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For the development of Hamedan province, we can maneuver on tourism

ISNA / According to a tourism activist, for the development of Hamadan province Maneuvered on tourism.

Mohammad Suzanchi presented the history of this industry in Hamedan and added: “Until the mid-1980s, economic development in Hamedan was based on agriculture, and after that, all discussions on economic development were based on the principles of governing the province.” , Was set in the field of tourism. In those years, they asked various departments to present economic issues that could create prosperity and development in any organization, so that a new plan could be prepared for Hamedan.

He explained: At that time, the Hamedan Cultural Heritage Office counted and presented the potentials that could be exploited and financially developed in this area. Did not find and when this report came out it turned out to have a lot of potential like Babataher Mausoleum We have not exploited.

Suzenchi continued: they worked on the plan in the governorate and it was found that Hamedan has a high tourism capacity and can be maneuvered for the development of the province, so the tourism industry was first placed next to agriculture and then in upstream documents as a development priority. The economy of Hamedan was raised, it should also be noted that the lack of water for agriculture was one of the reasons for this. He pointed out that tourism is the third most lucrative industry in the world and the first low-cost and high-income industry in the world.

Hamedan tourism has entered the economic cycle

Suzenchi said that tourism could be maneuvered for the development of Hamedan province: “At that time, there was an idea that if we prepare the infrastructure, tourists will come to Hamedan, so on tourist facilities, roads, train stations.” And … work was done and rarely did tourism enter the economic cycle, and although it was not as successful as it should have been, it was a good start. The tourism activist added: “These events coincided with the outbreak of Corona, and because we were new to tourism and the activists in this area did not have enough experience, they could not come up with a good plan.”

Part of the tourism infrastructure is available

According to him, part of the infrastructure in the province has already been provided and tourism has also been tested and tested. The economy of that place also rotates. Suzanchi added: “As a result, Hamedan was known as a region with a good climate and caused the compatriots of neighboring provinces to buy villas in Hamedan and its villages, and the price of areas such as Haidara lands increased, which is considered as a kind of local income.”

We do not have a specific share of foreign tourism

He stated that we did not take any specific and large share of foreign tourism, he clarified: with the holding of the 2018 summit as the first international tourism meeting in Hamedan, the foundations of Hamedan tourism development were formed willingly or unwillingly, which was a good thing. According to this tourist guide, all these things happened in Yazd at the same time, but because the Yazidis are more traditional, they pay more attention to their internal affairs, and this led them to invest in their old houses and turn old houses into hotels. Therefore, in a period of 10 years, the price of old buildings in Yazd, which was more worthless, multiplied the prices of new buildings.

People, activists and officials failed to play their role

Suzenchi, stating that there are more than 10 boutique hotels, traditional hotels and eco-lodges in Yazd, continued: “This number is so large that the cultural heritage can not control the issuance of licenses and the capacity of these facilities will be completed quickly.” Yazd also managed to attract a large share of foreign tourists coming to Shiraz, in other words, it shows that people, activists and officials had a role that they could not play like the Yazidis.

According to him, small and large developments have been done now and it is as if we have spent a lot of time and built a basic and professional road for Formula One racing and 20 racing cars, but still a good driver. We do not have to enter the road and even if we have a driver, other cars will not come to race with us. Suzenchi said: “No one will take over tourism, and if the first deputy governor or the governor’s economic advisor is an expert in the field of tourism, in two years, in addition to dynamizing industry and development, we can also preserve historical monuments.” That do not need government agencies.

The challenge of destroying historical monuments in Hamedan is due to the sensitivity of the people

The tourism activist pointed out that the challenge of demolishing historical monuments in Hamedan has arisen now, adding: “In the past, these monuments were demolished, but because today people have become sensitive to historical monuments, to demolitions.” They react, because tourism has become the mental stability of the people. Saying that this year’s Eid is the spring of tourism, he said: “Tourism alarms have been sounded for the local people, but the managers have not understood it yet, and until the person is held accountable for his shortcomings, he can never work for the economic development of the province.” . Suzenchi said: “Now that the tourism infrastructure is ready, investing and building billion-dollar factories can not benefit the people, but we want exploitation that specializes in profitability and earning income in the field of tourism for the benefit of all.”

According to him, people have the right to profit from their small businesses and grow in this way, in addition, tourism benefits everyone, and the stay of a tourist during a day is very beneficial for the city and from From farmers to bakers, shopkeepers, park rangers of historical and recreational attractions, handicrafts activists, municipalities, etc., in other words, the tourist’s hands and wings fall for the city of Gohar.

Suzenchi continued: “If a tourist stays in an eco-lodge hotel and accommodation, this benefit will be much greater. In an eco-lodge with 15 people staying, the economic cycle of the two families will be activated and attractive, and their lives will change and the most important The good thing is that we do not build a factory to spend trillions and the money goes to just one person and there are thousands of problems, but people live in their own house and rent a floor to live in. Now, if he is a foreign tourist, the share of Hamedanis in all these cases will be paid in dollars.

Governor can revive tourism in Hamedan

He stated that the number of ecotourism resorts in some villages of Isfahan is four times the number of resorts in the city of Hamadan, clarified: the governor can revive tourism in Hamadan and realizes the importance and impact of tourism when accompanied by a tour leader tour To experience and visit areas like these villages. Suzanchi said: “As a tour guide in Hamedan, I have more than 110 tourist items from the Jurassic period that are very attractive and not repetitive. In other words, there are attractions in Hamedan that the people of Hamedan do not know about.”

“Once upon a time, as a tour leader, I explained the history of Shirsangi to travelers. The elderly people in the area looked at me in surprise and did not believe that I was talking about where they lived,” he said. After realizing the history of this place, they realized their prestige, and in fact, they felt good about remembering the credit that belonged to them. This happened in Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd also fell and this neighborhood, which was one of the old neighborhoods of the city, is now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Yazd.

This tourist guide also emphasized: the governor of Hamedan needs a skilled consultant who has designed and tested, and we expect this consultant to be an expert and have a work report from him. He must also have a plan to attract people to negotiate with him. The general manager of Hamedan cultural heritage must also be an expert and committed and know what tourism exploitation means.

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