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From the pieces of Nokia bricks to the hottest ones in Aladdin Passage, Tehran

From the pieces of Nokia bricks to the hottest ones in Aladdin Passage, Tehran

There are many things to be found in Aladdin Passage; Mobile phones, laptops, accessories, etc. But all of them are known as Iran Mobile Exchange. We do not buy phones every day; So when we want to make such a cost, we are looking for a place that is reputable, is considered the official representation of the brands, we see the whole seller together to compare prices, and so on. In other words, we are looking for Aladdin Passage.

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What are the working hours of Aladdin Passage?

Working days, 8 to 22 and holidays, 8 to 16

Where is the address of Aladdin Passage?

Tehran, 11th district, Hafez St.

What brands are represented in Aladdin Passage?

Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, JALX and several famous Iranian and foreign companies

What is the story of the construction of Aladdin Passage?

It took 4 years to build Aladdin Passage. This famous bazaar was overhauled in 1995, and in 1999, its booths were handed over to various people to start their activities in the field of selling computer tools and mobile phones. According to the official website of Aladdin Bazaar, the complex initially had 800 commercial units, but a year later, the number of shops increased to 1,100. Aladdin Commercial Complex has 9 floors and small and large booths are located on these floors.

ساخت پاساژ علاالدین

When the use of mobile phones became popular, this passage was able to become the largest center for buying and selling phones in Iran. Aladdin is still considered the country’s mobile stock exchange. In this passage, from small to large, related items can be found on the mobile phone and you can buy any of them.

From Felt to Tache and Al-Sidi and Battery and… for all kinds of mobile phones can be found in Aladdin Grand Bazaar. Most reputable brands active in the field of Iranian technology have rented booths in this passage and sell their products there. After the Plasco building collapsed due to lack of standards, officials issued numerous warnings to the owners to close and renovate the passage, but none of them heeded the warnings, and God knows what will happen to the complex.

Of course, negative comments about this passage have been heard for several years, and these conversations gave more impetus to the mobile market on Jomhouri Street. Jomhory Street Grand Bazaar next to Charso Bazaar is a very stylish and modern environment and is one of the main competitors of Aladdin Bazaar Are considered. Now there is a serious competition between Aladdin and the mobile market on Jomhouri Street, and you have to choose which of these passages to visit.

بورس موبایل

Tehran Municipality has a lot of stubborn supervision over unauthorized constructions, but a few years ago, many Iranian media outlets reported that the seventh floor of Aladdin Bazaar was built without a permit, but Tehran Municipality officials did not react. Did not.

Some people believe that Mr. Reza Aladdin, the owner and builder of this passage, has many relations and was able to open this passage very easily, despite the unauthorized construction. Following the follow-up of the members of the Tehran City Council, according to the Article 100 Commission, a permit was issued for the demolition of the 7th floor of Aladdin Passage on December 3, 2014.

Circulation in Aladdin Bazaar

Before you get ready to go to this market, it is not bad to know what is in it. In this section, I want to give you more information about shopping in this passage.

How many people visit Aladdin Passage every day?

According to numerous observations and studies, it is estimated that about 30,000 people go to this market daily. Each of these people has a different goal to go to Aladdin.

گردش در بازار علاالدین

Shopkeepers are a major part of the customers of this passage. Many mobile phone retailers across the country buy all the goods, accessories and handsets from this market. As I said, this market is still the main reference for buying and selling mobile phones and their accessories in the country.

Is Aladdin Bazaar Safe or Not?

This passage has been on fire several times and the fire department has declared it unsafe, but to date, the owner of this complex has not reacted to it and plays with the lives of several thousand people every day. Tehran City Council members say officials in the passage have been warned three times so far, but none have responded.

بازار علاالدین ایمن است یا نه؟

Irreversible problems are likely to arise for this building at any time. The last case of fire occurred on January 1, 2016 in Aladdin Bazaar, but fortunately no serious damage was done to the lives or property of the people. The facade of this commercial complex is made of glass, which means that in case of fire, the fire does not leave the building and proceeds vertically.

Which companies are represented in Aladdin market?

As mentioned, this passage is the main mobile market in Iran and many companies have active representation in it. These companies include Original, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, Sony and several other Iranian companies. You can buy a variety of products with reasonable quality and price by walking on the floors of this large market.

What are the most important shops of Aladdin?

As I said, about 1,100 booths have been built in this passage, more than 90% of which are selling and repairing mobile phones. Shops such as Mobile Ali, Mobile Baresh, Central Notebook, Mobile Aria, Mobile Saba, Mobile Ryan Danesh, Mahsan Sistem and ‌ are the most important booths of Aladdin.

مغازه‌های علاالدین

What’s new in Aladdin classes?

I may be confused if I say again that this passage is the largest mobile stock exchange in Iran, but I must say that more than 1000 booths in the shops of this commercial complex sell all kinds of mobile accessories. Now I have a suggestion for you; If you are looking for a place where you can find all the mobile equipment, go to Aladdin first. You can buy all kinds of frames, guards, glasses, handsfree, headsets, charging cables, adapters, basic equipment, etc. in this commercial complex.

پاساژ علاالدین

What are the possibilities of Aladdin Passage?

It can be said that this market has very few facilities and almost all buyers are dissatisfied with the atmosphere of this collection. Although many people walk to Aladdin Passage every day, it does not have good facilities. There are small and handy examples of elevators in Aladdin Bazaar that you will regret riding in the end.

The escalators of this passage are not of good quality and you will not get any satisfaction from entering it. Unfortunately, the lack of a good air conditioning system in this market is another problem that you realize after a few minutes of walking in Aladdin.

Lack of cleanliness of the complex is one of the problems that all sellers and buyers face and no decision has been made to improve it. If you take a complaint or protest to the passage guards, you will encounter immoral and upsetting behavior that will no doubt make you regret buying in Aladdin Mobile Market.

مجتمع تجاری علاالدین

These are not the only weaknesses of this passage; Aladdin has an unprincipled construction and this has caused the booths to be cluttered and at a short distance. Unprincipled construction has caused little light to be seen in the passage environment. However, in Aladdin Bazaar, there are facilities such as toilets, 2 elevators and escalators. This passage has two floors of private parking where buyers and shopkeepers can park their cars.

Where is Aladdin Passage and when should we go to it?

This passage is built in a good location and you can easily access it from different streets. Aladdin Passage is located on Jomhouri Street, at the corner of Hafez Bridge, 500 meters after Aladdin Bazaar 2. This commercial complex in Tehran Metro a short distance to Ferdowsi, Valiasr, Imam Khomeini, Hassanabad and Saadi metro stations has it. The doors of this commercial complex are open to buyers on working days between 8 am and 10 pm and on holidays from 8 am to 4 pm.

Contact Phone: + 982188344463

Aladdin Passage location on Google Map

Did you get your answer about Aladdin Passage?

In this article, I wanted to introduce everything about Aladdin Grand Bazaar so that before going to it, you know what commercial complex you are going to enter. I tried to point out everything related to Aladdin Bazaar, but if I miss something, let me know in the comments section.

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