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Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Penang

When it comes to Penang , most people think of food Streets and monuments are associated. To be honest, if I were to spend eight years of my life on this island because of the wonderful food and dream shops, I would no doubt be either completely blind or overweight, because Penang Island would be destroyed without these buildings. Tasty food is also a very unique island. Join us in this fun-filled Penang article to introduce you to Penang fun and its sights.

One of the most popular entertainment venues in Penang is outside the Hin Bus Station; A space that used to be a parking lot and has now become a stylish and modern restaurant and art space. According to the director of the Hin Gallery, Vanida Razali, it does not matter where you come from or how long you stay. Here, local and international artists are constantly collaborating with each other, and surely the island can attract people with creative spirits from all over the world by having a combination of old and new arts.

“The Penang art platform has different branches and groups that anyone can enter,” said Alvin Neoi, a musician, visual artist and director of the Narrow Marrow Café. “It encourages getting up and doing different things.” Trevor Hanson is the man who opened the Run Amon Art Gallery in 2015 and had previously lived in London for 14 years. According to him, street arts show local art to the public, and unlike London, the island has many places to meet and socialize with artists who are always ready for a dialogue.

From 1936 until today, the island has preserved a traditional martial art of the Indian Dravidian people called Silam Bam Nilai Klaki. The great master, Dr. Anbanantan, began studying this style in 1962 under the easy supervision of Mariapakayam Madurai, and now teaches martial arts. “We continue to preserve Silambam’s 5,000-year-old program and protect Tamil cultural heritage,” said Sarawanan Ramasami, a senior member of the group. The best part about Penang is that everyone can learn Silambam for free upstairs. According to one of the disciples named Aravindan Kamalanatan, it does not matter where the disciples are from, because if they succeed in getting here, it means that they are also looking for the truth. ”

Soundmaker is one of the best underground clubs in Asia and one of the most fun places in Penang, where punk rock, metal and alternative music flourish. The club is located on the first floor of a building in front of the Chinese Wharf Pier and offers many options for each person. “You will not encounter the weak music bands you see here in other parts of Malaysia that only cover other people’s songs,” said Soundmaker senior director Wirey Cole Yu.

One of the island’s endangered traditions is the Hawkin Glove Puppet Theater, which is currently kept alive by only four theater groups, who make a living by performing puppet shows in temples and religious ceremonies. According to Professor Tan Sui Bang, Chinese cultural associations do not value or promote this art. According to the entertainment article in Penang, you should know that they prefer to use Chinese orchestras and lion and dragon dances as a symbol of their identity. To help revitalize this traditional performing art, he formed a Potei group under the Ombak-Ombak Art Studio. The young puppets learned from the famous Bang Gyok Hong group and turned Pute’s three-hour performances into shorter versions.

Between August and September, the king of hell, Tai Su, opens the gates of the underworld and sets them free on earth. They are looking for ordinary worldly entertainment and hearty food. The streets and alleys of Penang are filled with four-arched shrines, each adorned with a paper sculpture. These are the places where wandering spirits come to enjoy delicious food. Singing shows, one of the most entertaining ways in Penang, are performed by fat and slightly adorned Chinese actors and are a modern alternative to Chinese opera.

South is a pleasant tropical recreation area in Penang where tourists can visit Dorian orchards and Chinese villages with wooden houses and even enjoy the beautiful beaches. One of the most popular attractions in Penang is Ghee Hup. Nutmeg is produced here, which is one of the most mysterious spices native to Molokas and has been cultivated and harvested on the island for centuries. The city of Balik Pulao itself is a very pleasant one-way street with a row of shops, an attractive clock tower and a new kind of graffiti and street murals.

The highest recreation area in Penang is just 10 minutes from Chulia Road and has lush hiking trails that lead to the Botanical Gardens. “We have some of the rarest bird mammals in Southeast Asia, including bird lemurs and giant squirrels,” said Alan Tan, director of The Habitat New Environmental Park, which was established to preserve and appreciate this 130-million-year-old ecosystem. They turn red and black. ”

Food is not the only real heritage of the island; The culture of street artisans and the hundred-year-old industry of their handicrafts, which are unfortunately being destroyed as a result of the originality and nobility of boutiques. There are still a few old shops where multi-ethnic artisans sell their traditional handmade goods, including Muslim sweatshirts, Chinese billboards, metal anchors, wooden furniture and paper replicas.

Few people know that Penang hosts one of the most terrifying and exciting festivals in Asia, the Tiposam. The ceremony takes place in January and February, and a crazy, savage crowd keeps alive the eight-kilometer memory of the battle between Lord Morogan and Sorapadam the Devil. Janspar fans fulfill their fulfilled dreams by accepting heavy physical tasks called Kavadis. These activities range from holding a bucket full of milk on your head to carrying heavy canopies made of wooden sticks. At worst, fans pierced their cheeks and tongues to avoid speaking during the march.

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