pond of the garden with its simple sycamore trees; The ponds and fountains you see are the only remnants of past pools that have been designed with light refraction in mind and are an amazing work.

معماری باغ فردوس Ferdows Garden mansion is located on a steep slope from northwest to southwest, so that the first floor of the building is level with the southern part of the garden And the roof of the first floor with the northern part of the garden! The halls, rooms and columns of the mansion porch are all adorned with delicate and artistic bedspreads that are a design of grape leaves and show a combination of Greek, Roman and Persian style. My advice to you, the mansion porch with its unique bedding is the best place for photography.

It should be noted that the interior of the mansion has changed according to the use of the museum and in it, divisions and lighting have been done for the purpose of new use.

معماری باغ فردوس

A look at the facilities and attractions of Frouds Garden

Ferdows Garden of Tehran In addition to being one of the Tehran sights It has different sections that can entertain tourists for hours. Among the sections of Ferdows Garden, we can mention the museum cinema with different halls, bookstore and handicraft booth, cinema hall and its cafes, which I will introduce in detail in each section of the garden, so that if you visit it, no corner The pen does not fall.

عمارت باغ، سینما و چند داستان دیگر Different parts of Ferdows Garden

This lovely garden has a variety of attractions that make it even more spectacular.

Cinema Museum in Ferdows Garden

The construction of a museum called the Museum of Cinema in Iran was proposed in 1992 by the directors of the Municipal Cultural Spaces Development Center. After several years, this museum started its activities in 1998 with the aim of collecting, preserving and displaying the country’s cinematic heritage with the efforts of artists such as Abbas Kiarostami, Ezatullah Entezami, Gholamreza Jalal Omidi, Omid Sabati, Azizullah Saati and Behzad Rahimian on Lalehzar Street. . Among the activities of the Cinema Museum at that time, we can mention the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Iranian cinema, the publication of various books and collections of soundtracks, etc.

موزه سینما in 2002 with the cooperation of the Islamic Culture and Guidance Office, Deputy Minister of Cinema and Seyed Mohammad Khatami (then President) , Cinema Museum moved to Ferdows Garden in Tehran, whose first CEO was Ezatullah Entezami.

The Cinema Museum is the only Iranian cinema museum located in the Ferdows Garden mansion. This museum is a collection with several different sections with the names of Letters Hall, Beginners Hall, International Hall, Contemporary Hall, Emperor Mansion, Theater, Farhad House, Armenian Exhibition, Holy Defense Cinema, Children and Adolescent Cinema and Sound and Dubbing.

موزه سینما Each of these forums contains a valuable collection of photos of Iranian cinema artists and various movie posters, a complete archive of publications and magazines Documentaries and filmmaking equipment from the past until now, awards won by Iranian artists in various festivals and a collection of 4,000 Iranian screenplays and plays. In the following, I will introduce the different sections of the Cinema Museum in detail.

Note that if you intend to photograph the inside of the mansion and the halls of the Cinema Museum, you must obtain a photography permit at the entrance box.

If you still do not have the opportunity to visit the Cinema Museum, you can visit the site of the Iranian Cinema Museum via the virtual visit Experience walking and visiting this museum.

باغ فردوس NamAvaran Hall

The Writers Hall is a dark and silent space that has a different way of introducing the writers of Iranian cinema. This hall is suddenly lit up with a flash of photography and the sound of applause, and the important people of Iranian cinema are introduced to the visitors with special lighting.

Beginners Hall

As the name of this hall can be guessed, the Hall of Beginners is a hall of (early) Iranian cinema. If you are from the cinema, you will surely catch your breath when you see the first filming equipment in Iran, and you will be surprised to see the first old photographs of the mythology of Iranian cinema. Beginners Hall is the beginning of the path of cinema in Iran.

تالار آغازگران International Forum

If you are following the news of the success of Iranian cinema in the international arena, the International Forum is for you. All the international awards won by Iranian artists, including the Palme d’Or, the Lion of Venice, the Berlin Bear, etc., are on display in this hall. In addition, the International Hall at the Ferdows Garden Museum has a complete collection of posters of Iranian films selected for international festivals, which is exciting for cinema fans.

تالار بین‌المللMoaseral Hall

More than 700 portraits of directors, actors, composers and other important actors of Iranian cinema are in the contemporary hall of the Ferdows Garden Cinema Museum. This unique collection of contemporary artists of Iranian cinema is one of the most spectacular parts of the museum. In addition to portraits, this hall has special booths that belong to artists such as Ezatullah Entezami, Pouran Derakhshandeh, Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Dariush Mehrjoui and..

تالار معاصرانThe Emperor of the Mansion (Ali Hatami Room)

As a big fan of Ali Hatami’s films, you would definitely like to see him up close. In the royal part of the mansion, a room called Ali Hatami’s room has been built, in which Ali Hatami is sitting behind the editing desk of Haji Washington with Ezatullah Entezami.

شاه‌نشین عمارت (اتاق علی حاتمی)Tamashakhaneh

The Tamashakhaneh hall in the Bagh Ferdows mansion is where a number of cinemas in the 1930s and 1940s are simulated. If you want to imagine yourself on the wooden chairs of Mayak Cinema for a few moments, be sure to visit this section. This section is also known as the royal section of the mansion, in which Ali Hatami’s room is also located.

