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Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Italy

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Italy

As the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, it is not surprising that Italy should It is full of masterpieces of art and architecture or has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than other countries in the world. Italy’s tourist attractions for tourists do not end with art and architecture. The country has beautiful natural tourist attractions with lakes, mountains and coastline. With us in the article Most famous Sightseeing in Italy Stay tuned for some of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Italy.

For travelers traveling to Italy, Colosseum It’s one of the must-see places. This is one of the most famous attractions in Italy, the largest amphitheater of its kind, built by the Roman Empire and later became a model for sports venues in the world today. It was built as a public venue for shows and even had a wooden floor measuring 83 by 48 meters to mimic naval battles. Below that were tunnels, chambers, cells, and corridors for gladiators, workers, and wild animals to cross.


Riding gondola boats and crossing the canals of Venice has been a tradition enjoyed by travelers for centuries. Venice is a city of islands and the canals of the city’s main streets are lined with winding roads Bent together. Along the canals, there are old buildings from hundreds of years ago that have added a romantic charm to the environment. Grand Canal is the most famous waterway there and the best way to see it from the most popular Italy’s tourist attractions are boarding boats in Vaporto.

کانال های ونیز

The Vesuvius volcano, from which fumes still erupt, is still near the remains of a city that was destroyed in 79 AD. But the same eruption kept many of the city’s artistic treasures safe; Murals, mosaics and sculptures placed in cooling lava. Centuries of excavations have shown the remains of houses, markets, baths, temples, theaters, streets and human remains. Visitors can visit the old streets, where traces of chariot crossings are left, and see the engineering style used by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago.


Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually just one of dozens of Italian tourist attractions. Work on the tower began in the 1100s, and the depression that caused it to tilt began when the tower reached its third stage. Prior to the restoration work in the 1990s, it was expected to be overturned by the famous Italian landmarks by the year 2000. Today, visitors can climb the tower stairs to see the legendary view of the city. The Leaning Tower, also known as La Torre Pentecost, was located in Piazza di Miracle.

Lake Como is one of the most famous attractions in Italy, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by small and beautiful towns. It has been a hangout for the wealthy since Roman times, and there are luxury villas around the lake and along its wooded beach, many of which are surrounded by gardens. The mild climate makes this beach one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, an ideal place for gardens, and with its quasi-Mediterranean features, it has attracted the attention of tourists.

برج کج پیزا

Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and runs along the coastline along the Sorrento Peninsula, south of Naples and Sorrento. Hilton towns are hardly built along steep mountains. The main towns here are Positano and Amalfi with colorful cathedrals. To visit this almost vertical beach, you can go by road or you can go boating from town to town to see different views of this beautiful beach.

دریاچه کومو

Florence Cathedral is known as one of the most beautiful churches in the world. The cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, and its most famous piece is the magnificent dome, completed by Filippo Brunelleschi in 1434. The bell tower, located near the cathedral, has a pattern similar to the marble stones of Tuscan Roman architecture. This is one of the famous sights of Italy designed by Guillotine. The bell tower is 82 meters high and can be climbed.

ساحل آمالفی

Kinko Terre is a lovely coastal area with amazing steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With different means you can reach five beautiful villages here, the names of these villages are Montroso El Mara, Vernesza, Corninglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore. These villages are connected by footpaths, a railway or a scenic narrow road at the top of the hills. Walking between villages is one of the most popular things to do, as travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

کلیسای جامع فلورانس

Vatican is home to some of the most valuable and beautiful art collections in the world, the most important of which are St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Basilica. One of Michelangelo’s greatest works is the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

کینکو ترره

Uffizi Gallery In addition to being one of the most famous art museums in the world, the history of Renaissance art Also includes. Although it includes works by some of the great masters of Western art, its greatest treasure is a collection of paintings that show the step-by-step evolution of painting from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries. Here you will find the first perspective experiences as well as some of the earliest portraits by painters that have gone beyond the religious arts and some of the earliest uses of natural landscapes in the religious arts.

شهر واتیکان

One of the most important attractions of Italy in Venice, Church of St. Marco is. Most visitors to Venice go to the front of the church and see the western view. The building itself is a work of art, with a combination of architectural styles that were strongly influenced by the Byzantine Empire. The most prominent parts of the interior are the mosaics and the high altar, which is covered in jewelry.

گالری اوفیتزی

Pantheon is an exceptional remnant from Roman times that represents the incredible architectural achievements of the Roman Empire. The proportion of the building with a height equal to its diameter and with the light beam that penetrates from the room above the dome, has created a unique style for the room.

کلیسای سنت مارکو

It is possible to understand that Roman Forum What it used to be like, you need a little imagination. However, it is no exaggeration to say that its historical significance as the heart of the Roman Empire. Columns, partial structures and foundations of former temples, markets, courts and public buildings are admirable.


Domo Cathedral is one of the largest churches in the world and It is one of the famous sights of Italy and can be said to be the best example of Gothic style. As soon as you enter, the sculpture on the outside and the 135 engraved stone tablets that cover the roof make you feel the power there. Fifty-two huge columns support the high roof of the church, and its walls are decorated with the world’s largest stained glass. Below the high altar is a crypt and a small octagonal shrine with a golden box of San Carlo Bromeo relics.

انجمن روم

This steep rocky island is made of ridges in the blue sea and its hard and rocky rocks are softened by green oak and tropical plants. The Blue Grotto is just one of the sea caves that cut through the cliffs, and the best way to see them is to take a boat tour around the island. Many villas and gardens are open to tourists and there are hiking trails that can be used for sightseeing and exploration.

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