تماشاخانهFarhad’s house

Farhad’s house has many memories of this popular singer. In this section, with the pleasant voice of Farhad Mehrad, which is played in space, you can circle among his memorabilia, instruments and books and whisper under his breath,

Armenian Exhibition

Armenians have played an important role in Iranian cinema and many Iranian tourist films have been shot by these people, which is why part of the Ferdows Garden Cinema Museum is dedicated to the Armenian exhibition.

Holy Defense Cinema Section

Due to the importance of Holy Defense in Iranian cinema, there is a separate section entitled Holy Defense Cinema in the Ferdows Garden Cinema Museum. In this section, images related to Holy Defense films, actors and other agents of war films are displayed.

بخش سینمای دفاع مقدس

Children and Adolescent Cinema Department

In childhood there are all movies that will never be forgotten. The Children and Adolescent Cinema section of the Ferdows Garden Museum is also a place for you to revisit the films you saw as a child and teenager. In this section, old puppets such as Red Riding Hood and Cousin و are displayed along with a number of actors and actors in children’s cinema.

بخش سینمای کودک و نوجوان

Audio and dubbing section

In the audio and dubbing section, you will watch moments from the first dubbed movies in Iran. Along with this sweet experience, you can see the old recording tools and the booth of Ali Kasmaei, the father of Iranian dubbing.

History underpass

The History Underpass is part of the Cinema Museum, where the first image creation tools are displayed along with the created images. Going through the underpass of history, you will be introduced to the shadow theater in China and India and the first Iranian paintings of Shahnameh.

Currently, the three underpass sections of history, the Armenian exhibition and the dubbing and audio hall are not active and it is not possible to visit them.

Garden bookstores and handicraft galleries

As you enter the garden, your eyes fall on a famous old red TV set on a stool that reads, “Read a book instead.” This TV is an invitation from the Silver Pond bookstore, which attracts everyone’s attention as soon as it enters Ferdows Garden.

کتابفروشی و گالری‌های صنایع دستی باغThe Silver Pond Bookstore has a complete collection of literary, cinematic, philosophical and other books, along with cultural and artistic products, handicrafts, etc., which are also offered to those interested in this field.

Cinemas in Ferdows Garden

Is it possible that the Iranian Cinema Museum does not have a cinema? Ferdows Garden in Tehran has three cinemas that are always showing the latest movies. Ferdows Cinema with a capacity of 109 people, Tograf Cinema with a capacity of 205 people and Tamadon Cinema with a capacity of 52 seats are the three cinemas located in Ferdows Garden. To get acquainted with the cinema program, you can get help from the bulletin board at the entrance of the garden and get a ticket from the ticket office, which is located there.

سالن‌های سینما در باغ فردوسFerdows Garden Cafe

Ferdows Garden Cafe or Cinema Cafe is one of the entertainment places of Ferdows Garden in Tehran. This cafe is located on the west side of the mansion, just above the Tograf cinema. Anytime you get tired of exploring the garden or want to talk to a friend about a movie you saw, you can relax by drinking coffee or tea.

کافه باغ فردوس

This cafe has a variety of drinks and food and consists of two parts called pallets and sun terrace. One of the attractions of this cafe is the shape of the menu, which is made to look like cinematic elements. Ferdows Garden Cafe is usually a crowded cafe and you should not expect a calm and quiet environment from it.

Cafe Vienna

One of the branches of Viona chain cafes is located in Ferdows Garden in Tehran. Viona Cafe in Ferdows Garden is a crowded and lively cafe with a varied menu of drinks, food and snacks that will welcome you for a few hours.

کافه ویوناWhat time is it to visit Ferdows Garden?

Visiting Ferdows Garden in Tehran has different hours according to different parts of the garden:

Visiting hours of Ferdows Garden: Every day from 9 am to 11 pm

Visiting hours of Ferdows Museum Garden: Sundays to Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm, this complex is closed on Saturdays and days of mourning.)

ساعت بازدید از باغ فردوس چه وقت است؟Where is Ferdows Garden in Tehran?

Address of Ferdows Garden: Valiasr St., Tehran, not far from Tajrish Square, Bakhshaish Alley, Ferdows Garden

باغ فردوس تهران کجاست؟Ferdows Garden on Google Map

What is the access route to Ferdows Garden?

Access to Ferdows Garden in Tehran is possible by subway, private car, taxi and bus.

Metro: If you use the metro to visit Ferdows Garden, you have to take a metro line and get off at Tajrish station. The distance from Tajrish station to Ferdows Garden is a 20-minute walk, so if you do not have the patience to walk, you can take a taxi or BRT bus.

مسیر دسترسی به باغ فردوس چطور است؟

Bus: To visit this garden via BRT buses, all you have to do is take the Tajrish-Railway buses and get off at Ferdows Garden Station.

Private car: If you are planning to visit by private car, it is better to say that finding a parking space in this area is not easy. You will probably have to park your car in the surrounding alleys or in the public parking lot of Tajrish Square. To find the address by personal car, you can use the address of Ferdows Garden on Google Map.

Garden mansion, cinema and a few other stories

Everyone has a story for themselves. Maybe you have seen the movie (Ferdows Garden, 5 pm), or you have heard the name and drawing of the garden in Iranian books. There are many things happening in this garden for which no story has been written or a film has been made. Maybe this time it’s your turn…

عمارت باغ، سینما و چند داستان دیگرCome to this garden with a camera, walk around the cinema museum for a few hours and appreciate the Iranian cinema, then take a tour of the garden. This garden is also suitable for solo appointments, that is, for your own heart! Also suitable for romantic or multi-person appointments. What else can be expected from a sweet day?

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